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our menu for your function!

[ food truck ]

we are excited to help you plan your event.

our seasonal menus are fully customizable

we only use highest quality products.

our meat doesn‘t contain preservatives, colorants nor additives.

we always focus on the needs of our customers.

special requests are always welcome.

[ canapés ]

pricing on request

•herring salad sliders topped with crispy onions

•shredded sausage salad sliders topped with crispy onions

•smoked bavarian ham with truffle butter and radish shavings on pretzel sticklets

•feta, cranberry and pumpkin seed crème on rocket topped with balsamic

reduction on pretzel sticklets

•veal patè with fresh marjoram on a crispy roll slider

[ sausages ]

brat r45

juicy german grilled veal & pork sausage - traditional brat - topped with warm

home made kraut & real german mustard slathered onto a warm crispy roll.

the frank r55

a footlong frank, covered with pickled red cabbage, home made onion relish &

gherkins, finished with crispy onions, ketchup & mustard on a sesame brioche bun.

the pretzeldog r55

a cheesy frank in a pretzel stick topped with caramelized onions, bacon jam,

carrot & cucumber shavings, finished with crispy onions, ketchup & mustard.

currywurst r40 - r55

germanys most famous street food. 1 or 2 grilled brats cut into slices, slathered

with german curry ketchup accompanied by a warm crispy roll. different spice

levels available.

[ meats ]

pulled pork r65 (min. 25 portions)

bavarian style slow roasted pork shoulder marinated in a dark beer sauce with

•warm homemade kraut & german mustard on a crispy roll.

•carrot, pear & red cabbage slaw topped with bbq sauce on a crispy roll.

pretzel burger r60

beef/pork patty with crisp lettuce, red cabbage, pear and carrot slaw, herb mayo,

smelted cheese, and german mustard on a pretzel bun.

[ sides ]

•franconian potato salad with gherkins. r25 / add bacon r5

•slow roasted caramelized veggies, glazed with a balsamic reduction. r25

•roasted rosemary baby potatoes. r20

•kaas spatzn (fresh traditional german eggnoodles with cheese). r45

•home made, cooked sauerkraut with german herbs and spices. r25

•pink mint couscous with seasonal fresh veggies. r25

[ veggie ]

the green frank r55

2 vegan sausages covered with pickled red cabbage, caramelized onions &

gherkins, finished with crispy onions, ketchup & mustard on a sesame brioche bun.

haloumi burger r65

grilled haloumi with crisp lettuce, red cabbage, pear & carrot slaw topped with

herb mayo on a pretzel bun.

stuffed butternut r45

roasted butternut with feta, pumpkin seed, onion & tomato filling. glazed with a

maple syrup & apple cider reduction.

haloumi sandwich r60

grilled haloumi, rocket, avo, pumpkin seeds, roasted cherry tomatoes & herb mayo

on a baguette.

brie panini r65

brie cheese, mixed green leaves, pumpkin seeds, guacamole, pear shavings & herb

mayo on a fluffy panini.

[ FAQ‘S ]

do we need to provide electricity for your truck?

no. our truck is completely off the grid, solely powered by gas & the sunlight.

what are the dimensions of your truck?

our truck is 2,90 high, 6,20 long & 2,60 wide.

is there a call-out fee?

yes. we charge r1000 as a call-out fee, so we can cover all our expenses,

like petrol, gas, oil, etc.

how do i pay you?

we accept cash, snapscan, zapper & eft payments.

why choose us?

as envoys of the sausage embassy, we take pride in reinventing german cuisine as

modern street food. the combination of best quality produce, inventive flavors and

our passionate approach ensures an exceptional product experience. providing an

ex-military truck, 4x4 & off the grid, we can deliver where others can‘t.

these elements combined with our enthusiasm will make the key difference.



[phone] 081.280.5999

[ truck ]

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