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Maria Fabrizio 2 nd Period Honors American Literature Wolfe-Cundiff May 28, 2017 Final Socratic Seminar Questions Great Gatsby 1. In “The Great Gatsby”, who came to hate “Eastern” life? Give textual support. (close-ended) 2. Do you think Tom truly loved Daisy or was it just to “claim his territory”? (open-ended) A Good Man is Hard to Find 1. Is it true that no matter the crime committed, whether large or small, the punishment will always be the same? (world connection) 2. Does the grandmother have the ability to be a good woman? (close-ended) 3. Is the grandmother like the Misfit? In what ways? (open-ended) A Rose for Emily 1. Do you think we could live a life like Emily? Killing someone if we have trust/ abandonment issues? Live life with no social rules and laws? (close-ended) 2. Why does the narrator portray Emily as a monument but at the same time pitied? (literary analysis) 3. Like Emily being defined by her father’s actions in raising her, do you believe that a person’s past experiences affect who the become/ who they are? (universal theme/core Fences

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