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Two love birds meet and eventually love grows between them. Love is followed by lust. A man

does not feel content with the love he shows verbally, he wants to show his love physically.

Being physically, connects you more towards your partner. Your love gets strong and emotional

connection becomes stronger. A man who is unable to gratify his counterpart sensually because

of lackness in erection suffers turmoil in a relationship. Both male and female are born with

sensual hormones that trigger their sensuality. Both desire each other and satisfy each other's

urge. If a man is incapable of his performance in bed, it will make her female feel depressed.

The frequent happening will only cause more problems in a relationship. There are chances that

female may run from the relationship. To safeguard your relation, use Cenforce. This medicine

works speedily in bringing up an erection. You will get an erection on time and eventually

performance in bed will also increase. Sildenafil Cenforce 100mg has saved many relationships.

Do not forget to keep Cenforce in your pocket before going for intimacy.

To know further information about the drug Cenforce, read below blog

Sildenafil the Generic of Cenforce is known as a PDE5 inhibitor. This medicine works by

prohibiting the working of the PDE5 enzyme. PDE5 causes degradation of cGMP and lessens

cGMP quantity in genitals. After Cenforce blocks its function, there is a hike in cGMP amount

that results in vasodilation and ultimately fastens blood circulation to the penile region. This

brings forth an erection.

Cenforce is available as 100 mg and 150 mg doses.

Dosage scheme to follow

You have to engulf a single tablet before you go to have intimacy. Before 30 minutes of planned

intimacy have Cenforce. The action will begin within 30 minutes and the duration lasts for

about 4-6 hours time period.


You need to have sensual arousal to gain the effect of this medicine.

It is to be taken orally with water.

Take it with or without meals.

Take next dose after 24 hours time.

Contradictory factors that one must follow: A person should never use it if he:

Is coming below age group of 18 years

Is sensitive to any of its components

Is taking Nitrates or Poppers

Keep in mind some safety measures one has to follow

To prevent any hindrance due to dizziness, avoid harsh activities.

Completely be away from alcohol and grapefruit juices as these worsen the effects.

Fatty food will decrease your absorption of the drug so avoid such fatty meals.

Tell your doctor if you notice any painful erection.

Some HARMFUL aftermaths you will see after using Cenforce are an irregularity in heartbeats,

back pain, erection for longer time, flushing, light-headed feeling, painful erection, dizziness,

shortness of breath, sudden vision loss, stomach upset, headache, muscular pain, and swelling

of hands or feet.


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