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RUST magazine: Rust#21

Rust#21: The Touratech R 1200 GS Rambler – you’ve read the tech, but RUST has the EXCLUSIVE FIRST RIDE! International Extreme Enduro – by three club riders! ‘I call first dibs on the ambulance…’ RUST goes road book… Plus 6D ATR-1 and 100% Racecraft tested Plus win Scott Hustle goggles in our free subscription competition Yep, we were the first guys outside of Touratech to ride their stunning new Rambler concept bike. Not just any old quick spin either. No, we got to ride it for 700km and seven days – in the Azores! So how do we rate the Rambler? Read the feature and find out! We’ve got three mates local to us that we ride with from time to time. Just normal everyday club-level riders. Only, recently they explained they like to challenge themselves to the odd international extreme enduro – pitching up alongside Graham Jarvis et al! We had to get their story… Rally raid, y’know road book rallying, like Dakar – how hard can that be? RUST jumps in at the deep end! Okay, that’s it for now; we’ve gotta fly as we’ve six hours driving to do to get to some down-n-dirty winter enduro riding, You’ll be able to read all about that in RUST 22… Enjoy the reading – and your riding! JON BENTMAN (Editor, RUST)

RUST magazine:

Issue #21 TurkishDelight ThreeBritishClubriderstrytheirluck atinternationalextremeenduro... Exclusive FirstRide! Rambler! WerideTouratech’s200kg,125hpEnduro! Tested 6DATR-1helmet& 100%Racecraftgoggles Going bythe Book RUSTtriesroadbookrallies... WIN! SubscribetoRUSTMagazine(it’sfree!) atwww.rustsports.comandbeintowin apairofScottHustleendurogoggles!

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