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A message from the headteacher

Parent Working Party

Welcomes and goodbyes

At Easter, we said a sad farewell to Mr Colwell as he retired,

Mr Walker who has changed careers and to Mr Moorhouse

who has moved to the private sector.

We are pleased to welcome some new staff to our team: Mr

Lundman and Mr Patel have already joined the science

department, and for September, we have Ms Collyer joining

the maths team, and Mrs Richardson joining the English

team. We’d also like to congratulate Miss O’Donnell, who

has been promoted to the senior leadership team (with

responsibility for student outcomes) and Mrs Brown who has

become the Lead Practitioner in English (a role to support

high quality teaching and learning in the department and

across the school).

Ms J Cooper – Head teacher

The Parent Working Party

continues to meet every half

term to discuss and share ideas

on how to raise whole school

standards and improve the

profile of The William Allitt

School within the local

community. We value the

positive contribution from

parents/guardians and believe

a shared vision for school

improvement is vital for raising

standards across the school.

We have acted on feedback

during each meeting and are

actively working on areas for

improvement. For further

details on issues discussed,

please look at the ‘You Said,

We did’ summary on our school



. uk.

If you would like to come along

to the next Parent Working Party

on Monday 13th June 2016,

6pm in the Library, then please

telephone reception on 01283

216404 or email


. uk. It would be great to see

more parents/carers in


Twitter - @william_allitt

Facebook - William Allitt School

Website -

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William Allitt create the News

Thursday 10th March saw the 10th Anniversary of the BBC News School Report and

students at the William Allitt School lived up to the big occasion, creating some fantastic

news articles throughout the day. And one article – a weather report – even made it onto

that evening's BBC East Midland Today programme. It all started at 8:30. Normally the

students would head to their respective form groups for registration, prior to a normal day at

school; but today was different.

One classroom at the William Allitt had been transformed into a newsroom, with laptops,

various cameras and recording devices dotted around the room and a green screen on one

wall. The students were no longer students, but reporters. They were given BBC Reporter

lanyards, which allowed them access, throughout the day, to interview pupils and staff


The students involved had been selected, having made an application of interest to Mrs

Kirk-Stewart. She said: “I wanted to build on the success and interest we’d had last year,

and make this even better for the students involved. “Students were selected based on a

mixture of written and IT literacy skills. The news is not just in written format and I wanted

our day to reflect this, I therefore needed some experience behind the cameras and once

filming had finished.”

Mrs Kirk-Stewart supported the students in creating numerous articles prior to their

1600GMT deadline. Students created a variety of articles before their deadline hit; one of

the first to be uploaded was the weather report, created by two Year 7 students Eve and

Stefan. The pair went out into the field with a notepad and a camera, the aim was to

capture a photograph that illustrated both the school and the weather. They recorded the

temperature and took down some details before returning to the classroom to create their


With everything ready to go the pair sat down at the ‘BBC Newsdesk’ and were counted

down to record by fellow student Jack Rothwell. The pair produced the perfect record on

their first take and now it was down to year 9 student Josh Baldaro to edit the BBC’s

graphics into the recording. The green screen turned into a map of the UK, and the

beginning of the segment now started with the famous beeps of the BBC news theme.

The students all enjoyed their day, with many extras poking their nose into the newsroom


wondering how long they had to wait to apply for the next one. It might be another year until

the BBC News School Report, but they certainly won’t have to wait that long to keep

recording the news, as it is the reporting faction of the school that are benefiting from a link

about to start with Derby’s Quad.

Mrs K Kirk-Stewart – Second in Charge of English

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The Brilliant club visit Nottingham University

A group of 24 of our Year 7s and 12 Year 5s from Belmont Primary School enjoyed their day

as University scholars at The University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington, as part of the Brilliant

Club launch. The Brilliant Club is a charity, focused on ensuring pupils leave school with the

knowledge, skills and ambition to secure places at highly selective universities.

The group experienced tutorials in Humanities and Arts, and STEM, a study skills master class

and a tour of the campus. The launch was very successful and the students had a great time!

The Brilliant Club enjoyed their visit to The University of Warwick on Wednesday 18th May

2016, where they graduated after completing set assignments. The group were particularly

excited as they will be graduating after completing their assignments. One group of Year 7’s

worked on a STEM topic “Ebola, is it the next pandemic?” and the others had a Humanities

project on “ England’s turning points”. The Brilliant Club at the William Allitt School have also

been working with Year 5 students from Newhall Juniors, Belmont, Overseal and Linton

Primary Schools. Their assignment was “what is fairness?” They have attended the William

Allitt School every Wednesday afternoon for their tutorials. All the students have been tutored

by PHD researchers who are all experts in their field. We look forward to updating you on the

students success in our next newsletter.

Mrs S O’Callaghan, Miss A Martin, Miss S Moore – Academic Mentors

Derbyshire School's Book Award

Students from William Allitt joined over 100 students and staff at the Finale Event for the

inaugural Derbyshire Schools’ Book Award. Schools from across Derbyshire came together to

hear one of the shortlisted authors Sally Green, talk about her book “Half Bad” and its sequel

“Half Wild”. Sally answered some very perceptive questions from the audience, before each of

the participating schools championed one of the five shortlisted titles.

The 2016 winner of Derbyshire Schools’ Book Award was “Say Her Name” by Juno Dawson.

Sue Polchow, from Microlibrarian Systems, whose company sponsored the event, announced

the winner at the end of a very busy and exciting afternoon. Juno had been scheduled to

attend the afternoon but had to withdraw at the last minute due to illness. The trophy was

presented to Juno in April when she visited The William Allitt School.

The award was organised by ADLIBS (Association of Derbyshire Librarians in School) to raise

the profile of reading amongst students in Derbyshire Schools and to recognise the more

popular authors’ works which do not appear on other national book award shortlists. Helen

Smith, from Eckington School and Jane Collier from The William Allitt School, who organised

the afternoon were really pleased with the buzz generated about books and reading at the

event and how well the participating students championed their shortlisted book.

Mrs J Collier – School Librarian

Page 4

Drama Success to the City Stage

Key Stage 4 students performed a run of our

Connections 500 play What Are They Like? In

the Drama Studio before Easter – this was

extremely successful and the students really

came into their own. A director from the

National Theatre visited on the Friday evening

and gave some amazing feedback to the

students. The students went onto to take their

production to the Derby Theatre Stage – a really

exciting and amazing opportunity for all the

students involved. Congratulations to all the

cast and crew!

Miss S Padmore – Teacher of Drama & Mr T

Wagg – Teacher of English

GCSE Performing Arts Showcase


The Year 11 GCSE Performing Arts students

did a fantastic job in their exam showcase

performance and achieved some fantastic

marks with some full marks in both the

performance and written element. The piece

was based around Rights and links to the school

RRSA work in response to their exam brief ‘We

are such stuff as dreams are made on’. The

group created the ideas and developed the

piece from the initial Shakespeare quote,

successfully integrating dance, drama and


Miss S Cohen – Teacher of Dance

Official Opening of Newhall


Students from the William Allitt School were

excited to see their chosen design of the new

Skate Park in Newhall Park be officially opened

during the Easter Holidays. Our students have

assisted the Friends of Newhall Park group for

many years, by attending the group’s meeting

where they have planned, discussed and

contributed ideas of the proposal of a Skate

Park helping with the group’s Sport England

application, and were happy to assist with

official opening of new Skate Park showing

their skills off to many visitors to the park.

Unite 2016

Dance Company have been very busy over the

last few months, not only having two

performances at Deda, contributing towards the

Primary Dance Showcase but also performing at

the Brewhouse as part of Burton and South

Derbyshire College’s annual Unite Festival.

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International Women’s Day 2016

The International Women’s Day events held at Oakland's Village, Swadlincote, was a fun and

inspirational day focusing on achieving aspirations and dreams and women uniting and

supporting each other. A group of twelve girls from year 9, 10 and 11 attended the event and

had prepared some inquisitive questions to ask the five guest speakers.

On arrival the girls were given the opportunity to browse an array of stalls; focusing on the

three themes of the event: local health services, sports & recreation and business, education

and training opportunities within South Derbyshire. The girls seems to enjoy looking around

the stools, having the opportunity to make a fruit smoothie by pedaling on an exercise bike

with a blender attached to it! The stalls were very informative and offered freebies such as a

free gym pass to Green Bank Leisure Centre.

After a delicious buffet and an energetic dance performance, the five guest speakers each

shared their own story about their careers and how they achieved success and happiness. All

of the guest speakers spoke about their own personal struggles and the solutions they used to

overcome them. The girls were able to confidently ask the speakers some questions and

share their own thoughts and views. All of the girls said they found the speakers very

motivational and will remember their wise words and advice.

Miss A Martin & Miss S Moore – Academic Mentors

Royal Air Force visit William Allitt

The Science department organised a ‘Fun with Flight’ Roadshow delivered by the RAF for Year

7 and 9 students. The Roadshow involved a jet fuelled presentation exploring the physics of

flying. Students discovered how the physics they study in the classroom is an integral part of

the work that engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations.

A Year 7 student was keen to share their experience of the day by saying “In this exciting and

interactive show, we first saw a remote control drone .This had a camera on the front which

broadcast live and was projected on screen. The presenters then told us about how the R.A.F

use drones, and how they can be hacked. Then they told us about the 4 forces which were: lift,

thrust, drag and weight. They then showed us about the angle of the wing changes what speed

the plane goes. They demonstrated this by having a very strong fan and two volunteers but

there hand there, one flat and then at an angle. This showed that when your hand / wing is

straight it is better because, when you have it at an angle it gets pushed back. At the end they

showed us two small jet propelled engines, the workers put on ear muffs and on the screen we

watched the power get bigger and bigger until they were equal we then covered our ears, so

they didn’t get damaged. The engines were on a trolley which they took outside so we didn’t

inhale any the fumes”.

Miss M Joshi – Teacher of Science

Page 6

Netball Residential Weekend

A group of Netball enthusiasts from Year

7-11 enjoyed an action packed Netball

Residential Weekend at JCA Condover Hall in

Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The girls participated

in organised Netball fixtures against other

schools and clubs from around the UK and an

extensive range of outdoor adventurous

activities such as abseiling, high/low ropes,

trapeze, archery, tunnelling, lazer maze,

climbing wall, grid of stones, gladiator wall

and team challenge activities and many more.

The weekend was enjoyed by all and we look

forward the next ‘Netball Tour’ next year.

Miss K O’Donnell – Assistant Head teacher,

Miss K Stain – Teacher of Physical Education

& Mrs L Webster – Head of Year 11

Dance Success at County Deda


12 students from the William Allitt Dance

Company took part in this year’s U.Dance

programme. Initially students performed as

part of a two day Secondary School Dance

Platform and then were successfully

selected to take part in the County

Platform, Interface16. The performances

took place at Deda where students were

able to experience the local Dance house

and perform on a professional stage. The

students performed to one of the

Circularity tracks providing them with

original music to go alongside their

creative choreography that was inspired by

the lyrics and meaning of the song.

Miss S Cohen – Teacher of Dance

Page 7

Sports Leadership at Newhall Infant School

Since February half term a selection of our Sports Committee members have been assisting

with Gymnastics club at Newhall Infants School. Sports Committee students have utilised their

leadership skills and have demonstrated a mature attitude which has displayed their motivation

and dedication to PE and sport. They have coached children aged 3 and above to develop

their fundamental movement skills through Gymnastics.

Ellie Cameron Year 7 Sports Committee said “I really enjoy doing the coaching because it

builds up my confidence. I learn a lot when I go the infants about helping other people to do

things. When I go, all the children get involved and talk to me, they’re never shy. This is a great

opportunity for me because I want to be a P.E. teacher when I am older”.

Alice Robinson Year 7 Sports Committee said “I love coaching the children at Newhall Infants,

I found it an amazing opportunity to help the infants to do something I love. I found it really

constructive and rewarding because at first some of them were really shy however I now know

most their names. I found it fun to go down to see every one and help out”.

We would like to thank Adam Holland from Progressive Sports for the opportunity to coach at

Newhall Infants. Thank you!

Miss K Stain – Teacher of Physical Education

GCSE PE High Adventure

Year 10 GCSE students have had the opportunity to gain grades in alternative sports such as

Climbing and Mountain Biking. Though getting stuck in horrendous traffic which nearly doubled

our journey time, experiencing rain, wind, snow and mud, all students were determined to work

hard and perform to the best of their ability. The itinerary of the weekend consisted of all day

Saturday practically performing in one of the above sports, Saturday evening learning about the

theory of their chosen sport followed by a written test and finishing Sunday with the practical

assessment. All students were fantastic throughout the weekend. It was an amazing

experience that was social, fun, challenging, successful and tiring. This year we had 20

students attend the residential who were all able to achieve great marks that can now be taken

forward to their final GCSE grade.

Miss K Stain & Mr N Holmes – Teachers of Physical Education

Page 8

Political Success for Youngster in South Derbyshire

Saturday 19th March 2016, marked the day where the

2016-2018 Derbyshire Youth Council had their first ever

conference as a newly elected Youth Council. This was

held at Matlock County Hall in Matlock and was run by the

Youth Council lead Ruth Peat. The day consisted of ice

breakers to get to know one another and outlining the

roles and responsibilities that the elected Youth Council

had to fulfil and stick to during their two-year term of office.

The main focus of the day was to elect a new group of

representatives for the UK Youth Parliament, who would

be known as Members of Youth Parliament (MYP’s) and

Deputy Members of Youth Parliament (DMYP’s). In order

to be elected onto the UK Youth Parliament, you were

asked to create a short speech outlining why you would be

the perfect candidate for this role. After an hour or two of

speech writing, around 25 members of the Youth Council

stood for election, hoping to grab one of the eight available

positions to represent Derbyshire on the UK Youth

Parliament. A Year 11 student from the William Allitt

School called Samantha-Rose Beacham and a Year 8

student from John Port School called Luke Harrison stood

for election onto the UK Youth Parliament. After an hour of

delivering speeches and counting votes, the 8 members of

Youth Parliament were decided. The 4 elected MYP’s for

Derbyshire are: Oliver Scheidt, Lawrence Felipe, Rosie

Glossop and Callum Ellis. The 4 elected DMYP’s for

Derbyshire are: Samantha-Rose Beacham, Ivan Zailac,

Regan Till and Thomas Crowbert.

For more news and information on what the Derbyshire

Youth Council does, please visit: http://

Maths Mentoring

Our early morning Maths mentoring

continues to take place twice a week

in the Senior Hall. The mentoring

sessions sees our Year 10 and Year

11 students helping our Year 7 and 8

students with their mathematics skills.

Samantha Beecham - Year 11 student, Derbyshire Youth

Council Representative 2014-2018, Deputy Member of

Youth Parliament 2016-2018.

‘‘Waste Watchers’ comes to William Allitt

The Waste Watchers’ performed by Gibber and commissioned by Derbyshire County Council came

to The William Allitt in March and worked with all the Year 8 students. ‘The Waste Watchers’ was a

50 minute contemporary performance full of high energy, interactive performance that used humour,

music, multi-media and popular culture to engage, inspire and instil a sense of respect and

responsibility to manage waste more efficiently, as well as consider the wider environmental impact.

This a performance that the students thoroughly enjoyed and found very engaging. The student’s

then participated in an interactive workshop, which included practical hands on activities. The main

focus of this was on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle message. The students were highly engaged with

the activities and found it most informative. We hope that the students remember apply the Reduce,

Reuse, Recycle in their lives and continue to develop as active citizens.

Miss J Wildey – Teacher of Citizenship & PSHE.

Page 9

Year 7 Open Centre Visit

This term as part of Opening Minds (Dare to be different) the whole of Year 7 went

to Derby (on different days) on a school trip to the Open Centre. It was both

educational and fun. We learnt about two different religions; similar in some ways.


We went to the Sikh Gudwhara and watched people pray using the Guru Granth

Sahib! Even though we couldn't understand there language it was still a great

experience. We had to cover our heads to show respect. Then we tried some curry,

with rice-pudding and chapatti. This is a symbol of hospitality.


We also went to a Hindu temple (Mandir), it was amazingly pretty with many

different gods. Bea and Harrison had a chance to ring the bell for 7.5 to tell the god

you are leaving. When we finished seeing these amazing temples we headed back

to the Open Centre.


One of the most exciting things was having our hands painted with henna. Thank

you to the open Centre for the amazing henna patterns– they were brilliant!

Everyone loved them and some still have them now!


In our class, two students (Libby Smith and Matthew Burton) had there Hindu

marriage. We acknowledged what Hindu weddings were like and the differences

from them and other religious weddings.

Year 7 student Rose Patton said “It was an amazing experience to witness the

different realigns and good education for a day out”.

Written by Chelsea Levitt - Year 7 student, Edited by Eve Taylor - Year 7 student.

Page 10

Author Visits William Allitt

The William Allitt School was proud to host a visit by Derbyshire Schools’ Book Award

2016 winner Juno Dawson this week to collect her trophy. Juno won the award for her

ghostly thriller “Say Her Name” based on the story of “Bloody Mary”. During her visit

Juno gave an inspiring, enthralling talk to an audience of Year 8 students about LGBT

issues, read extracts from her latest books and her writing career so far. She inspired

the audience to write their own stories, read modern poetry and gave tips on how to get


Mrs J Collier – School Librarian

Brewer’s players congratulate pupils on their reading skills

Youngsters from Newhall Community Junior School have been congratulated on their reading

skills by three of Burton Albion’s first team squad.

The pupils visited the Pirelli Stadium to enjoy a tour of the ground and to meet Brewers stars

Hamza Choudhury, Tyler Walker and Marcus Harness after completing the Premier League

Reading Stars scheme – which encourages pupils to develop a passion for literacy. The

reading stars programme aims to narrow the gap between those reading at the required level

for their age and those under-achieving. It has proven particularly successful in transforming

boys’ attitudes to literacy and in engaging youngsters with a passion for football with a love for


The youngsters received their certificates from the players, who also told the pupils that it was

still important for professional footballers to develop reading and maths skills. The pupils were

joined by William Allitt school librarian Jane Collier. She said: “The children really enjoyed their

visit and were talking about the trip in great detail on the coach back to school. “Thank you for

pushing the reading element of Premier League Reading Stars, which is very important.”

Mrs J Collier – School Librarian

Page 11

Poetry Power!

The English department are proud to announce

the success of twenty-one published poets in

the William Allitt School. Twenty-one of our

students entered The Poetry Trails competition

in the Autumn and 21 of them have been

published in the East Midlands Anthology. The

successful poets were:

Year 8 – Lillie Harvey, Evie Miller, Holly Hart,

Thomas Smithard, Joshua Coupar-Evans, Will

Machell, Robert O’Brien, Heidi Brown, Kayci

Redpath, Ellie-May Wileman, Kyle Lucas, Sam

Starsmore, Ebony Haywood, Ella Hall.

Year 10 – Amelia Harvey, Leah Rushton,

James Connor, Oscar Maloney, Daisy


Even more excitingly, Leah Rushton in Year 10

has been chosen as a finalist for the main

competition to become the Poetry Trails

Champion of the Great Britain. She was

judged to have created the best poem in whole

of the East Midlands.

Mrs A Harrison – Lead Practitioner of English

Finalist Poem “Red Like Roses”

Roses are red, violets covered in tears of dew,

Tricks and traps of voodoo.

My roses have wilted, the violets are dead,

Palms stained with a dastardly red.

I've become colder.

The bright fire left to die, to disappear as it

becomes older.

A void of sensitivity for evermore.

Heart of a tiger, she wished to roar,

‘If that is what is to become of me.

Let me hope it happens silently,

To the final chapter, I have to face the facts,

My last words shall echo when my expression

is one of wax

I bet they never expected, I bet they never


I am still in love with you…’

Accelerated Reader

Our Accelerated Reader Programme for all Year

7s and 8s (as well as a selection of Year 9s) is

growing from strength to strength with more

students achieving the 100% milestone in their

quizzes and some even reaching the ultimate

goal of reading over a million words! The

programme is designed to improve students'

reading and comprehension (and therefore their

overall literacy) levels, through the use of a

computer-based quizzing system on the books

they read. The quizzes are fun and easy to use

and allow students to get instant feedback and

even prizes! Teachers can monitor students’

progress, set individual targets and provide

book level recommendations.

Poetry Evening

A group of students from the William Allitt School,

Newhall, showcased their poetic talent at a recital

evening in Burton this month.

Eighteen budding bards took to the stage at the

Brewhouse Arts Centre to put on a fantastic

performance of poetry in front of a live, paying audience.

The group formed part of a staggering 23 William Allitt

pupils who have recently had their work published in

young writers' poetry anthologies including Poetry Trials

and Poetry Rivals.

To celebrate this success, parents, teachers and friends

joined the students as they gave outstanding

performances of their poetry.

The performers were: Ella D, Bea F, Lauren F, Emily M,

Noah M, Rose P, Lucy P, Aaliyah W, Beth W, Emily W,

Leah W, Ashleigh T, Amelia T, Heidi B, Ellie-May W,

Ebony H, Ella H and James C.

The English Department at the school put on the evening

as a tribute to the students and to hopefully inspire other

young people to love English.

Leah Ruston – Year 9 student

Page 12

Year 7 Maths Madness

Our Year 7 students were treated to a fun Maths

Problem Solving day called ‘Maths in a

Suitcase’. There were various hands on

activities that catered for all pupils to engage in

the session. Whether it was problem solving or

patterns and sequencing pupils were interested

in, every pupil found something to have a go at.

Selwyn who delivered the sessions was

extremely enthusiastic and provided deeper

thinking questions to those who completed the

tasks. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session, as

did the members of staff who supported or

dropped in to have a look. I am sure we will have

Selwyn back with his suitcases full of

mathematical mysteries back to enthuse our

pupils into the fun side of maths.

World Book Day 2016

This year’s World Book Day was celebrated at

William Allitt in numerous ways. A number of

staff dressed up as different book characters,

ranging from Gangsta Granny, My Naughty Little

Sister to the Artful Dodger, the Invisible Man and

an Oompah Loompah. Students entered a

competition to find all the book characters around

school. Our competition winner was Amelia

Topliss from Year 7. She and the runner ups all

received a book and Amelia also won some

chocolates. Students were able to exchange their

£1 World Book Day tokens in the Library at break

and lunch for one of the specially produced

books. Some of the school’s Literacy

Ambassadors also ran a book sale, raising

money for the National Literacy Trust to help

disadvantaged children improve their literacy


Mrs J Collier – School Librarian

Page 13

Primary Showcase

Newhall Juniors and Linton Primary joined

us again in March for our Primary

Showcase Performance. The evening was

opened by our Junior Dance Company, a

group of Year 6 students from local

schools that rehearse on a Thursday after

school at the William Allitt School. The

evening also included Dance Company,

Lower School Dance and BTEC Dance.

Junior Dance Company is open to any

Year 6 students that attend our local

schools and is on a Thursday 3:45pm –

4:30pm with Miss Cohen in the Dance


Year 7 Cultural Derby

On Thursday 17th March, the whole of year 7 ventured

on an educational, yet exciting trip to discover the

Cultural Campus of Derby. We went to Derby Theatre,

Quad, Deda and the Art Gallery and Museum, as well as

listening to a short talk outside the Silk Mill (the first

factory in the world!). At the start of the day, we were

welcomed into Derby Theatre where we were introduced

to thestaff that were guiding us around. Then we split

into groups and visited DEDA, The Quad, Museum and

Derby Theatre. Our main focus was to independently

research and discover artists and practitioners for our

BTEC Arts Award. After we had looked around all of the

fantastic places we all met back at the Silk mill and were

given an inspiring talk by Bill who is in charge of

education at the innovative Silk Mill (museum of

making). We all learned so much about the different

aspects of the Arts and Culture and how we could

access workshops, education and entertainment in the


Eve Taylor and Aaliyah Wall – Year 7 students.

Year 10 visit Cambridge


Despite an early start and a wet, windy

and heavy traffic drive down to

Cambridge, nothing could dampen our

students spirits on their University

Experience day. We attended a lecture

about higher education and gained

knowledge on which subjects are useful

for certain degree courses. It was very

informative and definitely provided

students with questions to ask themselves

about their post 16 options. Importantly,

several myths about applying to top

universities with debunked. Cambridge

and Oxford welcome students from all

backgrounds and all schools. We had a

fascinating tour of the Murray Edwards

College. One group of our girls were

lucky to be shown around a real students

bedroom and this was a real pleasant

surprise. Lots of cupboard room, bright

and airy, comfortable bed and superfast

broadband! After lunch we went into

Cambridge city centre to experience what

life as a student could be like. There was

an abundance of cafes’, shops and

bicycles. It truly is a beautiful city to live,

work and play. The day was thoroughly

enjoyed by all students. They were, as

always were fantastic ambassadors for

The William Allitt School. Who knows,

perhaps this opportunity has aspired

some of our students to consider applying

to Cambridge.

Mrs C Copley - Careers

Page 14

Year 9 Parliament Day

On a cold crisp bright spring morning at 7.45am were 9.4, Mrs Cliffen and Mrs Copley ready to

board the coach to London. An uneventful journey down the motorway had us arriving in London

ready to visit Parliament. Students experienced a 360o video detailing the history of British

governance, learning about Kings, Lords, Knights, Barons, suffragettes and Guy Fawkes. History

truly came to life as events unfolded around the room. This was followed by a guided tour of

Parliament. We entered by the monarchs official entrance, walking up the staircase that the Queen

herself does each year on the State Opening of Parliament. The artwork and decoration inside the

Houses of Parliament is magnificent and is a reflection on how Great Britain is. We learnt that

Churchill’s Arch was restored after the Blitz instead of being rebuilt; from original bomb-scarred

stone as a monument to the ordeal of war, and as a reminder to future generations of the fortitude

of those who stood firm through those times. The tour finished in Westminster Hall. This part of the

building is almost 1000 years old. We stood on the steps where Barack Obama and Nelson

Mandela delivered speeches in recent times and where William Wallace (1305) and Sir Thomas

More (1535) were convicted of treason and sentenced to death. We then went on a walking tour of

London’s important sights. Downing Street, Cenotaph, Horseguard’s Parade and Trafalgar Square.

A healthy competition was held to guess the first name of the man on top of the statue. Admiral

Nelson – Well done to those who finally guessed HORATIO. We had a picnic lunch in St James’

park overlooking Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately the Queen wasn’t home, we knew this as the

Royal Standard flag was not flying. A fantastic day was had by all students, as always they were

well behaved and enjoyed experiencing our capital city.

Mrs C Copley – Careers

Year 9 Options Evening

Parents and Year 9 students were invited

to attend a valuable evening of important

information on the different subject choices

available to Year 9 students as they move

to Key Stage 4. The event was extremely

well attended with an overwhelming

amount of parents and students in

attendance. The evening gave students

and parents the opportunity to talk with

subject specialists across a wide range of

subject areas and the time to discuss and

review option choices, whilst being

reassured that the students would be given

continued support by the school.

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William Allitt to Wembley!

PE Department challenged both staff and students to get

active by completing as many miles as possible and rise to

the school’s #HowFarCanYouGo challenge in aid of Sport

Relief 2016. Participants were encouraged to raise funds

for Sport Relief through sponsorship by running, walking,

cycling, swimmming and/or rowing in the hope of covering

120 miles collectively; covering the distance from the

William Allitt School to Wembley Stadium! Participants

recorded their mileage using apps such as Nike Running,

Strava and using pedometers, bringing along evidence to

the PE Department who closely tracked the total mileage.

The event was a great success with both students and staff

completing 550 miles comfortably getting to Wembley and

back a couple of times!

Many congratulations to all but particularly to the following

students who stood out from the crowd: Alice Towers -

completed 100 miles of Cycling, Katie Pruden, Gabby

Higginbottom, Chaniqua Beacham-Atkins and Aimee Baker

- all completed several miles of running and walking and

gained the most sponsor money. Keone Parker who spent

every spare minute on Sports Relief day running around

the school Athletics track.

Mr M Skelham – Teacher of Physical Education

A group of Year 7 Opening Minds

students and their teachers went to

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall to

watch ‘Ten pieces live!’ ‘Ten pieces’ is

performed by BBC philharmonic

orchestra playing 10 well known and

specially selected famous pieces of

music. All of the music was performed

by the original artists who we saw

initially at the cinema at the start of

the academic year. These formed the

basis of our exploration and learning

of the formal elements of music. Ten

well known pieces of music were

played; ‘DJ. Mr. Switch’ recorded

some exciting sounds with a few

members of the audience, lots of

people said he was such an

inspiration and that he strongly stood

out. The effect of a live orchestra on a

huge scale were really exciting to

experience. Everyone came back

saying they had a great time and

would love to go again.

By Libby Brown and Kiera Wheatcroft

– Year 7

William Allitt Alumni

Were you a former student of The William Allitt School? Are you keen to

share your childhood memories of the school and your ongoing success

story? If so we would really love to hear from you! Please sign up on the

Future First website to register your interest.

Alternatively you may wish to telephone The William Allitt School on 01283

216404 or email . We look forward to

seeing and working with you again.

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