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The Labour Party NEC Elections 2016



National Executive

Committee Division III

(Constituency Labour

Parties) Page 2 – 9

Luke Akehurst

Bex Bailey

Johanna Baxter

Ann Black

Parmjit Dhanda

Dr John Gerard Gallagher

Amanat Gul

Eddie Izzard

Ellie Reeves

Christine Shawcroft

Claudia Webbe

Peter Wheeler

Darren Williams

Peter Willsman

Rhea Wolfson

Treasurer Page 10

Diana Holland

National Executive Committee Candidates



Bex Bailey

Nominations: 132



Ann Black

Nominations: 301

Nominations: 107

Nominations: 123

I’m totally focused on a Labour victory and

deeply concerned that we made a huge strategic

error shifting leftwards when the message from

voters is that they want a moderate, united

Labour Party with realistic, credible policies.

I will hold the leadership to account and give

frank advice about what needs to be done to

beat the Tories.

I will fight against Hard Left factionalism whether

that is opposing partisan rule changes, defending

hard-working incumbent MPs and councillors

from sectarian deselection bids, or stopping the

Momentum faction from becoming a bridgehead

back into the party for the entryist far left.

Labour activist for 28 years, I am passionate

about tackling poverty and inequality. As a

parent and cancer survivor I will fight to defend

our NHS and schools from Tory cuts.

NEC Member 2010-2012, strong record of

fairness and defending democracy in taking

decisions, and openness and accountability in

reporting back to members.

Extensive campaigning experience: Borough

Campaign Manager in four Hackney elections

increasing Labour seats from 29 to 50;

parliamentary candidate in Aldershot and Castle

Point; full-time Organiser in Camden.

Councillor 12 years, trade unionist (Unite) 23


I recommend voting Akehurst, Bailey, Baxter,

Dhanda, Reeves, Wheeler.

Tel: 07949 152 562


Twitter: @lukeakehurst



Address: 125 Oxford Road, Old Marston,

Oxford, OX3 0RB

I’m standing to make our party fairer.

I’m 24 and I joined Labour because we’re the

party of equality. We’ve done a lot to make our

society more equal – and will do so again.

But in our party young people still feel excluded,

if you’re working class you still can’t afford to

stand for election, and women still face sexism.

We need to put our values into practice within

our party, so everyone can get involved.

I’ve spent three years on the NEC helping

young women get involved. From leading a

grassroots homelessness campaign to organising

nationwide election campaigning, I’ve fought for

members and for equality.












As your representative I’ll never stop fighting for

members, fighting for equality, and fighting to

beat the Tories. Working together, we can make

our party fairer.

I’m also supporting Ellie, Johanna, Parmjit, Luke

and Peter Wheeler.

Tel: 07963018281


Twitter: @bexbailey6


Our country faces its biggest post-war crisis. Now

is no time for division in our Party. No labels, no

factions, just Labour.

So many people’s hopes for a better future rest

on us. We owe it to them to be the best we can

be - an NEC focused on delivering solutions, not

paralysed by arguments of the past.

In 6 years on the NEC I’ve never stopped fighting

for members or our Party – from securing our

commitment to repeal Employment Tribunal

Fees, campaigning against Tory attacks on tax

credits, visiting over 180 CLPs across the country,

listening to members and as a candidate in


As your representative I’ll fight for;

• Unity around our values; taking our fight to

the Tories and SNP.

• Equality in our Party – no-one should be

held back because of their class, gender,

sexual orientation, race or disability.

• A more welcoming party where everyone

can participate.

• A real say in policy making.

• All nations and regions to be represented

on the NEC and better resources for local


No labels, no factions, just Labour.

As an independent I’m grateful for broad support

across the Party and CLPs including from Reeves,

Akehurst, Bailey, Wheeler, Dhanda

Tel: 07811 450 410




Johanna Baxter Putting Members First

As I write, Britain has just voted to leave Europe.

With the Tories split from top to bottom, it’s

never been more important for Labour to unite

and defend our values through uncertain times

ahead. This means bringing together new

and long-serving members, trade unionists,

councillors, MPs and other representatives,

respecting each others’ views, working for a

more inclusive society.

Whatever happens next, Labour must be both

an effective opposition and a government-inwaiting.

We stopped the Tories forcing schools

to become academies and cutting tax credits

and disability benefits. We urgently need faster

rebuttal, better campaign strategies and credible

policies on health, housing, education, defence,

social security, workers’ rights, international

affairs, the environment and the economy. We

must find alternatives to austerity and rebuild

community relations.

For sixteen years I’ve talked with members

from Labour heartlands, Tory shires and key

marginals, from Scotland, England, Wales

and Northern Ireland. I’m loyal, discreet and

experienced and I’m on the NEC to speak for you,

so tell me how we can go forward.

I’m secretary of Oxford Labour and a member

of UNISON, the Ramblers’ Association and

the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform. I

shall also vote for Shawcroft, Webbe, Williams,

Willsman, Wolfson.

Tel: 07956 637958


Address: 88 Howard Street, Oxford OX4 3BE


2 Vote online at

The Labour Party NEC Elections 2016 3

National Executive Committee Candidates



Nominations: 105

Dr John





Nominations: 4



Nominations: 91

Nominations: 25

In 2001 a newspaper in Gloucester said ‘the

people of Gloucester haven’t reached the

advanced state of consciousness to accept a

foreigner as their MP.” They were talking about

me - a ‘brown’ face in a ‘white’ constituency.

Gloucester proved them wrong - I was fortunate

enough to serve there as the MP and a Minister

in a Labour government. I helped to develop

Sure Start, and put in place policies to support

vulnerable children in care.

I believe our party needs strong organisation to

support our councillors, MPs and leadership as

well as policies that reflect our membership but

will be appealing to those in key marginal seats.

We need to be more representative of all of our

communities. We can’t take anyone’s vote for


Labour faces challenges on diversity. The

parliamentary party should better reflect the

various communities that make up Great Britain

and I’m worried because we polled behind the

Tories in 2015 amongst many minority groups.

I’ll listen to your views and use my experience

to make the party more aware of class, gender,

sexual, faith and race equality.

I hope you will support me, and consider

supporting Akehurst, Bailey, Baxter, Reeves and

Wheeler too.

Tel: 07961173862


Twitter: @ParmjitDhanda



I am a scientist and have spent my working life

in research and development. I have carried out

many leading roles at Branch and CLP levels. I

want everyone involved in the formulation and

policy building process. All voices must be heard

and respected.

The referendum result illustrates a divided

nation. The task for Labour is to find a strong

leadership voice capable of speaking out with

a credible message that unites all sectors of


How we are perceived in the country is vital.

We need to be united, tolerant and inclusive,

engaging all views across the Party. We must be

intolerant of intolerance.

The Labour government had a good record

on the economy. By not defending that record

we surrendered our credibility on running the

economy. I want to attack the Tory’s persistent

failure to deliver on the economy.

It was right to oppose bombing in Syria, the

largest humanitarian disaster since the second

World War. We have a responsibility to alleviate

this calamity.

I have a different perspective, a different bag of

skills, an analytical mind, which will contribute to

and enhance the range of expertise available to

the NEC. I offer a new and fresh voice.

Tel: 01684 569 509


Address: 20 Chase Road, Upper Welland,

Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4JY

Professionally, I am a doctor and share

compassion which is why I have a deep interest

in politics.

The Labour Party stands for fairness, equality

and social justice, values deeply rooted within

me. The Labour Party needs to set a vision

based on fairness, compassion and integrity to

pave the way to win the next General Election. I

believe my work as a doctor would support such

compassionate politics.

There must be a clear distinction to show we are

the party of the people.

I believe,

• We must fight for our NHS, Social and

Community welfare.

• A balanced immigration policy, free from

discrimination in order to support our

vibrant society.

• The “living wage” should be just what it

says, where work pays for individuals and

families, so families don’t have to be reliant

on food banks or go through hardship.

• Zero hour contracts should be scrapped

which adds to the inequalities in society.

I believe that the Labour Party works best when

we are all fighting on the same side to meet the

aspirations of the people of Great Britain.

I would bring compassion to the Labour Party

as your representative and support your


Tel: 01217712364



11 Oakfield Road, Balsall Heath, BIRMINGHAM,

West Midlands, B12 9PX

I joined Labour 20 years ago. I’m passionate

about our values of fairness, social justice and

compassion. I’m a radical moderate, doing

radical things with a moderate message,

reaching out to everyone. Most of all, I believe in


The Tories are wreaking havoc on our society,

our economy and our politics. We must take the

fight to them.

As your NEC representative, I will:

• Continue meeting members to understand

your concerns; be a bridge to the leadership;

and campaign with you.

• Ensure Labour values and ordinary people

are central to our agenda.

• Use my profile to engage and bring on board

young people and those who don’t normally

get involved with Labour.

• Stand up for the whole country, BME, LGBT,

disabled and non-disabled, women and


• Keep the NEC focused on winning elections

so we can make Britain a fairer, kinder, more

prosperous country.

I am not standing on a slate, but there are

excellent women on the NEC who I’m voting

for: Ann Black, Bex Bailey, Johanna Baxter, Ellie


I’ve campaigned for Labour nationwide,

supporting hundreds of CLPs, fighting for Labour

over many years. Now I want to fight for you.

Twitter: @eddieizzard @eddiefornec

Facebook: eddiefornec

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The Labour Party NEC Elections 2016 5

National Executive Committee Candidates









Nominations: 149

Nominations: 189

Nominations: 145

Nominations: 87

About Ellie

I have spent my life fighting for rights at work. As

a trade union lawyer I represented blacklisted

construction workers, I now provide help to

women facing pregnancy discrimination.

For 10 years I’ve been a strong voice for

grassroots members on the NEC, elected with

broad support across our party.

Fighting back

This government is attacking our communities

and the EU referendum result was devastating.

We need a Labour government more than ever.

We must re-engage voters in our heartlands and

re-connect in the marginals. The next Labour

government should:

• Reverse the privatisation of the NHS;

• Support comprehensive education;

• Repeal attacks on employment rights,

abolish tribunal fees;

• Invest in maternity services & Sure Start;

• Build council housing, regulate the private

rented sector.

A strengthened Party

Members are the life-blood of our party. I report

back after meetings and have the experience and

independence to face the challenges ahead.

I support

A cap on spending in parliamentary selections;

• Giving members a greater say in policy


• A social media code of conduct;

• Welcoming new members, valuing the

commitment of our longstanding ones;

• Increased representation for women,

LGBT, BAME, young and disabled members.

I’m backing Akehurst, Bailey, Baxter, Dhanda,


I was delighted by Jeremy Corbyn’s election and

welcome all new and returning members. For too

long, our Party has accepted Tory parameters

of debate, with predictable, dire consequences

at the last two General Elections. To win we

must reframe the political argument – oppose

austerity, challenge racism and Islamophobia,

challenge the demonization of working class

people and refugees, support the building of

truly affordable housing, support the NHS free

from profiteers, support defence diversification

and oppose Trident renewal, and defend public

services and welfare.

I have been a member of the NEC for 17 years,

and thank all the members and CLPs who have

supported me. I try to raise issues of concern to

grassroots members, especially their right to put

resolutions to, and take an active part in, Annual

Conference. I support members’ right to choose

their representatives free of central or regional


Demanding fair working terms and conditions,

and fair taxation, doesn’t make us anti-business.

It makes us anti-inequality. We need to build

an economy from which we all benefit, with

investment and job creation. Let’s build a mass


Please also support Ann Black, Claudia Webbe,

Darren Williams, Peter Willsman and Rhea




My main priority is the election of a Labour

government; to win we need a Labour Party

united behind Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity


I have ambition, feelings, and desires, above all

ideas for a Labour Party that will bring about

democratic socialist change, not just for today

but for future generations. As a strong united

party we must challenge concentrations of

power, inequality and social injustice.

When black young people are more likely to be

over represented in our criminal justice system

than in our universities, the political oppression,

economic exploitation and social degradation of

my community should never be forgotten.

I have campaigned long and hard for children

and young peoples’ rights. I am a long standing

campaigner against injustice, inequality,

discrimination, antisemitism and racism,

opposing the scapegoating of migrants and

refugees, standing up for trade union rights,

bringing an end to fuel poverty and challenging

rip-off energy bills. As an elected Councillor, in

the face of Tory government attacks on the poor,

I know how hard Labour councils are working to

defend services, build council homes, protect

communities and boost local economies.

Please vote for Claudia Webbe, Ann Black,

Christine Shawcroft, Rhea Wolfson, Darren

Williams and Peter Willsman

Tel: 07973816885


Address: Flat C, 6 Moreland Street,

London, EC1V 8BE

Twitter: @claudiawebbe


British politics is ludicrously over centralisedand

that applies to the Labour Party too!

We were established to provide a voice for

working class people throughout the country, yet

all our elected NEC reps come from London and

the Home Counties. No disrespect but we need

to ensure that all parts of the country are directly

represented at the highest levels of our party.

The Referendum shows we need to hear and

respect the views of people in the North ,

Midlands, Scotland , Wales, South West and the


That’s why I am standing for election-to ensure

a voice for Labour people in every part of the


As a local councillor, active in my local

community, local party and trade union I see at

firsthand what this Tory Government is doing

-our top priority is to defeat them at the next


The key to success is our membership-new and

old! We need to harness their talents connecting

with every community in the country. We

particularly need to support and listen to our

members in Scotland.

I am also voting for Reeves, Akehurst, Bailey,

Baxter and Dhanda.

Feel free to get in touch.

Tel: 07880 790 182


Address: 6, Victoria House, Victoria Road,

Salford M6 8LF

6 Vote online at

The Labour Party NEC Elections 2016 7

National Executive Committee Candidates



Nominations: 144



Nominations: 164



Nominations: 130

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader demonstrated

that Labour’s members and supporters want

the party to present a clear alternative to Tory

austerity. At the general election, despite many

positive policies, voters were left unsure as to

what Labour stood for. Jeremy offered bold,

radical solutions on the big issues like jobs and

housing and promised to make our politics more

transparent and inclusive.

I was actively involved in Jeremy’s campaign

and would, if elected, support the adoption by

Labour of his platform, having backed similar

policies throughout my 27 years’ active party

membership. I have served Labour at all levels,

from branch to National Policy Forum, and have

been a Cardiff councillor since 2013. I am proud

to be a socialist and trade unionist.

The experience of devolution in Wales and

Scotland also offers lessons for the wider party.

Welsh Labour has remained in government since

1999 by implementing policies consistent with

our historic values and principles – promoting

equality and rejecting market-based ‘reform’

of public services. If elected, I would bring that

experience to bear and would offer regular

reports on my work.

Please vote for me and for Ann Black, Christine

Shawcroft, Claudia Webbe, Pete Willsman and

Rhea Wolfson.

Tel: 07880 546019


Address: 33 Lansdowne Road, Cardiff, CF5 1PQ

I enjoy the privilege of representing members

on the NEC, having uniquely served on every

National Committee. I have addressed over 200

Party meetings (Scotland, Wales and all Regions)

and am a phone call away for advice/help (01865

244459). For 32 years I’ve sent every CLP my

(updated) Annual Conference Guide. After every

NEC I report back to CLPs.

The Tories are in crisis, we must be united. The

NEC’s priority is to ensure the whole Party pulls

together behind Jeremy (I recently tabled a

motion to this effect). Jeremy has dedication,

integrity and a basic decency, that is exceptional

– I know, we worked together in NUPE.

The Tories truly are the Nasty Party. Party

Members know the solution – a Labour

Government making fundamental changes, like


My long record of service shows I have the

commitment/determination/enthusiasm to play

a full part in our drive to victory. Together we will


Experience – Party/Union/Co-op:

NEC: 1998-1999, 2005-2010, 2015-2016

National Conference Arrangements Committee:


National Constitutional Committee: 1995-1998

National Policy Forum: 1998-1999, 2002-2010,


Constituency GC/EC: 1975-2016; ward secretary


Co-op Group Area Committee/Party Council:


Research Officer NUPE/UNISON: 1979-1994

Branch Secretary APEX/GMB 1980-1998

Please also support Black, Shawcroft, Webbe,

Williams, Wolfson.

Tel: (H) 01865 244459


Britain needs a Labour Party that can deliver

a confident and credible, democratic socialist

agenda; an alternative to the inequality of

conservatism and the inertia of nationalism -

with fairness and equality at its heart.

I am a Branch Secretary for GMB in Glasgow

and an active member of Scottish Labour and

Scottish Young Labour. I am fighting for a more

representative party with its priorities in our


We have a huge new membership but the

majority of it remains inactive. In order to engage

this new membership, the Labour Party must be

the exciting alternative that they signed up for

and reflect the values of the leader they voted


Labour must be the party that stands against

austerity to improve the lives of working people

across borders. Our party needs to be strong

and united, with all levels of the party working in

a transparent and tolerant manner.

I will work to empower members, local parties,

and activists; to fight for a more democratic

party that can deliver change - and ultimately,

deliver victory.

Thank you so much for your support. Please also

support Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Claudia

Webbe, Darren Williams and Pete Willsman.


Twitter: @rheawolfson


8 Vote online at

The Labour Party NEC Elections 2016 9

Treasurer Candidate – elected unopposed



Nominations: 111

It has been an honour to be elected as Labour

Party Treasurer.

I remain determined to keep Party finances on

a sound and transparent footing – standing

firm against Conservative attacks on our Party’s

funding, supporting the pivotal role of local


While we have defeated the worst, serious

threats remain. I am a strong supporter of

Labour’s affiliated trade unions and socialist

societies. Labour always achieves most when all

parts of our Party come together.

My top three priorities are:

• Ensuring the resources we need to

campaign and win; in marginal seats, and in

our heartlands

• Strengthening our funding base to ensure

sound and transparent finances, now we

have eliminated historic debt

• Taking the fight to the Tories – campaigning

year-round, building Party membership and

extending our reach even wider

My experience is as the longest-serving Labour

NEC member, chair Party and NEC 2002/3. As

Assistant General Secretary of Unite, I have

a proven track record against injustice and

exploitation, for investment in jobs, communities

and equality for all. I also have experience of

financial management.

We must be the Party that is standing up for

communities, the alternative to poverty, division,

fear and hatred.


Vote online at




enter your details and parts

one and two of the security

code to proceed. Remember,

voting online saves the

Labour Party money.


Send back your ballot paper

in the envelope provided to:

Labour Party Ballot,

Electoral Reform Services,

33 Clarendon Road,

London N8 0NW


These are ‘first past the post’ ballots.

• In the NEC CLP election (six to be elected, at least three

women) you may place up to six Xs in the boxes next to your

six chosen candidates.

• You don’t have to use all your votes in each section.


Voting online is quick, secure and saves the Labour Party money

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