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• About the Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Inc

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• Welcome Letter from ATCC President

• Message from the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull

• Message from the NSW Premier, Mike Baird

• Message from the Hugh McDermott, NSW Member of Parliament for Prospect

• Message from the Chief Minister, Northern Province, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

• Message from the President, Tamil Chamber of Commerce, Chennai India

• Message from the President, Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, Canada

• Message from the President, North West Tamil Federation, South Africa

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The Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Inc (ATCC) is a not-for-profit body incorporating the Tamil

business community in Australia and is committed to promoting and extending business relations within

Australia and abroad.

The Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Inc comprises a variety of entrepreneurs, business leaders

and self-employed professionals from financial services including accounting, taxation, investment and

insurance services, legal services, information technology services, audio, video, broadcasting and

multimedia services, medical, dental and health care services, engineering, automotive and allied

mechanical engineering disciplines, educational services, realty, building and architectural services,

specialty restaurants, textile and jewellery marketing services, event management and other

professional services operated by Tamil people residing in Australia.

Objectives of the ATCC

• Represent and enhance the reputation of the Tamil

business community; champion and make

representations on behalf of the members of the

chamber to advance their interests in promoting and

maintaining an environment conducive to

commercial enterprise and growth.

• Provide a forum for Australian Tamils engaged in

commercial activities to interact and network with each other and among the members of allied

Chambers in Australia and in other countries.

• Provide advice and organizational support to

up and coming Entrepreneurs and self-employed

professionals, via trade expositions and information

forums on business related matters.

• Establish and form links with like-minded

Chambers and Business organizations worldwide

and provide support for Tamils globally to develop

export opportunities and market in a mutually

beneficial manner.

• Provide the necessary market research

information on specific opportunities to export

from or import in to the Australian Market

place, and provide opportunities to acquire

skills-sets to existing members and new


• Establish and maintain the profile and

commercial strength of the Australian Tamil

community and represent that to Australian

policy makers and the wider Australian community



It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Australian Tamil Chamber

of Commerce Inc. (ATCC), a voice for the aspirations of the Tamil

Business community in Australia and around the world. We will formulate

and facilitate quality Business to Business (B2B) networking and

opportunities to benefit our members.

In our commercial life, here in Australia, we have achieved much. In the fields of Engineering,

Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Law, insurance, Banking and in the retail business we have exceeded

expectations of our host.

But success in an immigrant community has a price. We must share it. Those who are at the top of the

ladder, look down at those who are midway or just starting their climb. Look down without looking down

on them. Share our success story and show the path we walked so they can emulate us. Seek out

forums to tell them how we succeeded and if we were to do it all over again, what mistakes we will

avoid. Be proud of what we have achieved, but let that pride sit lightly on the shoulders of the one

below you. Give them the introductions to people who can help them. You remember, when you were

climbing, there were people who could have introduced you to the right people and they did not. Raise

them up because when you raise another chamber member you are raising the whole community

including yourself. Our Chamber sums it up well. “We rise by lifting others”. Those who are half way on

the ladder, hold on to the feet of the ones at the top. But you are already in a new environment than

the one ahead of you. Technology takes quantum leaps and you can do what others did before you in

less time and far more efficiently. Embrace the change and bust out of the cocoon of your familiar life

and venture out. To those who are just beginning the climb, be patient. Nothing happens overnight.

Make sure you have immersed yourself well enough in the field of your choice. Do not give up just

because you did not like the way the big shot at the top preached to you. You must earn your own right

to preach.

This chamber has a lot of resources, but beyond that, the council, state and Federal governments have

resources that you can reach out to. One of the great benefits you have in Countries like Australia is that

information is freely available. The various governments genuinely help you to access the information

you need. Knowledge is power.

When we were fleeing with nothing but our lives, Australia comforted us and gave us a home. No one

else was that generous. Australians did that because they have a tradition of helping refugees and even

though they did not know who we were they pulled us from our horrors. I know that not all of you came

here as refugees. Many of you came here based on merit. Australia’s decision to allow us to enter their

shores reflects what is noble about mankind. I want to thank them for their courage and compassion But

I also want to tell them why this decision was a good one.

By the third century BC Tamil people had already established at least three kingdoms in South India and

parts of Sri-Lanka. There is conjecture that the Tamil Culture stretches to 6000 BC. Over this time they

developed a language that by its own genius betrays its age. Had Tamil become lingua Franca of the

world our poet Kamban would have taken the place of Shakespeare. In 3 rd century BC a poet called

Thiruvalluvar wrote 1330 couplets called Thirukural which remains the touchstone of Tamil wisdom. It

has been translated into 80 languages. Monsieur Ariel, who translated and published the third part of

the Kural to French in 1848, called it "a masterpiece of Tamil literature, one of the highest and purest

expressions of human thought. One of the finest works in Tamil was written by an Italian Jesuit Priest

in the 17 th Century, who was lured by the call of the Tamil language. His name was Constanzo Beschi.

His ode to St. Joseph named Thembaveni to this day stands among the best. He was affectionately

called Veerama munivar. He also translated the Thirukural into Latin. Australia, you have now inherited a

language that has expressed the deepest of thoughts and the widest of experiences. Before long you

will yield to the temptations of this language too.

God gave Mathematics as a gift to the Tamil people. It is suspected to have originated in South India.

Laplace the French mathematician and Physicist and sometimes known as the French Newton said this:

“It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by ten symbols, each receiving

a value of position as well as an absolute value; a profound and important idea which appears so simple

to us now that we ignore its true merit.

It is a matter of time before some of our finest cities (Springfield first private funded township), the next

Opera House or the bullet trains are designed and built by a Tamil engineer. Because their genes still

remember the architectural and civil engineering expertise that built the wonders still seen in the Tamil

speaking world.

Trade both external and internal has been part of Tamil history at least from 3 rd Century BC. There is

evidence that there was robust trade between Tamil Kingdoms and Rome. Pliny the elder and other

Roman historians have made reference to this. In the Tenth Century there were very active merchant

guilds that were formed to streamline trade. Trade is in the blood too.

Going forward, we will focus our efforts to establish trade routes and to provide support to Australian

businesses seeking to enter the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka, South India, Malaysia,

Myanmar and Fiji. We are optimistic that our initiative, with the cooperation of local and international

partners, will provide our members with the necessary resources to fuel economic growth and to

capitalize on business and investment opportunities in an international environment.

This chamber is poised to take Australia first to Sri-Lanka, India and then to countries where there is a

large Tamil diaspora and then wherever Australia wants to go.

We are Australians first and we owe our allegiance to Australia. Give them all that we have inherited

over the last 6000 years. So, that one day not too far in the future, when Australian history is updated

the author will say;

In the 1980s we allowed some immigrants to come into Australia from Sri-Lanka and India. They came,

they saw and fell in love with Australia. They built cities in places people said it was not possible, they

invented things that have changed the world, they found cures for deceases, they increased our trade

with the world and they brought their language and translated many of their literary works into English,

then we realized that our compassion was rewarded 1000 fold. This is what history will say about you!

தமிழ எ ெசாலடா, தைல நிமி நிலடா.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward for a

wonderful year.

Kind regards,

Samuel Thevasaeyan


The ‘Life Time Achievement Award’

1) Dr. Thava Seelan – is an experienced General Practitioner who has been working in the

Toongabbie area over two decades. In 2009, he established a multidisciplinary health team and

commenced operating as the Bridgeview Medical Practice. The vision of the practice was formulated, and

executed by the founding members – his wife Dr. Shanthini Seelan, Dr Lumina Titus & himself. With a

dedicated team of 40 health professionals, nurses and administrative staff, the practice serves the

community with high standard health care. Their quality of their work has been recognised and the practice

was awarded a 'Practice of the year for NSW & ACT in 2013' certificate, by Royal Australian College of

General Practitioners.

As a person, Dr Seelan was a medical volunteer in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, appointed as

medical supervisor for future general practitioners, and Conjoint Senior Lecturer of University of Western

Sydney. He has a close links with Tamil Senior Citizens associations, helps and talks about health care

including emailing health articles thru the Association. He contributes to the Blacktown & Parramatta

Migrant Resource Centres, with social and educational activities organised for migrants and recently

arrived refugees. He is accredited with the IHMS to provide healthcare for community detainee by

arranging for psychiatrists and psychologists, has benefited people from Non-English Speaking

Backgrounds (NESB) and refugees, and sponsors various health-related and cultural projects.

Best Entrepreneur Award

1) James Kalaichelvan - Owner of a burger restaurant. It is not common for Tamil to run a burger

and coffee restaurant. Ricco’s Burger and Coffee, opening at Toongabbie’s Portico Plaza in June 2015,

has fast become a hit for brunch and burger buffs. James has extensive experience over a couple of

decades as a burger 'creating' specialist with a flair for innovation and creative customer service. He has

an ambition to create a chain of restaurants where aspiring Tamil tertiary students in Sri Lanka can be

trained and developed as excellent workers, managers and entrepreneurs.

2) Shan Sutharshan – Managing Director of Vansan Construction Pty Ltd, Dandenong, Victoria, and

is responsible for directing all construction work and contracts. He has over 15 years of on-the-field

experience, as a registered building practitioner in Australia and holds a licence to build for residential and

commercial real estate. Vansan has widened his horizons and has made a foray into movie making as an

independent film producer.

3) Indrajith Balasubramaniam (Jitt Bala) – Owner of Australian Property & Real Estate Pty

Ltd in Toongabbie and Arkitech Australia. Jith is in real estate sales, real estate development and

commercial site development. Tthe turn–over of more than a 100 million in real estate sales, for the year

2016. Arkitech Australia produces steel frame for building walls using Advance Steel Frame Technologies,

instead of using traditional timber frames.

4) Aneerudh Sampath – owner of a Coffee store known as Samson Coffee House. Samson Coffee

House roasts, wholesales and retails specialty coffee. The business markets three consumer brands

under three consumer brands – Malgudi Days, Beancraft and Coffee Regale. All three brands are the

registered intellectual property of Samson Coffee House. He is one of the first in Australia to develop and

promote locally roasted South Indian filtered coffee.

Most Outstanding Community Person Award

1) Indu Harikrishna – Indu took charge of Sydney Tamil Manram (STM) as a president from 2014 after

being served many positions within STM for so many years. From the day one her focus was serving the

Tamil community. She revived the association during her tenure and made the association more

approachable and available for the community and a financially stable as. She encourages various talents

in community and let STM's annual show called "Thillana" which saw many younger generation getting

involved in the community. And "Pongal Vizha" which she revived after couple of years was an opportunity

for Tamils across Sydney to celebrate Tamilar Thirunaal with their roots in foreign nation. Her special liking

towards Tamil language saw birth of "Tamil Readers Circle" by STM which also was an opportunity to

recognize Tamil women’s in Sydney with "Penman Potruvom" and was under her tenure "Tamil language

in Australian Curriculum” project got a revival after being held back for couple of years and has submitted

as a bill in NSW parliament.

Indu took charge of Sydney Tamil Manram (STM) as the president from 2014 after having served in many

positions within STM for many years. From day one, her focus was on serving the Tamil community. She

revived the association during her tenure and made it more approachable and available to the community

and also made it a financially stable association. She encourages various talented members of the

community and led STM's annual show called "Thillana", which saw many of the younger generation

getting involved with the community. Also, the "Pongal Vizha" which she revived after a hiatus of a couple

of years, was an opportunity for Tamils across Sydney to celebrate 'Tamilar Thirunaal' with their roots in a

foreign land. Her passion for the Tamil language saw the birth of the "Tamil Readers Circle" by STM,

which also was an opportunity to recognize Tamil women in Sydney with "Penmai Potruvom". Also, it was

under her tenure that the "Tamil language in the Australian Curriculum” project was revived, after being

held back for a couple of years, and had been presented to the NSW parliament.

2) Mohan Sundar – A solicitor by profession and a founding member of Sun Legal, Mohan Sundar has

played an integral part in building the practice and ensuring that it maintains a community focus. Mohan

understands that in most circumstances, women from migrant families are caught up in a self-perpetuating

cycle of domestic violence, since they are unable to leave abusive relationships due often to meagre

financial means to seek legal assistance, and a lack of awareness of support services available to them.

Sun Legal is dedicated to assisting such victims of domestic violence, and has provided free legal

assistance in these circumstances, and assisted such individuals in escaping violent relationships and reestablishing

their lives. Mohan, being a Tamilian himself, is dedicated to preserving the Tamil language,

culture, customs and literature in the contemporary Indian Australian society. Through Sun Legal, Mohan

has donated 1000 Thirukural and 1000 Bharathiayar books to various Tamil schools around the Sydney

Metropolitan area, as he believes that the preservation and conservation of Indian customs is through the

education of Indian Australian children as they are the future and medium through which traditions and

culture can be passed down and preserved. Sun Legal is also committed to preserving Indian art forms and

promoting Indian cultural programs in contemporary Australian society. Sun Legal actively sponsors

numerous Indian programs each year, to further this cause.

3) Varuni Balachandran – An executive member of the Australian Tamil Congress and a dedicated

community worker since 2009. Over the past 7+ years, she has spent most of her time on Tamil political

activities, working in the areas of policy making, lobbying, human rights campaigns, refugee welfare, South

Asian women's development and leadership. She has made representations on behalf of numerous Tamil

refugees and asylum seekers, and has also made changes to their personal lives on a number of

occasions. She also was appointed as an inaugural member of the Subcontinent Ministerial Consultative

Committee which works with several federal government ministries on matters pertaining to Subcontinental

immigrants in Australia.

4) Manjula Viswanath – Manjula Viswanath is a very well established Bharatha Natyam Dance

Teacher. She established Rasika Dance Academy, and it has over 150 students today. Manjula has used

dance as a platform to raise over $150,000 as charity towards Aim for Siva, SVT temple, Norwest

Disabilities, Children’s Hospital Westmead etc. She has fostered the culture and traditions of India among

second generation Indian Australians Living here. She is the only artist who is recognised by the

Government of India and is on the panel of ICCR in Australia.

Most Outstanding Professional Award

1) Abarna Raj - Founding Director of Palmera Projects and has set up and assisted numerous social

businesses in Sri Lankan and Cambodia. In her role, she has also been responsible for the development

of the fundraising strategy and continues to work to engage a network of volunteers to deliver Palmera's

ambitious social objectives. Abarna was formerly a Strategy Consultant for Social Venture Australia, and

has also held the role of Head of Sustainability, Diversity and Safety at Leighton Holdings. Prior to that

she worked in Price Waterhouse and Coopers.

2) Kugathas Pathmathas – Solicitor from Path Legal, managing a Conveyancing and Immigration

Business. He assists various Tamil refugees with their immigration matters. He is a promoter of the Tamil

Language and a strong supporter of the Wentworthville Tamil School


Award of Excellence

1) Sanjay Siva - Owner of 3 SNAP Printing franchises. He was made redundant in 2007, then bought

a loss-making franchise business and turned it into a profitable one. After 3 years, he bought a second

business and 2 years ago his third franchise. Sanjay has also made a thorough study of the field of

business franchising, and has shown great enthusiasm in edifying people interested in the franchise

business model and guiding them when requested.

2) Selvan Raman –EPR Food & Spice ('Selco' brand) started a small-scale operation from Turrella in

2009 and moved to a bigger warehouse in Auburn and currently employs 8 workers. The business

provides quality Indian grocery food items to the community. In return, Selco sponsors Tamil School and

Cultural events. Selco is one of the sponsors of ATCC’s 2016 Tamil Business Awards Night.

3) Aravamudham Sundaram – Team leader of a music group called Suga Raagas, a music group

consisting of talented locals performing at community events for the last 8 years. Suga Raagas inspires

and provides a platform for young talent to perform at events. The crew has grown to 14-15 members and

they are the main entertainers for Tamil community organisations. Aravamudhan dedicated his time and

effort to entertain with invitations from Tamil Sangam’s in other Australian cities, and to perform at their

fund-raising events.

4) Sentamiselvan Gunasekhar – Owner of four restaurants in the Central Coast, employing staff

of around 100. His Grand Pavilion restaurants are situated in Ettalong, Terrigal, The Entrance and

Warner’s Bay. The Grand Pavilion has won many awards for the excellence of its menu and service.

Best Woman Entrepreneur Award

1) Manchu - Owner of 2 restaurants called Mathura Restaurant. A former refugee, she worked hard and

eventually bought the business she worked for. Her hard work paid off with her ownership of several

investment properties, and she always makes time to interact with the community. Not only is she an

inspiration to young people, but also to women who achieve much while being single parents.

2) Raji Bala – She owns Vichithrakala, a boutique retail shop, which has specialised in selling

Kanchipuram and Silk Sarees, and Bharata Natyam Dance Jewellery for last 6 years. She does not

compromise on quality and keeps her prices reasonable. She ensures that customers are satisfied with

their Sares and keeps in constant communication with them. She serves customers from all states in

Australia and New Zealand. She is actively involved with raising funds for temples, hospitals and

community events, through the Rasika Dance Academy.

3) Noeline Harendran– As a sole proprietor migration agent, Noeline works mainly with Tamil

refugees. Having worked in the industry for almost 7 years, she speaks different Tamil dialects and

ensures that her clients have the best prospects of successfully submitting their cases - more importantly

those who are fleeing persecution.

4) Poompavaiarasu – Owns Poompas Ayurvedic Concepts. It is an Ayurvedic Beauty Salon. She is a

therapist who serves clients around Blacktown and surrounding areas. Poompavai is also a former teacher

of beauty and the ayurvedic preparation of plants for beauty treatment, at Ethiraj College for Women,


Young Entrepreneur Award

1) Rangan Srikhantha – CEO and founder of One Education (formerly known as One Laptop Per

Child Australia). At One Education, Rangan has developed an innovative approach to provide equity in

education through the use of technology built for learning, He has done this by inspiring innovative

Principals and Teachers to integrate technology into the delivery of curriculum, making learning fun and

engaging for primary school children – https://www.one-education.org/. One Education has stepped even

further in the development of its XO laptops by making them modular. The new series of educational

laptops is called XO-Infinity. The screen, battery, camera, wireless and core processing (which includes the

CPU, memory, and storage) can be easily swapped like LEGO blocks. Now children can use a single

laptop throughout their school years just by replacing any part of it when it fails or becomes outdated.

2) Raghulan Gowthaman – Started Element Four Technologies in 2008 (renamed - Zcodia

Technologies in 2013) specialising in software development projects and products. He currently employs

43 permanent staff and over 20 contractors and freelancers. The company is launching 4 new products

and 13 software applications in 2017. Raghulan holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, an MBA,

and has several other qualifications: Cert IV TAA, ITIL Certified Expert, Microsoft Certified Solution


3) Shobha Jayamohan – Speech Pathologist who manages Silver Lining Speech Pathology. She

has been running her practise for last 2 years and is showing amazing growth and support from the local

community. Shobha's other qualifications which add strength to her growing practice are: Certified

Practising Speech Pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia; Applied Behaviour Analysis

(ABA) Therapy certification;Professional development certification in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Key

Word Sign Language and Voice craft. She is also an accomplished teacher of South Indian classical music

with a Teacher's Diploma.


Deva Mylvaganam – Director of Major Projects at United Group Limited.

Civil Engineer, graduated from Imperial College of Science and

Technology, University of London, UK. He has 39 years in Infrastructure engineering

and construction management including work experience in UK, USA, Nigeria,

Australia, Papua New Guinea, SE Asia and Dubai.

John Kennedy - President of United Indian Associations since

2014 and re-elected to the post for another two year term. Completed

B.com in Madurai Kamaraj University and Chartered Accountancy at

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has a passion to

serve and help the community and has held various post as Sports

Secretary in the College, Vice Chairman of Southern India Chartered

Accountants Students Associations. Moved to Sydney in the year 1998 and served as President of Sydney Tamil

Manram and now serves as President of UIA. UIA is an umbrella body of 22 full member associations and 6

associate member’s associations. He has registered a charity in India as well as in Australia called Chris Vinmini

Charity which supports disadvantaged children to study. He loves honesty and loves to support our community in

many ways. He is happy to be of any assistance to people in need.

Sanchayan Kulasegaram - Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical

Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He has worked in

four countries in various roles - as a Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Project

Manager, and Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific. After working for large

global companies for over 25 years, he has ventured in to his own business, Team

Four S. A boutique strategy management consulting firm that enables organisations

to draft, implement and evaluate cross functional decisions to achieve its long-term

objectives; facilitates the process of specifying organisations' mission, vision and

objectives, develops policies and plans in terms of projects and programs that are

designed to achieve these objectives. He is also a broadcaster with SBS Radio.

Shanta Goundar - Originally from Fiji and very much involved in the South

Indian Community association called 'Then India Sanmarka Ikya Sangam'. She is a

member of The Hindu Society of NSW and is currently involved in writing the History

of the Sangam movement in Fiji, and in producing other Historic documents related

to South India and Tamil literature showing that Tamil is among the most ancient

languages in the world.

Thiru Arumugam - Director/Principal Consultant at NIC Immigration Services.

Thiru holds a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law & Practice from Australian

National University. He is one of the most experienced figures in the migration field.

He has extensive expertise in all areas of migration, in particular Family, Partner,

Skilled, Business and Review Tribunal applications. He has specialized knowledge

and successfully handles many skilled migration cases. Mr Arumugam is a prominent

member of Australian Tamil Community and an active member of Indian Community

Associations in Australia. He is a Founder Member and Former President of the

Australian Tamil Association Inc. He has been actively involved in providing advice

and guidance to newly arrived migrants and unemployed people in the community.


President – Sam Thevasaeyan

Sam Thevasaeyan, our President is a highly qualified and experienced finance

professional with extensive international exposure. Sam is highly knowledgeable of

current industry practices and is well regarded by his clients, colleagues and peers for his

industry expertise and professional client service. Over the last 5 years Sam has

established a Real Estate and Construction business in Seven Hills, NSW, and is dedicated

to its expansion.

Executive Vice President - Lalitha Ashokkumar

Lalitha is a CPA, FCA and a qualified Fraud Investigator who held the Director's

position within a large state government finance team. She currently serves as a

Nonexecutive Director and Chair of the Finance Committee for Lifeline and Stepping

Out Housing, along with running a successful accounting referral services

business, RightAcountant.com.au, where she helps business owners make the right

choice in finding their next Accountants, Auditors, and Advisors.

She recently joined ATCC as a Executive Vice President to promote and support the

community. She will be the go-to person for any business owners or individuals in

search of solution for their finance problems.

Vice President Finance – Vindran Vengadasalam

At the start of his career Vindran worked in a CPA Firm in Singapore, where he

provided audit services to the clients. He then joined Accru Felsers, in Sydney in June

2006 and was promoted to principal after nine years with the firm.

Vindran specialises in audits, due diligence, business assurance, risk management,

quality assurance, financial reporting, and preparation of statutory accounts.

Vice President Membership – Jega Nadarajah

Jega is a CPA, public accountant, mortgage broker and registered tax agent. Jega is a

Xero Certified and Quick Books Pro Advisor. He is also a Justice of the Peace. Jega has

diverse industry experience in insurance, telco and banking. Jega also worked with the

NSW Police.

Vice President Community Relations –

Lawrence Paulraj

Lawrence brings in a rich and varied real estate background. He is a licensed real estate

agent. With a strong understanding of construction business and economics, he has a

deep understanding of the Australian real estate market and its trends. Lawrence is

passionate about helping others.

Vice President Internal Affairs – Sujan Selvendran

Sujan Selven was the Greens candidate for Prospect and a small business owner from

Toongabbie and came to Australia in 2000. He is passionate about human rights and is

an advocate for refugees and asylum seekers. Sujan Selven vision is to unite and bring

up the talent of the youth.

General Secretary – Chitta Mylvaganam

Chitta has a varied career background – Engineering in Sri Lanka, administrative work

in the Commonwealth Public Service, Information Technology in USA and Australia,

and Tamil-English interpreting in Christmas Island. Chitta has also done volunteer work

assisting asylum seekers and refugees, and 2 years as a military museum guide at a

World War II maritime Defence site at North Head, near Manly NSW.

Committee Member – Jegan Waran

Jegan’s contribution to the community is enormous and he is very passionate about helping

people from all walks of life. He is a social worker and freelance volunteer. Jegan has a

diverse industry experience. Currently he is the managing director for Green Rural

Technology Australia.

Committee Member – Mahesh Ganesan

M Mahesh Ganesan is a Certified Project Manager who can nurture your dream by

assisting you in delivering your small business project. His passion for people and

love for project challenges has driven him, to be successful in gaining project

experience in Australia, USA, England, South Africa and India. He has a decade of

project management experiences by delivering multi-million dollar projects within

the Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive and aviation industries from Inception

to completion. He has committed himself to helping the community by guiding

people to explore their talents and achieve their goals in their business or career.

Feel free to talk to him in exploring your dream project.


19th November 2016 – Inaugural AGM

26 th January 2016 – ATCC Walkathon, we raise $5,000 for Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Council

30th March 2016 – 1st Inaugural Networking - find out what it takes to run a disability friendly business and a

successful small business marketing social media

April 2016 – Visit to Springfield, Qld. We met Naren

Sinnathamby, Director of Springfield Land Corporation and son of

Maha Sinnathamby, a Tamilan who has ventured into building a

township – Springfield (privately funded).

27 th April 2016 – April Networking - the importance of

Business Plan and how easily they can create a onepage

Business Plan for the next 12 months presented by

Lalitha Ashokkumar from Right Accountant.

29 th May 2016 – ATCC Trade Show – a successful trade show

with participation of 40 businesses.

22 nd June 2016 - June Networking - it is nearly 30 June

and spending time on preparing and planning before year

end may provide tax savings and avoid any surprises post

year end as well as to maximise all possible opportunities

presented by Ravi Shankar from Ravi Shankar Financial

Planning Pty Ltd

26 th July 2016 – July Networking - How Google Platform can help

small businesses to compete with Big Boys is the topic for July

2016! Digital Disruption and Online Sales has change the way we

do business, it is important that we learn and utilise new ways to

capture revenue. The one hour workshop includes the benefits of

having the Google cloud platform for business presented by Nathan

Sooriyakumar So or

31 st August 2016 – August Networking - Want to start a

business!! What to consider and where to start Dr.

Parameswaran of UNSW shared his and his

colleague/student’s experiences with creating enterprises.

His presentation includes aspects such as unique value

propositions, risk profiles, presentation to customers and

venture capitalists, protecting intellectual property and

business models.

9 to 10 th September 2016 – Sam, President attend 25 th

Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Canadian Tamil Chamber of

Commerce in Toronto, Canada.

28 th September 2016 – September Networking –

employment and business opportunities in Infrastructure and

Construction presented by Deva Mylvaganam, Director of

Major Projects at United Group Limited.

2 to 5 th Oct – Vindran, Vice President -Finance attended

the World Tamil Conference in Chennai. He presented a

paper on start-up companies and initiatives by ATCC to

help small business owners.

26 th October 2016 – October Networking – how to

start a small business, understanding insurance,

believable budgets and smart marketing presented by

Robert Green of Small Biz Connect Business.

3 0 th November 2016 – November Networking – franchise

option, advantages and disadvantage of a franchise, factors to

consider before buying a franchise and how to find the right

finances businesses by Sanjay Siva of SNAP Printing Burwood.

10 th December 2016 – Tamil Business Awards Night at

Parkroyal Parramatta.


22 nd January 2017 – January Networking

26 th January 2017 – ATCC Walkathon, proceeds from the Walkathon will be donated to a non-profit



Over the past several months, most of you would have seen the focus the Australian Government is providing

around Innovation. It has become apparent that the Australia’s long term dependency on manufacturing and

mining will not be sustainable into the future, and as such viable alternates are needed. The Australian

Government, in consultation with the wider industry has acknowledged that a renewed focus on innovation is

required to allow Australia to pivot and tap into opportunities in digital technologies, agriculture and

biomedical enhancements. A series of policies and changes to tax regulation is currently in train and will

provide a raft of options for people interested in pursuing entrepreneurial activities, people who wish to

invest, and businesses who want to innovate internally. Information around options that will be available in

the near future around this can be found at www.innovation.gov.au.

Key components of the new regime include:

· Improved and easier access to Crowd-Sourced Equity Funding (CSEF)

· Tax breaks to encourage investment in innovative start-up including:

- A 20 per cent non-refundable tax offset on investment capped at $200,000 per investor, per year.

- A 10-year capital gains tax exemption for investments held for three years.

· Improvement to current insolvency laws

· Better access to company losses to help companies innovate and grow

· Support to establish or improve start-up incubators and accelerators

Globally, the Tamil community has proven itself as being capable to innovate and capitalise through

innovative startups. People like Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google), Karthik Ramasamy (Engineering Manager at

Twitter), Rangaswamy Srinivasan ( LASIK surgery inventor), Jay Vijayan ( Former CIO of Tesla), Ananda

Krishnan ( Owner - Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd), Ratheesan Yoganathan ( CEO Lebara Mobile), Subaskaran

Allirajah ( Chairman Lycamobile), Maha Sinnathamby ( Property Developer – Greater Springfield

Development) all demonstrated capacity to innovate and take risks in establishing themselves. As we live in a

time where technology has transformed the way we live and operate – there are now more than ample

opportunities to capitalise on the many opportunities afforded to us here in Australia. As ATCC seeks to help

develop, promote and foster Tamil businesses, feel free to reach out and contact us with innovative concepts,

ideas or solutions that can improve or enhance things that we do, and we will work with you to see how we

can help foster, accelerate and support your innovation in making an impact in the broader community.


Ocean12 Cricket Team is a very successful team of Tamil refugees and asylum-seekers in Sydney. The team just

won the Championship of the Last Man Stands Australian Open 2016 held at Gold Coast in November 2016. In the

International ranking, among 99, 100, 208 batsmen, Suthakar Senathipillai is ranked #12 and Donald Redol is

ranked at #81 in the world. Ocean12 Team is ranked #1 in Sydney, #3 in Australia and #12 in the World! Formed in

2013, it is a brainchild of Mrs Noeline Nagle of the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group.

Ocean12 Team played its first match exactly

3 years ago with 'whoever available', but lost

that match. More players were recruited and

their strengths and capabilities were

recognised. The 'real Ocean12' started its

march in December 2013. Although they lost

odd matches here and there, it was clear that

the team was something special. With the

patronage of Noeline Nagle, other pillars of

the team are Bala Vigneswaran



Manmatharasa (Team Manager) and

Suthakar Rajaguru Senathipillay (Team


Cricket is an integral part of the lives of young men from Indian sub-continent. Here, it not only lets the recently

arrived young men socialise among themselves, but also provides them with the most needed interaction with the

young people in the new country. The playing environment encourages them to speak English and to integrate with

mainstream Australians and to become comfortable with the Australian culture. The players in the other teams also

get an opportunity to meet and interact with the newly arrived Tamils. These interactions are critically important, as

these personal experiences will facilitate a better understanding among the young people to build a better

Australia. Cricket gives the new arrivals a healthy distraction from the stresses and keeps them out of trouble.

Besides numerous Parramatta Championships, Ocean12 won the Sydney Championship in March 2015 and in

April 2016. The team travelled to Gold Coast in 2015 for the Australian Championship and performed exceptionally

well, but missed the opportunity to reach the semi-final by just 4 runs. But, everyone involved was determined to

make the best possible impression in 2016. The players put their best effort throughout the tournament and won

the National Championship in 2016. Ocean12 was featured in ABC, SBS, Channel 9, Sydney Morning Herald,

BBC, Al Jazeera and a host of local papers, magazines. Numerous summaries on Ocean12 could be found in

Tamil, English and other languages in internet news and sports sites.

Hon Julia Finn (State MP for Granville) and Hon Julie Owens (MP for Parramatta) spoke on Ocean12 in the State

and Federal parliaments. If everything goes well in the financial front (need to pool thousands of dollars) and visas,

the team can travel to play in Cape Town, South Africa, in the Global Open 2017.

As a team of asylum-seekers and

refugees with limited financial sources,

they run with small sponsorships and

individual contributions. Team

appreciates all those people, and

welcomes any financial assistance from

the well-wishers.

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