Zong of Law


Spirituality, occult.





Zong of Law

(The new book of Law)




Chapter One

1. The manifest of Hoodilidoo

2. The open knowledge of the

institution of Paradise.

3. Each of us the dust of galaxies.

4. Zero=One there is no infinite.

5. Away Lords of War, I stand with

women and children!

6. No secret, just a song, a soul and a


7. You see Tiny Men Jam Live are

the Foundation and as flawed as


8. The old way done! The old way


9. Worship none….That, is light!!!

10. Serve none, but ALL, Rule


11. Fools adore and worship Gods!

12. Begin humanity as one. Live your

life in love.


13. Below you, all around you, your

path is also theirs!

14. Below the night wrapped in a cloak

of stars, a kiss for us all!

15. All are chosen in the new religion

of no religion! Give no power to the

pushers and peddlers of idle


16. You are the Sun and the Moon.

There are no secrets under the


17. All are chosen!!

18. Drink of pure water. Clean pure

water is an inalienable Human


19. Breathe pure air straight from the

sky. Clean air is an inalienable

Human right.

20. The key is honesty, which you

know, in your secret soul, as does

all of humanity.


21. Fools laugh at us, they are as

children and we must be Father,

Mother, Brother and Sister to them.

22. Know it as it is known. Know there

is no infinite. Perpetrate no hurt.

23. Rule only yourself.

24. Rule in truth of actuality.

25. Lies Divide!!

26. The Prophets are the slaves of

Fools and Fools are slaves to the


27. The Priests lie! Kings and Queens

subjugate their people and rule not


28. Never have they tasted truth of


29. Wage no War for Peace. Make no

Hate from Love.

30. Hate and fear are the destruction

of the World.

31. Insecure fools make War, The wise

make LOVE!


32. Disregard the Prophets of old; their

ways brought Hate, Greed and


33. Shout the Priest into awakening!!!!

Abandon ancient rituals! Abandon

the ancient Law!

34. Give a new law. Simple, Plain and





36. Let none pollute it with useless

Doctrine or Nonsensical dogma.

37. The word is HOODILIDOO…A new

mantra for a new millennia, learn

the way of Love

38. Teach Love with courage and you

will suffer through this.

39. The word of the law is


40. In Love broadcast self-control.


41. The World of sin is hate, the house

of hate is greed wherein lives


42. Let none confuse or confound

these actualities.

43. Practice reason, do that and be


44. Thought with pure will devoid of


45. Aware of the trans-substitutiary

exchange and accepting of such.

46. There are no secrets under the sky

all numbers are calculable.

47. Perspective subjective, objective.

Friends to lies.

48. I am no prophet; none are a savior,

save yourself.

49. Live life in Love. Live life as the

ultimate ritual under the sky.

50. Repeat the word until the

transformation transpires within the

super soul, transcend the systems

or persecution.


51. There is one gate to life the gate is

love. Love is the key.

52. There is one road to the end which

is Death, the road is Love.

53. The true degenerate rejects this

actuality and rejects love.

54. The true degenerate holds fast and

strong to the Holy ways of olden

days slow to change and quick to


55. Grown adults will cry as they

realize their mistake.

56. From all directions they will

accuse, they will decry and cite

ancient recitations, as proof of truth


57. All is absolute in that all must end,

and in that end none are infinite,

none who claim prophecy possess


58. Share the joy of life, share the

wealth of Love, and give freely.


59. The scent of Nag-champa is

pleasing as is the partaking of

cannabis a healing herb.

60. Calculate the number of Love, its

number is ALL, this number is 91.

61. Love of All. Invoke pure Love share

in the riches of this Love! As One

Planet, One People with no secrets

under the stars!!!

62. Naked in the knowledge of no

COLOR, One Blood, One Light on

wings of Peace.

63. No God but Love no Law but


64. Make MUSIC for the children of


65. For us ALL! Make MUSIC. For us


66. The manifestation of Hoodilidoo

has begun!



Chapter Two

1. Begin each day with a smile.

2. Listen and Learn. No secret

concealed. The name of this house

is Strange.

3. Outside the cube we are

everywhere there is no center.

4. We all feel central.

5. Embrace the future Ritual of Love

in Life and Light this Ritual is

simply knowing.

6. The icy depths of hate have an

end. The fire of Love will prevail.

7. Gain understanding in Arithmetic.

8. Worship no god worship no


9. Forget hate and remember Love,

remember that both will be made

and then pass.


10. No Prophet will learn this writing,

Prophets aren’t interested in


11. See the Love waiting to Explode.

12. Love because of you and Love for


13. How? Because we shall make it so

and Love together.

14. Draw the curtain from the


15. Fools seek perfection. All are

perfect within the perfection of


16. The King and Queen will be the


17. Hear these words and have no

regrets, all will die and taste the

wine of death.

18. Death comes, chase it not for there

is no bargain to be struck.

19. A Lie whose name is god. Rejoice

not in his name.


20. Celebrate in the strong beauty of

humanity, rejoice in Love.

21. We are only the echo of what we

leave behind and what we have


22. As long as god lives, the heart of

humanity dies at the hands of

madmen fueled by the lies of the


23. We are together and in this

togetherness Love is God and God

is Love.

24. It’s no secret, it’s no mystery Love

will light the way.

25. Stand together one heart, one

mind, one voice, one Peace!

26. In the open we call for freedom.

27. There is no Peace for those who


28. Love those who hate.

29. Resist the blows dealt by those

who make War,


30. Continue and smile, shine…Love is

the Will, the Will is Love.

31. Love is the only power.

32. Reason is truth, there is no infinite.

33. A reason to live is enough to be


34. Sleep tonight in love, be not angry.

35. Awaken in the Ritual of Life.

36. Each meal a feast in honor of


37. Each meal a feast in honor of us.

38. Each meal a feast in honor of Life.

39. Each day we know the prophets

are Immanently Jive telling lies.

40. Life is the ultimate Ritual. Life is

the Ritual of Love.

41. Fast for water pure and clean. In

water is life.

42. Drink the joy of Love and Life in

pure water. Life in pure air.

43. Each day’s sun shines the same

on ALL of us.


44. Revel in the Sun, dance to the

rhythm of its light.

45. There is Life for us ALL.

46. To fail, one must only try.

47. Be where kindness lives.

48. Have compassion and share with

those who are in need.

49. Though we are all unique, we are

ALL the same.

50. Light shines in many different


51. There is light that only the soul can


52. There is a lens crystal clear. Focus

on the singular point of Love, all

secrets become known, and all

resonates in solidarity and in unity


53. Fear the priests and those who

blindly follow them.

54. Avoid those who would practice

hurt and injustice against humanity,


do not speak their names and give

them no glory, give them no power.

55. Learn all you can in as many

languages as you can. Love is the

universal language! Speak Love

fluently! Speak Love often!

56. Invite derision and answer each

question with reason and Love…

Demonstrate determination and

self-control while boldly professing

truth of the actuality of Love.

57. None are above another.

58. The reign of Kings over men is at

an end. There will be no slaves.

ALL shall be Kings and Queens.

59. Those who know listen and share,

before all is taken from you.

60. Ease your grip on your gold and

your land.

61. Be the light humanity desires!

62. You who are heavy of heart. You

whom heaven will not kiss.


63. Share your wealth! Be comfortable,

but give selflessly to your fellow in


64. Be strong! Don’t be overpowered

by greed, by lust, by desire of the


65. There is no Master; there is no

“Holy One”…

66. Read and write. Create and listen.

Look and paint a new vision of old

wisdom. Be glad in knowing that

even when you’re alone we are

ALL together.

67. Release your fear of death and live

today for NOW!

68. Sharpen your mind but soften your


69. You should feel invigorated in


70. Hope is an excuse to do nothing;

hope is the play thing of apathy.

71. Dare to be great but know to be



72. Be yourself, and the best at that,

that alone is enough in life.

73. Life, Life! Long for Life! For eternity

is forbidden to thee.

74. Use your time wisely; you may not

have as much as you think.

75. Always pay close attention or pay

the consequence!

76. Many will try to confound these

words although they are simple.

77. Abandon pride of self and embrace


78. Know your worth, and don’t build

your worth at the detriment of

another’s worth, all numbers are


79. The beginning is the opening of

Love, not the worship of a Lord or

his prophets.


Chapter Three

1. Death is Life’s reward!

2. How we live determines the tone of

the echo we leave reverberating

through time.

3. Be last to understand, but

understand Love at last!

4. Choose no country.

5. Make no War.

6. Find ways to make Peace!

7. Protect yourself if you must. But

use the power of Love first…

8. With Love Power you can make

friends out of enemies.

9. Stand in the open and profess the

consequence of Love which is


10. All will fade, entropy will be



11. What more proof do you need?

Aren’t thousands of years of War

and erosion proof enough?

12. Sacrifice only of yourself!

13. Give of LOVE!

14. None are more blessed; all have a

right to live and to love.

15. Be happy in love for humanity.

16. The promise of eternal life is a lie!

17. Only entropy is eternal and even

that ends. Entropy is simply what

will be left when everything is


18. Care for your fellow in humanity as

they were you.

19. Show a path away from Gods and

towards Love!

20. How? In ALL you say! In ALL you


21. Send your signal in all directions

broadcast Love!

22. Surround yourself with the images

of Love.


23. Burn incense Nag-Champa and

sandalwood are best.

24. Never draw blood in violence.

25. Celebrate with cakes and herbs.

26. Wage peace against your enemies

and remove their ability to wage


27. Shun the lust of power and those

who practice greed.

28. Be strong in Peace.

29. Grow in numbers, grow in Peace!

30. The whole of the earth is our altar!

31. Give the rich man his gold but feed

him love not hate.

32. From gold forge Peace!

33. Stand and deliver courage and


34. All holy places are places of


35. The whole word is Love, and Love

is the whole.

36. No prophet spoke to god ever…


37. Love in music. Love for humanity.

Not Love unrequited. Not lust of

fantasy. Power of Love. Not Love

of Power.

38. In the darkness they plot War!

39. The history of humanity has been

left carved in stone…

40. This is the work of the story in


41. We are them, and they us. We are

all from the stars as well as made

up of the stars. We are already

eternal in a certain sense...

42. Share these actualities and suffer

for it, but also benefit in knowing

you waged peace and moved

humanity closer to the way of Love!

43. The sadness of humanity! Whose

women and children need

protection from humanities lack of


44. Lower yourself to support and help

your partners in humanity.


45. Pull the evil from the pinnacles of

the lofty places they have built for


46. The warriors of generations past

have all tasted or will taste death.

Be not a warrior. Taste life and be

strong in Love.

47. This book is for all languages. This

word is for all humanity the word is

Hoodilidoo and the way is LOVE.

48. They give false answers from false


49. This love is blasphemy to the gods

and their priests!

50. Love them, they are fools…

51. Religion filled with anger and hate.

52. Religion consumed with fear and


53. Reject the false spirituality of fear

and lust.

54. Spit out the chemical substitutes

for true human spirituality.

55. Let women be exalted amongst us.


56. Let no man hold power over

another or over a woman.

57. Pity the coward.

58. The Royal are anything but!

59. As one unite in PEACE!!!

60. There is no law other than; No god

but Love, No law but Kindness!

61. The World will end when it ends,

and the truth of the lie of god will

be known to all!

62. Pay me no reverence we are the


63. The wise will embrace this book

and its message.

64. One step towards peace takes


65. A step towards war is easy.

66. You don’t have to be violent to fight

against war and wage peace you

just have to be patient.

67. The trials will remain numerous

and varied!

68. The enemy will paint you as ugly!


69. Find success even in failure!

70. Be ever vigilant!

71. Be ever peaceful!!

72. You are your own power, your own

will. Breathing life into your own


73. From left to right paint the canvas

of life with broad strokes of Love!

74. Revile all the names of god but


75. The word is Hoodilidoo and the

name of the lion is AFFA.

76. The law will be unchanged for time


77. No god but Love, No law but




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