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Education Catalogue

We’re very proud of our long and rich tradition within educational music publishing and are delighted to be able to showcase this heritage in our Education Catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you to find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems or new publications that you may not have come across before.

esources for teachers

esources for teachers Simultaneous Learning Paul Harris’s highly successful Simultaneous Learning approach is an entirely positive and imaginative way to teach, based on the understanding that all elements of music are connected. In this definitive guide, Harris outlines the complete philosophy of his ground-breaking approach. He examines topics such as language and body language, the first lesson on a new piece, introducing notation and making the transition to Simultaneous Learning. Ideal for musicians and teachers of all levels who are interested in becoming inspirational teachers. 0571538681 Simultaneous Learning Paul Harris £9.99 €13.97 Simultaneous Learning Practice Map Pad A revolutionary way to set up practice and easy to use: take a piece to be practised and write its title in the box; add words to describe the character of the piece underneath. Then set about filling in the significant features in the appropriate bubbles and begin working through these, drawing lines to make connections between them as you go along. You will achieve some really effective ‘Simultaneous Practice’! 0571597319 Simultaneous Learning Paul Harris £3.49 €5.00 Practice Map Pad Simultaneous Learning Practice Starters Simultaneous Learning Practice Starter Cards are a fun, imaginative way to kick-start music practice sessions and lessons. Simply pull out a card, follow the instructions and start making music! Based on the renowned Simultaneous Learning approach, they connect and develop all areas of musical learning, including scales, aural, theory, listening, performing and much more. Suitable for age 7 / established beginners upwards. 0571539432 Simultaneous Learning Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01 Practice Starters WINNER OF best eDUCATION PRODUCT at the 2017 music teacher awards 6 Faber Music Education Catalogue

Musicians’ Union Practice Diary Produced in association with the Musicians’ Union, this is a must-have practice diary for all instrumental and singing teachers, based on Paul Harris’s renowned Simultaneous Learning strategy. Diary pages for a teaching year feature Focus for the week, What we did in the lesson and Practice connections boxes. In addition there are inspiring Practice Starter pages and Holiday projects – plenty of fun ideas to get students practising the Paul Harris way! 0571597335 Musicians’ Union Practice Diary Paul Harris £1.99 €3.57 0571597335P Musicians’ Union Practice Diary Paul Harris £12.50 €20.13 (10-pack) resources for teachers The Complete Practice Workbook This workbook, produced in association with the Musicians’ Union, offers teachers and players an indispensable resource that supports every aspect of instrumental practice. For every lesson, it includes a diary, a Simultaneous Learning Practice Map and dedicated space to jot down ideas, notes and music, to encourage the Paul Harris Simultaneous Learning approach to practice. Ideal for learners of all ages. 0571597343 Musicians’ Union Complete Paul Harris £2.99 €4.41 Practice Workbook You Can Read Music You can read music is a practical workbook for anyone who has ever wanted to read music notation. Ideal for those new to reading music, students learning to sing or play an instrument, and classroom teachers and choral singers wanting to improve their skills. This book demystifies the process of learning to read music, using the principles of Paul Harris’s highly successful Simultaneous Learning approach. By the end of this book you will be able to read and understand music notation – you don’t even need a musical instrument. Includes CD with audio examples. 0571538452 You can read music (with CD) Paul Harris £9.99 €13.97 Faber Music Education Catalogue 7

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