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George Parker believed it was always possible to make

a better pen. It’s what drove him to patent his first

leak-free fountain pen in 1888 and it’s the philosophy that

motivates the constant refinement of Parker pens today.

Iconic details like the arrow clip and the hand-assembled,

Ace-emblazoned nibs, are anchored in a heritage of

craftsmanship, driven forward by the belief that writing with

a finely crafted instrument can enhance and deepen your

thoughts. It’s this commitment to quality that has made the

Parker name synonymous with excellence in fine writing.

With years of experience and innovation, Parker’s

commitment to quality has ensured that each pen delivers

the best writing experience for when it matters most.

For better first thoughts, for better final drafts, for better

thinking, you don’t just need a pen, you need a Parker.


WRITING MODES ...................... 7

DUOFOLD ...................... 8

PARKER PREMIER ...................... 12

SONNET ...................... 16

PARKER INGENUITY ...................... 20

URBAN ...................... 23

PARKER IM ...................... 28

JOTTER ...................... 33




An emblem of Parker’s heritage.

A symbol of excellence since 1921, Duofold remains the most distinguished

pen in Parker’s discerning lineage. Driven by a commitment to superior

craftsmanship, every detail of Duofold is carefully thought out and

executed. From the emblematic design of the ace emblazoned 18-carat solid

gold nib to the precious metal finishes, each piece is meticulously brought

together by hand to ensure the finest writing experience.



Ruthenium Chiselled CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931333 1931364 1931368 1931367

Blue Chevron GT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931369 1931370 1931374 1931373

Black Chevron CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1945413 1945412 1945416 1945414

Burgundy Chevron CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1945418 1945417 1945420 1945419

Ivory & Black GT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931391 (Cent.) 1931392 (Cent.) 1931395 1931396

1931393 (Intl.) 1931394 (Intl.)

Big Red CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931375 (Cent.) 1931376 (Cent.) 1931380 1931379

1931377 (Intl.) 1931378 (Intl.)


Blue & Black CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1947983 (Cent.) 1947984 (Cent.) 1947987 1947988

1947985 (Intl.) 1947986 (Intl.)

Black GT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931381 (Cent.) 1931382 (Cent.) 1931385 1931386

1931383 (Intl.) 1931384 (Intl.)

Black CT

Fountain Pen Fine Fountain Pen Medium Rollerball Pen Ballpoint Pen

1931365 (Cent.) 1931366 (Cent.) 1931389 1931390

1931387 (Intl.) 1931388 (Intl.)


Parker Premier

Contemporary design with commanding prestige.

Professional and prestigious, Parker Premier features a bold and sophisticated

modern design brought together by the exceptional legacy of Parker

craftsmanship. With refined details and an 18-carat solid gold nib, every stroke

offers great precision and comfort for a truly exceptional writing experience.



A timeless symbol of elegance.

A classic expression of refined style, Sonnet is Parker’s symbol of elegance.

With an array of designs, including the enduring Ciselé pattern, every intricate

detail is skillfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion.



The next generation in fine writing.

Combining breakthrough innovation and daring style. Parker Ingenuity is Parker’s

pioneer. Using the unique patented 5th technology, it instantly adapts to every

unique handwriting style to deliver an effortlessly smooth writing experience.



Distinctive style with remarkable performance.

The eye-catching Urban takes over a century of Parker tradition into dynamic

new territory. With its inimitable curved design and range of finishes, it was crafted to

compliment personal style and elevate the confidence behind every word.



Parker IM

Highly professional and reliable.

An ideal partner with unlimited potential, Parker IM is all at once smart,

polished and established. With a durable stainless steel nib and finishes

that echo the Parker legacy, every detail is refined to deliver a writing

experience that is always dependable.


Description NIB style Newell Code DISTRIBUTOR CODE*

Duofold Black GT Ballpoint Pen 1931386 10700900

Duofold Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1931390 10700901

Duofold Ivory & Black GT Ballpoint Pen 1931396 10700902

Duofold Big Red CT Ballpoint Pen 1931379 10700903

Duofold Blue & Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1947988 10700904

Duofold Presige Blue Chevron GT Ballpoint Pen 1931373 10700905

Duofold Prestige Black Chevron CT Ballpoint Pen 1945414 10700906

PREMIER Deep Black Lacquer GT Ballpoint Pen 1931412 10701100

PREMIER Deep Black Lacquer CT Ballpoint Pen 1931416 10701101

PREMIER Monochrome Black Ballpoint Pen 1931430 10701103

PREMIER Custom Crimson Red RT Ballpoint Pen 1972065 10701104

PREMIER Custom Tartan PT Ballpoint Pen 1931420 10701105

Sonnet Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1931502 10701400

Sonnet Black GT Ballpoint Pen 1931497 10701401

Sonnet Stainless Steel CT Ballpoint Pen 1931512 10701402

Sonnet Chiselled Silver PGT Ballpoint Pen 1931487 10701403

Sonnet Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1931536 10701404

Sonnet Chiselled Silver & Black GT Ballpoint Pen 1931540 10701405

Sonnet Black CT Rollerball Pen 1931501 10701300

Sonnet Black GT Rollerball Pen 1931496 10701301

Sonnet Stainless Steel CT Rollerball Pen 1931511 10701302

Sonnet Chiselled Silver PGT Rollerball Pen 1931486 10701303

Sonnet Blue CT Rollerball Pen 1948087 10701304

Sonnet Chiselled Silver & Black GT Rollerball Pen 1931539 10701305

Sonnet Black CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931500 10701200

Sonnet Black GT Fountain Pen Medium 1931495 10701201

Sonnet Stainless Steel CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931510 10701202

Ingenuity Large Black Lacquer CT 5TH Medium 1931467 10701000

Ingenuity Large Black Rubber & Metal CT 5TH Medium 1931469 10701001

Ingenuity Deluxe Black Red CT 5TH Medium 1972068 10701002

Ingenuity Deluxe Chrome CT 5TH Medium 1931466 10701003

Urban Premium Pearl Metal Chiselled CT Ballpoint Pen 1931611 10701700

Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiselled CT Ballpoint Pen 1931615 10701701

Urban Premium Dark Blue Ballpoint Pen 1931565 10701702

Urban Premium Orange Ballpoint Pen 1931627 10701703

Urban Premium Dark Purple Ballpoint Pen 1931569 10701704

Urban Premium Aureate Powder Ballpoint Pen 1931573 10701705

Urban Premium Silver Powdered Ballpoint Pen 1931578 10701706

Urban Premium Pearl Metal Chiselled CT Rollerball Pen 1931610 10701600

Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiselled CT Rollerball Pen 1931614 10701601

Urban Premium Dark Blue Rollerball Pen 1931566 10701602

Urban Premium Pearl Metal Chiselled CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931608 10701500

Urban Muted Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1931575 10701800

Urban London Cab Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1931579 10701801

Urban Metro Metallic CT Ballpoint Pen 1931580 10701802

Urban Muted Black GT Ballpoint Pen 1931576 10701803

Urban Night Sky Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1931581 10701804

Urban Vibrant Blue Ballpoint Pen 1931577 10701805

Urban Muted Black CT Rollerball Pen 1931583 10701900

Urban London Cab Black CT Rollerball Pen 1931587 10701901

Urban Metro Metallic CT Rollerball Pen 1931588 10701902

Urban Muted Black CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931600 10702000

Urban London Cab Black CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931604 10702001

Urban Metro Metallic CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931605 10702002

IM Black Lacquer CT Ballpoint Pen 1931665 10702100

IM Black Lacquer GT Ballpoint Pen 1931666 10702101

IM White Lacquer CT Ballpoint Pen 1931675 10702102

IM Brushed Metal GT Ballpoint Pen 1931670 10702103

IM Matte Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1931668 10702104

IM Light Blue Grey CT Ballpoint Pen 1931669 10702105

IM Dark Espresso CT Ballpoint Pen 1931671 10702106

IM Black Lacquer CT Rollerball Pen 1931658 10702300

IM Black Lacquer GT Rollerball Pen 1931659 10702301

IM White Lacquer CT Rollerball Pen 1931674 10702302

IM Brushed Metal GT Rollerball Pen 1931663 10702303

IM Matte Blue CT Rollerball Pen 1931661 10702304

IM Light Blue Grey CT Rollerball Pen 1931662 10702305

IM Dark Espresso CT Rollerball Pen 1931664 10702306

IM Black Lacquer CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931651 10702200

IM Black Lacquer GT Fountain Pen Medium 1931652 10702201

IM White Lacquer CT Fountain Pen Medium 1931673 10702202

IM Brushed Metal GT Fountain Pen Medium 1931656 10702203

IM Premium Dark Espresso Chiselled CT Ballpoint Pen 1931683 10702400

IM Premium Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1931691 10702401

IM Premium Dark Violet CT Ballpoint Pen 1931638 10702402

IM Premium Dark Green CT Ballpoint Pen 1931643 10702403

JOTTER Bond Street Black CT Ballpoint Pen 1953184 10683800

JOTTER Kensington Red CT Ballpoint Pen 1953187 10684000

JOTTER Royal Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1953186 10684100

JOTTER Portobello Purple CT Ballpoint Pen 1953192 10684200

JOTTER Waterloo Blue CT Ballpoint Pen 1953191 10684300

JOTTER Cheslea Orange CT Ballpoint Pen 1953189 10684400

JOTTER Vicoria Violet CT Ballpoint Pen 1953190 10684500

JOTTER Premium Stainless Steel Diagonal CT Ballpoint Pen 1953197 10684600

JOTTER Premium Oxford Grey Pinstripe CT Ballpoint Pen 1953199 10684700

JOTTER Premium Carlisle Brown Pinstrip CT Ballpoint Pen 1953201 10684800

JOTTER Stainless Steel CT Ballpoint Pen 1953170 10647800

JOTTER Stainless Steel GT Ballpoint Pen 1953182 10702500

JOTTER Stainless Steel CT Mechanical Pencil 1953381 10647900

* For the numbers not mentioned in the list, please send a request to your distributor.

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