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Original's - A Short Guide to Cultural Responsibility for Corporate

Original's - A Short Guide to Cultural Responsibility for

A short guide to cultural responsibility for corporate Our vision of CSR While the efficiency of national public policies is decreasing and the « Y » Millennial generation is raising, ethical commitments become a necessary value for the sustainability of the common good and the business itself. CSR is a positive vision of the role of corporations in society that rejects the existence of a conflict between the benefits and the social concerns for companies. CSR policies are not a specific part of the organization charts anymore. CSR policies are not a precise engagement anymore. CSR is now a global business, public and societal strategy. CSR makes the issues of today the innovations of tomorrow, and represents a good way to maximise the interests of the stakeholders and shareholders. In this way, it is time to anticipate the issues, challenges and opportunities that globalization’s outcomes will represent in order to create the next major values for consumers. When asked about the future of business responsibility, Lockheed Martin’s CEO highlighted the current evolution from the footprint of the carbon emissions to the human handprint of the human impact of business on people. In a world of interdependencies common good is more than ever at stake, and we believe that cultural ethics are hopefully going to drive the next wave of innovation and growth in the global economy.

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