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Education Catalogue

We’re very proud of our long and rich tradition within educational music publishing and are delighted to be able to showcase this heritage in our Education Catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you to find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems or new publications that you may not have come across before.


iMPROVE YOUR...SERIES Improve your aural! Improve your aural! is designed to take the fear out of the aural test in music examinations. Through fun listening activities, boxes to fill in and practice exercises, these workbooks with CD focus on all the elements of the aural test. A range of interconnected activities are included to help develop the ear, including singing, clapping, playing your instrument, writing music down, improvising and composing. 0571534384 Improve your aural! Grade 1 (with CD) Paul Harris & John Lenehan £6.50 €9.11 0571534392 Improve your aural! Grade 2 (with CD) Paul Harris & John Lenehan £6.50 €9.11 0571535445 Improve your aural! Grade 3 (with CD) Paul Harris & John Lenehan £6.50 €9.11 0571535453 Improve your aural! Grade 4 (with CD) Paul Harris & John Lenehan £6.50 €9.11 0571535461 Improve your aural! Grade 5 (with CD) Paul Harris & John Lenehan £6.50 €9.11 0571534406 Improve your aural! Grade 6 (with CD) Paul Harris £7.50 €9.81 0571534414 Improve your aural! Grade 7-8 (with CD) Paul Harris £10.99 €14.91 Improve your scales! Paul Harris’s brilliant series of scale workbooks are an invaluable resource for students. Improve your scales! covers all the keys and ranges required for the ABRSM examination syllabus, helping students pick up those valuable extra marks. Covering a wide range of instruments and grades, these books use ‘finger fitness’ exercises, scale and arpeggio studies, key pieces and simple improvisations to get pupils playing scales and arpeggios with real confidence, as well as promoting a solid basis for learning repertoire and sight-reading pieces. Best-Selling series 0571534112 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 1 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18 0571534120 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 2 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18 0571534139 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 3 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18 0571534147 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 4 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18 0571534155 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 5 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11 0571537014 Improve your scales! Violin Grade 1 Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01 0571537022 Improve your scales! Violin Grade 2 Paul Harris £5.50 €7.43 0571537030 Improve your scales! Violin Grade 3 Paul Harris £5.50 €7.43 0571537049 Improve your scales! Violin Grade 4 Paul Harris £5.50 €7.43 0571537057 Improve your scales! Violin Grade 5 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18 0571514758 Improve your scales! Clarinet Grades 1-3 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30 0571514766 Improve your scales! Clarinet Grades 4-5 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30 0571520243 Improve your scales! Flute Grades 1-3 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30 0571520251 Improve your scales! Flute Grades 4-5 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30 14 Faber Music Education Catalogue

piano new publications The Easy Piano Series Specially arranged in a clear, easy-to-read format, each book in The Easy Piano Series contains 10 really easy arrangements of 10 popular classics for the Grade 1-2 level pianist. 0571540325 The Easy Piano Series: Film Various £8.99 €13.04 0571540333 The Easy Piano Series: Shows Various £8.99 €13.04 The intermediate pianist This piano course has been specifically written to help students progress through the tricky intermediate stages of learning the piano. Through carefully chosen repertoire, quick studies, key technical information and musicianship activities, students will develop the skills that they require. Note-reading will be improved, technique developed and a greater understanding of style and music theory will be gained. The Intermediate Pianist forms part of the Piano Trainer series. 0571540015 The Intermediate Pianist Book 1 Marshall & Hammond £8.99 €13.04 0571540023 The Intermediate Pianist Book 2 Marshall & Hammond £8.99 €13.04 0571540031 The Intermediate Pianist Book 3 Marshall & Hammond £9.99 €13.97 Piano by Ear This fun, practical guide reveals the secrets to playing by ear. Suitable for beginners through to experienced pianists, you will learn to pick out tunes and harmonise them; improvise with an array of keys and chord patterns; accompany songs in a range of styles; understand how music works from the inside out and work through timeless favourites, folk, film, Christmas and contemporary songs. bEST-SELLER 0571539025 Piano by Ear Lucinda Mackworth-Young £12.99 €16.78 Faber Music Education Catalogue 15

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