Yearbook 2016-2017


The yearbook for UC Irvine Circle K during the 2016-2017 term. Thanks Colleen and the Yearbook Team!

Circle K Pledge

“I pledge to uphold the Objects of

Circle International, to foster

compassion and goodwill toward

others through service and

leadership, to develop my abilities

and the abilities of all people, and

to dedicate myself to the

realization of mankind's potential.”




What we

fundraise for:


Kiwanis Family


Pediatric Trauma


Circle K International

What is Circle K International?

Circle K International: the largest collegiate community service organization in

the world, committed to its three tenets of fellowship, leadership, and, of

course, service.

Circle K offers its members the opportunity to serve their communities and

develop valuable leadership skills all while meeting other students at their

own schools and even across the world. Whether you're passionate about

supporting communities in need, fundraising to support the well-being of

children around the globe, or working to preserve the world we live in, Circle K

has something for you.

But what makes Circle K special? What makes it something you should want

to experience? For all of the incredible things this organization has to offer, I

think there's one I can call my favorite: the chance to become a better you.

Circle K isn't just a club that gives you the opportunity to attend service

projects or serve in a leadership position – it's a place where you can do the

things you love with people you love, all while learning and growing from

every single one of those experiences.

If you had stopped me as a first-year student and asked me where I'd be by

the end of my college career, I never would have answered that I'd be where I

am today. But by some sort of luck, I stumbled across UC Irvine Circle K, and I

was inspired to become a part of something bigger than myself in the hopes

of doing more than I ever had before. This organization gave me that chance

and I am where I am today because of it. I'm confident that Circle K

International can provide you so many opportunities in service, leadership,

and fellowship – all that's left is your desire to do something with them.

What is the District Service

Initiative (DSI)?

Each year, the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Circle K adopts

and works toward a new District Service Initiative (DSI).

Once proposed by the District Service Committee and

approved by the CNH District Board, this new service

initiative provides a focus for the service that we do.

During the term, members from throughout the district

collaborate to achieve and bring the goals of this new

cause to life. In years past, our DSIs have ranged from

Anti-Bullying to Leap Towards Literacy, and over the

last term we served to create Hope for the Homeless.

Now, we are proud to announce the District Service

Initiative for the 2016-2017 term: Serve to Conserve -

Planet Conservation. Therefore, this year CNH will focus

its efforts on the environment and provide it with the

love and nurturing it deserves. There are many ways to

contribute to this year's DSI: from chairing service

projects to planning tabletop service projects related to

the DSI, you can make a difference regardless of how

you do it. By working together, the district can make

improvements to the environment and protecting the


What is the District Fundraising Initiative (DFI)?

Every year the California Nevada Hawaii District choose three causes to

endorse and these are known as our District Fundraising Initiatives (DFI). This

year our three DFI include the Kiwanis Family House, Pediatric Trauma Program,

and UNICEF. Located in Sacramento, the Kiwanis Family House (KFH) provides

temporary housing and support to families of those being treated at the

University of California, Davis Medical Center. The families who stay at the KFH

live at least 35 miles from Sacramento and some even come from other states

and countries. Along with bedroom and bath, the KFH offers kitchens, dining,

laundry and children's game room. In the event of an emergency, the KFH

understands that families do not have time to pack therefore everything is fully

stocked - clothes, food and other necessities. Other services include free 24

hour bus shuttle to the hospital as well as a 24 hour staff to assist the families.

Due to the services available at the KFH, families are able to stay close together

and find comfort during times of distress.

Board Members

Alvin Tan

Fundraising Chair

Alycia Mcgeever

Vice President of Service

Ami Patel


Development Chair

Angelika Buczynski

Public Relations Chair

Anthony Guzman

Public Relations Chair

Arthur Tham

Technology Chair

Colleen Eng

Yearbook Chair

Cristian Palomo


Debbie Vang


Development Chair

Derek Tran

Vice President of


Board Members

Diane Huynh


Eric Vu


Gene Gonzalez

Single Service Chair

Jigzen Carrasco

Single Service Chair

Joshua Montefalcon

Media Chair

Joyce Wang

Fundraising Chair

Patricia Zarate

Membership Programs


Roy Golingan

Spirit Social Chair

Russell Okamura

Kiwanis Family Chair

Sabrina Fang

Spirit Social Chair

Family Heads

Alan Nguyen

Narwhal Family Head

Brandon Ma

Starfish Family Head

Carolyne Villaescusa

Seahorse Family Head

Dustin Chang

Sea Turtle Family Head

Ernestine Hong

Starfish Family Head

Helen On

Clownfish Family Head

Jalona Ho

Manta Ray Family Head

Jenny Liao

Squid Family Head

Family Heads

Joseph Basilio

Seal Family Head

Katie Marie Kiggins

Sea Otter Family Head

Kevin Carizon

Jellyfish Family Head

Nico Beltran

Shark Family Head

Sean Reyes

Squid Family Head

Alvin Tan

Fundraising Chair

Susy Vargas

Seal Family Head

Tammy Liang

Clownfish Family Head

Yessenia Loza

Angler Family Head


Emybeth Pascual


Anthony Guzman

Most Extra

Kristian Balmes

Most Chill

Abraham Castro

Drama King

Boba Addict

Kyler Tagupa

Omar Sanchez

Most Clumsy

Vanessa Maldonado

Best Best Dressed

Christina Chang

Disney Freak

Crystal Luu


Nico Beltran


Tiffany Duong

Best Pairing

Emybeth & Sophia

The Wander

Most Troll

Cailey Barnes

Phillip Do

Artistic Best Dressed

Janine Carpena


Winnie Lam

U l t i m a t e D o d g e b a l l

The UCI CKI ultimate dodge ball tournament

was a social event hosted by spirit/social chairs,

Roy Golingan and Sabrina Fang on May 21, at

Aldrich Park, where everyone can come out in

the afternoon to relieve stress from midterm

season of spring quarter through dodge ball,

meeting new people, hanging out, and having fun!

This was not your average game of dodge ball,

but as rounds progressed between winning teams,

there were multiple challenges and obstacles to

make the game even more challenging and

interesting, such as getting hit with the audience

with water guns in the final round while playing

this game. Members were able to sign up to

participate in the dodge ball tournament

beforehand and were eventually split into 8

teams of around 6 people.

E n v i r o n m e n t a l : N a t u r e C e n t e r

Growing up my fondest memories have always been going camping with my family, being in nature and

appreciating it. DLSSP had already come and gone and I had realized that I enjoyed pulling weeds at

that event, so when ENC became available I jumped on it, it was really cool to see all the people that

were enjoying nature while also doing something that helped keep it available to the public. We were

taking out invasive species that otherwise would have destroyed the native plants and animals. I also

got to meet a lot of other members at the project that I otherwise would never gotten a chance to meet,

it's a good past time to get to talk to people while doing something as mundane as pulling weeds.

Spring Family Day

Spring Family Day only happens once a year in the

spring quarter, Unlike other Family Day's it takes

place at the beach, where members get to go swim in

the ocean, play family games, or build sand castles.

Members take this opportunity to bond with their

family members and other families as they team up to

compete against other teams. Games range from tuga-war

to building the best looking mermaid tails.

Kiwanis Clean Up

The Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful

sights in the OC area. The area inhabits a large variety of animals and

plants. With so much wildlife living in this reserve, the area needs to be

kept clean to prevent any damage. A few local Kiwanians were

accompanied by some of UCI Circle K’s members to do a cleanup of the

large area. This clean up saw large sums of trash collected ranging from

napkins, cups, wrappers, bottles, and other types of human waste.

Relay for Life

Relay for life is the largest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This

overnight event sees students and staff from our campus gather to raise funds for

cancer research, to raise awareness for all the different types of cancer in existence

with activities including a male beauty pageant. Clubs gather around Aldrich park

and set up a cancer walk for survivors, caregivers, or anyone else affected by cancer

in any way. When the night comes, luminarias are lit to commemorate those who we

have lost to cancer, survivors of cancer, and to show those that are affected that they

are not alone.

Ronald McDonald Walk

The Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids during spring quarter 2016 was a

service event that involved cheering for every participating walker. Members

woke up at around 6AM in the morning and drove all the way to the Honda

Center at Anaheim for early service. Each volunteer was given pom-pom sticks

and was assigned to a specific location around the track to cheer on the

participating walkers and show off our UCI CKI spirit during the walk! Near

the end of the event, every volunteer gathered near the finish line to

congratulate and cheer on every walker.

UCI Circle K splashed its way into UCI’s Wayzgoose, an event that

celebrates the accomplishments of UCI and showcases its clubs and

organizations. This year, at our booth, we sold pink lemonade in mason

jars to guests passing by to keep them hydrated throughout the eventful

day. In addition, we recruited new members for the Spring quarter while

connecting with Key clubbers by doing our rendition of the “How Do You

Feel” cheer. It was truly a wonderful day meeting and greeting the

anteaters of UCI with our cheers and excitement for service.


Dance for a Chance

Dance for a Chance was a 4-hour dance festival and a charity hosted by The League on

May 31, at UCI's student center, where all proceeds were donated to the Thomas House

Family Shelter! The Thomas House Family Shelter was a campaign aiming to provide

resources and a shelter to children of homeless families while simultaneously helping them

become more self-sufficient and independent. To help promote this fundraiser from around

the division, groove nominations (based on jam nominations) were planned by The League

where nominated members had to post a facebook video of them dancing to any song for

at least 30 seconds, and then tagging other friends to do the same. On the night of the

fundraiser, many activities were planned, such as photobooths, raffle prizes, henna

tattooing, and many other fun things. In fact, everyone could purchase as many raffle

tickets in an attempt to win prizes, even having a chance to win a date with any of the

League members. DFAC was the last major event of UCI CKI before spring quarter was

over, it was a fun night to relax and de-stress after memorial day weekend.

End of the Year Banquet ~ City Lights

UCI Circle K's end of the year banquet was a magical, classy night out filled with

laughter, memories, performances, tears, speeches, gifts, and awards. Spots were

limited and was filled quickly, but general members, past/new board

members/family heads, and guests gathered around University Club at UCI on

May 22, 2016 to celebrate and look back on the accomplishments from the past

year, install the new board members, and perceive a new future as we start a new

journey of Circle K. Weeks before this event took place, there was a banquet

proposal contest where members could ask their special someone to this event in

order to win a free pair of tickets for the former! With this in mind, congratulations

to Vivian Lee and Christian Poon for winning the banquet proposal contest this


Meet The 2016

-2017 Families

Under the Sea

Angler Family

Derek Tran

Yessenia Loza

Arthur Tham

Sophia Phan

Jessica Garcia

Vanesa Palomera

Jerald Marquez

Byron Barahona

Vanvy Pham

Ben Lam

Carl Altoveros

Ivan He

Timothy Jan

Noah Shen

Jason Burger

Joas Espinoza

Judy Zhu

Sylvia San

Milan Pham

Kellie Gong

Karen Heredia

Ruiqing (Rachel)Lan

Karen Le

Sofia Dyer

Anna Pushkin

Anna Lew

Trinh Tran

Esther Moran

Yongyin Zhu

Jenny Chong

Tejal Mangalore

Alexis Delgado

Jenny Xie

Clownfish Family

Tammy Liang

Eric Vu

Helen On

Brandon Khuu

Andy Lo

Theresa Doan

Arzang Kasiri

Nikki Wu

Jeffrey Cruz

Reyna Venegas

Geoffrey Jun He

Nick Chen

Jonathan Lam

John Quinzon

Christina Chang

Angela Marong

Michelle Bau

Sophie Yu

Simran Singh

Fernan Lukban

Ginny Henry

Terri Tsui

Tim Tsai

Emily Dang

Andy Nguyen

Victoria Lai

Kaitlyn Nguyen

I love my fam, they are

full of great people! I

would share my tacos

with my fam any day!


Thanks for being such a chill and

funny family this year. We were

all pretty quiet at first, but when

everyone started to open up a

little more, I realized that

everyone in our fam is pretty

hilarious and I love it! I really

enjoyed spending time with

everyone this year and I hope

you all had fun too!! -Helen

I really love and appreciate my

bigs and siblings from Clownfish

Family because they're all such

wonderful people even with all

the traffic cones, clown noses,

and pick-up lines hehe!! Thanks

for making my second year

amazing!GLUB GLUB!-Theresa

Where's my dad?!?!

- Andy

Manta Ray Family

Ambika Vartak

Anthony Guzman

Antony Nguyen

Brandon Casas

Brittany Smallwood

Carmen Lin

Cherise Rullamas

Diane Huynh

Errol Manarang

Francesca Querol

Haley Feng

Israel Vega

Jack D'Rosa

Jalona Ho

James Tran

Jazmin Aguilar

Jenny Wu

Jimmy Huynh

Jorge Alejandro Gutierrez

Karen Meza

Kenny Nguyen

Mark Calabio

Megan Chang

Mo Castro

Nicole Wong

Serjohn Pascual

Sonoma Saito

Tiffany Duong

Manta rays are the

pancakes of the sea.

- Diane

Later days

No, we're not doing

a baseball social...

I need to pee!

Narwhal Family

Alena Salindong

Alexander Alvarado

Alicia Lin

Amy Pham

Audrey Mosley

Brittany Masangkay

Russell Okamura

Charles Rodriguez-de


Chris Vuong

Holly Nguyen

Jessica Wong

Junning Li

Karen Pham

Joyce Wang

Kimberly Cao

Kimberly Ngo

Maira Jamil

Manuel Pech

Quyen Nguyen

Alan Nguyen

Roselle Ardosa

Sharon Yu

Shayla Richardson

Summer Hoang

Tiffany Tran

Yuqi Lun

Yvon Tran

“I am really happy that I get to

spend my last year of Circle K

with my NarFam! I could have

sworn it was just days ago it

was induction night and seeing

you all coming up the stairs to

find us and be a part of this

amazing journey together. To

my NarFam littles, you all have

been a huge part of my life in

UCI and I can’t thank you

enough for being yourselves. To

my cobigs, I honestly love you

both so much as if we are

actually married and always will

forever. NarFam, y’all are the

best thing I never had. No

matter what happens in life, I

will always be there. Call me,

beep me, if you wanna reach

me. Love you my little unicorns

of the sea”-Alan

Sea Otter Family

Angelika Bucznski

Kyler Tagupa

Quang Le

Brandon Law

Kenny Huynh

Jenny Tran

Benjamin Huynh

Alex D. Nguyen

Shirley Liang

Cindy Pham

Jimmy Wang

Naomi Gingras

Vivian Low

Omar A. Sanchez

Yan Hui Zhang

George K. Hernandez

Mylynn Huynh

Brian B. Huynh

Rebecca Mindel

Cintia Q. Kiu

Naveen Satija

Cass Tao

Albert Le

Annan Wu

Teresa Perezoso

Michelle Deng

Katie M. Kiggins

This family is otter this


- MyLynn

I love this

dysfunctional family

full of sea puptatoes

and my bigs!

-Brandon L.

Sea Turtle

Adam Cook

Alex Chang

Alex Landavazo

Alicia Sieu

Alyssa Jauregui

Ami Patel

Amy Kuo

Ashley Hong

Chen Mo

Dustin Chang

Janine Carpena

Jessica Camacho

Jonathan Htike

Jose Baroza

Kelli Nhim

Nishat Jahan

Patricia Zarate

Patrick Palacios

Roy Golingan

Richilda Hernando

Ryan Howe

Sabrina Bodine

Sonia Xu

Tiffany Huynh

Tony Chouem

Vanessa Diaz

Victoria Muliawan

Viet Tran

Zulema Lopez

Sea turtles gave me a home that I

could go to whenever I wanted. It

gave me so many memories. My

bigs have been so open and

welcoming and my seablings always

know how to push me and make

me smile.

When asked, “how much do

you love sea turtles?”, his



I'm still in awe of how so many

personalities can come together and

still be so close to one another. Every

social interaction we have leaves my

heart feeling so full, and the amount of

wholesomeness in our fam always

makes my day :')

My fam is such an unSHELLfish and

TURTLEy supportive group of

individuals you have to SEA to

believe. I love my fam, and even

though I need the cash, I wouldn't

trade them for any sufficient dollar


Seahorse Family

Aileen Seav

Andy Chuang

Biancka Dela Cruz

Bryce Tham

Carolyne Villaescusa

Chelsea Kim

Debbie Vang

Dyllen Lingat

Emily Wong

Gene Gonzalez

Goldland Lo

Ilene Lutap

Joseph Castro

Justin Lonh

Kaixia Hu

Kelly Gong

Mitchell Oyama

Phillip Do

Raymond Ta

Reginald Sellote

Robert Phan

Sayra Valdez

Sonia Patino

Stacey Law

Trisha Tran

Vivian Tang

Wei-chien Wang

Winnie Lam

Seal Family

Susy Vargas

Diana Kam

Andrea Lee

Jenny Li

Joseph Basilio

Fanny Huang

Karen Tsai

Alvin Tan

Nicole Ortiz

Matthew Nakaya

James Chuong

Leanne Nguyen-


Sharon Gong

Richard Ochoa

Khanh Nghiem

Carlos Medina

Sandy Zhu

Ashley Win

Wing Un

Jasper Lam

Bao Tran

Chris Wong

Abraham Castro

Lea Ibalio

Nancy Nguyen

Matthew Jie

Priscilla Lu

Patricia Tang

Alan Dhah

Emybeth Pascual

Your bigs love you profusely. There was

no way we could ever imagine how

great of a family we would have. Every

single one of you have made a huge

impact in our lives.

Thank you for all the smiles, laughs,

and unconditional love.. We will cherish

the memories we have made for the

rest of our lives.

My bigs were one of the first people in

college who showed me what genuine

compassion looks and feels like.

Whether it's a hug, a smile, or a

random visit to my down, they never

fail to brighten my day! The positivity

they have brought into my life inspires

me to pass it onto others and reminds

me of how lucky I am. I honestly love

them so much!

Thank you for everything you do for

us. You always make time for us

despite your busy schedules and we

know that we can come to you for

anything. Seal Family is a family

where everyone feels welcomed and

loved and it could not have been

possible without amazing bigs like you


I don’t really believe in fate, but

looking back this past year, I think I

can really say that I was meant to

meet the three of you. I found a home

in your hugs, your comforting words,

your warm welcomes. I support y’all in

everything that you do, and I love you

more than garlic bread. Thanks for


Shark Family

Anthony Choy

Angela Yang

Christina Hanna

Cindy Nguyen

Cody Phan

Cole Kitagawa

Colleen Eng

Cristian Palomo

Darin Ngo

Elton Xue

Gigi Ma

Heidi Munoz

Jacqueline Martinez

Jasmine Quan

Jo Bian

Joshua Han

Kristian Balmes

Marcus Wu

Margarita Corena

Matthew Ng

Nichole Dungo

Nico Beltran

Paola Chavez

Priscilla Lieu

Sahar Vaday

Sara Choe

Sarina Vang

Tamera Thompson

They're the chillest

people I know and I

can count on them

for anything and


Thanks for being

the most mot

people ever ❤

Mot mot mot

mot mot mot

mot, everybody!

I'm a pretty busy

person, but they're

never too busy for


Squid Family

Sabrina Fang

Sean Reyes

Jenny Liao

Amy Ea

Ashley Angel

Ashley Griffith

Brandon Trieu

Chelsea Duong

Crystal Luu

Diana Tran

Erika Arashiro

Irene Barragan

Isaiah Abetya

Jana Marie Ho See

Jefferson Perez

Jenny Truong

Jessica Nguyen

Jessie Villarreal

Julia Hoang

Kelly Ryoo

Kelvin Hui

Lianne Larkin

Macklin Zhong

Marisol Oliveras

Marvin Bolainez

Peter Nguyen

Sienna Serano

Spencer Wroobel

Toan Tran

Truc Pham

Veronica Zamora

Jennifer Tarm

Thank you for being the family

who is always down to go out for a

food run! I hope we will continue

to stay as a family after the year

ends, once a squid fam always a

squid fam :) -Jenny

Squid Family is a place where

one can joke around with

others, go on fun adventures

but most importantly feel at


- Marvin

I really love and appreciate my

bigs and siblings from Clownfish

Family because they're all such

wonderful people even with all

the traffic cones, clown noses,

and pick-up lines hehe!! Thanks

for making my second year

amazing!GLUB GLUB!-Theresa

Most families are bound by

blood, but if this year with you

has shown me anything, its

that no family can compare to

ours; the family bound by ink.



Starfish Family

Alycia McGeever

Angela Tran

Arleene Chao

Benjamin Hung

Brandon Ma

Brittany Eng

Cailey Barnes

Colleen Leung

Crystal Lee

David Betton

Ernestine Hong

Gabriel Baltazar

Jacky Wang

Jason Lee

Jorge Mora

Judy Dimalanta

Justin Ma

Katharine Lam

Keana Khodadad

Kevin Garcia

Kevin Shih

Matthew Hemedez

Ngoc Mai

Olivia Tang

Pauline Ma

Vanessa Maldonado

Hello Starfishies you already

know you're great but we'll just

tell you again and that we're

happy every one of you was in our

fam this year. Thanks for

embracing our weirdness and

always sticking together.

So glad that I joined CKI and met so

many great people this year! So

grateful that we were able to come

together through service. I've learned

so much more about myself and grown

so much as a person. I will always

cherish the memories I have gathered

from CKI. #starfishfamrepresent

Hi Starfish fam

Karen Pham

Matthew Nakaya

Alex Landavazo

Reginald Sellote

Oct 4—Oct 11

Oct 11—Oct 18

Oct 18—Oct 25

Oct 25—Nov 1

Quang Le

Alicia Sieu

Winnie Lam

Marvin Bolainez

Nov 1—Nov 7

Nov 7—Nov 14

Nov 14—Nov 29

Nov 29—Dec 6

Vanessa Maldanado

Lesley Wong

Janine Carpena

Justin Puka

Jan 17 —Jan 24

Jan 24—Jan 31

Feb 7—Feb 14

Feb 14—Feb 21

Matthew Avelino

Feb 21—Feb 28

Sarina Vang

Feb 28—Mar 7

Raymond Ta

Mar 7—Mar 14

Andy Lo

Mar 14—Mar 21

Matthew Ng

Sept 27

Jefferson Perez

Oct 25

Bao Tran

Jan 24

Jessica Garcia

Feb 7

Sabrina Bodine

Feb 7

Jenny Li

Feb 14

Andrew Yu

Feb 21

William Le

Feb 28

Yvon Tran

Mar 7





Induction Night

Induction night was a memorable night for

every Circle K member as everyone

gathered around the Anteater Steps

anxiously waiting to see which family they

would be placed in for the 2016 to 2017

year. After receiving the cue, every member

opened up an envelope containing a

message of where to meet their Circle K


Board members and family heads were

enthusiastic to see the littles they would

help and see grow throughout the year,

while new members and returning

members were ready to meet the family

many memories were going to be created

with. Overall, induction night brought all

Circle K families together and marked the

start of the year.



Sea Otter

Manta Ray









Trick - or -

Treat for UNICEF

Before this night, I have only been trick or treating once .

The first time I was out seeking candy, but this night I was

out there seeking not for myself, but for others, for

something bigger than myself. The night started with

everyone meeting at the flagpoles in costume. From there

we were put into teams and off we went into the night. As

we went house to house we explained to people what we

were doing, and said anything they could donate would be

greatly appreciated. Most people gave what they could,

though there was one woman who actually gave us what

equated to about half of what we raised that night. She

was really sweet and to my teams surprise, we ended up

raising the most that night. It's a nice feeling knowing you

are able to positively impact the world around you.

-Brandon Casas

CKI South

Crazy Kompetition for Infants South

(CKI South) was a Cal-Nev-Ha district

fundraiser that took place during the

beginning of the year. On Saturday,

October 22, members from around

the district met in Stanton, California to

compete in a day full of fun minigames,

relays, and activities while

embodying the tenet of fellowship! In

fact, this was the first district event

where many new Circle K members

met each other from different schools

throughout the Cal-Nev-Ha district.

Some of the funds from this event

were donated to the Pediatric Trauma

Program (PTP), which is a campaign

that strives to alleviate and reduce the

incidence rate of children killed or

injured by trauma.

The winner of this year's CKI South, for the third

time in a row, is UCI Circle K's



We are proud of you!

Matthew Nayaka,

Seal Family

I'll gladly admit that I

felt a lump in my

throat when I learned

of the amazing things

that our collective

funds had managed

to accomplish. For a

relatively small price,

we managed to do

something incredible,

and that was by far

my favorite part of

CKI South.







Get hyped for Family Day! Fall Family

Day was a great opportunity for Circle K

members to bond with their new families

while playing a variety of games. Families

learned about team work as they played

Capture the Flag, The Sponge Game, and a

water-themed relay race that ended with

the bottle flip challenge! What a great way

to bond with everyone!

At first, I was super nervous to have so many

lines, but acting in the FTC skit truly was one

of the best feeling in the world! Standing on

stage, acting my heart out with the rest of

the club, dancing, and hearing the crowd

react to our skit really made my FTC

experience one of the best I could ask for!

- Sabrina Bodine, Sea Turtle Family

The best of FTC had to be the cheers! The way that

people just screamed their hearts out, joined together

as one, and stomped the floor with all their might

made me feel so incredibly a part of the CKI family.

- Vanvy Pham, Angler Family


was a Cal-Nev-Ha district event that took place during the beginning of the year. From

November 4 th to 6 th , members from around the district drove to Sonora, California to

embark on a weekend of workshops, talent acts, competitions, bonding, spirit battles, and

more activities that embodied the three tenets of Circle K (service, fellowship, and

leadership)! Thank you, FTC committee, for working hard during

the months prior to the event. Also, thank you, Priscilla Lu and

TrainingJosh Montefalcon, for represent us anteaters in the FTC


Lastly, congratulations to Roy Golingan and


Sabrina Fang for planning an amazing FTC skit

this year. Every member worked hard and

challenged themselves to perform their best!

Ultimate Frisbee

Change Thru Games is one of UCI Circle K's

premiere fundraisers! Members gather to take part in a

24-hour live stream for the Kiwanis Family House, playing video games,

doing dares, and entering raffles all for the sake of charity. Being able to see the

event grow and become the production it was this past year has been one of

my biggest accomplishments here in Circle K, but the most rewarding

experience is seeing members have fun and interacting with

one another while giving to a great cause.

- Circle K's Sweetheart, Kyler Tagupa

Supporters dared committee members to do specific

dares in exchange for donations.

After every $100 raised, one member from the

committee also fulfilled a Milestone Dare!

Committee members

Yvon Tran, Anna Lew, MyLynn Huynh, Richard

Ochoa, Jessica Camacho, Tiffany Huynh, Emybeth

Pascual, Matthew Nakaya, Nico Beltran, Karen Tsai,

Theresa Doan, Karen Pham, Bao Tran, Kyler Tagupa,

Sophia Phan, Jessica Garcia, Jenny Li, Fanny Huang

“I ruined my sleep schedule and

crashed the stream, but I think it turned

out ok.”


"gr8 experience,

10/10 pls apply for

committee next


-Jessica #2

“they're just oreos,


- Jenny Li

- Have insurance

Participants entered in a raffle to for

chances to WIN PRIZES!

“If you want to hear a winey college

student bereate his friends for 24

hours, I have a committee for you!”

- Cyrille Bautista



Topics Discussed

Applying To College

Self Care

Time/Money Management

Choosing A Major

Campus Life


“Key to College is an event our club

hosts every year to help local Key

Clubbers prepare for college. It is

A great way for our members to

meet and mentor high schoolers,

giving them advice on classes and

sharing tips on how to get involved in

and around campus.“

- Russell Okamura

Kiwanis Family Chair

Green Thrones

The first time I wanted to check out Green

Thrones, I was reluctant. I did not know the people

who were posting about it on Facebook and

afraid I would not get to actually study. However,

my friend, Debbie, and I decided to go. The first

time we went, we were greeted by, of course,

Great Guy Kevin Carizon. Additionally, we got to

interact with people we know, but have not

formally met. It was also convenient because I got

to study all night, sleep, wake up, and then walk

across student center to HIB 100 for my first final.

Green Thrones was a great place to study

because at times of stress, there was always

someone else who was willing to talk when I

wanted to procrastinate or as people call it, "take

a break." - Sean Reyes


Marvel Edition

Circle K

Quarterly Chillout is exactly what it sounds like. It's a chance

for members to just take a break and chill out. I think

what's great about it is that it's such a simple and relaxed

social where members can just have a good time in

Aldrich Park. I've loved setting up blankets and tents on

the grass, playing frisbee and baseball, and just hanging

out with everyone. I look forward to Chillout each quarter.

It's always a fun time and my favorite thing about it

will always be spending time with the club and people I


- Sabrina Fang

Winter Family Day



Tabitha's Blessings


Girls Incorporated

Save Our Youth

Child Creativity Lab



Congratulations to Theresa Doan and her team members

MyLynn Huynh, Kelly Ryoo, Karen Meza, and Janine Carpena

for winning first place in the non-traditional scrapbook


On the


of March 17 th ,

Circle K members

throughout Cal-Nev-Ha

congregated at the Riverside

Convention Center for District

Convention! DCON is an annual

event dedicated in recognitizing Circle

K members who went above and beyond

in any of the three tenets: service, leadership,

and fellowship. This weekend also included

electing new district leaders, educational workshops,

an on-site service project, honoring graduating members,

meeting a variety of career professionals, and, most

importantly, interacting with and build lasting friendships with

Circle K members from across the District.

District District



Brandon Casas

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