A better seedbed

for a better bottom line

Kelly by name...

...innovative by nature

Based in Booleroo Centre, South Australia, Kelly is

a family owned and run business, with national and

international presence. Kelly has a farming

background, which offers a unique understanding

of the reliable and versatile equipment its customers

need and expect.

With more than 25 years in the business, Kelly is an

award winning manufacturer, proudly at the

forefront of chain harrow innovation at its inception

and continuing to lead the way.

Why choose the Kelly Diamond Harrow?

A robust, versatile machine, requiring very little servicing and maintenance will keep on working day

after day, year after year. Originally designed to mulch and incorporate stubble, it has become the

multi use implement on the farm.

The machine is designed and built to withstand the harshest of conditions while the range of ground

engaging tools gives you a choice of the right tool for the right job.

• Versatile and often described as the “most useful tool on the farm”

• Simple operation and set up

• No manual input required during operation

• Minimal maintenance and servicing required, leaving more time in the field

• Reliable and strong framework that has been rigorously field tested

• High productivity. Work rate efficiency is high

• Light draught and also relatively easy to pull, thereby saving on fuel costs

• Ability to cover large areas in a short time, saving time and labor.

Kelly continually uses and tests their own machines to ensure they are efficient, strong, reliable,

easy to use and easy to service.

A better seedbed for a better bottom line

Integrated weed management reduces the reliance on chemical controls and is a key to managing

herbicide resistance in weeds, thereby saving a herbicide application and the associated cost.

• Smoothes and levels soil perfectly for better planter performance and accuracy

• Ability to remove deep wheel ruts and marks in as little as one pass

• Accelerates stubble breakdown

• Creates a rich mulch layer which helps to retain sub soil moisture; a must for the American farmer

• Chemical free weed control

• Improves seed to soil contact for better germination

• Major savings on chemicals for weed control.

The biggest benefit of all these tasks is that you are left with loose friable soil to sow into on top of

a firm stable seedbed, which in turn provides a better bottom line.

Best tillage implement

The Kelly Diamond is by far the best tillage implement we have ever

purchased. We sold our turbo till and bought the Kelly. It was perfect for

what we wanted to do on our farm. Easy to maintain and no disc axles.

Lorne Counts, Muscle Shoal, AL

45 rice crops of experience

I’ve just grown my 45th rice crop and in all those years this is THE best

tool that has ever been on this farm.

Duane Gaither, Walnut Ridge AR

A better seedbed for a better

bottom line

It does about the prettiest job of making a seedbed you’ll ever see.

It’s the first truly revolutionary tillage tool I’ve seen in a long time.

Gary and Steven Ewert, Liberty, MO.

Wet soil is no problem

This tool works better in wet soil than any other tool we have.

Darren French, Peach Orchard, AR

Best thing since sliced bread!

My sons and I purchased one of your Kelly 45’ Harrows last spring.

Whoever dreamed up this implement needs to be awarded some kind of

Nobel prize! It is the best thing since sliced bread.

We have pulled the machine over about 6000 acres without a single

breakdown. It has saved an unimagineable amount of time, fuel and


Scott Place, Gillett, AR

It’s certainly worked well for me

Scan this QR code on your mobile phone, to listen to what Todd Cullen

from Jonesboro, AR has to say.

Alternatively, find this video and other testimonials at

Model range

No farm too big or too small!

The Kelly Chain models cater for all sizes and types of farm operation.

Standard models range from 20’ to 80’, including controlled traffic models.

Kelly Disc Chain Specifications

Model 20’/6m 30’/9m 40’/12m 45’/13.5m 50’/15m 60’CT/18m 62HDX 80’

Working 19.5’/6m 30’/9.1m 41’/12.3m 43.5’/13.5m 48.5’/14.8m 62’/18.3m 62’/18.3m 80.1’/24.4m


Transport 6.5’/2.0m 11.5’/3.5m 11.5’/3.5m 13.5’/4.1m 17’/5.2m 17’/5.2m 16.4’/5m 24.7’/7.5m


Transport 11.5’/3.5m 13’/4.0m 12’/3.7m 13’/3.9m 15’/3.5m 14.9’/4.5m 14.9’/4.5m 14.9’/4.5m


Transport 30’/9.0m 46’/14m 53’/16m 55’/16.7m 62’/19m 72’/22m 72’/22m 94.2’/28.7m






(hp / kw)

100 / 75 150 / 110 200 / 150 230 / 170 280 / 210 350 / 260 375 / 280 440 / 330

Disc Chains for all situations



A concave replaceable disc mounted in a heavy cast steel boss with a hook and eye to link

together. The sharp disc provides penetration into the toughest of soils while the weight and shape

of the boss keep the disc cutting and control the working depth. Heavy residue management and

reliable weed control make this new disc our flagship product. Weight 75lb/ft - 112kg/m, Spacing 8”.



The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains, the CL1 is a concave disc made from hardwearing cast

steel alloy with a hook and eye for linking together. The ideal tool for stubble management, weed

control, leveling soil and while working at just the right depth creates the perfect seedbed.

Can be used in combination with other chains to give the best fit for your conditions.

Weight 47lb/ft - 70kg/m, Spacing 7”.

W36 Disc Chain W36/25/7

A lightly curved disc made from wear resistant steel welded to a heavy chain that is ideal for mulching

stubble and leveling soil. Weight 36lb/ft - 55kg/m, spacing 7”.

Spike Disc Chain SD49/27/5

10 spikes per disc and 5 inch spacings give this heavy duty spiked disc chain real effectiveness.

At 49lb/ft - 75kg/m the close spaced spikes can be fitted either trailing or leading. In the trailing

direction the leveling and incorporating action combine to provide a shallow running, self cleaning

seedbed preparation tool. Remarkably effective at removing weeds this makes an ideal pre or post

seeding tool for herbicide incorporation. In the more aggressive “leading” orientation, the Spiked

Disc Chain works as a “first pass” light tillage tool, leveling and preparing a seedbed.

Kelly Chain Weights

Disc Chain


CL2 CL75/25/8 75lb/ft - 112kg/m

CL1 CL47/35/7 47lb/ft - 70kg/m

W36 Disc Chain W36/25/7 36lb/ft - 55kg/m

Spike Disc Chain SD49/27/5/Spiked Disc 49lb/ft - 75kg/m

Servicing made easy

Keeping you working

To provide excellent service life, high quality

and reliable specialized parts have been fitted,

like extended gland cylinders, unique multi

element hub seals or precision swivel units.

In the rare event that a part needs replacing,

Kelly has also designed the components to be

easily sourced locally, in order to keep

downtimes to a minimum, so you don’t lose

time in the field.


Kelly Engineering guarantees its products against faulty workmanship

and materials. Disc Chain, Prickle Chain and Swivel units are considered

to be wear items and it’s reasonable to expect that these parts may

need to be replaced over time. We do however guarantee the Swivel

units for a period of 12 months or 10,000 acres, whichever occurs first.

Furthermore, provided that normal maintenance and adjustments

as scheduled (refer to the operators manual), Kelly Engineering

guarantees the useful working life of the Disc and Prickle Chains

to be in excess of 5 years or 50,000 acres, whichever occurs first.

Contact your local dealer:

Phone: 800-929-2851

ACN 067 262 060

ABN 89 964 026 574

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