2017 Program

2017 Program


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Welcome to the Copa Shorts Film Fest<br />

When Shelley and I decided to establish the Copa Shorts Film Fest in late 2015, we had no idea<br />

what would result. The response has been amazing! Screenwriters and filmmakers from over 20<br />

countries have entrusted us with their films and screenplays.<br />

A festival takes many people. Without our sponsors and donors who saw our vision and the volunteers<br />

who spent many hours reviewing the films, we would not have been able to hold our<br />

festival. As a non-profit organization, Copa Shorts Film Fest, Inc. thanks each of those individuals<br />

for their financial support and their valuable time.<br />

With our mission of showcasing emerging talent, short films and screenplays provided the opportunity<br />

for more talent to be recognized. We believe that the results will entertain audiences<br />

and offer the creative filmmakers and screenwriters a “calling card” to Hollywood or production<br />

houses to develop their projects.<br />

The screenwriting table reads offer snapshots into whole worlds created within 15 pages. The<br />

short films, in 20 minutes or less, evoke whole ranges of reactions. Many perspectives are showcased<br />

with films from Maricopa, across the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria,<br />

Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Papua New Guinea and China.<br />

Join us for the festival to see the range of projects that will make you laugh, cry, think and smile.<br />

Thank you for your support! Without your presence Copa Shorts Film Fest would not be a fest!<br />

Roger Gillespie<br />

Festival Director<br />

Shelley Gillespie<br />

Executive Director<br />

<strong>FEST</strong>IVAL POLICIES<br />


Although many of our films are family-friendly,<br />

all are unrated by the M.P.A.A. Viewer<br />

discretion is advised in determining whether<br />

children are mature enough for any film block.<br />

If you have questions, please ask our staff for<br />

recommendations.<br />

The exception is Saturday January 18th. The<br />

8:30PM film block, “Scary Choices” is a mix of<br />

horror, adult themes and moral choices. Please<br />

be aware that no one under 16+ will be<br />

admitted without a parent or guardian.<br />


Audio and video-recording are not permitted in<br />

UltraStar Theatre 1 or the VIP areas (VIP 13 and<br />

StarClass theatre 13) during the festival due to<br />

copyright issues. Anyone attempting to record<br />

films or audio will be asked to leave the<br />

theatre.<br />


Please turn off phones and other devices<br />

during the films. We’d hate for you to miss a<br />

single minute of the projects that our<br />

filmmakers have worked so hard to have<br />

featured in our festival.<br />

If you need to make a call or send a text<br />

message, please move to lobby or areas<br />

outside of the theatre. Be considerate to all<br />

attendees who wish to see and hear the films.<br />


A Copa Shorts Film Fest <strong>2017</strong> Staff member or<br />

Volunteer will be present on the main floor<br />

during all film and screenplay reading blocks.<br />

They will be wearing a Volunteer or Staff<br />

Badge.<br />

Although we hope to have a safe and fun<br />

event, if you need assistance, please see one of<br />

our volunteers or staff.

<strong>2017</strong> Festival Administration<br />

Copa Shorts Film Fest is a volunteer organization. We wish to<br />

thank all of those who support us.<br />

Board of Directors<br />

Roger & Shelley Gillespie<br />

Gina D’Abella<br />

Festival Directors<br />

Roger & Shelley Gillespie<br />

Executive Director<br />

Shelley Gillespie<br />

Original Cover Art<br />

Mai A. Tallwing<br />

Judy Tallwing<br />

Logo Design<br />

Taylor Lynn Slaughter<br />

Website Layout<br />

Elliot Johnson<br />

Volunteer Coordinator<br />

Gina D’Abella<br />

Table Read Director<br />

Cynthia Morgan<br />

Film Reviewers<br />

Matt Sugerik<br />

Eryn Bailey<br />

Ernesto Abeytia<br />

Dayna Garza<br />

Emina Karic<br />

Joseph Dutra<br />

James Brown<br />

Pierce Greene<br />

Kara Marvich<br />

Hunter Lomayesva<br />

Paul Bick<br />

Gina D'Abella<br />

Bruce Anderson<br />

Katherine Sorensen<br />

Joan Gale<br />

Amanda Main<br />

Advisory Board<br />

Juliana Feher<br />

Tony Estrada<br />

Steve Wargo<br />

Bruce Anderson<br />

Eileen M. Kane<br />

Joseph Dutra<br />

Hunter Lomayesva<br />

Jury<br />

Roger Gillespie<br />

(Producer/Screenwriter)<br />

Shelley Gillespie<br />

(Producer/Screenwriter)<br />

Juliana Feher<br />

(WGA Screenwriter/Consultant)<br />

Matt Sugerick<br />

(ASU Film School)<br />

Eryn Bailey<br />

(ASU Grad Student)<br />

Program Printing<br />

Impressive Imaging<br />




Filmmakers-Sponsors-Press-VIP pass holders<br />

(Invitation Only)<br />

Featuring Award-Winning<br />

Celtic/Indian Musician<br />

Arvel Bird<br />

Friday February 17th<br />

8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.<br />

Elements Event Center<br />


Awards / Recognition / Food<br />

Non-VIP Pass Holders—$30.00<br />

Featuring Award-Winning<br />

Gila River Blues Band<br />

Smokestack Lightning<br />

Festival Musical Entertainment Sponsored by


Two educational workshops are free to the public.<br />

Please reserve your seat by signing up on EventBrite at: www.Eventbrite.com (search<br />

Maricopa / Copa Shorts) as we have limited seating available for these Saturday<br />

morning events.<br />

Charging your Creative Spark<br />

Saturday, February 18th<br />

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

Guest Presenter: Julie Swift<br />

Discover how to work out your creative muscles to come up with ideas for films of all<br />

genres. Learn how to move past the easy, first idea and onto the best idea that most closely<br />

aligns with your passion.<br />

Julia Swift has produced, written, shot, directed and edited award-winning short films. Her TV<br />

and film scripts have been produced by Warner Bros., NBC, Universal, Fox, Regency, Sony and<br />

Dick Wolf Production. Three of her episodes ("Smallville" and "Hercules") were "Pick of the<br />

Weeks" in Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. BOLD, her coming of age novel, hit the top ten<br />

list in Amazon's teen issues category. Julia lives with her husband and son in Vermont, where<br />

she teaches at Champlain College and writes weekly movie reviews for the local FOX/ABC<br />

networks.<br />

Film Scoring for Film Makers<br />

Saturday, February 18th<br />

10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

Guest Presenter: Brent Michael Davids<br />

"Film Scoring for Film Makers" is an intensive workshop designed especially for producers,<br />

directors and editors — rather than musicians. Instruction includes decoding the basic film<br />

music vocabulary and film composer jargon, and a detailed examination of the four basic types<br />

of film scoring: Scoring the Action, Scoring the Cuts, Underscoring the Mood, and Underscoring<br />

Against the Action.<br />

Film Composer Brent Michael Davids is the country’s top award-winning American Indian<br />

composer, and a citizen of the Mohican Nation in Wisconsin. Davids received the Best Original<br />

Music Composition award in 2015 at the Native American Indian Film Festival of the Southeast<br />

for his orchestral score to IROQUOIS CREATION STORY.<br />

His career spans 40 years with original orchestral scores for films like Silent Enemy (1996), The<br />

Business Of Fancy Dancing (2002), Dreamkeeper (2003), The World Of American Indian Dance<br />

(2003), Last Of The Mohicans (1929/2003), Bright Circle (2007), Raccoon & Crawfish (2007), and<br />

Opal (2012) that appeared on ABC, NBC, Hallmark, CBS, NPR, PBS and NAPT. Davids received his<br />

MS from ASU.<br />

Workshop venue sponsored by

SATURDAY February 18th<br />

Ups and Downs<br />

12:00 P.M.<br />

Sometimes you’re up! And sometimes, you’re down! Flopping, flying,<br />

sword fighting or just building a boat can get you there.<br />

Belly Flop<br />

Comedy/Fantasy ● 13 min ● USA<br />

Director: Marc Gaudioso<br />

An eight-year old girl reads a headline on a<br />

trashy grocery-store magazine cover: Mother<br />

of Quintuplets Says She Got Pregnant from<br />

Fried Chicken! Fueled by a wild imagination,<br />

the adventure begins.<br />

Matchstick House<br />

Drama ● 12 min ● USA<br />

Director: Sean Kyte<br />

Newly married David and Jennifer are looking<br />

forward to their new lives together. David is<br />

forced to confront his struggles and learns<br />

how hard it is to confront the unknown.<br />

Kanu belong Keram<br />

Documentary ● 16 min ● Papua New Guinea (SUB)<br />

Director: Daniel von Rüdiger<br />

Kanu belong Keram is a documentary of the<br />

building of a canoe in the remote village of<br />

Kambot. It is located at the jungle river<br />

Keram, which is a side stream of the great<br />

jungle river Sepik in Papua New Guinea.<br />

Flying<br />

Animation ● 4 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Jacob Hood<br />

A woman learns to fly again after grieving the<br />

loss of her son.<br />

Flight Fright<br />

Comedy ● 7 min ● USA<br />

Director: Jim Politano<br />

An airline passenger with a fear of flying<br />

starts to see strange things after taking his<br />

nerve medicine. Comedy spoof of the Twilight<br />

Zone episode "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet".<br />

West Side Swordy<br />

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dance ● 8 min ● USA<br />

Director: Dan Liu<br />

The Jets chase the Sharks through an<br />

alleyway and up over a tall fence, when<br />

suddenly they find themselves in another<br />

world, magically transported into an<br />

abandoned warehouse where they are<br />

controlled by the electronic beat of the<br />

world-renowned Disc Jockey, DEADMAU5.<br />

This is an LA West Side Story.<br />

Once Upon a Time in Space<br />

Sci-Fi ● 19 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Qishi Li<br />

Captain Adam is on a mission to colonize a<br />

habitable planet, but when his ship<br />

encounters disaster, he must abandon the<br />

mission and instead, sends ancient bacteria<br />

to the planet in the hope that it will evolve<br />

into a new human species and thrive.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SATURDAY February 18th<br />

Kings and Other Things<br />

2:00 P.M.<br />

Who are you? When you find out, you might be surprised.<br />

The Tenor<br />

Comedy ● 12 min ● USA<br />

Director: Damon Crump<br />

A whimsical comedy about a Prima Donna<br />

Tenor sent to participate in an experiment<br />

conducted by an overbearing Military<br />

Scientist who is testing the powers of the<br />

human voice.<br />

Maria Fernanda in Time<br />

Sc-Fi/Comedy ● 9 min ● Spain (S)<br />

Director: Xavier Pijuan<br />

An overprotective mother produces an<br />

accident with terrible consequences in the<br />

space-time continuum in the scientific<br />

laboratory where her son works.<br />

Driver’s Ed<br />

Drama ● 15 min ● USA<br />

Director: Chase Norman<br />

A shy, overweight young woman leaves the<br />

safety of her home for an unwelcoming high<br />

school classroom.<br />

Proverbial Luck<br />

Comedy ● 5 min ● Austria (SUB)<br />

Director: Dave Lojek, Steffi Sixdorf<br />

Idioms garnish our language, but are often<br />

hard to translate. This comedy helps to<br />

illustrate them and tells the story of two<br />

neighbors, who become enamored.<br />

Run Cat Run<br />

Animation ● 4 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Hao Li<br />

2D animated comedy about an astronaut who<br />

switches bodies with his pet cat while in orbit.<br />

As everything goes wrong, the astronaut tries<br />

frantically to right the situation.<br />

I Hate the Color Red<br />

Comedy ● 19 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Jazmin Jamias<br />

A comedy about a sister and a brother who,<br />

having inherited a video store from their<br />

parents, struggle to keep it a viable business.<br />

Thanks to “red boxes” and “red envelopes,”<br />

they realize that their store will soon become<br />

obsolete. How they reconcile themselves to<br />

this realization, or don’t, will leave you<br />

chuckling and charmed.<br />

Tom, The Knife Salesman<br />

Comedy ● 11 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Ryan Brown<br />

A down on his luck knife salesman, Tom, is<br />

the worst performer in his division. While<br />

going door-to-door, Tom is kidnapped by a<br />

paranoid burglar who believes Tom’s knife<br />

routine is just a ruse. To get out alive – he’ll<br />

need to be sharper than a knife.<br />

A King’s Betrayal<br />

Comedy/Drama ● 8 min ● USA<br />

Director: David A Bornstein<br />

The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as<br />

told from the Piñata's perspective.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SATURDAY February 18th<br />

Different Realities<br />

4:00 P.M.<br />

A new way of looking at the world through a different focus.<br />

Focus (Honorable Mention)<br />

Sci-Fi ● 14 min ● USA<br />

Director: Matt Chesin<br />

Through a series of unfortunate events, a<br />

young girl stumbles upon a camera lens that<br />

possesses a very mysterious power. Through<br />

this lens, the photographer is able to see into<br />

the past of its previous owners. A new acquaintance<br />

becomes an old friend in a friendship<br />

that spans two lifetimes.<br />

Dear George<br />

Romantic Comedy/Drama ● 20 min ● USA<br />

Director: Emily Skyle<br />

When his high school sweetheart sends him an<br />

epic break-up letter and moves out of state for<br />

a job, a self-proclaimed couch potato decides<br />

to face his fears to get her back. He sets off on<br />

a cross country trip filled with a stolen chicken<br />

costume, TSA shakedowns, a cappella groups<br />

and bad decisions.<br />

The Art of Circus<br />

Documentary ● 13 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Julia Cammack<br />

A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of two<br />

circus performers and teachers.<br />

Zebra<br />

Drama ● 17 min ● Italy (S)<br />

Director: Cristiano Ciliberti<br />

Two twins. One alive, the other dead, but only<br />

half. The other half is Giovanni, the survivor<br />

twin, who can’t get over the death of Daniele.<br />

Even in his death, Giovanni feels a dangerous<br />

combination of love and hate for him. Through<br />

a physical and mental way, he faces the consequences<br />

of an unhealthy addiction. He struggles<br />

to choose an identity between black and<br />

white, between Cain and Abel.<br />

Mother Tongue<br />

Documentary ● 12 min ● Canada (ST)<br />

Director: Nadim Iqbal<br />

A story about a man who risked his life to save<br />

his culture, his heritage, and his language. He<br />

is heartbroken that the sacrifices made to save<br />

his language are not appreciated or understood<br />

by the younger generation.<br />

Stuck in Time<br />

Animation/Experimental ● 6min ● USA<br />

Director: Asher Glaser<br />

Henry lives alone in another time dimension.<br />

The world rushes around him at another time<br />

and pace. The moon and sun speed into each<br />

other before Henry has a chance to keep up.<br />

One day, he meets Mable, the only other person<br />

sharing his world.<br />

Non-Smoking Section<br />

Drama ● 10 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Alexander Guyton<br />

A teenage son rebelling against his overbearing<br />

mother to assert his independence could lead<br />

to explosive consequences.<br />

Stripes<br />

Sci-Fi/Comedy ● 4 min ● France<br />

Director: Tibo Pinsard<br />

She and He have their first date. They both try<br />

to seduce the other one. But to really know<br />

who he is/who she is, they will have to let their<br />

masks down. Literally.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SATURDAY February 18th<br />

Student Films<br />

The Fault<br />

Drama ● 9 min<br />

Maricopa, Arizona<br />

Director: Kaden Rogers<br />

When a devastating<br />

earthquake strikes Phoenix,<br />

two brothers and their<br />

neighbor must fight for their<br />

survival and locate their<br />

loved ones.<br />

The Wild Wonderous<br />

West<br />

Drama/Western ● 6 min<br />

Maricopa, Arizona<br />

Directors: Adam Houser, Nico<br />

McKinley, Ashton Owen<br />

The sheriff of a small quiet<br />

town in the wild west thinks<br />

his job’s easy until an old<br />

enemy arises. The bandit<br />

group has been terrorizing<br />

6:00 P.M.<br />

the town and it’s up to the<br />

sheriff to stop them.<br />

The Lockdown<br />

Drama ● 6 min<br />

Maricopa, Arizona<br />

Director: Matthew Coles<br />

A group of students break<br />

into a school and run into an<br />

unexpected problem.<br />

Competition Films<br />

Dr. Elevator<br />

Comedy/Fantasy ● 13 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Kartikye Gupta<br />

Trapped in an elevator with a strange<br />

woman going into labor, an Indian<br />

mathematician with Asperger must rise to<br />

the occasion and deliver the baby.<br />

Uncle Albert<br />

Dark Comedy ● 12 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Summer Blake<br />

Karen’s left emotionless following the death<br />

of her distant Uncle, Albert, she’ll stop at<br />

nothing to prove to fellow guests that she<br />

can indeed feel “sad.”<br />

Success<br />

Drama ● 13 min ● Norway (SUB) (ST)<br />

Director: Stian Sivertsen<br />

August is moving to a new city to study what<br />

he loves most: art. His father, who drives<br />

him, is not as happy with his choice of study.<br />

The Bus Trip<br />

Documentary ● 14 min ● Sweden (SUB) (ST)<br />

Director: Sarah Gampel<br />

Sarah goes to Israel hoping for political<br />

discussions and friendship, but the<br />

conversation ends when she brings up the<br />

occupation of Palestine. Instead, she talks to<br />

her dead dad over a noisy phone line.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student<br />

Care for Me<br />

Dark Comedy ● 11 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Sam Freedman<br />

The story of a wistful caregiver, his lonely<br />

employer, and the particularly terrible thing<br />

that happens to them.<br />

True Colors<br />

Drama ● 10 min ● Australia (ST)<br />

Director: David Valent<br />

An increasingly desolate teenage schoolboy<br />

creates a coded language using paint color<br />

sample cards to express his secret desires<br />

and feelings for the object of his affection.<br />

The Addiction<br />

Drama/Romance ● 10min ● China (SUB) (ST)<br />

Director: Dannes Zhang<br />

In a city of wealth, the homeless are often<br />

forgotten as Shanghai continues to struggle<br />

with modernization. A homeless man tries to<br />

fix a couple's broken relationship while<br />

fighting the social stigma against him.<br />

A Fire in All of Us<br />

Documentary ● 3 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: David Smith<br />

A video about the passion and dedication<br />

that the Chino Valley FFA chapter has for its<br />

community. FFA makes a positive difference<br />

in the lives of students by developing their<br />

potential for premier leadership, personal<br />

growth and career success through<br />

agricultural education.

SATURDAY February 18th<br />

Scary Choices<br />

8:30 P.M.<br />

A mix of Horror, Adult Themes and Moral Choices.<br />

These films are unrated: (Admission Restricted to 16 years+)<br />

Tobi & Matt: a dawn awakening<br />

Drama ● 10 min ● USA<br />

Director: Joe Gruberman<br />

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir<br />

Horror/Thriller ● 13 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: David E. Munz-Maire<br />

A grieving widow lets her guard down on the<br />

anniversary of her late husband's death.<br />

A Light On<br />

Thriller / Horror ● 6 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Cedric Gegel<br />

When Brad arrives home minutes before his<br />

wife to find an intruder in their home, he<br />

decides to take matters into his own hands.<br />

He will never forget what he found inside.<br />

In the Hands of God<br />

Drama ● 7 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Alex Rivers<br />

A priest hears the confession of a man<br />

planning on killing his stepmother and must<br />

decide whether or not to intervene.<br />

A gruesome coming of age story about a<br />

vintner son’s disobedience and desire to care<br />

for his ailing mother.<br />

160 Characters<br />

Documentary ● 11 min ● United Kingdom<br />

Director: Victoria Mapplebeck<br />

When a vintage Nokia is recharged, a<br />

compelling real life story is revealed. A story<br />

that unfolds in just 100 texts and tells the<br />

story of how two people, meet, date, break<br />

up and deal with an unplanned pregnancy.<br />

Shot entirely on an iPhone, 160 Characters<br />

uncovers the secrets and stories, buried in<br />

our mobiles both old and new.<br />

Might<br />

Sci-Fi/Drama/Thriller ● 9 min ● Finland<br />

Director: Emil Sallinen<br />

Maryam, a rebel leader in a post-apocalyptic<br />

world governed by a ruthless religion, is<br />

determined to prove that the huge metallic<br />

object hovering in the sky is not a god. An<br />

opportunistic mission - in which she runs into<br />

her lost father - ends with a revelation of a<br />

secret only a god can keep.<br />

Inheritance<br />

Drama/Western ● 15 min ● USA<br />

Director: Paul Stuart<br />

A gritty 1960's Texas drama examining the<br />

power struggle between two estranged<br />

sisters in the wake of domestic violence.<br />

Four Day Weekend<br />

Drama ● 20 min ● USA<br />

Director: Nicole Jones<br />

A middle-aged couple, married for twentythree<br />

years, takes a four-day break from each<br />

other. The aftermath leaves their relationship<br />

shaken and tested, but not broken.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SUNDAY February 19th<br />

Mixing It Up<br />

12:00 P.M.<br />

A little Comedy, a little Sci-Fi and a little Drama.<br />

From the USA and Norway.<br />

Quiet On Set<br />

Comedy/Romance ● 11 min ● Norway (SUB)<br />

Director: Petter Holmsen<br />

We're in a war-zone. The year must be 1940:<br />

World War 2. Soldiers are scattered in the<br />

snow: freezing, bleeding and dead. Suddenly<br />

we cut out: we're on a Norwegian film set in<br />

2015. Quiet On Set is a metafictional short<br />

film that deals with a romantic encounter at<br />

bottom of the film world ladder.<br />

Piper in the Woods<br />

Sci-Fi ● 7 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Matthew Ramirez<br />

With strange things happening at a remote<br />

research station, a university psychologist is<br />

sent to investigate. Based on a short story by<br />

Philip K. Dick.<br />

remnants<br />

Drama ● 19 min ● USA<br />

Director: A. Plancher<br />

An elderly writer struggles to reveal his dark,<br />

troubled past while suffering from Alzheimer's.<br />

Heather’s Painting<br />

Drama ● 15 min ● USA<br />

Director: Freddie Connor<br />

The story follows the breakdown of a family<br />

after losing their 14 year-old daughter,<br />

Heather, to stage 4 Leukemia. The marriage<br />

crumbles in the process of grief. Heather<br />

leaves them a secret message to help them<br />

through their turmoil.<br />

Carbon<br />

Sci-Fi ● 14 min ● USA<br />

Director: Christian Lybrook<br />

A rancher's carefully constructed life begins<br />

to unravel when she discovers strange happenings<br />

on her ranch.<br />

To Bee or Not to Bee<br />

Comedy ● 4 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Carlos Cortes<br />

The only thing standing in the way of Charlie<br />

and getting to his job interview is the bee in<br />

his car.<br />

Cradle<br />

Sci-Fi ● 11 min ● USA<br />

Director: David Holechek<br />

A man risks his body and mind to right a<br />

terrible wrong.<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SUNDAY February 19th<br />

Native American Showcase<br />

2:00 P.M.<br />

Ak-Chin student and competition films.<br />

Followed by a Q&A session with Filmmakers & a Q&A with Special Guest,<br />

Stockbridge-Mohican Nation Award-Winning Film Composer, Brent Michael Davids<br />

AWARD COMPETITION <strong>FILM</strong>S<br />

The Thunderbird over the Whale<br />

Documentary ● 15 min ● USA (ST)<br />

Director: Nicole Acevedo<br />

Spencer McCarty is an artist working in Neah<br />

Bay Washington. An accident prevents him<br />

from fishing and whaling regularly as his<br />

ancestors once did. He has spent his life<br />

reconciling the teachings of his ancestors with<br />

the modern world he has found himself in,<br />

where whaling is not practiced.<br />

Iroquois Creation Story<br />

Live Action/Animation ● 17 min ● USA<br />

Director: Cathleen Ashworth<br />

The Iroquois Creation Story film tells how our<br />

earth came to be according to the oral story<br />

recited by the Haudenosaunee people for<br />

hundreds of years. This film combines<br />

animation and dance to tell the story of Sky<br />

Woman & her Grandsons Flint and Sky Holder.<br />

The Gift<br />

Drama ● 14 min ● USA<br />

Directors: Sunny Moodie, Natalie Ulman, and<br />

Joshua Indenbaum<br />

A Muscogee woman is chosen by her<br />

grandfather to return a sacred object to their<br />

brothers and sisters living beyond the<br />

mountains.<br />

H.A.M.<br />

Sci-Fi ● 16 min ● USA<br />

Director: Boise Esquerra<br />

16-year-old Peter must cope with his crackpot<br />

father who builds a HAM Radio that<br />

inadvertently catches the attention of an alien<br />

creature from outer space.<br />

AK-CHIN STUDENT <strong>FILM</strong>S<br />

Close Encounter With An Alien<br />

Sci-Fi/Animation ● 2 min ● USA<br />

Director: Jeffrey Stoffer<br />

Humans don’t fare too well when an alien<br />

visits until they work together.<br />

Student Class President<br />

Drama ● 10 min ● USA<br />

Director: Cecily Peters<br />

When a class president position is up for<br />

election, class members campaign and show<br />

themselves at their best and worst.<br />

Lego Animation<br />

Animation ● 2 min ● USA<br />

Director: Jeffrey Stoffer<br />

In a stop-motion animation, Legos magically<br />

become part of games.<br />

The Native American<br />

Showcase Awards are sponsored by<br />

The Ak-Chin Indian Community<br />

And<br />

(SUB) Subtitled (ST) Student

SUNDAY February 19th<br />

Screenplay Table Read<br />

4:00 P.M.<br />

Before the cameras begin rolling on any film, the cast sits down together around a table and<br />

reads their lines.<br />

The director, producers, and anyone with a need-to-know listens. And, even though the film will<br />

not be shot in page 1– 90+ page sequence, this is the actors’ first chance to interact with their<br />

co-stars.<br />

Over 25 short screenplays (15 pages or less) were read and analyzed by our panel for concept/<br />

originality, structure, plot, character development and dialogue.<br />

We selected the best four screenplays to be table read by actors from the Maricopa area.<br />

Prizes for the winner and runner-up include software from our Hollywood sponsors,<br />

Jungle Software and Write Brothers. A short film (20 minutes or less) completed from the<br />

winning script will be showcased in the 2018 Copa Shorts Film Fest.<br />

Floating<br />

Sc-Fi/Drama ● 13 Pages ● Vermont<br />

Writer: Zane Swift<br />

Screenplays<br />

On a meteor floating through space with his mother and small city of people, Wyatt has the determination<br />

to explore and help his mom with her sickness. During his exploration, Wyatt will<br />

learn that not everything is what it seems.<br />

Hell to Pay: The Legend of Robert Johnson<br />

Fantasy/Drama ● 9 Pages ● California<br />

Writer: Giancarlo Fusi<br />

During the Depression, a sharecropper's burning desire to be a traveling Bluesman leads him to<br />

sell his soul to Satan at a Mississippi crossroads to become the greatest guitarist of all time.<br />

Holding Hands<br />

Drama ● 15 Pages ● Massasschusetts<br />

Writer: Barbara Keiler<br />

Fearing her marriage is dying, Meredith sweeps her husband off for a romantic getaway. Everything<br />

goes wrong--but somehow, in the end, everything goes right.<br />

Kitsune Mask<br />

Fantasy/Sci-Fi ● 15 pages ● Arizona<br />

Writer: Sara Fujimura<br />

When biracial, futuristic police officer Jay Yoshikawa traveled to Japan to pay her respects to her<br />

deceased grandparents, she didn’t intend to bring home the family’s secret and unleash it on the<br />

citizens of San Francisco. Now, this highly-trained cop must release her control to a yokaifighting,<br />

nine-tailed fox entity to become Kitsune Mask and defeat the soul-sucking ice demon<br />

Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman) before she takes the lives of Jay’s best friend and her love interest.

SUNDAY February 19th<br />

Best of the Fest<br />

6:00 P.M.<br />

The nine best-rated films in one film block. See the top picks if you were not able to<br />

attend all of the films over the last two days. We won’t spoil the surprise!<br />

Join us after this film block for the<br />

Wrap Party/Awards Ceremony<br />

Awards / Recognition / Buffet<br />

8:30 p.m.<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

Non-VIP Pass Holders—$30.00<br />

Featuring Award-Winning<br />

Gila River Blues Band<br />

Smokestack Lightning<br />

Musical Entertainment Sponsored by<br />

Awards Sponsored by<br />



Welcome to Copa Shorts Film Fest <strong>2017</strong>!<br />

Purchase tickets in advance to save a seat for:<br />

One or all of the 7 film blocks, the short<br />

Screenplay Contest, Best of the Fest showing<br />

of the winning films, or VIP or Day Passes.<br />

A Festival Awards/Wrap Party is scheduled at<br />

the conclusion of the festival.<br />



Block, Short Screenplay Contest or Best of the<br />

Fest)<br />

General Admission: $12<br />


<strong>COPA</strong> <strong>SHORTS</strong> <strong>FILM</strong> <strong>FEST</strong> 1-DAY PASS<br />

Saturday Only: 5 Category Film Blocks — $50<br />

Sunday Only: 2 Category Film Blocks + Short<br />

Screenplay Table Read + Best of the Fest +<br />

includes Awards/Wrap Party with Buffet and<br />

Entertainment —$65<br />

<strong>FEST</strong>IVAL AWARDS/WRAP PARTY ONLY<br />

(Sunday February 19th)<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

Wrap Party Only: $30 Food/Entertainment<br />

(General Admission)<br />


(Saturday Morning February 18th)<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

Students/Seniors (65+): $10<br />

Single screening block, day-of-show tickets<br />

may be purchased at the theater box office<br />

(as available).<br />

Have a question about buying tickets?<br />

Please contact us at:<br />

info@copashortsfilmfest.org<br />


With a VIP All Access Pass, your priority seating<br />

in UltraStar Theatre 1 is assured. A CSFF <strong>2017</strong><br />

VIP All-Access pass provides complimentary:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

VIP access to every category block, short<br />

screenplay contest winners/table read<br />

and Best of Fest screening during our 2-<br />

day event<br />

Priority seating at all screenings!<br />

Entry to the VIP-only Opening Mixer! Hors<br />

d’oeuvres + musical entertainment by<br />

Arvel Bird<br />

Entry to the Festival Awards/Wrap Party<br />

Buffet + music by Gila River’s Smokestack<br />

Lightning blues band<br />

Swag Bag<br />

9:00 a.m. Charging Your Creative Spark<br />

10:15 a.m. Film Scoring for Filmmakers<br />

No charge – Advanced registration is required.<br />

www.Eventbrite.com (Copa Shorts Film Fest-<br />

Educational Seminar 1 or 2) until seminars are<br />

filled.<br />


All ticket and pass sales are final. There are no<br />

refunds or exchanges of tickets, party or<br />

festival passes.

FRIDAY February 17<br />

<strong>COPA</strong> <strong>SHORTS</strong> <strong>FILM</strong> <strong>FEST</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />



8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.<br />

VIP Invitation only – meet with filmmakers<br />

/screenwriters/sponsors/press/VIP pass holders<br />

Arvel Bird<br />

International Award-Winning Celtic/Native American Recording Artist<br />

Elements Event Center<br />

SATURDAY February 18<br />

SUNDAY February 19<br />

Filmmaker Education Workshops<br />

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.<br />

10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.<br />

Elements Event Center<br />


(VIP Pass Holder Access to 2 nd Floor StarClass and VIP Room)<br />

<strong>FILM</strong> BLOCKS INCLUDE<br />

Q&A with Filmmakers & Special Guests after the Films<br />


12 PM / 2 PM / 4 PM / 6 PM / 8:30 PM<br />


12 PM / 2 PM<br />

4 PM — Short Screenplay Finalists Table Read<br />

Actors read the 4 finalists’ screenplays for the grand prize<br />

6 PM — Best of the Fest Films<br />

See some of the best short films from both days of the festival<br />



8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.<br />

Smokestack Lightning<br />

Award-Winning Gila River Indian Blues Band<br />

Elements Event Center

<strong>2017</strong> Copa Shorts Film Fest<br />

DONORS<br />

The following individuals have pledged their support to<br />

Copa Shorts Film Fest, Inc. through their generous<br />

financial gifts and in-kind contributions:<br />

County Supervisor Anthony Smith<br />

Maricopa City Mayor Christian Price<br />

Maricopa City Council member Peg Chapados<br />

Maricopa City Council member Marvin Brown<br />

Maricopa City Council member Nancy Smith<br />

Maricopa City Council member Julia Gusse<br />

Maricopa City Council member Henry Wade<br />

Maricopa City Council member Vincent Manfredi<br />

Maricopa City Council member Bridger Kimball<br />

Gina D’Abella<br />

A-1 Health and Wellness<br />

Cynthia Morgan<br />

Grace Robinson<br />

Roberto A. Reveles<br />

David B. Coward<br />

Joseph Dutra<br />

Anonymous<br />

How to Donate<br />

Copa Shorts Film Fest, Inc. is more<br />

than an annual film festival. We also<br />

present educational seminars in<br />

filmmaking and screenwriting<br />

through Central Arizona College and<br />

the Maricopa Unified School<br />

District. Please donate to our<br />

nonprofit so we can offer these<br />

life-changing workshops.<br />

To make a tax-deductible<br />

contribution, see our website and<br />

hit the “Donate” button, which<br />

takes you to a secure connection on<br />

Paypal.<br />

We welcome in-kind donations for<br />

our silent auction, volunteering at<br />

the festival (February 17-19, <strong>2017</strong>)<br />

and ticket purchases. VIP All-<br />

Access , one day, and individual film<br />

block passes are available at<br />

www.copashortsfilmfest.org<br />

Thank you for your contribution!<br />

Join us for a fun, fabulous event!


Copa Shorts Film Fest thanks the following Sponsors who are an essential part of<br />

bringing quality independent short films and screenplays to Maricopa.<br />



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