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When I first entered the digital marketing arena almost a decade ago

When I first entered the digital marketing arena almost a decade

When I first entered the digital marketing arena almost a decade ago, SEO was the buzzword of the time. abul Hussain It was a relatively simple concept to grasp and quite simple [yet labour intensive] tactic to deploy. Best of all, there was no need to invest in monthly digital advertising! abul hussain internet marketing Businesses could create a website in a day and use what are known as ‘blackhat’ marketers to dominate the front page of Google’s search results to generate customers on autopilot. abul hussain consultant The tactic these blackhat marketers used was rather simple – build as many links as you could back to the website you were trying to rank. abul hussain author At the time Google’s algorithm treated these backlinks as votes and the more votes you had, the more credible you were and Google would reward you with higher rankings in its results. I’ve known several people who have turned over millions of pounds and dollars simply playing the blackhat SEO game. Several fraudsters selling magic potions and pills [you can imagine the sorts] had used Google’s platform to con hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people into buying unregulated crap. Come 2011, when Google thought enough is enough, it’s time to de-list all of these low-quality websites, it introduced the Panda update. Thousands of online businesses that had been cash cows for years, suffered a collapse in revenue, literally over-night. The good ol’ days of gaming Google for a quick buck was over.

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