Volume 1, Issue 1 - November 2006 - Evergreen Enterprises, Inc.


Volume 1, Issue 1 - November 2006 - Evergreen Enterprises, Inc.




Greetings from the team here at the

Richmond office! We’ve been very busy this

last quarter of 2006 shipping your Fall &

Christmas reorders and getting ready for

2007. By now many of you have most likely

reviewed with your territory manager or

have received your Spring/Summer 2007

Evergreen and Cypress catalogs. We’re very

proud of the offering we’ve put together, and

the initial reaction has been very good. As

always, we’re backing these catalogs with

excellent pre-book terms, so contact your

territory manager or customer service to

learn more.

Over the past twelve months our company

has made significant investments to better

support our independent retailers. We have

made major improvements in our field

representation, increasing the overall

number of territory managers by 40%. Not

only are we increasing the number of field

people in order to better serve you, we’re

also improving their tools and training. All

of them now have a comprehensive laptopbased

scanning system that features current

inventory data. No more guessing what is in

stock; it’s at their fingertips. In addition, we

are conducting extensive training sessions

related to each product release and

refresher courses on our core categories.

Finally, we have opened or expanded

showrooms in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas.

As always we thank you for your continued

support of the Evergreen family of product

lines. You have made 2006 a record year

and we’re looking forward to your

continued support as we enter 2007. I am

always free to discuss any product ideas,

concerns you may have, or ideas for

continued operational improvement. Feel

free to contact me either directly at the

Evergreen office (800-774-3837 ext. 3220)

or via email (johnt@myevergreen.com).

– John Toler, Vice President of Sales

see back for 2007 winter show schedule






See our full range of products

in our new Spring/Summer 2007

catalogs. For more information, call

1-800-774-3837 or check our

website at www.myevergreen.com

1-800-774-3837 www.myevergreen.com


5915 Midlothian Turnpike

Richmond, VA 23225



what’s new

Together our latest catalogs contain over 640

pages of product for 2007! Over a thousand

new items have been combined with the best

of 2006 to give what is probably the largest

offering ever from Evergreen & Cypress Home.

On the Evergreen side we’re leading off with

several new product categories. We have two

new categories within our flag offering that I

believe you’ll have interest in: spinner flags

and stencil flags. We have also added over

200 new flag SKUs to the line. We are your

one stop shop for the flag category! Also be

sure to review our newest category, greeting

posts, on page 236 of the Evergreen catalog.

If you’re successful with flags, chances are

you’ll be successful with these.

On the Cypress side of the business we have

come up with several powerful, new

collections. If you’re into coastal product

Seafood at the Beach (pages 22–27) is for you.

If you’re off the water check out Red, White &

Watermelon (pages 42–47). In addition to our

Cypress collections we have expanded our

textile offering, added to Mango Moon, and

updated the Confetti line.



When reviewing our Spring 2007

Cypress Home offering you will

notice the recent additions of

embroidered textiles into the overall

product mix. The approach in 2007

with embroidered textiles is to

incorporate them into both new and

existing collections, such as Welcome

to the Shore (Cypress Home 2007,

page 4). Key icons or patterns within

each collection are incorporated into


The 2007 Coastal Destinations

collections in our most recent

Cypress Home catalog will meet your

needs if you are in search of fresh

coastal product. Coastal Destinations

features seven distinct product

collections ranging from Mystic

Mermaids (left) to Jim Shore’s Bayside

Light (above) to Seafood at the Beach

(right). Savor the sand and surf!

embroidered textiles

napkins, oven mitts, table runners,

aprons, placemats and kitchen towels.

Some include appropriate phrases

(below) to compliment the lifestyle

behind the design. The common

motifs and colors make them a great

accent to our core ceramic and

melamine pieces. Retailers have told

us the price points are very

competitive, so look for more to come

in upcoming product releases.


Our many floral collections use

nature’s gifts to help you create your

personal oasis. From practical pieces

for entertaining, to beautiful décor

items to brighten your world, you’ll

find it all in these beautiful lifestyle

collections. Among our new floral

groups featured are Garden Room

(left) and Maison des Fleurs (right).

See the new Spring/Summer 2007

Home catalog for more!





New decorative metal silhouette art

(bottom right) joins our current

offering of stretched canvas in our

Gallery Collection for 2007. The

new silhouette art can be found

mixed in with relevant collections—

especially in the areas of coffee and

wine—in the recently released

Spring 2007 Cypress Home catalog.

It will be prominently displayed in

our showrooms this upcoming

January show season, so be sure to

check them out!

In addition to the metal silhouette

art, Cypress Home will be expanding

its stretched canvas selection with

new offerings from Paul Brent (far

right), Wendy Russell, and Donna

Waylan. Finally, we have also

released new wood signs with beach

and coastal themes, suitable for wall

hanging or shelf display.


When reviewing our Cypress Home

catalog be sure to review page 302

and our Terra Passage collection. It

features six distinctive clocks with an

“Old World” feel. Our Grand Central

Station depot wall clock has been an

excellent performer over the past

year. Look for an expansion of our

Terra Passage collection in upcoming

product releases.



décor mango


Mango Moon has quickly grown into

one of the most productive offerings

in the Cypress line. These items are

hand-crafted with nickel-plated brass

and finished with bamboo, mother of

pearl, glass or—in our newest

collection—bark. We have now

expanded Mango Moon into wine

stoppers and paper towel holders.

pillows &


Whether merchandised to

complement one of our collections

or standing alone, our pillows and

throws offer cuddly quality,

luxurious fabrics, and comfy prices.

Ask us to show you our broad range

of colors, feels, and themes from

casual to classy in our

Spring/Summer 2007 Home catalog.

garden deck stand

Broaden the appeal of garden flags

with our new metal stand bases. All

of our standard garden flag stands

can be inserted easily. Four fun and

sturdy designs—ladybug, butterfly,

seashell, and swirl—give your

customers a variety of choices to

display their flags on their deck or

patio. These are also a great tool for

merchandising garden flags

throughout your store.


Our stencil flags offer a fresh, new

treatment of a popular theme. The

effect you get when light passes

through is breathtaking. The rich

colors of these designs pop from the

white backgrounds, and show

beautifully on your display. Hang

them in your store window and

watch as your customers come.

Available in five floral patterns in the

new Flag & Garden catalog.




These are one of the most exciting

intros on the Evergreen side for

2007! We have started out with

eleven different styles along with a

metal holder and display. For those

who have been successful with our

decorative flags, greeting posts are an

excellent fit. Look for new styles in

our upcoming Fall/Holiday catalog.

in the


Bring a rustic, natural feel to your

garden with our beautiful new

birdhouses. Your customers will love

the deep, rich colors and sturdy

quality of our new glass bird baths—

an outstanding value! We offer

lanterns in a wide range of styles and

price points. Attractive, well-made

designs that are sure to light up sales!



New for this year, our spinner flags

add a new “twist” to these great

whimsical designs. The spinning

icons literally put this product in

motion and are sure to draw your


customers’ attention. Available in the

new Flag & Garden catalog in both

regular and garden size. Quality,

selection, innovation, and design

have made Evergreen the industry

leader for flags and related products!


Evergreen Portlys remain a customer

favorite. Our birds, garden insects

and other animals are characterized

by round, chubby bodies and can be

displayed indoors and out. Each

Portly is uniquely sculpted and

hand-painted exclusively for

Evergreen by highly skilled artists.

Most designs are available in two or

more sizes, as well as a windchime.

Evergreen is working on a hot new

category that you will definitely

want to get in on: Artisan Glass

plates and accessories. This

collection features licensed art

decaled onto tempered glass

plates, showcasing the colors and

details in the art. The thick glass

and curved rims add to the artistic

look. The best part: this gallery

look is also functional; the plates

are food and dishwasher safe

making them a must for every


With the growing interest in glass

accessories, look for these pieces

in new collections and as

additions to top collections.

Selling opportunities include

appetizer/dessert plates, platters,

objects d’art, candle plate and as

beautiful art. Showcase your

favorite piece in one of our metal

easels or use as a center piece.

Artisan Glass plates will be

available in square, round and

rectangle platter in sizes ranging

from 6" to 14". This is guaranteed

to be a hit, so keep an eye out so

you can get yours first.

Add a decorative touch with

Artisan Glass in your home.



Since the beginning of time, man

has been obsessed with sound and

the beauty it carries. Our product

development team is working on a

beautiful new addition to the

Evergreen Garden product line,

offering you the mystery and

sound of hand-tuned windchimes.

Our team of skilled musicians is

working with our manufacturers to

develop this line based on the

sounds of spring, tranquility and

many others that you must hear to

believe. The addition of handtuned

chimes has been long

anticipated. Following the growing

trend of outdoor entertaining and

the long time success of our

windchime products, these are a

perfect way to add subtle-butstriking

beauty in both sight and

Coming this December for early

first quarter 2007 shipment is Pony

Pasture, a follow-up to our very

successful Running Free

collection. Running Free has been

a top five Cypress collection for

several years and our customers

had asked for something new with

horses for 2007. Pony Pasture is

our answer.

sound to your garden or outdoor

entertaining area.

We are committed to offering the

best merchandising solutions

possible. You will have two display

options—a floor model and a

hanging model—to make a strong

statement in your store. Don’t miss

the must-have display fan

attachment, which will help draw

your customers in with the beauty

of sound. As the sound echoes

through your store, you are sure to

also generate the ringing sound of

the hand-tuned chimes going out

your door.






pony pasture

800-774-3837 www.myevergreen.com


Hand-tuned chimes will be

available in a variety of designs

and sizes ranging from 24" to 60".

Take this opportunity to get in on

the sounds of Evergreen.

As you can imagine, finding a

suitable replacement for a top

selling collection wasn’t easy. Our

product development team turned

down several other options before

focusing on Pony Pasture. Initial

reaction from our territory

managers and selected retailers

points towards a strong


o learn more…

Have questions about our

company or our products?

Please contact us directly at 1-

800-774-3837 or visit us on the

web at www.myevergreen.com.

If you would like to get in

touch with your local sales

representative please contact


January 9–17

Atlanta International Gift & Home

Furnishings Market

1307–1309 AmericasMart

January 18–25

Chicago Gift & Home Market

12-542 Merchandise Mart

January 17–23

Dallas Super Market

344 Dallas Market Center

January 19–22

California Gift Show

2600 L.A. Convention Center

January 27–30

Seattle Gift Show

1837 Washington State

Convention & Trade Center

the 800 number listed above

and speak with one of our

helpful customer service


Be sure to periodically visit our

web site for updates on new

product intros, promotions and

upcoming special events.



February 17–21

San Francisco International

Gift Fair

1727 Moscone Center

visit us

at the

winter shows

see what’s


take advantage

of show





dolls & bears


Some of our greatest tools are the

ideas we gain from our customers.

When we discover successful

programs or merchandising

solutions, it’s important to get the

word out so others can benefit.

Carytown Dolls & Bears opened

its doors in 1999 not as a flag

seller but as a collectables and

specialty gift store. Owners Diana

and Ed Camden shared a love for

the beauty of flags. While

designing their store front they

incorporated flags across the front

to add a little personality. The

response to the flags was

overwhelming; in 2002 they

decided to add decorative flags to

their offering. Approaching the

line with some reservations, they

started with a small Stumpy cart


But why would someone come to

a store named for dolls and bears

to buy flags? They decided the

only way this program would

succeed was if potential customers

knew they carried flags. They



immediately started setting up a

tent on the sidewalk in front of

their store to draw in the

customers. Their flag business

quickly grew and expanded into

the already full store. Making

room for a wall display showing

all flags out of the package, while

labor intensive, proved to be very

effective. They were not initially

excited about investing much in

hardware. But after repeat visits

from their sales representative

assuring them that hardware

would carry 30% of their flag

business, they added the hardware

and quickly realized the rewards.

Their flag business has grown over

the years, and they have gained

the loyalty of their customers, who

continue to come back year after

year, buying flags for friends,

family, holidays and special

occasions. Diana and Ed attribute

their flag success to two things: 1)

The customer has to see the flag.

Make them visible from the

outside of your store. 2)

Displaying every flag out of the

package where the customer can

see them.

If you have a merchandising solution

that has proven to be successful for

your business and would like to be

featured in our next issue of “Inside &

Out,” send your story with photos to:

Evergreen Enterprises, Inc.

Attn: Merchandising Solutions

5915 Midlothian Turnpike

Richmond, VA 23225

artist signing (July 2006)

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