Welcome from Mr Perry

Spotlight on Year 8:

In St Columbanus’ College the things I like the most are all the friendly

teachers and older welcoming pupils. My favourite classes are

Spanish and English. I have made so many friends in St Columbanus in

a very short time. I love it!

Barti, Year 8

Mission Statement

Achieving success in a happy and hardworking atmosphere

where each individual matures in a supportive Christian


Dear Pupils and Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to St Columbanus’ College.

In order to help you make the important decisions in relation to the next phase of your education, the information

provided within this Prospectus should give you an understanding of our College, our successes and what we have to

offer our young people.

From the day pupils begin their lives in St. Columbanus’ College, we work to ensure that each child achieves success in

an atmosphere which is happy, supportive and underpinned by Christian values. As a Catholic Faith based College, which

promotes the inclusion of all faiths, all that we do is informed and framed by the values and principles of the gospel,

among which, self-respect, mutual respect, honesty, integrity and service to others are to the fore.

Those who visit our College find an atmosphere which is calm, industrious and productive. High expectations are evident

for each young person and everyone is valued, stimulated, challenged and supported in working towards achieving their

full potential. Every member of our College community is encouraged at all times to strive for excellence.

Our best advocates and exponents are our pupils, both past and present. They will assure you that our College is a happy,

safe, secure and productive school where everyone is valued, where expectations are high and where every child can and

does achieve. Our core business is learning. This is framed within a system of Pastoral Care which is outstanding, always

emphasising the development of high self-esteem and self-belief in our pupils.

The St.Columbanus’ community acknowledges parents/guardians as the prime educators of their children and we

welcome and encourage a constructive partnership between home and College. These positive and productive

relationships are central to how we operate as a school and provide a consistent focus on ensuring the needs of each

child are met.

Our high quality Learning and Teaching, our Pastoral Care, our sense of community and belonging and the expertise

of staff in identifying and developing each child’s talents, ensures that St. Columbanus’ College enjoys a very positive

reputation within ‘education’ and the community in general. As we continue to grow as a College in terms of size and

status, we strive to ensure that we never lose sight of the needs of the individual child. We believe the potential for every

child in our care is unlimited. This can be seen in our excellent examination results at GCSE, A-Level and in our pupils

work in the community.

I am sure you will be encouraged by what you may already know about our College, by what you will learn from this

Prospectus and what you will experience when you visit us. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming many of you

to the St. Columbanus’ College community in the future.

Liam Perry Principal

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Welcome from the Board of Governors

St. Columbanus College is proud of its rich heritage, present and bright future.

It seeks to develop each pupil to achieve their full potential in a welcoming

learning environment. It has at its centre, a Catholic and Christian atmosphere

and a set of values for every young person to guide them throughout their

whole life.

Our College is one of the best examples of modern education in Northern Ireland. Independent international research

places the College at the highest level in providing inclusive education, particularly when measured through pupils respect

for each other and towards our society.

We have consistently improved educational and academic outcomes to levels well beyond national averages, and our

College Development Plan demonstrates our commitment to further success.

Above all our success should be measured by pupil attainment in both qualifications leading to successful careers, good

citizenship and based upon mutual respect. I look forward to you joining the College Community.

The Board of Governors is extremely proud of the dedication and professionalism demonstrated daily by all our teaching

and support staff led by our Principal, Mr Liam Perry.

Mr Pat McCartan, Chairperson of the Board of Governors

Board Of Governors

Appointed by Trustees

Very Rev J Gunn

Miss C McAlorum

Mrs K Cain

Mr P McCartan

Teacher Governor

Mrs M Flynn

DENI Representative

Mr F Ferguson

EA Representatives

Alderman B Wilson MLA

Mrs S Havlin


Mr Liam Perry

Co-opted Govenors

Mrs M Smith

Mrs S Hallworth

Canon J Rooney

Rev Dr R Purce

The Reverand Canon S Doogan

Mrs C Steed

St Columbanus

St Columbanus is the patron saint of our College. From an early age his

mission was to follow the teachings of Jesus and to bring this message

to others. He spent time in Fermanagh, Bangor, France and Italy. Our

College motto “Lex Dei in Corde Meo” means the “Law of God is in my

Heart’ Daily in our College and home lives we are asked to show God’s

love to others through our words and actions.

College History

St Columbanus’ College is a well-established and successful coeducational

Catholic College, which serves Bangor, Groomsport,

Donaghadee, Holywood, Newtownards and Comber. The foundation

stone for St Columbanus’ Secondary Intermediate School, as it was

formerly known, was laid by Bishop Daniel Mageean on the Feast of the

Assumption, 15th August 1959.

The College was built to serve the parishes of Bangor, Holywood and

Newtownards and opened within a week of the feast of St Columbanus

on 29th November 1960. A wide curriculum was offered with an

emphasis on the teaching of vocational and technical skills. Many students

left at the age of fifteen to take up employment while a small CSE

class remained to study for external examinations. The late 1960s and

early 1970s saw a significant growth in enrolment, which required a

major extension to the original building. In the modern era the College

continues to go from strength to strength evolving to best meet the

needs of our young people.

In the last twenty years the College’s intake has changed significantly.

In addition to students from our maintained schools we welcome

students from many controlled schools in North Down. We are proud

that our school attracts people of all religious denominations and is a

community where diverse beliefs and cultures fuse together to form a

vibrant College where the academic, pastoral and spiritual growth of our

students are valued equally. We are pleased that our College is a place

where we can make a positive contribution to the spiritual development

of each student. Prayer plays a central part in College life.

College Mission Statement Achieving success in a happy and hardworking

atmosphere where each individual matures in a supportive Christian


“ Spotlight on Year 8:

I love St. Columbanus’ because I like

all my teachers as they are very nice

and friendly. I love all my friends

here. My favourite subjects are Art,

Maths and English. This school is

a fantastic school and everyone is

really nice.

Courtney, Year 8

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Pastoral Dimension

Pastoral Care is an essential and integral part of the

whole College curriculum, contributing in a caring and

supportive atmosphere to the spiritual, personal, social

and academic development of each pupil and involving

the active participation of pupils, parents and staff.

The College aims to continually create a welcoming

environment for all pupils and provide for extensive

parental involvement through regular contact between

home and the College.

It is also our task to provide the pupils with the skills

and attitudes necessary to achieve their full potential in

personal and social, as well as academic development and

prepare them for adult life through vocational guidance

and work experience.


A Year 8 induction programme is provided for our

Primary 7 pupils to ensure a smooth transition into the

heart of St Columbanus’ College.

P7 Students are invited to:

• Attend Year 8 summer scheme

• Attend the College for a full day

• Meet their Form Teachers

• Familiarise themselves with the college

Senior students are always available to help the pupils

find their way around the College and meet new and old


Every family is given an information pack to ease the

transition into College life.

How do I get Merits?

• Attend school every day

• Be punctual for College and class

• Wear my uniform with pride

• Bring the correct equipment to College

• Follow rules

• Make sure my behaviour is of a high standard at all


• Complete classwork and homework to the best of

my ability

Merit System Years 8, 9 & 10

The aim of the system is to reward the student if they

have good standards of work and behaviour

Merit Points Awards

After 10+ weeks 50 Points > BRONZE

After 20+ weeks 100 Points > SILVER

After 30+ weeks 150 Points > GOLD

Special Needs


The department is led by Mrs O’Loane Assistant

Principal Pastoral Care and SEN Manager/Mrs Susan

Bamford, SENCO. A team of specialist teachers

provide Learning Support. The work of Special

Educational Needs is supported by a team of

professional and diligent Classroom Assistants.

In our most recent inspection the department was

deemed as “well managed with a clear focus on

providing the best possible support for those pupils

who require additional support with their learning”.

The SEN Department teaching room is equipped

to support students on a one to one basis or in

small groups. Help and advice is always available

throughout the day

Pupils who may experience difficulty from time to

time may be involved in short term intervention

through Learning Support.

Subject teachers are provided with details of student

needs through the SEN register. On entry to St

Columbanus’ College students’ skills are assessed

through standardised testing. All students on the SEN

register from Stage 2 – Stage 5 will have an Individual

Education Plan, with targets and strategies to enable

students to meet their potential.

Parents are invited to keep the department informed

of any important changes in circumstances relevant

to the student’s work.

“Well managed with a clear focus

on providing the best possible

support for those pupils who

require additional support with

their learning.” Inspection Report

Spotlight on Year 8:

I love St. Columbanus

because they give you a good

education and it’s so much

fun. It is such a good school.

Thomas, Year 8

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Key Stage 5

Following successful completion of GCSEs students can make application to enter the College Sixth Form to study A

Levels. The Key Stage 5 curriculum, which is subject to annual review, comprises:

Key Stage 5 - Years 13 and 14 (Post-16)

Applied Business Art & Design Moving Image Arts Environmental

Technology Geography Applied ICT English Literature Mathematics

Biology Religious Studies Health and Social Care BTEC Public Services

BTEC Sport

College curriculum

Students in Years 8 to 10 follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Active learning is prioritised in Key Stage 3 with

students having numerous and regular opportunities to be creative, to problem solve, to manage information and to

work with others.

The Curriculum comprises:

Key Stage 3 - Years 8 -10

English Maths Science French Art & Design Drama Employability

Spanish Geography History Home Economics ICT Citizenship Music

Personal & Social Development Religious Education Technology & Design

Physical Education

At the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 10) students make their subject choices for Key Stage 4 and GCSEs. All students in

Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12) are required to follow a number of prescribed subjects from the General Learning Areas.

These are examined by GCSE syllabi or in a number of cases through other publically accredited bodies. Subject choice

at GCSE, provides our senior students with access to academic and applied GCSEs and to a range of vocational courses.

The table below provides an example of core and optional subjects which may be studied at Key Stage 4. Subject choice

at GCSE, provides our senior students with access to academic and applied GCSEs and BTECs and to a range of other

Vocational Courses.

Additional A Level provision is offered to our students through the Bangor Learning Partnership/ North Down and Ards

Learning Community.

The Choice of A levels on offer to St Columbanus’ College students from the North Down and Ards Learning

Community is wide ranging. This selection of subjects varies annually and the list below illustrates some of those A Levels

which may be made available to our students.

An Examplar of NDALC choices:

Applied Science Chemistry Drama Engineering French History

Hospitality Law Music Physics Psychology Sports Science

St Columbanus’ College works closely and successfully with its partner schools to accommodate the A Level choices of

its students. Separate arrangements for A Levels are always dependent upon timetabling arrangements and staffing in all


Please note that choices may vary from year to year according to the needs of the pupils

At appropriate times of the year the College website illustrates the new choices available to incoming Sixth Form


Please see the College website for further information on the curriculum.

Key Stage 4 GCSE - Years 11 and 12


English (GCSE) Maths (GCSE) Religious Education (GCSE) ICT (GCSE &

vocational accreditation) Occupational Studies* Physical Education

Careers Maths For Life**

*confirmed annually for some students **some students


Art & Design Biology Business Studies Construction Child Development Double

Award Science English Literature French / Spanish Geography History Home

Economics Moving Image Arts Music Physical Education Technology & Design

Single Award Science BTEC Travel and Tourism Personal Success and Well-Being

The curriculum is determined by the needs of each cohort of children and other factors related to curriculum delivery.

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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment at Key Stage 3

Teachers carry out assessment activities to establish how well pupils have understood work undertaken in class.

Assessments provide data in relation to student attainment and information to help the teacher plan the next stage of an

individual’s progress. They also provide an essential tool in helping evaluate and review work, so that plans can be adjusted

for the next year.

The College operates a very successful Continuous Assessment programme. The results from the Continuous

Assessments are analysed by teachers/departments and used to assist students in target setting.

The College continues to implement the CCEA assessment arrangements for the Cross Curricular skills of Using

Maths, Using ICT and Communication. All pupils in Year 10 will receive a Level of Progression based on their ability

to demonstrate a set of core skills in these areas. The Levels of Progression will provide clear information to teachers,

parents and students themselves on the progress being made in developing literacy, ICT and numeracy skills.

Assessment at Key Stage 4: External Examinations

Students study for a range of qualifications in years 11 and 12. These examinations are offered by various exam boards

CCEA, OCR, AQE and Edexcel. Students can when possible, access 8 or 9 GCSE qualifications (or equivalent) in total.

Assessment at Post 16

All Sixth Form students have access to a wide range of AS and A2 courses: some pupils study in collaboration with our

local partner schools in the North Down and Ards Learning Community.


Parents receive a written report on student progress once per year. This report will contain a written comment, a grade

or a percentage based on assessments carried out, along with information on attendance and punctuality.

Parents have access to a Parent Consultation Meeting (at notified times and dates), with subject teachers for each year


Exam Success

The Key Performance Indicator used to establish performance at GCSE level looks at

the number of students achieving five or more GCSE grade Cs.

The diagrams below show the results achieved across the school in the academic year 2015-2016

Key Stage Four GCSE

Results (Year 12)

% Achieving Grades A*- C

Key Stage Four GCSE

Results (Year 12)

% Achieving Grades A* -

C (including English and


Post 16 GCE Results (Year


% A Level exams passed

A* - C


in 5 or more subjects


in 5 or more subjects


in 3 A Levels

Page 10 Page 11

Head Boy / Head Girl and Deputies

My name is Imogen Donegan and I am currently studying A Level English

Literature, Geography, Moving Image Arts and ICT in the College.

To my delight I have been chosen to represent the school as Head Girl for the

coming academic year. I look forward to my endeavours in this role along with my

adept Senior Team; as I am assured it will be an opportunity to develop important

life skills and enhance many of my abilities. Through the time I have spent at St

Columbanus’ College I have been enabled to flourish as a person; as have my fellow

class mates. We have all grown and become more capable young adults who are

skilled and confident in themselves and their work; a gift which can only be received

in a school as nurturing in faith and as warm as St Columbanus’ College.

I’m Louis Nelson and I am the Head Boy of St Columbanus’ College.

I study Biology, Geography and Art at A-Level. The past 7 years have really made

an impact on who I am today and it’s been an honour to be selected as Head

Boy. I believe I’ve made a unique and meaningful connection with this school and

developed as a young adult. My aim is to maintain the great community spirit of the

college and reinforce it in any way possible. I hope to make a difference.

My name is Deborah McKenna and I am currently one of the Deputy Head Girls of St Columbanus’ College.

I feel extremely privileged to hold this senior position within the College. Working closely with staff members has been very

rewarding as it has allowed me to develop new skills in communication and to grow as an individual. I am currently studying I.C.T,

Health and Social Care and Religion for my A-levels. St Columbanus’ College has provided me with great support throughout my time

here and my experience has been very enjoyable through the supportive and helpful care which I have received by each member of


My name is Edgars Pavlovskis I’m one of the Deputy Head Boys within St Columbanus’ College.

I am currently studying Maths, Biology and Geography at A2 level. I’m glad that I have been chosen as Deputy Head Boy as I feel like I

have lots of ideas to offer to the staff within the College. I also feel that I have the skills to be able to deal with any problems or issues

presented and be able to help any fellow students and staff within the College when necessary.

Hello, my name is Selina Ozden and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls of St Columbanus’ College.

I am currently studying Art and Design, Mathematics and Applied Business Studies at A2. My time at St Columbanus’ College has been

thoroughly enjoyable and I feel so honoured to have been chosen for the position of Deputy Head Girl. I hope to fulfil this role to the

best of my ability.

Hi my name is Oran McCauley and I am one of the Deputy Head Boys.

I am currently studying Applied ICT, Biology and Geography. I came to the College in 2015 to study A Level after spending 6 years in

another school. I have really enjoyed my time in the College. I believe that this school is certainly special; I have made friends and I am

glad to be able to give back to the school. I am thoroughly humbled to be selected as Deputy Head Boy; I will work closely with the

Senior Team and endeavour to do the best job that I possibly can.

My name is Kielyn Smyth and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls.

For 7 years I have been part of this College. I am currently studying BTEC Sport, Applied ICT and also Health and Social Care at A

Level. The past 7 years within St Columbanus’ College have been a great experience. To receive this particular role is a privilege and

has helped me grow in confidence and as a person.

Spotlight on Year 8:

I love St Columbanus because all the teachers are really nice and helpful.

We get to do really fun work and I enjoy all the new subjects I do. The ladies

in the canteen are also really nice. St Columbanus’ is the best school ever!

Melissa, Year 8

Parent Teacher Association

We have an established Parent Teacher Association. The aim of our PTA is to develop closer links with

our Parents and community. Throughout the year we have held several highly successful fundraising events

including: Monster Mash Disco, Christmas Fair and bag packing.

For further information please contact Mrs Kelly:

Chair of PTA: Mrs E.Gantley, Secretary: Mrs G. Walsh.

School Council

The College has a fully functional and energetic School Council. This enables the students to voice their

opinions and views and also to contribute to decisions made within the College.

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Extra Curricular Activities

At St Columbanus’ College, the school day does not finish at

the last bell! We encourage our students to get involved in

extra curricular activities. These after school clubs and activities

play an important part in the development of each student,

as they take on new challenges which they wouldn’t normally

experience within school hours.

Throughout the year the PE department run various interhouse

competitions and fundraising activities, for example:

Fitness Freddy Health and Fitness day and the Trip for Trocaire

Walk to Africa Fundraiser.


Through the guidance of our specialist Physical Education

teachers and other staff, our students have access to a wide

range of sports during PE classes and extra curricular activities.

This includes:

Athletics Basketball Badminton

Cross Country Dance Gaelic Football*

Gymnastics Netball Hockey Soccer*

Rugby* Swimming Trampolining

*Boys and girls


The Music department is a vibrant place to be at lunchtime and after school.

Tuition is available in a range of musical instruments.

The Choir, Folk and Traditional Groups are a popular choice for many of our pupils. The pupils perform at Prize

Giving, Open Days, various other College functions and services throughout the year and a significant number of

external events in the community

Other Clubs

Within our College we also offer after school activities, clubs and societies provided by a range of departments. These

include the Art Club, Drama Club, Eco Group, Games Club, Homework Club, Public Speaking and Multimedia Club.

Field Trips

The school also provides the pupils with the opportunity to participate in residential trips and activities. These include

subject based educational visits and the bi-annual Skiing Trip.

Spotlight on Year 8:

I love St Columbanus because we have a variety of sports and activities

that run throughout our school year. Everyone in our school is so caring

and everybody looks out for you. Ryan, Year 8

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Charges & Remissions Policy

The Board of Governors of each grant-aided school

is required by the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989

to establish a charging policy for activities funded from

resources under its control.

The policy of the college is to charge:

Our Expectations of Students

To promote our Christian ethos




Respect must always be shown towards fellow students, staff, visitors and the property of

others. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times including

travelling to and from the College.

To get the most from their time at St Columbanus’ College, students should not only strive

for academic success but should be prepared to become involved in extra-curricular aspects

of College life. It is our aim to give a balanced and broad educational experience.

To develop a sense of identity, loyalty and a pride in themselves, and in their College.

St Columbanus’ College:

• Instils in our students, Christian values;

• Seeks to transmit the teachings of Christ;

• Prepares our young people to deal with the moral issues and dilemmas they might encounter in the world

beyond the College.

In the academic and vocational fields St Columbanus’ College:

• Develops our students’ powers of judgement and debate;

• Enables students to pursue independent courses of study;

• Equips them with the knowledge and skills which they need, for adult life and employment.

In order to promote our students personal and social development, St Columbanus’ College:

• Fosters self-respect and understanding of others;

• Promotes skills in leadership and a sense of responsibility;

• Provides guidance in forming and maintaining healthy relationships

The College, in pursuing these aims seeks to involve parents and members of the wider community in this process of


i. The costs of board and lodging for all students on

residential field trips;

ii. When such field trips take place mainly within

school hours parents in receipt of Income Support

or Family Credit will have these charges remitted if

they so request;

iii. The costs of residential and non-residential field

trips wholly or mainly outside school hours when

the students participation has been agreed in

advance by the parent. The charge will include the

cost of travel, entrance fees, equipment

and materials and, where appropriate, board and


iv. The cost of breakage and/or fines deemed

necessary as a result of students’ misbehaviour;

v. The cost of entering a student to sit an

examination where no preparation has

been provided by the school;

vi. The cost of first and any subsequent Examination


vii. The cost of any re-marking of public exams when

requested by the parent;

viii. The cost of ingredients or materials needed for

practical subjects if parents have indicated

in advance a wish to own the finished product;

ix. The cost of individual tuition in the playing of a

musical instrument;

x. The cost of optional extra activities, including

transport, which are not an integral part of the

school curriculum and where participation

is on the basis of parental choice and a willingness

to meet such charges as are made.

The College Contribution

The College Contribution of £30 per family is a

voluntary contribution which gives the school greater

financial flexibility. Extra-curricular activities and the

purchase and maintenance of the College minibus

benefit particularly from such contributions. Parents’

support is greatly appreciated.

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Applications & Admission Criteria

Our Staff

Admissions Criteria for Entry to Year Eight:

In the event that there are more applications than there are places available the following criteria will be applied in the order

set down:

1. Pupils from any Catholic Maintained Primary School in Northern Ireland;

2. Pupils from any other Primary School in Northern Ireland.

In the event of the College being over subscribed at a particular criterion, preference will be given in the following order of


(i) Pupils who at the time of application are siblings of present pupils enrolled in the College;

(ii) Pupils who are the eldest or only child in the family eligible to apply to Post-Primary Education;

(iii) All other pupils who give St Columbanus’ College as their 1st Preference School on the application form;

(iv) All other pupils transferring to Post-Primary Education;

(v) Final placement will be determined on distance by foot from home to College as measured using

The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify

information on the Transfer Form.

The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set by the school can

result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place on the part of any school nominated on the applicant’s

Transfer Form.

The criteria relating to the initial admission of pupils into Year 8 before the commencement of the 2017 school year will also be

used for entry into Year 8 should admission become possible after the commencement of the 2017 school year.

Waiting List Policy

The College maintains a Waiting List for applicants in all year groups.

• When a place becomes available in Year 8 this will immediately be filled by the pupil who is top of the waiting list for that

year group as determined through applications of our normal admissions criteria for Year 8.

• In Years 9 to 12 available places will be filled according to the College’s published “Criteria for transfer between schools

(Years 9 - 12)” which can be accessed on our College website.


2014 2015 2016

118 160 116

Applications and Admissions


2014 2015 2016

91 116 116

Criteria For Transfer Between Schools (Years 9 - 12)

Students seeking enrolment for Years 9-12 will be selected on the same criteria and in the same order as if they were

transferring to Year 8 but thereafte–r are subject to the following further criteria.

• A student will be considered for enrolment, provided that the College will not exceed its enrolment number as

determined by the Department of Education.

• A student may be accepted for enrolment, provided that, in the Board of Governors’ opinion, this would not prejudice the

provision of efficient use of the College’s resources.

• A student may be accepted for enrolment provided that, in the Board of Governors’ opinion, this would not prejudice the

provision of efficient education in the College.

• The Board of Governors will consider the needs of the particular student seeking entry to the College and decide

whether it is in the College’s and student’s best interest to transfer.


Mr Liam Perry

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs P McQuillan

Deputy Principal (P/T Mon-

Wed), Curriculum, Learning

& Teaching

Mrs M Flynn

Deputy Principal (P/T Thurs-

Fri), Curriculum, Learning &


Mrs V O’Loane

Assistant Principal, Head of

Pastoral Care & SENCO


Dr L Doherty

Assistant Principal,

Assessment & Reporting

Senior Improvement Team

Mrs E Van Houten

KS3 Co-Ordinator, Literacy

Co-Ordinator, Head of

Department English

Mrs M Flynn

KS4 Co-Ordinator, Head of

Year, Head of Department


Ms M Canavan

KS5 Co-Ordinator, Head of

Year, Head of Department

Religious Studies

Mr J Burrows

Examinations Officer

Mr C Sweeney

Events Co-Ordinator,

Assistant Examinations

Officer, Head of Year

Mr B Jamison

Bursar, Assistant

Examinations Officer

Heads of Year

Year 8 Mrs B Dempster

Year 9 Mr K Blaney

Year 10 Miss C McMahon

Year 11 Mrs R Kennedy

Year 12 Mrs M Flynn

Year 13 Mr C Sweeney

Year 14 Ms M Canavan

Academic Staff School Year 2016-2017

Name Designation Subject

Mrs S Bamford SENCO English, Drama

Mr K Blaney Head of Year PE, Religious Studies

Mr C Carney

English, Digital Tech

Mrs D Corbett

Learning Support

Mrs B Dempster Head of Year Health & Social Care/LLW

Dr L Doulton


Mrs C Downey


Mrs F Gethin Head of Dept. Careers/LLW

Mrs M Keag


Mr R Keag Head of Dept. Art & Design

Mrs L Kelly Head of Dept. Home Economics

Mrs A Kennedy

Religious Studies

Mrs R Kennedy Head of Dept. Music

Mrs E Lawless

Learning Support

Mr M Linden Head of Dept. Science

Mr D Majury Head of Dept. Geography

Miss C McAleer


Mrs A McCullough Head of Dept. French/Spanish

Miss N McGaharan


Miss C McGourty Head of Dept. Physical Education

Miss N McGuigan


Mrs N McGreer Head of Dept. Mathematics/Numeracy

Miss C McHenry

Religious Studies

Miss C McMahon Head of Year Physical Education

Miss N McQuaid


Mr G Mitchell


Mrs S Montgomery

Learning Support

Mrs L Pue

Technology & Design

Miss L Ryan


Mr P Ryan Head of Dept. Technology & Design,


Miss C Scullion

Business Studies

Mrs D Sheridan

English, Digital Tech

Mrs S Shannon Public Image Mathematics

Miss R Skehin

Art, Digital Tech

Miss F Sullivan Head of Dept. ICT

Mrs K Uprichard


Non Teaching Staff

Bursar: Mr B Jamison

Classroom Assistants:

Mrs Barber, Miss Bailie, Mrs

Cherry, Mrs Donaldson,

Mrs Emerson, Miss Franklin,

Mrs Hall, Ms Harding,

Mrs Kapoor, Mrs Kayes,

Miss Mariniello, Mrs

McAlorum, Mrs McMaster,

Mrs McMurran, Mrs


Librarian: Mrs Hare

Sixth Form Study

Supervisor: Mr C McGinn

Language Assistant:

Confirmed by British

Council every June

Technicians: Mrs Adair, Mr

Bradford, Mrs Bradley, Mrs

Jueno, Mrs Murphy, Mr


Administration Staff: Mrs

Harrison, Mrs McGready,

Miss Walker

Caretaker: Mr Pajak

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Hall, Mrs Kapoor, Mrs

Smith, Mrs Vannucci

Cleaners: Mrs Dodds, Mrs

Gwiazoa, Mrs Hamilton, Mr

Kroukowski, Mr Pajak, Mrs

Szubska, Mrs Vannucci

Canteen: Mrs Ellis, Mrs

Gallagher, Mrs Graham, Mrs

McHenry, Miss Shields, Mrs


School Nurse:

Mrs Howard RN

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Ballymaconnell Road,

Bangor, BT20 5PU


T: 028 9127 0927




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