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Learning to Learn - Teacher Manual Introduction

The Learning to Learn programme is aimed at embedding a culture of learning and study at Junior Cycle. One of the key objectives of the Junior Cycle is to place the student at the centre of the teaching and learning. Students today are facing the challenge of ongoing changes in the nature of knowledge and the need for the requisite skills to process this increasing amount of information. This programme will assist students in knowing themselves better as learners, being more organised and confident along with having a proven study system and learning approach which will reduce their stress levels and add to their sense of well-being.


Section 1 : Introduction Transitioning and Section 1: Settling into Study Students starting off in secondary school are faced by a number of challenges and fears. Students who manage this transition successfully tend to settle into their academic life more quickly and as such have an advantage on beginning to make progress in their studies. The focus for this section is to assist the student in settling into their learning and study as quickly and efficiently as possible. This section is aimed at students understanding themselves better as learners and developing skills which will aid their learning and study into the future. This section is broken up into the following areas: Chapters 1 and 2 look at the key skills that will help students settle in and adjust to their new learning environment and also introduce them to the key skills they will be developing for the Junior Cycle. Chapters 3 and 4 explore the subjects students will be studying and what they need to understand in these subjects both for class and for doing homework. Chapter 5 looks at how the brain works and how they can use this knowledge to improve their learning. Chapters 6 to 9 share with the students strategies for managing all the new information they will be engaging with. They will explore strategies to aid them in their thinking, note taking, reading and writing. Chapter 10 will introduce the students to some simple memory methodologies which they can use in their study and revision. Finally there is an end of section reflection for students to reflect on what they have learned personally from the section and how this can improve their learning and study going forward. The students will be given the opportunity to practise all these new skills with some of the subjects they will be doing for the Junior Certificate. Some schools may decide to use the early chapters in this section as part of the induction programme for students and continue with the remainder of the section throughout first year. 23

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