TIME World News (16th edition)


The 16th edition of the TIME Versalift magazine TIME World News. Read about the new products including the Versalift LT-23-90-TB for Fiat Doblo Workup.


16 th edition

(Summer 2017)

In this issue





LT-23 for Fiat Doblo

Light and compact 9 metre unit.

Inauguration in France

The factory in France is now officially open.

Roadshows in France

Reports from the first 2 of 4 roadshows this year.

Spring exhibitions

Versalift has been presented on multiple shows.


On the right track

The new company in

France is up and running

and off to a good start,

and the busy exhibition

and roadshow schedule of

spring 2017 is now history

as we look ahead towards

the next series of events.

A new beginning in France

The new company headquarters of TIME Versalift SAS, France is now open.

Read more about our exciting launch activities in France on pages 4 and 5.


The acquisition from

Sterling has brought upon

several changes for us, but

we are certain, we are on

the right track.

Per C. Torp

CEO, TIME International

VT with elevator for Albwerk

The German power company Albwerk takes delivery

of a 25 metre VT-66-LF with a hydraulic elevator.


3 ETL-38s for Van Vuuren

The Dutch infrastructure contractor Van Vuuren

Infratechniek receives 3 ETL-38-140-Fs from HDW.



Yet another Versalift with a 3

metre hydraulic elevator has

been delivered as the power

supply company Albwerk

from the Baden-Württemberg

region of Germany takes

delivery of a 25 metre Versalift

VT-66-LFE from Ruthmann.

Mounted on a 16 t Mercedes-

Benz Atego chassis, the unit

features a maximum working

height of just over 25 metres

with the 3 metre elevator

fully raised. The hydraulic

elevator is stepless providing

an ‘up-and-over’ clearance of

up to 6.3 metres for safe and

efficient access over obstacles

or open traffic lanes.

The configuration for Albwerk

is fitted with an extended

cage with a capacity of 265

kg and 2 x 85° rotation. It

features a maximum outreach

of 16.2 metres (at 120 kg), and

the truck is equipped with

H-frame outriggers and TIME

Smartbox fiberglass cabinets.

The infrastructure contractor

Van Vuuren Infratechniek from

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

has taken delivery of 3

identical 14 metre Versalift

ETL-38-140-Fs from the Dutch

Versalift distributor HDW

Nederland. The units are all

mounted on 3.5 t Mercedes-

Benz Sprinter panelvans and

fitted with LMC controls and a

140° articulating flyboom. The

ETL-38 is the latest addition

to the ETL series boasting a

working height of 14 metres,

an impressive max outreach

of 8.1 metres (120 kg) and a

cage capacity of 230 kg. The

ETL-38 is also available for

the Iveco Daily and Renault


Iveco Daily Euro 6 launches

Several Versalift access platforms are now available for the 3.5 t Iveco Daily. Due to a low vehicle weight

compared to other 3.5 vehicles, the Iveco Daily builds boast impressive leftover payload across the board.


Versalift ETL-32-125

A range of Versalift access

platforms are available for

the new Iveco Daily. The Euro

6 version of the Iveco Daily is

significantly lighter than other

3.5 t commercial vehicles used

for mounting resulting in a

solid boost to leftover payload

for options, equipment and

storage solutions.

Versalift VTX-240

Versalift LT-36-130-TB


The 24 metre VTX-240 and the

13 metre double telescopic

LT-36-130-TB is available for

the Iveco Daily chassis with

especially the VTX greatly

benefiting from the extra



Multiple van mounted

Versalift access platforms

are also available for the

Iveco Daily including the

fixed flyboom ETL-32-125 and

the ETL-38-140-F with a 140°


LT-23 available for Fiat Doblo

The 9 m straight telescopic LT-23 is available for the

compact 2.5 t Fiat Doblo Workup for inner city jobs.


New and improved LAT-38

The LAT-38 is updated in a lighter design with a

clear deck and dual A-frame outriggers.


Ideally suited for inner city

jobs, the Versalift LT-23-90-

TB is now available for the

compact 2Fiat Doblo Workup

chassis with an impressive

length of less than 5 metres.

Setup is extremely quick, as

the unit requires no outriggers

for stability.

Despite the low 2.5 t GVW

rating, the 9 metre unit still

has plenty of leftover payload

for aluminium cabinets and a

detachable tow bar.

Versalift LT-23-90-TB

Fiat Doblo Workup (Euro 6)

Working height

Platform height


Cage capacity


8.9 m

6.9 m

4.2 m

130 kg

RLC (Relay)

The 13 metre full hydraulic

Versalift LAT-38-135-H is now

available in a new and lighter

version featuring several

important design updates:

The pedestal is now

incorporated into the turret.

The emergency controls

are now located on the turret

while the outrigger controls

are under the deck.

The deck is therefore clear

with more space for cabinets.

1 frame now supports both

the Ford Ranger and the

Toyota HiLux using adapters.

The unit has 2 sets of

A-frame outriggers.

The new version is lighter

and now available without

chassis GVW upgrades.


TIME Versalift is officially open in France

As of May 19th 2017, TIME Versalift SAS, France is officially open following the official inauguration of the

new company headquarters and production facilities in Morlàas, Southern France.


2017 has been a busy year

for TIME Versalift SAS, France.

The newly formed company

has started up production

and is busy touring the roads

of France on grand scale

roadshows - and on May 19th,

the state of the art company

headquarters and production

facilities in Morlaàs near

Pau in Southern France was

officially inaugurated at a

well visited reception.

Following the official opening

speech of TIME International

CEO Per Cæsar Torp, the

guests were invited to test

a full range of Versalift

access platform set up in the

outdoor area surrounding the


Platforms and racing cars

At the same time as the

inauguration took place, the

city centre of the local city of

Pau hosted the motor race

Grand Prix de Pau, where

visitors from the inauguration

where invited to access both

the circuit and paddock.


First 2 roadshows completed in France

The first 2 of 4 planned roadshows in different regions of France are in the books as the sales team from

TIME Versalift SAS, France now prepare for the next leg of the tour in Northern France in week 38.


#1 Southwest France (week 14)

What is a roadshow?

The first roadshow, hosted in

Southwest France in the early

days of April was a good start

to the roadshow calendar as

we visited several customers.

The Renault Maxity mounted

Versalift VTX-240 with its

unique dual boom design was

the clear center of attention

on most visits as several

customers expressed interest

in the unique applications

that is possible with the 3.5 t

“up and over” unit.

During a roadshow, we

visit customers on their

own turf with a caravan

of several Versalift access

platform vehicles. We

find the roadshow to

be a great supplement

to tradeshows and


#2 Northwest France (week 22)

For the second leg of the

roadshow in late May in

Northwest France, the weather

had improved considerably.

A highlight of the tour was

the stop at our local retailer

in Normandy, Normandie

Intervention, that included a

barbeque with local specialties.

The new addition to the

roadshow caravan, the Fiat

Doblo mounted 9 metre LT-23

got a lot of attention as did

the popular 14 metre ETL-38

on a Renault Master van with

the new patent pending 180°

cage rotator.

2017 Roadshow calendar

for TIME Versalift France:

During 2017, we embark on

four separate roadshows

covering these regions:

#1: Week 14: Southwest

#2: Week 22: Northwest

#3: Week 38: North

#4: Week 45: Southeast

For more information,

visit: www.TimeVersalift.fr



TIME unveils several new mounting configurations on Apex including a LT-23 on

a Fiat Doblo and several platforms for the lightweight Euro 6 Iveco Daily.

REN Metodedagar



Brubakken exhibited

multiple Versalift

platforms including the

insulated SST-40 mounted

on a Hinowa carrier on

REN Metodedagar.



The 2017 instalment of Apex

was one for the numbers

with more exhibitors and

visitors than ever before.

On the TIME Versalift stand,

several new configurations

of platforms and vehicles

were presented including a

number of Versalifts for the

new Iveco Daily.

Scan the QR code to view

a brief video from the TIME

Versalift stand on Apex 2017

- and read more about the

new products on page 3.



TIME International exhibited

a VST-5500 and a SST-40

on tracks at ICOLIM, the

International Conference

on Live Maintenance in

Strasbourg, France.

Vertikal Days

Versalift UK unveils Unimog with 15 metre LAT-38

developed in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz.


On the first ever Vertikal

Days expo at the Silverstone

circuit, Versalift UK unveiled

a new rough terrain platform.

Developed in an official

cooperation with Mercedes,

Versalift UK has mounted a

15 metre full hydraulic and

1 kV low voltage insulated

LAT-38-150-H onto a 7.5 t allterrain

Unimog U218 chassis

perfect for off-road tasks.

The Polish Versalift

distributor Windex exhibited

a couple of Versalift

platforms including a VTX-

240 on PTPiREE.

Statech Open Days



Also featured on the stand

was a true testament to the

longevity of Versalift; a 15 years

old Versalift VO-350-MHI with

more than 3,000 hours on the

clock. It is the oldest insulated

lift in service in Germany and

still being used by E.On.


Brubakken exhibited two

Versalifts on Elfack, the biggest

Energy tradeshow in Northern

Europe. In the indoor area, a

van mounted VDT-170-F was

on display while the outdoor

area hosted a pickup mounted


Statech exhibited platforms

including a LT-23 and a

LAT-38 on its Open Days



Roadshow in Spain

Versalift Ibérica tours Spain with live line demonstrations of insulated VST.

VTX-240 for Slagelse



The Danish access

rental company Slagelse

Liftudlejning has taken

delivery of a 24 metre Versalift

VTX-240 mounted on a blue

3.5 t MB Sprinter chassis. The

Versalift VTX-240 features two,

dual telescopic booms and

auto setup and packing.

ETLs for Centregreat


The Spanish and Portuguese

Versalift distributor Versalift

Ibérica has toured Spain on

a roadshow featuring a range

of Versalift access platforms

spearheaded by the high

voltage insulated VST-5500-

MHI. The VST took part of live

line demonstrations at power

supply companies while

other types of customers

expressed interest in units

including the full hydraulic

pickup mounted LAT-38-135-H.

The British infrastructure

contractor Centregreat has

taken delivery of the first out

of a total 3 Versalift ETL-36-

135-Fs from Versalift UK.

Roadshow in Sweden

Brubakken exhibits Versalift and Ruthmann access

platforms on roadshow in Sweden.


VDT for Traftec in Norway

Infrastructure contractor Trafec receives a state of

the art VDT with a fully equipped workshop module.


The exclusive Swedish

Versalift distributor Brubakken

exhibited a mix of both

van and chassis mounted

Versalift and Ruthmann

access platforms for a range

of current and potential

customers on a roadshow in


The Versalift VTX-240 with its

unique dual boom design

shared the spotlight with the

new Ruthmann Steiger TB290

(with the highest ever working

height on a 3.5 t chassis at 28.6

metres) and the new 51 metre

Ruthmann Steiger T510HF with

Rutmann’s new HighFlex jib.

The Norwegian infrastructure

contractor Traftec, part of

Roadworks, has taken delivery

of a state of the art Versalift VDT-

170-F from Brubakken.

Intended for the maintenance

of lighting and electricity

near roads and tunnels in

Norway, Traftec opted for an

all-black Mercedes-Benz Atego

configuration (nicknamed “Black

Lady”) with a TIME Smartbox

workshop module accessed

both from the rear and from a

bus door on the ground. The

insulated workshop module

features full standing height

and is fitted with premium

workshop interior from Sortimo

and various features including

a heater.


In the next issue of TIME World News...

In the next issue of TIME World News, we will report from the last of the remaining roadshows and exhibitions of the 2017

exhibitions calendar. Besides this, we will once again show cases of exciting product deliveries and share all product related news.


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