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Honors Honors & & Memorials Memorials


August 1, 2011 – January 15, 2012

Acord, Leila – Hilda Freel, Rob and vianna Swatek, Josie and Robert Bigger, Harry

and Linda Christman

Arnold, Kenny – Floyd and Carolyn Marlatt, Vicky and Donald Walters

Baker, Helma Low – Carol and Bob McCartney, Bill and Rosemary Williamson

Baker, Patricia – Milo Ransopher and Lisa Crough

Bargewell, Barbara – Roswitha Tschauder, Edwin and Laura Logan

Bauer, Doris Lee – Beverly and Robert Kidd, Joe and Dianna Mans, Linda Huss,

Roger and Janice Wilch, Donald and Connie Jones, Linda Berry, Alex and Debera

Zerbe, Ann Michel, Kathleen Bauer, Kansas Dept of Corrections, Terry and Stacey

Townsend, Jason and Angie Sellers, June Evans, Richard and Ellen Roach

Bell, Jobetta – Mary Ledom

Bozarth, Madeline Irene – Robert and B. Ruth Harrison, Jere and Carol noe, Carol and

John Stubbs

Brunnert, Don – Santa Fe Breakfast Friends

Buergin, Raymond – Peggy and Donald Dawson

Burghart, Barbara – Sandy Foster, Lee and Rose Schmidt, Tamara and Daniel

Alvarez, Chris Williams

Burtram, Jack – Judith Berry, Ginger Davis

Byers-Harper, Thema – Wilbur and Betty Artzer, Ed and Kay Grey, Beverly and Robert

Kidd, Jane Fleeker, Janice Wolfley, Jean Daniels, Cynthia Pederson, Cheryl Reves

Campbell, Peggy – Judith Nudson

Carlisle, Mary – Renee Reaser, Kenneth and Rita Nichols

Carrigern, James – Virginia and Kenneth Kingman, Harlan and Rita Hamman, Jim and

Marion Taylor

Cassella, Barbara Jean – Richard Martinez, Connie Ramage, Susan Cain, Byron and

Giselle White

Chestnut, Laurie – Marilyn Meakins

Christian, Robert – Steve and Ginger Christian

Clevenger, Thomas – Novella Clevenger

Cogswell, Peggy – Ron and Vicki Francis

Coker, Mamie – Susan Chochran, Joyce and Ronald Coker, Rog and Bev Meyer

Conner, Etta – Connie and Richard Ligon

Copeland, Susan Perry – Barbara and Bill Bowen

Craig, John Martin – Thelma, Dan and Mike Pope

Culver, Dorothy – Elton and Cherie Decker, Lois Butel, Delores Anstaett, Lara Stout,

Lloyd Rissen, Mary Herring, Merril and Mary Ann Goodrich

Curran, Robert – Cheryl Butler, Richard Lambrecht

Daniels, Virginia – Robert and Shirley Wilson, Randall Daniels, Cristy and Scott

Reichert, Bari Bright, Renee Gardner, Tracy Marie Gardner, Harry and Leeann Lane,

Diana Campbell

Honors and Memorials

Dawkins, Lillian L. – William Goshorn, Theodore and Anne Heim, Thomas and Vicki

Cunningham, Ray and Carol Emert

Dawson, Ann – Edward Dawson

Decker, Marvel – Karen Sutton, Mike and Konni Flynn, John and Annie Hennies,

Michael and Christine Kelly

Decock, Bill – Michael and Kathleen Whalen, Crest Elementary School, Jane Hamilton,

Eldon and Margaret Pinick, Darlene Haskins, Gregory and Sandra Whalen, Bank of

Osage City

Degener, Shirley – Nancy Goodnow, Carol and John Stubbs, Kay Rucker, Marvin and

Shirley Smith, Lee Ann Rake, John and Patricia Felton, Gene and Ruth Willard, Larry

and Lois Ditmer, Stephen and Linda McGinnis, Sherri Newman, John and Mary Davis,

James and Theresa McMillan, Dana Hahn, Barbara Paulus, Louella Chambard, Mary

Linn O’Reilly, Alon and Carol Chambard, Ruth Dodge

Delany, James – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Customer Service Center

Dodson, Lavon “Ernie” – Calvin Ott, Jean, Sue and Jerry Gibson, Elizabeth and Larry


Duer, Lillian – David Weeks, Linette and Terry Monson

Eberly, Rose Ann – ABK Insurance Agency Inc., Vicki Wilson, Dennis and Linda

Eylander, Rob and Jan Polter, Charles and Rita Emmons, Lisa Jones

Eschleman, Julie – Rena and Michael Carmona, Carol and John Stubbs, Lisa Black,

Braxton Copley and city of Topeka Public Works Department

Farmer, Alma – Susan and Mark Jones

Farrell, Mike – Michael McManis, Kooser Auction Service

Fuller, Duane “Bud” – Kathy Fuller, Compliance EBA

Funston, Sandy and her dog Muffin – Edward Funston

Gary, Harriett -- Mary Ann Heinen, Virginia C. Will, Charles and Charlotte Bates, Jean

McCaskill, Bill and Alyce Gannaway, Kenneth and Mary Kerle, Nautilus Club, Bonnie

and Lyndahl Kats

Ginzel, Christopher – Evelyn J. Riley, Doris Anderson

Haines, Barbara – Debbie Latta

Halstead, Brenda – Peggy and Donald Dawson, Lonnie Cox

Hart, Dorene – Katherine Boutros

Hawpe, Cynthia Elaine – Susan and Dennis Rogers

Henderson, Paul F. – Kay Nash, Darrell and Janet McNeil

Henderson, Vivian – John and Sherry Martin

Henkensiefken, Susan – Mike and Theresa Maxwell, Doris Maxwell

Henstock, Louise – Linda and Gary Wagner

Herl, Robert D. – Marthalee Donohoe

Holmes, Eva Pauline – Julie and Daniel Holmes, Holmes family

Hunter, Wanda – Traci and Chris Bortz

Johnson, Cindy – Jackie and Jerry Wooldridge

Jones, Dixie L. – Leroy and Mary Bailey, Patty Hylton, Leann Croucher

Jordan, Brent – Kenneth and Donita Jordan

Keck, George – Topeka Round-up club

Kiehl, Donald Eugene – Lynda and Richard Wood, Deborah and James Schmidtlein

Honors and Memorials

Kimsey, Larry – Bryan Scarlett, Patricia Moore, Jean and Richard Moore, Shannon

Nye, Randal and Stacey Utech, Thomas and Sharon Bolyard, Ann Mroczynski, Ryan

and Angela Nye, Janet and Gregory Baldwin, Donald Blaker, Sondra McCarty Ronald

and Marilyn Nye, Joseph and Janette Gelroth, Sandra Kimmons, Stanley and Phyllis

Behrends, Pat and Carlin Eyman, Joan Fleshman, Robert Miller, Marlene Grittman, Neil

and Elizabeth Dobler, Elizabeth Branden, Delbert and Sharon Thielman, Ocie Miller,

Robert and Barbara Kahler, MJ and Lillian Mosher, DE Nightingale, Robert and Judy

Brewer, Beverly Williams, Jim and Brenda Dooley, Carol Wheeler

Kohler, Bessie – Vickie Rucker, Margaret and Leland Denton

Kyle, Beverly J – Konnie Kyle

Lane, Doni -- Patricia Lane

Linder, Larry – Patty and Jim Bean

Lolley, Dee – Wayne and Yvonne Fowler

Lowe, Mark – Curtis and Virginia Neeley, Denison State Bank, Doris and Warren

Kinnett, Deborah Desch, Lila Swafford, Maxine Lowe family

Lynn, Katrena – American Postal Workers Union

Martin, Marjorie – Seaman Middle School, Kevin Wolfe

Matney, Irene Alice – Allan and Kerye Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. William Watson, Lorene

and Claude Maxwell, Paul and Arlene Metzger, Norma Jean Matney

Matthews, Eugene – Thurlow and Karen Matthews

McCoy, Bill – Harvey and Vicky Harris, Warren and Helen Turner

McGivern, James – Billie Johnson

Means, Elizabeth – Geneva and William Armstrong

Melvin, Martha Mae – David and Pat Sabol, Freda Corbin, Janice Black, Loretta and

Randy Carman, John and Peggy Gatewood, Beth Martin and Dana Baughman, Terry

and Denise Casebier, Grace Bay, Tammy Austin, Ronald Corbin, Clifford and Shirley


Meyer, Darlene Ann – Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Imaging Partners, Inc.

Miller, Carl J. – Kenneth and Donita Jordan, Martha and Jeffrey Miller, Larson &

Blureich, Chartered, Natalie Miller

Miller Harriet – Andrea and Lynn Holt, Westar Energy, Briman’s Leading Jewelers,

Cheri Larossi, Robert and Jane Mackey, Timothy and Carole Etzel, Daniel and Patricia

Swearingen, Donald and Judy Moler, Gary and Barbara Sondergard, Phyllis Kelly, Lou

Ann Landholm, Albert and Vivian Jackson, Gregory and Sue Egner

Mills, Jean – Dr. Janice and Keith Barton

Montgomery, Leo – WW II Vets of 273 rd F A BN

Moore, Thomas W. – Steve and Ginger Christian

Morris, Phillip E. – Kooser Auction Service, Mark and Jennifer vierthaler, Vanita and

Harlan Hunt, Derril Campbell, Lazina and Edwin Michael, Thomas and Ruth Kennedy,

Karol and Wanda Wilhite

Murtlea, Lynne – Leslie Johnson

Nelson, Harold Dean – Mary Harvey, BNSF Equipment Management Team

Nicholson, Robyn Finley – Shirley and Jerry Kincaid

Nixon, Barbara – Yoshiko and Francis Gerner

Ocobock, Tirell D. – Johanna Ocobock

Honors and Memorials

Oliva, Eileen Kay – Jesse and Regina DeGarmo, Dan and Kim Carlson, Carroll and

Barbara Wisbey, Court of Appeals JA, Elizabeth and William Bond, Gregory and Jill

Brungardt, Don and Marian Dehart, Anne and Scott Hesse, Roger and Rachel Olson,

Charles and Carol Paxton, Carolyn Bedell, Carol Sprague, Ralph and Theresa Lopez,

Joann Bernasek, Stefani, Heath and Tarah Jehlik, Betty and Richard Oliva, James

Banks, Yvonne Brownell, Terry and Mark Schwartz, Brad and Cheryl Koehn, Pat Gabel,

Marmie Bobko, Martha Gonzales, John and Dolores Torrez, James and Cathryn

Tunnell, Steven and Dawn Hanrahan, Tony and Marti Brentnall, Melissa and Lawrence

Rogers, Frank and Marjorie Hersh, James and Alice Walters, David and Shawn Bruns,

Warren and Freida Schriner, Yvonne Rodriguez, Theresa Duran, Virginia Payne,

Hayden and Susan St. John, David and Mary Rogge, Lawrence Tenopir, Diana Rose,

Scott and Cynthia Weaver, Julian and Susie Oliva, Vera and Duane Pearce, E.L.V.I.S,

LLC, Capelli Salon, Tony Diez, L & L Enterprises, Eileen Scott Jose and Ernestina

Adame, Charlotte Noland, Mary Ann Merillat, Jeanette Beilman, Shirley Peck, JoAnn

Miller, Monica and Kenneth Guilfoyle, Classy Cal Alumni, Laine Hash, Kathy Logan and

family, Lori Libel, kent and Ellen Townsend, Judy Bixler, Anita Nelson

Page, Robert – Scott Doering, Earle and Connie Evans, Dorothy Ponton, Rhonda and

David Doering

Pattison, Pat – Mary Winans

Perkuhn, Joan – Dewey and Mariella Green, Cindy and James White, Blanche Hurley,

Dorothy Holloman, Donna Neuner, Terry Paletta, Fidelity Banks, Coastguard MAS,

Betty Mack

Peterson, Gerald – Dona Peterson

Phillips, Charles – Kansas Department of Transportation M & R Lab, Lois and John

Lorence, Cheryl and Hustson Pulford, Jerriene and Al Harper

Plackett, Fern – Evelyn J. Riley, Doris Anderson

Price, Helen – James and Pamela Allen

Pummill, Jerri – Ann Parrish, Development Services – City of Topeka, Pummill Nieces

and Nephews, David and Linda Charay, Jerry and Julie Kastner, Mrs. John Cerrone,

Connie Buergin

Pyles, Timothy – Leslie and Patricia Letulle

Rayburn, Carolyn – Marion Taylor

Reese, Imogene – Evelyn J. Riley, Doris Anderson

Renbarger, Karen – Fred and Alice Tilton, Betty Beaver, Mary Adele Schmidt, Leslie

Justice, Bonnie and Richard Johnson, Howard and Laura Hobrock, Donna Petrie,

Coffman, Defries, Nothern, N. Wayne and Ramona Lucas, Terri Powell Rands, Richard

and Frances Hargis, Dick and Beth Feldman, Mike and Theresa Maxwell, Jimmy and

Marjorie Woytek

Rezac, Katherine – William and Peggy Rezac, Linda and William Price, Linda Tuller,

Teresa Zima, Cindy and Michael Henderson, Carol Jory, Dennis and Carol Bolen,

William and Shirley Mergenmeier, Phyllis Rezac, Ronald and Carla Perry, Larry and

Linda Wehner, Marvin and June Burgett, Peggy Dittberner, Jason and Dori Simecka,

Maxine and Richard Flanary, Jim and Karen Kinderknecht, Everett Shields, Elaine and

Arthur Szczesniak

Rice, June Kelley – Exclusive Pet Care Service, Cynthia Capellari, Maggie Kelley,

Della Willcott, Elizabeth Watson, Sandra Mills, Topeka Foundry and Iron Works

Honors and Memorials

Company, Bryon and Jan Schlosser, Paula Upton, Fry family, Gregory and Katherine

Johnson, Dallas and Ellen Caster, James and Cheryl Creviston, Pamela Doyle, Jan and

Alan Mason, Elizabeth Dean, Kelly Heller Family Foundation, James and Lois Daniels,

Mary Ledom, Linda McHenry, Jennifer and Brian Steinbock, Gwendolyn Ketter, KATMB,

Inc., Skinny’s Inc., Donnie and Anna Cousins, Mary Doyle and Sharon York, Vicki

Arnett, Cindy Adams

Roach, Diane – Mary Wallis

Rogers, Enola – DeAnn Eley

Rogers, Perry – George and Marion Menge, Merlin and Cathy Pearson, Gerald and

Carolyn Cornwell, Eugene and Phyllis Worthington, Dian Rogers, Ruth Ann Mitchell,

William and Rosalie Hooper, Cloeva Idol, Alan and Julie Conroy, Randy and Linda

Brown, Joan Rogers, Sylvan Coles, Glorianne Rogers, Janie Bartlett, Irma MacNeill,

Imogene Woodland, Bill and Marie Rogers, James and Gwendolyn Whittit

Rose-Hummel, Deanna S. – Karl and Pat Hummel

Sakellaris, Jim – Bryce and Mary Kresie, Judith Briggs

Sanders, Iris – Vickie Hemmen, Connie Streff, Larry Haas Agency, Inc., Rick and

Michelle Higgs, Janine Perlman, Linda and Kenneth Becker, Telecom Pioneers, Lou

Bjorgaard Probasco, Glenda Cafer and David Debenham, Kathy Brinker, Robert Voet,

Glenn and Jayne Cafer

Scott, Florence – Patricia and Larry Pressman, Debbie Latta

Shaw, Mary Madge – Penny Cook

Shields, James M. – John and Nona Bally, Jean Fitzgibbons, Robert and Merrilee

Kuhn, Winifred Haflich, John and Pat Shields, Rick Slocum, Gil and Elvera Wehmeier,

Linda Stroud, Paul and Janice Shields

Shields, Virgina – Marlena Adkison, Robert Mitchell

Smith, Audrey Alyce – Berridge’s Homes, John and Dena Adams, Norma Sikes

Snoe, Lois – Charles and Claire King, Deb Walters, Mary and Toby Young

Sorden, Willa Jean – Lois Delfelder, KDOT District One, Area Four Family, Brian

Gottstein, Michelle Gottstein, Rena and Michael Carmona, Carol Wall, James and Linda

Hodgson, Larry and Nancy Ferrell

Spellmeier, Pauline – Steve and Ginger Christian

Steere, Vicki - Steere family, Jim Furney, Audrey Cashman, Robert and Janet Goss,

Ronald and Rebecca Johnson, Donald and Charlotte Brewer, Joyce and Keith

McDiffett, Barbara Goff, Diana and Bob Feldhausen, Ruth and Wayne Olberding

Steffe, David – Diana and Bob Feldhausen, Ruth and Wayne Olberding

Stiers, Fred – Alice Eigenman

Thomas, Walter E. – Wade and Linda Kromer, Brad and Clarice Richardson, Kelon

and Nina Wolford, Mr. and Mrs. George Devlin

Trout, John M. “Bop” – 19 th Hole Gang, Jack and Claudette Blevins, Denison State


Vincent, Ruth – Debra Harvey

Walker, Robert – Lois Lutz

Wells, Robert K – Martha and Ahren Alcala, Mary Lee Maxwell, June Moore, Doris

Edwards, John Bausch, Dean and Beth Burrell, Denise Daudet, Cynthia Wahle, M.

Maxine Noller, Gregory and Sue Egner, Mary Haubold, Gary and Judy Hill

Honors and Memorials

Whightsil, John P. – Larry and Laurie Whightsil, Joe and Marilyn Ham, Marilyn Miller,

Carole and Howard Stanley, Jerry and Sharon Oldham

Whitlock, Ila – Bill and Liz Whitlock

Whitlow, Dorothy – Marcia Moore, McCrite Plaza Health Center

Woodward, Ken – Karl and Rita Kastens

Wootton, Bob – Jack and Winnie Wootton, Richard and Susan Wootton, Gary

Wootton, Lawrence Tenopir, Anthony Bruce Cooper, Everett and Sue Tedder, Jim and

Jan Shaw, Ethel Peterson, HJ and Sharon Wagner, M Leon Faubion, KNEA, Robert

and Dorothy Harder, Grace Hart, Kristine and Adrian Polansky, Winston and Marie

Peterson, Michael Johnston, John and Lynn Carlin, Robert and Kathryn Thomas, Brian

and Julie Reed, Anthony and Nancy Benson, Katha Hurt, Nancy Lindberg, Shelley Hite,

Ora Lee Gish, J McKenna

Honors onors

In honor of Candy Caufield – Joyce Reid

In honor of Joyce Reid – Candy Caufield

In honor of Art and Roberta Turner – Wanda Newman

In honor of Yvonne Fowler’s Birthday – Coleen and James Tyler

In honor of Wanda Newman and Phil, Sonja and Hershey Becker – Arthur and

Roberta Turner

In honor of Ginger Cain Davis – Vera and Duane Pearce

In honor of Jeanne Maxwell’s birthday – Alice Worster

In honor of Roscoe and Mary Ann Earp – Carol Ball

In honor of Jeanene Hoover’s 75 th birthday – Jodie and Clark Hoover

In honor of Donna Low for cat sitting – Joyce Davis

In honor of Trenton Wagner – Preston McDaniel

In honor of John and Ruth Stauffer – Ronald and Beverely Robb

In honor of Warren Abbot – Val Smith

In honor of the office staff at Pauline Central: Mr. Hageman, principal; Patti

Franklin, secretary; Judy Martin, secretary; Candy Cunningham, school nurse –

Hope Krug

In honor of Mary Wentworth’s birthday – Kirk Slusser and Jeff Scott

In honor of Bill and Barb Bowen – Donald and Pamela Lake

In honor of Dan and Kathy Richardson – Donald and Pamela Lake

In honor of Mark and Nancy Saylor – Suzanne and Ben Sarao

In honor of Katline’s birthday – Susan and Darrell Schmitz

In honor of Ruth Guilfoil’s birthday – Brandon Bruton

In honor of Charlsia Finley – Anita Nelson

In honor of Anne Trebino – Connie Reynolds

Honors and Memorials

In honor of Melissa, Ryann and Tyler Flesher – Connie Reynolds

In honor of Daneva’s friends – Daneva Ane

In honor of Konnie Myers – Judy Jones

In honor of Shelly Hutchinson – Yorke Powell family

In honor of Becca Cole at Hairloom and Michael and Allyce Hansford – George

and Eva Chiles

In honor of Pat Murrell – Kathy and Mark Ward

In honor of friendship with Ginger Davis – Neta and Allen Jeffus

In honor of Debbie Bellinger – Jean Heiman

In honor of Art and Bert Turner, Diane Tracy, and Rita Chapman – Phillip and Sonja


In honor of Lynn Wilkerson – Carey and Kent Wietharn

In honor of Michael Gardner, DDS – Kerry Flores

In honor of Kathy Moen’s birthday – Janice and Gary Pinger

In honor of Judy Scherff – Barbara Clark

In honor of the Jim Kreps family – Annett O’Hara

In honor of Ginger Cain Davis – Sharon Wrosch

In honor of the Dr. and Mrs. Craig Vosburgh family – Gretchen and Eric Vosburgh

In honor of Darla Goodrich – Laurie Long

In honor of Pauline Shuler – Judy Lotspeich

In honor of Laura Stewart – Yvonne Holloway

In honor of Tuffy Hanhardt – Jesse Pfannenstiel

In honor of Doug and Quail Lowe – Darlene and Harry Strader

In honor of Ginger Cain Davis – Anita Dreiling

In honor of the Howe family – Roxanne Ayotte

In honor of Laura Stewart – Monica Chavez

In honor of Rose Ann Morrow – Nathan Rodger

In honor of Scott and Erin Harvey – Elaine Jaeger

In honor of Joy Ranneback’s birthday – Frances Breedlove

In honor of Carol and Ron Bradford – Michael David Lee

In honor of John Pinegar and Billard – Lee, Brad and Lane Walker

Honors and Memorials

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