Elist Hunter









is an industry leading online

marketing solution provider

offering a comprehensive

lineup of services that help

you turn all your marketing

efforts into measurable

business results. With

headquarters in USA we

extended our global reach to

countries including Australia,

Europe and Malaysia.

“Magnifying your presence

in the Online World”

We at E-List Hunter aim in surpassing

the expectations of our customers and

deliver successful results. From giving

innovative ideas, presentation, we

provide you with whole new integrated

online advertising solutions to improve

your business endeavors.

Next Generation Partner

795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor,

San Francisco, California, 94107

Address: 795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, California, 94107

Ph: 866-722-5538 E-mail: @:info@elisthunter.com


Next-generation WEB Marketing

E-List Hunter Web Services provides complete planning, targeting and

implementation of high-volume email marketing campaigns. We help

marketers drive business by delivering, engaging and personalized


Effective DATA Solutions

for Business Success

Add new contacts with our

Unique List services

E-List Hunter List Building Services

involves gathering information and

compiling it into a database and creating

customer profiles. It adds new contacts

to your mailing lists and updates the

missing and out-dated information of


Pre-packaged and Customized Lists

Maximizes your productivity.

Provides clean up-to-date data.

Builds strong customer base.

High deliverance rate.

Target prospects based on the industry type

and technology they use.


Email Appending.

Data Scrubbing

Data refinement

List Management

PPC Campaign

Healthcare Lists

Automotive lists

CRM Lists

ERP Lists

Data Solutions from E-list Hunter answers to all your unsolved

data-related queries. It renders data solutions for organizations of

all sizes and sectors.Here we gather prospective data from our

clients and append it against our master database that have

complete contact information of prospects and validate them with

our advanced verification tools to provide you with most recent

relevant information. Some of our data related eminent services are

B2B, B2C, Email, Telephone & Fax Appending.


Identifies missing information.

Increased customer base.

Develop multi-level marketing channels.

Improve website traffic

Increase sales opportunities.

Increase conversion rate and ROI.

Strengthen new and existing customer relationship.

With our expertise and fine-tuning tools, you can target

your audience with impressive messages leading to

productive results with 100 % deliverables.


Power packed stylish Email templates

Spam free contents.

Messages that add value to your business objectives.

Multi-channel campaign execution.

Highly targeted services-right message, right

person, right time.

Reduces marketing budget

Ensures qualified leads.

Address: 795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, California, 94107

Ph: 866-722-5538 E-mail: @:info@elisthunter.com


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