M A T E R N I T Y , N E W B O R N S & W A T C H M E G R O W P L A N S

preparing for your session

Try not to schedule vaccinations the day before your session. Shots make babies

cranky and are stressful for parents too.

Lay out any outfits for mom and dad the night before so they are ready to go and

wrinkle free.

Try and keep the baby awake at least 90 minutes before the session.

I will turn the heat up to around 80-85 degrees about 30 minutes prior to your session.

This will ensure a comfortable and sleepy baby! Keep this in mind when deciding what

to wear.

Make sure the baby is fed right before the session, but we’ll take as many breaks

during as necessary. Have bottles ready to go if your baby is bottle-fed. If they take a

pacy, please also bring that with you.

Clothe baby in something easy to slip on and off without causing disturbance or just

wrap him/her in a warm blanket. Make sure the diaper is on loose as this prevents red

marks on the skin.

Please fill out the newborn questionare on my website. If you have a very specific color

scheme you want or if there are certain poses, props, etc. you DO or DO NOT want

done, please inform me ahead of time.

I will have snacks, coffee, and beverages for you to enjoy. You are welcome to sit in

with me, but at times babies are more settled when their moms aren’t close.

I love to photograph newborns in their birthday suit. I do provide neutral colored props,

like hats, blankets, headbands, etc. Feel free to look through my collection and pick

anything you’d like to include! I reccomend avoiding fancy outfits for new babies, as

they are almost always too big and over power the sweet baby!

Mom & dad should wear something simple. I usually reccomend jeans and a neutral

colored shirt (like a plain t-shirt or tank). This helps keep the focus on your baby and

your bond.

Even though you’re an exhausted mom, put on a little bit of make up so you feel refreshed.

Those first few weeks are hard and you deserve time to feel pretty.

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