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The Dean of Belfast the Very Rev John Mann, and Father Michael Sheehan, Administrator of St Patrick’s Church

in Donegall Street, led a Service of Commemoration for the 75th anniversary of the Belfast Blitz. Two

Merryweather Fire Engines which attended from Drogheda and Dundalk on the night of the Blitz returned to

Belfast for the service on Sunday April 17. Full story on pages 10 & 11.

Cathedral Digest 3

Letter from

the Dean

By the Very Rev John Mann, Dean of Belfast

The coming two months bring a succession

of special occasions to St Anne’s

concluding with services to

commemorate the Battle of the Somme.

Many of these are looking back events,

as we remember the changing times,

particularly of the twentieth century. The

recent 75th anniversary of the Belfast

Blitz, which began on the night of April

15, called to my mind once again the

sinking of the Titanic which occurred on

the same night 29 years earlier.

We have services recalling personal loss

as well as those noting national occasions

of commemoration. So St Anne’s

adapts to the needs of the city it serves,

to the dioceses and wider community,

and most importantly to the reconciling

work of Christ.

Why do we do these things? Why do we

continue to seek the healing of the nations?

Why do we try to reconcile what

divides us, either historically or now?

The answer is the same, however we

Dean John Mann

phrase the question. God in Christ was

reconciling the world to himself. As we

fashion ourselves as a cathedral whose

foundation is to seek to prayerfully

imitate Christ Jesus, we have no option

but to place reconciliation at the heart of

all we do. St Anne’s has worked as a

healing agency for a long time, and yes,

we have had our own moments of

division and times when internally we

are challenged by our own preaching,

but that is to be expected.

The New Testament, in fact the whole

Bible, bears witness to the spiritual

warfare that attacks both individuals and

communities of faith. That is the reason

why reconciliation must lie at the heart

of imperfect people who seek the face of

God. That’s us, and always will be.

Open Door Lunch for the homeless

Connor Diocese is now offering a free

lunch for people living and sleeping on

the streets of Belfast in St Anne’s

Cathedral Halls every Tuesday.

Open Door Lunch is an initiative by the

diocese’s Church Army Evangelists and

has the support of local businesses.

Karen Webb, Lead Pioneer Evangelist

with Connor’s North Belfast Centre

of Mission, said: “Homelessness is a

growing issue in the UK and particularly

in Belfast, and we felt we had a call to,

in some small measure, reach out and

engage with the homeless community

around us.”


Cathedral Digest


The Shoreline Chorus from Canada in concert in St Anne’s on April 5 along with the Queen’s Island Victoria Male

Choir from Belfast. The Cathedral has hosted a number of visiting choirs in recent months.

The Rev Mark Niblock is

appointed Dean’s Vicar

The Rev Mark Niblock, Priest-in-Charge

of Rathcoole Parish, will take up the post

of Dean’s Vicar early this month,

succeeding Canon Denise Acheson.

Mark, 38, is married to Cherry and father

to Jason aged six and Rowan aged two.

A native of Bangor, he is a former

student of Bangor Grammar School. He

read Theology at Fitzwilliam College,

Cambridge, and after graduation worked

for James Brown and Sons Funeral

Directors from 1999 to 2006.

Before he was ordained, Mark studied

for a Master’s degree in Christian

Spirituality at Milltown Institute, Dublin.

Mark was curate assistant in Agherton

Parish, Portstewart, from his ordination

in June 2008 until his move to St

Comgall’s, Rathcoole, in May 2012.

Looking forward to his new role in Belfast

Cathedral, Mark said: “I am excited

about a new area of ministry that I have

not had prior experience of and am

looking forward to the team aspect of

working in St Anne’s. I think the change

will be both stretching and rewarding.

New Dean’s Vicar, the Rev Mark Niblock.

“I have missed choral input over these

last few years and look forward to

reconnecting with that.”

The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev John

Mann, said: “I have known Mark since

his ordination and am certain he and

his wife and their young family will be

received by staff, parishioners and

volunteers in St Anne’s with open arms

and much joy.

“St Comgall’s will miss him, as we of

course miss Canon Denise. As they

make their transition, so Mark will need

time to make his. But I am excited about

another new chapter opening for the


Cathedral Digest 3

Candles for Brussels

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on Brussels, a single

candle burned for several days in the Cathedral’s

Chapel of the Holy Spirit, with prayers said for all

victims of violence.

People were invited to light candles around the central

flame and there was space for prayer and reflection.

The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev John Mann, said the

space for reflection and prayer was being established in

the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in view of ‘the atrocities that

continue to be perpetrated by terrorists in our world today,

and particularly the Brussels attacks.’

Visitors could light candles

around the central flame and

prayers were said to remember

all victims of violence.

“During Holy Week our minds

and hearts search, as far as we

are able, the mind and heart of

Christ, who gave himself for us

and seeks ever to intercede

for us. May God in his

mercy bring peace to the hearts

of the desolate and light eternal

shine on those who have died

and are held in the

unfathomable love of Jesus,”

said Dean Mann.


Cathedral Digest

The Connor MU Festival Service. All Ireland President Phyllis Grothier is in the foreground, right.

Connor MU Festival Service

This year’s Diocese of Connor MU

Festival Service on Sunday April 10 was

a celebration of the 140th anniversary of

Mothers’ Union and the 90th birthday of

MU Patron Her Majesty the Queen.

The speaker at the service, held in St

Anne’s Cathedral, was Phyllis Grothier,

MU All Ireland President.

Banners were paraded before the

service, when Jordanstown branch

unveiled its new banner.

Connor Diocesan President Valerie Ash, left; the Dean

of Belfast, the Very Rev John Mann; and Phyllis Grothier,

MU All Ireland President, at the Festival Service.

New position for former deacon intern

The Rev Andrew Campbell, a former

deacon intern in St Anne’s, will be

instituted as rector of the Parish of

Skerry, Rathcavan and Newtowncrommelin

on August 24.

Andrew, who is married to Allison,

was ordained as a deacon in September

2012 and served his internship

in St Anne’s before moving to

Bangor Abbey as assistant curate.

Andrew described his move to

Skerry, Rathcavan and Newtowncrommelin

as ‘a new and exciting

phase’ in his ministry.

Cathedral Digest 5

Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday.

Maundy Thursday footwashing.

Good Friday.

Easter Eve. Lighting the Paschal Candle.


Cathedral Digest

Easter Eve.

Easter and Holy Week began on Palm

Sunday with a procession of palms.

This year, evening services during Holy

Week were held at 5.30pm Monday to

Friday and at 8pm on Easter Eve. From

Monday to Wednesday the service was

that of Vespers, with a short reflection on

‘The Incomparable God.’

A three-hour service reflecting on

Christ’s words from the Cross was held

on Good Friday and that evening the

service included some beautiful

Passiontide music.

At the Easter Vigil on Saturday the

Paschal Candle was lit, bringing St

Anne’s gradually back into light.

Easter Eve.

Holy Week and Easter 2016

On Maundy Thursday the Sung

Eucharist included foot-washing and

the stripping of the altars.

The preacher at the Easter Day service

was the Bishop of Down and Dromore,

the Right Rev Harold Miller

Easter Day.

Cathedral Digest 7

The Junior Girls’ Choir at Evensong on March 11.

An important moment!

On Friday March 11 the Cathedral’s

Junior Girls’ Choir sang Evensong for the

first time.

They sang the opening plainsong responses,

a form of ‘Magnificat’ and ‘Nunc

Dimittis’ as well as an anthem and hymn.

There was a good attendance of parents

and friends. The Dean of Belfast, the

Very Rev John Mann, said: “This was

an important moment for the 20 young

girls, all from the three Cathedral Choir

Schools, and they responded well to the


singing in three north Belfast primary

schools, Sacred Heart, Edenbrook and

Cliftonville Integrated.

Senior Girls sing in

Bach St John Passion

The Senior Girls’ Choir performed in the

Bach St John Passion at the Ulster Hall,

with the Belfast Philharmonic and the Ulster

Orchestra on Good Friday evening.

“Thanks to Thérèse, who directed, and

Anna and Aoife, who supported them

and to Ian on the organ. It was a most

encouraging service and we hope that

we will hear more of them as the months

pass and that some of the girls will find a

place, after audition, in the Senior Girls’

Choir (watch this space!).”

The Choir School project teaches choral

Members of the Girls’ Choir distributed beautiful

daffodil posies to the congregation at services on

Mothering Sunday.


Cathedral Digest

Canon Jim Sims and Canon Noble Hamilton at the Retired Clergy Association meeting.

Retired clergy hear talk

on Genesis and geology

Members of the Retired Clergy Association

held a Service of Holy Communion

in the Chapel of Unity in St Anne’s on

March 8.

This was followed by a talk by the Rev

Ron Elsdon entitled ‘Genesis and

Geology’ which Ron said focused on

‘how to read Genesis when we know the

earth is very old, not very young.’

or four times a year. Secretary, the Rev

Canon Walter Laverty, said members

would meet again for their annual lunch

in May, which is also attended by clergy

widows and wives.

The Association will then hold its

September meeting in Armagh, with a

visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral and other

historical sites in the Armagh area.

Before the 11am Communion Service,

the Association members enjoyed

refreshments in the Cathedral Hall,

which they returned to for the talk.

The Association draws members from

across Northern Ireland, and meets three

And in November they will head to Bangor

Abbey, established by Saint Comgall

in 558, for the final meeting of 2016.

The Association is chaired by the Rev

John McKeagney.

Cathedral Digest 9

Pictured with the two Merryweather Fire Engines are, from left: Martin Yore, Station Officer, Louth County Fire

and Rescue Service; Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive, Belfast City Council; Alderman Paul Bell, Mayor of Drogheda;

the Dean, the Very Rev John Mann; Councillor Arder Carson, Lord Mayor of Belfast; Fionnualla Jay-O’Boyle, Her

Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for Belfast; Fr Michael Sheehan, Administrator, St Patrick’s; Councillor Maria Doyle, Chair

of Dundalk District Council and Dale Ashford, Chief Officer, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Belfast remembers dead

At a moving service of Evensong in St

Anne’s on April 17, Belfast city

remembered those who died in the Blitz

75 years ago.

Hundreds attended the ecumenical

service led by the Dean, the Very Rev

John Mann, and the Administrator of St

Patrick’s Church, Donegall Street, Fr

Michael Sheehan, who preached.

More than 900 people died and 1,500

were injured on the night of Tuesday

April 15 1941, when Luftwaffe

bombers staged the biggest of four raids

on Belfast city. Another 150 people were

killed in a subsequent raid on the night of

May 4-5 1941.

One thousand candles burned during the

service in St Anne’s, offering symbolic

reflection for those who died, and

candles were also carried in procession

to the altar. Prayers were specially

written for the occasion.

along with people with memories and

links to the Blitz and representatives of

the emergency services whose predecessors

risked their own lives to save

lives in the city of Belfast 75 years ago.

They included representatives of the Fire

Service in Dublin, Drogheda and Dundalk,

who sent engines to Belfast during

the Blitz. Two Merryweather Fire Engines

which attended in the wake of the bombings

in 1941 made the journey back to

Belfast and were parked outside.

Remembering the night of April 15 in his

sermon, Fr Sheehan recalled a ‘darkness

which brought its own horror,

suffering, heartbreak and pain; a

darkness which brought degradation,

torture and death; a darkness which

threatened to engulf goodness, honour,

life and love and which threatened the

very foundation of our humanity; a darkness

which in so many places across the

continent destroyed innocence.’

The service was attended by dignitaries

including the City’s Lord Mayor and Her

Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for Belfast,

Fr Sheehan added: “People emerge

in every darkness who demonstrate

through their actions your (God’s) good-


Cathedral Digest

1,000 candles, each representing a lost life, burn as the Blitz commemoration service gets underway.

and wounded of the Blitz

ness; people who come to ease and

strengthen, support and defend the

innocent, the wounded and the survivor.

We give thanks for those lights which

demonstrated courage, care, kindness

and honour. The ambulance service, fire

and rescue, wardens and defence units

as well as ordinary good neighbours

from across our divide.”

Dean Mann said the indiscriminate

bombing of the people of Belfast in 1941

was commemorated with ‘an anguish

that is still real.’

“The image of St Anne’s amidst the

smouldering ruins after a night of destruction

from the air is more powerful

than many words for me,” the Dean said.

“The indiscriminate bombing of civilians

in Belfast, or anywhere for that matter,

is something we commemorate with an

anguish that is still real these 75 years

on. Our prayers reflect this.

“We recall the fear, the death, the injury,

the ruination, the many, to this day,

whose lives were affected by those few

nights that obliterated parts of our city.”

The service concluded a weekend of

events marking the 75th anniversary.

John and Fiona Cromie chat with Canadian Elizabeth

Dorothea Mawhinney whose family survived the Blitz

by hiding in a cupboard in their Oldpark Avenue home.

Order of Malta cadets take part in the candlelit


Cathedral Digest 11

Dr Marion Gibson receiving the Iris Colvin Lifetime

Achievement Award from Donna Traynor, BBC. Looking

on is Pat Irvine, Chairman of Women’s Forum.

Belfast Cathedral parishioner and

renowned trauma expert Dr Marion

Gibson has been presented with the Iris

Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award by

the Northern Ireland Women’s Forum.

Mrs Roberta McKelvey, wife of the

former Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev

Houston McKelvey, was jointly awarded

the Community and Voluntary Award by

the same body, having been nominated

by Connor Diocese Mothers’ Union.

The Awards were among a number

presented by Donna Traynor of the BBC

at the Women’s Forum Friendship Lunch

held on April 10 in Newforge Country


Marion is a Mother’s Union member of

the Belfast Cathedral branch.

Iris Colvin, a former Chair (1988-1991)

and Honorary Life Member of Women’s

Forum Northern Ireland, was a much

loved, highly respected and matriarchal

figure in business, professional and


Cathedral Digest

Donna Traynor, BBC, presents the Community and

Voluntary Award to Connor MU nominee Roberta

McKelvey. Included is Pat Irvine, Women’s Forum.

Prestigious awards for

Marion and Roberta

women’s organisations and the voluntary

sector in Northern Ireland.

Marion said she was honoured to receive

the award, especially as she had known

the late Iris Colvin for many years,

having met her at a Flower Festival in St

Anne’s. Marion was nominated by the

President of Queen’s Women’s


“It was a real honour,” said Marion. “They

read a lovely acclamation although I was

too dazed to take it all in, but I said a few

words about my contact with Iris. I was

really overwhelmed.”

Marion was also recently named for a

prestigious Points of Light Award by the

Prime Minister.

Roberta McKelvey has held many posts

within Mothers’ Union and was a Trustee

for World Wide Mothers Union for 12

years, six as a representative of

members in Anglican Provinces around

the World.

Well done David & Tania

Master of the Choristers Mr David

Stevens has been named in the 2016

Royal Academy of Music Honours list.

And Tania Murphy, a member of the

Cathedral Girls’ Choir, was selected to

represent St Anne’s at a concert in St

Paul’s Cathedral, London.

David, who has been at St Anne’s since

2012, has been made an Associate of

the Royal Academy of Music. This

honour is awarded to former students

who have made a significant contribution

to the music profession.

David was formerly Director of the Girls’

Choir and Sub–Organist at Newcastle

Cathedral, and Director of Campus

Music at Northumbria University.

He is a prize–winning graduate of the

Royal Academy of Music in London, from

where he obtained an MA in Choral Conducting,

with distinction, in 2009. Prior to

that, David read Music and was Organ

Scholar at Oriel College, Oxford.

Before moving to London, David spent a

year as Organ Scholar and acting Sub–

David Stevens, Master of the Choristers.

Organist of Guildford Cathedral, where

he played the organ for services and

assisted with the training and conducting

of the cathedral choirs.

David has among other things been

instrumental in the development of new

choirs in St Anne’s, including the Girls’

Choir and the Boys’ Choir, and in the

introduction of Choral Evensong six days

a week in term time.

Chorister Tania is in Year 12 at Aquinas

Diocesan Grammar School.

The St Paul’s concert brought

choristers representing 60 cathedrals

across the country together with the

choir of St Paul’s to perform some of

Britain’s most-loved choral music.

Girls’ Choir member Tania Murphy.

Classic FM’s Aled Jones, a former chorister

at Bangor Cathedral and Alexander

Armstrong, previously a chorister at

Durham Cathedral, presented the

concert in the presence of HRH The

Duchess of Gloucester on April 27.

Cathedral Digest 13


Symbolism III - Snakes,

the Tetramorph

Snakes are featured on the spurs of the

plinth of the respond of Wisdom. There is

an ambiguity about this creature. It had a

role in the religions of the Ancient World

as a symbol of evil power and the bringer

of chaos, as well as being a symbol

of fertility, life and healing. The staff of

Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine,

has a snake wound round it. (See the

Royal Army Medical Corps window in

the ambulatory, pictured right).) When

shown eating its tail the snake becomes

a symbol of the ‘perpetual cyclic renewal

of life’.

By Norman


This ambiguity, good and evil, is found

in the presentation of the creature in the

Bible. From Genesis 3 we learn that “the

serpent was more crafty than any other

beast of the field that the Lord God had

made”, and we are given a demonstration

of that talent when it meets Eve.

Punishment followed: “cursed are you

above all cattle... upon your belly you

shall go, and dust you shall eat all the

days of your life…”

While the serpent in the Bible is linked to

destructive agents -- wine is said to “bite

like a serpent” and sting “like a viper”,

(Proverbs 23: 32); the wicked man’s

“food is turned in his stomach; it is the

gall of asps within him” (Job 20: 14); Jesus

dismisses the Pharisees as a “Brood

of vipers” -- it is also linked with healing.

When the Israelites were punished with a

plague of snakes Moses was instructed

to “Make a fiery serpent and set it on a

pole and everyone who is bitten, when

he sees it, shall live.” Jesus picks this up,

John 3:14, “And as Moses lifted up the

serpent in the wilderness, so must the

Son of man be lifted up, that whoever

believes in him may have eternal life .”

The two incidents are linked on the West

Front of the Cathedral: a window above

the Crucifixion tympanum, north door,

depicts Moses holding a rod adorned

with a serpent.

In Isaiah’s vision of “the Future Hope of

Israel”, the kingdom of God on Earth, the

new era of justice and peace will extend

even to the animals: the snake, agent

of death, will be de-fanged and “The

nursing child will play by the hole of the

cobra, And the weaned child will put his

hand on the viper’s den.” (chapter11).

A positive slant on the snake’s subtlety


Cathedral Digest

is given by Our Lord in his instruction to

the disciples: “Behold I am sending you

out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so

be wise as serpents and innocent as

doves.” Furthermore, the power of the

serpent is not limitless: Jesus tells the

men “Behold I have given you authority

to tread on serpents and scorpions…

and nothing shall hurt you.” (Luke 10)

The tympanum above the Great West

Door of the Cathedral depicts a defeated

serpent-Devil-Satan prostrate beneath

the feet of the enthroned, victorious

Christ. “Then I saw an angel coming

down from heaven, holding in his hand

the key of the bottomless pit and a great

chain. And he seized the dragon, who

is the Devil and Satan, and bound him

for a thousand years, and threw him into

the pit, and shut it and sealed it over

him, that he could deceive the nations no

more….” (Rev.20:2)

On the lectern, below the eagle, is the

Tetramorph: Greek--“four forms”, based

on figures described in Ezekiel and in

Revelation. “And round the throne, on

each side of the throne, are four living

creatures, full of eyes in front and

behind: the first living creature like a lion,

the second living creature like an ox, the

third living creature like a man, and the

fourth living creature like a flying eagle.”

(Rev. 4: 6-8) These creatures were

adapted by the Early Church as symbols

for the Evangelists. The man is Matthew

because his Gospel emphasises the

human side of Christ. Mark represents

the Saviour’s power and royalty: a lion

for him. Luke concentrates on Christ’s

priesthood, hence the ox or calf, a sacrificial

victim. St John, the Evangelist, represented

by an eagle, is described by St

Augustine as gazing “on the light of the

immutable truth with keen and undazzled

eyes” like the eagle looking at the sun.

Daily guided

tours now


Running until the end of September,

St Anne’s is offering guided tours

every day except Sunday at 11am

and 2pm.

Our guides will highlight some of the

key features of this historic building,

including the pillars which represent

life and work in the city and

province, the beautiful stained glass

windows, the labyrinth depicting

the journey of life, the Baptistry, and

Lord Carson’s tomb.

Visitors will discover why St Anne’s

has two Bishops’ Seats, and see the

State Seats, which are sometimes

occupied by Royalty!

A guided tour is £4 per adult and

places do not have to be booked in


Regular admission prices are:

• Adults £5 (including guide book);

£6 (including audio guide)

• Children aged 16 and under – free

entry for up to three children when

accompanied by a full paying adult

• Students (on production of Student

ID) £3 (including guide book); £4

(including audio guide)

• Pensioners £3 (including guide

book) £4 (including audio tour)

• Group rate for groups of 10 or more

- £4 (including guide book)

• Guided tour (daily 11am and 2pm

EXCEPT SUNDAY) £4 per adult.

Cathedral Digest 15












Eucharist Assistants

Barbara Callender and Jean Cunning

Marion Gibson and Patricia McKinley

Alan Martin and Barbara Callender

Jean Cunning and Doris Hempton

Phyllis Forster and Terry Pateman

Barbara Callender and Marion Gibson

Jean Cunning and Phyllis Forster

Alan Martin and Doris Hempton

Patricia McKinley and Terry Pateman

Cathedral flowers

Anyone wishing to add their name to the Cathedral Flower Rota should

contact Margaret Massey on 028 9084 8051.

The flowers on May 29 will be donated by Stanley & Noreen McIlroy (in

memory of parents) and on June 5 by David & Helen Alexander (in memory

of parents).







Patricia McKinley

Helen Mann

Phyllis Watson

Mildred Irvine

Gillian McCaughey

Sunday Coffee






Gail Barr

Fiona Hawkins

Gwen Preece

Helen Alexander




April 4 - Adam James Fox and Phoebe Leanne Greer



27 March - Mark Shamil Clelland

Cathedral Digest

A St Patrick’s Day Breakfast followed a

service of Sung Eucharist in St Anne’s

Cathedral on March 17. The service

had an Irish slant, with the words of St

Patrick’s Confession read in place of a

sermon, a practice the Dean has

followed for some years.

Great sadness was occasioned by the

death of Ruth, daughter of Canon Denise

Acheson, on April 18.

Canon Denise had been on extended

leave since last October, but due to

Ruth’s illness she was unable to return

as planned and resigned her position as

Dean’s Vicar. She will remain nominally

on the staff of St Anne’s with the

Bishop’s licence, but without duties, until

she is able to take up a new position.

Following the news of Ruth’s untimely

death, Dean John Mann said: “Our

hearts go out to the whole family, and the

prayers of us all in St Anne’s will be with

them at this sorrowful time. May the Father

in His mercy grant comfort, and may

His presence bring the reassurance of

Enjoying breakfast following the St Patrick’s Day Eucharist.

St Patrick’s Day Eucharist and Breakfast

The Dean said: “His testimony is

inspirational and sets just the right tone

on a day that can become somewhat

less than its Christian origins.”

The choir sang an anthem in praise of St

Patrick in Irish during the service.

Canon Denise Acheson

the hope that is ours in the Risen Christ

and the eternity of life and love in Him.”

Dean Mann said Canon Denise had

made a very important contribution to the

life of the Cathedral over the course of

more than two years. “Her steady presence

and total commitment have been

exemplary, and many have benefited

from her ministry, not least in her support

and encouragement of the other clergy.”

Canon installed

At Evensong on Palm Sunday

the Rev Canon Mark Taylor was

installed in the Cathedral Chapter,

representing Connor Diocese.

Mark is rector of the United Parish

of Whitehead and Islandmagee.

Cathedral Digest 17

Who’s Who in St Anne’s

The Dean

The Very Revd John Mann

9032 8332 (Office)

9066 0980 (Home)


Dean’s Vicar

The Revd Mark Niblock

(from Sunday May 8)

9032 8332

Assistant Clergy

The Revd Campbell Dixon

9032 8332 ext 223

07879 427980

Administrative Staff


Marie Devlin

9032 8332 ext 221


Administrative Assistant

9032 8332 ext 222

Parish Readers

William Blair

Denise Murray

Head Verger

David Alexander

The Revd Janice Elsdon

9032 8332 ext 224

07977 058669


Other Clergy

The Rt Revd Alan Harper

The Revd Clyde Irvine

The Revd Paul Twomey

Master of the Choristers

David Stevens

9032 8332 ext 225

07545 157613


Press Officer and Digest Editor

Karen Bushby

9032 8332



Ian Barber

9032 8332 ext 226

07753 248409



Ronnie Lawrenson

Cameron McGaughey

Danielle Barr

Cathedral Sextons

Agnes Laffey

Mark Geddis

Alastair Sweetnam

Gerald Kennedy

Stewards’ Coordinators

The Revd Janice Elsdon

Vernon Clegg

Children’s Ministry


Mothers’ Union

Alberta Miskimmin,

Hon Sec

9079 8033

Flower List & Coffee Rota

Margaret Massey

9084 8051


Cathedral Digest

Who’s Who in St Anne’s

Friends of the Cathedral

Joan Thompson,

Hon Treasurer / Members Sec

9332 9102

Past Choristers’ Association

Co-ordinator: Peter Hunter

9042 2048



Norman Weatherall

Jean Barber

Vernon Clegg

Principal Cathedral Guide

Norman Weatherall

The Revd Michael Parker (2015)

Chapter Canons:

The Revd JC Munyangaju (2012)

The Revd Bro DJ Jardine (2007)

Minor Canons:

The Revd SA Fielding (2002)

The Revd NDJ Kirkpatrick (2014)

The Revd ATW Dorrian (2014)

The Revd J Bell (2015)

The Revd R Smyth (2015)

The Revd S Richardson (2015)

Ecumenical Canons:

The Revd Dr R Patterson (2012)

The Revd Ruth E Patterson (2014)



The Cathedral Chapter

The Dean: The Very Revd J O Mann


Treasurer & Chapter Clerk: The Revd

Denise Acheson (2013)

Chancellor: The Venerable DA McClay


Precentor: The Venerable GTW

Davison (2013)

Canons of Connor:

The Revd NP Baylor (2012)

The Revd N R Cutcliffe (2007)

The Revd RW Jones (2013)

The Revd Mark Taylor (2016)

Canons of Down and Dromore

The Revd N Jardine (2002)

The Revd R Nesbitt (2003)

The Revd WD Humphries (2013)

The Revd SH Lowry (2013)

The Cathedral Board

The Bishop of Connor (Chairman)

The Bishop of Down & Dromore

The Dean

The Dean’s Vicar

The Archdeacons of Belfast and Down

The Rev C Dixon

The Rev J Elsdon

The Rev Canon N Baylor

The Rev Canon Stephen Lowry

Mrs G McGaughey (Hon Sec)

Dr V KcKinley

Mr J Watson

Mr M Hempton

Dr M Callender

Mr R Totten

Mr D Alexander

Mr MC Davey

Mr R Moore

Mr B Fletcher

Mr A Reilly

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Sunday Services

8.00am & 10.00am



The Eucharist

Sung Eucharist

Choral Evensong

Daily services

Monday to Saturday





Morning Prayer

The Eucharist

Prayers (Eucharist on Wednesdays and

Saints’ Days and other Holy Days)

Evening Prayer (Choral on weekdays)

Special Services and Events

Saturday May 7 @ 7pm Belfast Philharmonic, Phil Kids and Phil

Youth Choirs 10th anniversary concert

Sunday May 8 @ 3.30pm SSAFA 130th anniversary service

Wednesday May 11 @ 1pm Concert by the Thiel Choir, Pennsylvania

Saturday May 21 @ 2pm RSCM - A Sequence for Ascension - a

festival service for Pentecost

Sunday May 22 @ 3.30pm Cathedral Choir Schools concert

Sunday June 5 @ 3.30pm Saying Goodbye Service

Wednesday June 8 @ 5.30pm A celebration service for 90th Birthday of

Her Majesty the Queen

St Dominic’s Grammar School held its annual Spring Concert in St Anne’s on Thursday April 14.

For further information visit www.belfastcathedral.org


Cathedral Digest

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