The stress which catches up on us during our week long work life is too much

for the body to take.

If there is anything that can be done, it's this, we head out to some cooler

getaways during the weekends for a picnic or so and come back refreshed to

face the day and the scotching pressure of work.

Head out to these unexplored destinations around Bangalore for a change of

scene that will provide the much required refreshing change and come back

refreshed to take on the Business world with your amazing skills.


Located in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary at the foothills of the Nilgiris,

Masinagudi is part of a dense forest reserve that is home to abundant wildlife.

This place is perfect for anyone who is looking for some time out from

commercial holiday spots and seeks to explore the wild with their cameras and


I just love this place, so it’s the most recommended.

It lies at a distance of 228 Kms from the city.


A forest reserve located close to Ooty and bordering Kerala, this is yet another

undermined beauty in the Nilgiris that you need to see and explore.

A rare but precious sight here is the Nilgiri Tahr, an animal endangered in


Picturesque, serene, and filled with rich flora and fauna, this hilly region is a

must-visit for anyone who is looking to get away from the noise and traffic of


It lies at a distance of 279 Kms from the city.


Agumbe is a beautiful hill station located in the Shimoga district of Malnad,


It is situated at an altitude of over 2100 feet. Agumbe is one of the four peaks in

the Western Ghats that borders the mainland and divides it from the coast.

It lies at a distance of 334 Kms from the city.


Also known as the High Wavy Mountains, these beautiful cloudy hills are part

of the Theni district of Tamil Nadu.

Located deep in the Western Ghats, these forests and hills are home to a wide

plethora of wildlife and plants alike. Also, tea estates are aplenty here, for you

to enjoy.

You could get a chance to see the great pied hornbill, black naped oriole, and

many other exotic birds. This place has it all, from beautiful hills and forests to

waterfalls that will surely take your breath away!

It lies at a distance of 487 Kms from the city.


Loosely translated to mean ‘place of the singing waves’, this is a former Danish

colony that will do any traveller proud

The Fort Dansborg here is a must-see attraction, one of the last remnants of a

dynasty gone by. This is definitely a place not many head to, but it is a


It lies at a distance of 437 Kms from the city.

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