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Surgical abortion- This

Surgical abortion- This kind of abortion is done with the help of surgical instruments like curette and anesthesia. This procedure is always done under the supervision of a specialist. It is very painful and hectic process; most of the women are avoiding this process. Medical abortion- Medical abortion is mainly done by the help of intake of abortion pills. Mainly, two kinds of pills like Mifepristone and Misoprostol are indicated to terminate unplanned pregnancy in females. It is done without any kind of surgery and it is risk free and non-invasive way of abortion. Benefits of taking Cytotec are the death of maternal risk is rare, 98% successful rate, no need of anesthesia, do not require any specialist, and easily perform abortion at home and quite pain free.

Therapeutic action and doses of Cytotec- Generally, Cytotec abortion pills are used to conclude accidental pregnancy, which is less than 7 weeks (49days). Generic Misoprostol is a main active constituent found in this drug and it is a prostaglandin E1, which helps in the contraction of the uterine wall and expel out the dead fetus, placenta and embryo from the womb of a female. Before taking Cytotec, a female should make sure that she is not suffering from hypersensitivity towards generic Misoprostol, adrenal porphyria, uterine cancer, endometrial problem, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb) and girls below the age of 17 years. A female should take total 12 tablets of Misoprostol and its available strengths are 200mcg. A female should get 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each) as a single dose after interval of 3to4 hours. It should be taken as orally with a full glass of water. After 3 days, go to the hospital for the confirmation of complete abortion and it is diagnosed with the help of ultrasound.

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