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5 Benefit’s Of Outsourcing Your Companies IT Department Tulsa IT Support When it comes to Tulsa IT companies, it can feel overwhelming to choose someone you know you can trust. But, it’s a decision that is also becoming more and more popular. Many businesses are now steering away from having in-house IT services. Instead, IT service companies are becoming more and more popular, allowing companies to outsource the services. But why are managed IT solutions becoming more popular in the first place? Business owners are beginning to realize the benefits they can provide. Tulsa IT Company Let’s take a closer look at how NetLink Solutions, as a managed IT service in Tulsa, can help out both small and medium sized businesses through outsourcing. 1. You Control the Cost If you’re a business that has a hired IT support representative on staff full time, you’re paying them for that time, whether they are actually ‘doing something’ or not. An IT support worker typically only works when there is a problem, or when someone needs assistance. So, hiring out through local based Tulsa IT Company allows you to control the cost of those services. In other words, you only pay for what you get, when you need the necessary services. You don’t have to only pay for someone’s time, if that time isn’t being utilized well.