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RUST magazine: Rust#20

Rust#20 It’s Dakar Rally time – and RUST rates the runners and riders. Have we 
got it right? WIN a pair of GoldenTyre extreme enduro tyres Round The World adventurer in the making, Andy Dukes ponders the 
solo mission After 15 years racing from one bivouac to the next Chris Evans finally escaped the Dakar, but this year he’s been called back. A good thing? We all need a guru – someone who’s been around the traps and talks sense. So here’s one we at RUST know well… Yep, RUST 20 has gone live with just minutes to spare before the Christmas break. So there’s some good reading for you here for when you’ve had your fill of the usual movie classic re-runs, let alone the endless mince pies. We hope you have a happy Christmas and the New Year brings some great rides. We’ll be hopping it up in 2017 and look forward to keeping you entertained as best we can, so see you again in January! Seasons greetings! JON BENTMAN (Editor, RUST)

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Contents 18 84

6 Editorial JB reflects on the past year and looks forward to the year ahead... 10 RUST GIVEAWAY Simply subscribe to RUST Magazine, FOR FREE and win yourself a pair of GoldenTyre Extreme Enduro tyres... 12 Gallery 1100 motorcycles + a first turn with massive sand dunes = a massive bar fight, with bikes... 14 Gallery Ramona Schwarz vs BMW R1200GS Rallye. The bike lost. Most of the time... 18 DAKAR 2017 - alltoplay for The second part of Georgia Wells’ 2017 Dakar preview. A more in-depth look at the riders... 56 guru: andy sutton Andy Sutton of Poole Motorcycles imparts some pearls of wisdom in the first part of a new series... 64 RUST TRAIL: CHRIS EVANS Chris thought he’d retired from Dakar Service, but he’s back for 2017. By popular demand... 74 flying solo? Despite plenty of offers, Andy Dukes has decided he’s going to go it alone... 84 all come to look for america Thomas and Jane Wielecki continue their search via the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and San Francisco... cover image Honda

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