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Learning to Learn - Teacher Manual Introduction

The Learning to Learn programme is aimed at embedding a culture of learning and study at Junior Cycle. One of the key objectives of the Junior Cycle is to place the student at the centre of the teaching and learning. Students today are facing the challenge of ongoing changes in the nature of knowledge and the need for the requisite skills to process this increasing amount of information. This programme will assist students in knowing themselves better as learners, being more organised and confident along with having a proven study system and learning approach which will reduce their stress levels and add to their sense of well-being.

Section 1: Chapter 1

Section 1: Chapter 1 Settling into Secondary school Lesson 1: My Timetable Lesson 2: Being Organised Lesson 3: Filling in my Homework Journal 2 Behaviours for Learning Chapter Lesson 4: Behaviours for Learning 1 Lesson 5: Skills and Attitudes Lesson 6: Behaviour for Learning 2 Lesson 7: Key Skills for Junior Cycle 3 My Subjects Chapter Lesson 8: What are my Subjects? Lesson 9: Subjects and Topics Lesson 10: Topics and Keywords 4 What is Homework? Chapter Lesson 11: The Purpose of Homework Lesson 12: Types of Homework Lesson 13: Completing Homework Assignments 5 My Brain and Learning Chapter Lesson 14: Growing my Brain Lesson 15: Improving our Learning Lesson 16: Paired and Group Learning 24

6 Managing Information and Thinking Chapter Section 1: Lesson 17: Developing Curiosity Lesson 18: Command Words 1 Lesson 19: Command Words 2 7 Managing Information and Note Taking Chapter Lesson 20: Writing Frames Lesson 21: Visual Notes 8 Managing Information and Reading Chapter Lesson 22: Active Reading 1 Lesson 23: Active Reading 2 – T2M2C Model Lesson 24: Active Reading 3 – T2M2C Model 9 Managing Information and Listening Chapter Lesson 25: Skills for Learning – Listening 1 Lesson 26: Skills for Learning – Listening 2 10 Memory Techniques Chapter Lesson 27: Memory Techniques 1 Lesson 28: Memory Techniques 2 End of section reflection 25

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