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Global Art Guide


If you are looking for original artwork to complete

your project either residential or commercial,

using our Global Art Guide can be a valuable

resource. Many of our artists are happy to work to

commission so they can create something in their

style to suit your client's decor. You can contact and

purchase from the artists directly.

We showcase over 750 artists from around the

world offering a wide choice of original art. Styles

include abstract art, contemporary art, oil paintings,

photography, sculpture, digital art plus a whole lot


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Lyle Sopel


Acclaimed by National Geographic

Magazine Society as "One of the most

accomplished contemporary jade sculptors

in the world", LYLE SOPEL is a nature

inspired artist who creates original bespoke

jade gemstone sculptures that dazzle and

impress. His studio has been actively

producing world-class fine art sculptures

for over 3 decades, discriminating beginner

and expert art collector who recognizes and

appreciates exquisite artistry.

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Kat O'Neill


I am an award winning photographer and writer.

My mixed media collection entitled, "Uncle Jack's"

is an embodiment of my fiction pieces for The East

Hampton Star newspaper. It incorporates

photography with graphic album sleeves and

stories of the various patrons that frequent Uncle

Jack's Bar. The second collection that I am

showcasing is 'UrbanScapes," which features graffiti,

city characters and city grit in both black and white

and color.

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Gregor Palmer


People who collect my work say I'm a colourist

and they love the colours I use, the many yellows

and blues I mix, and the reds (my current

favourite is Cadmium red deep which is rich

raspberry like a luscious lipstick.)

People also comment on my mark-making and

strong areas of drawing where I often use

pastels or charcoal which give a feeling of

temporariness that fits the contemporary

scene and adds a change of texture and mood.

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Lisa Graa Jensen


I am a painter and illustrator of vibrant

colourful figurative landscapes ie:

undulating countryside, markets, pubs,

cafes, french farming scenes and

coastal/beach scenes usually featuring

dogs and cats and often farm animals -

sheep, donkeys, cows, hens etc ..

I have illustrated for the Radio Times,

BBC Publications for Schools, Puffin,

Kestrel books and Marshall Cavendish

and many others.

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Zan Stevenson


My greatest pre-occupation is that if the use

of colour, which I see in everything -

hundreds of varying shades of which we

may be unaware - It is the varying shades

and subtleties that exist in both bright and

muted colours, which are apparent in

differing lights, that I use in my own

particular style to describe the atmosphere

of a particular place .. My pictures are based

on both my travels abroad and more local

scenes closer to home.

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Evie Zimmer


I have always been an artist. I think I was born that

way. As early as I can remember I have been drawing

and painting. Although I have experimented with

many mediums, I prefer the vibrancy and versatility

of oil paint. It allows me to make smooth gradations

as well as hard edges. Scale is also very important.

I believe the large size of my paintings allows the

viewer to feel enveloped by the work.

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Maciek Peter Kozlowski


I am a multi award winning abstract expressionist

contemporary artist working in oil, acrylic and

mixed media. My abstracts are often playful.

I depict imaginary circumstances with bright

colours and semi abstract forms to invite a

meditative and reflective emotional state. Some

of the abstract pieces on aluminum panels can be

made to fit any size. Many of my works are

available also as mural size images on vinyl to be

installed on any sized wall.

Contact Maciek Direct I

Soozy Barker


I create large absorbing and atmospheric

landscapes and pure abstract paintings.

My landscapes are based on marshlands

and wetlands. Places I spent as a child and

images from my pure imagination. I stick to

a limited palate, building up layers and

layers of oil paint. My pure abstract work is

on trend with interior colours.

I use metallic paints mixed in with an array

of mediums. I match paint to fabric colours

and often work with interior designers on

bespoke projects. I specialise in very large


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Laverne Chisan


My spontaneous strokes express and uncover

underlying images that impact the viewers

imagination and sensibilities. Earthy colors

and texture as well as primary colors blend

well with my expressionist contemporary style.

My work ranges from figural, nature, still life,

and Arizona influenced landscapes.

Contact Laverne Direct I

Adrienne Brown


I am a mixed media artist exploring various

combinations of photography, embroidery,

felting, paint, print and collage.

My work is also inspired by the landscapes

surrounding my home town of Buxton in

the High Peak of Derbyshire and of more

distant landscapes encountered whilst

travelling abroad and across the UK.

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Caroline Casswell


I am a mosaic and polymer clay artist taking these

forms to new imaginative levels of depth and

pattern. Each piece is an adventure in colour and

form, and has its own character and story.

The celebration of colour in my mosaics are

formed by first hand painting tiles which are then

broken to create beautifully intricate pictures that

are often inspired by hedgerows.

Each polymer clay bowl is made using a former

and are styled with an organic feel, each one is

one off although similar colours can be


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Walter Paul Bebirian


Walter Paul Bebirian, a world-renowned

photographer/digital artist, has been creating

works of art since 1958. With a wide variety of

subject matter from photographs to abstracts

to collages and more there is hardly anywhere

else in the world where such a variety is

offered with the consistency and assurance

of your obtaining a great piece of art for your

collection or living or work environment.

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Art you grew up with


Written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz,

PEANUTS was first published on October 2, 1950

and continued for SO years to February 13, 2000.

The comic strip ran in over 2,600 newspapers and

brought joy and happiness to a readership of over

335 million in 75 countries.

Gallery 105 in St Albans, UK are an official

stockist of these collectable Limited Editions.

Oversize prints can be commissioned for your

special projects.

Contact Gallery 105 Direct I Official Stockist

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