Knox County Chiropractic Office, Hayden Chiropractic, Helps Pain Sufferers Recover Quicker


Hayden Chiropractic provides safe and natural measures to relieve pain and restore health. The techniques are non-invasive and do not use drugs.

Knox County Chiropractic Office, Hayden Chiropractic, Helps Pain Sufferers Recover Quicker

Galesburg IL, 12-JULY-2016 - Hayden Chiropractic and Dr. Jeffrey Hayden D. C., are pleased to

announce that chiropractic methods are designed to help those suffering from pain to recover quickly.

Relieving pain symptoms without the use of drugs or surgery is the focus of the Knox County

chiropractic team. Chiropractors know that the use of painkilling drugs is not effective over the long

term and can cause damage to internal organs.

The doctor begins a consultation with an assessment of the spinal column in order to identify the cause

of painful symptoms. Restoring alignment is typically accomplished by a chiropractic adjustment to the

spine. This therapy will be effective in causing the restoration of the proper spacing between the

vertebral pairs. Allowing enough space between the vertebra is, by extension, helpful to the health of

the spinal discs.

Bulging discs are the basis of a number of painful symptoms. Pressure from herniated or ruptured discs

cause pain and irritation to nearby soft tissue, as well as to the nerve roots. Compression of nerves can

cause negative effects to other body systems. Weakness, pain, tingling and other symptoms are often

related to pain sufferers.

Techniques for pain relief include spinal adjustments and soft tissue healing methods. The chiropractor

may employ massage, electrotherapy, ultrasound as direct pain relief measures, but also uses a number

of more long-term measures. The chiropractor may encourage better nutrition and exercise approaches.

Pain due to a sedentary lifestyle can be reversed by changing the approach to activity. Stress reduction

is another way to improve overall health and wellness.

Learn more about natural pain relief methods by checking out the website at today. Individuals and press corps individuals who have more questions

are encouraged to contact Dr. Hayden at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, D. C.

Company Name: Hayden Chiropractic

Address: 1174 North Seminary Street, Galesburg IL 61401

Telephone Contact Number (309) 344-4988



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