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Where did

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So we will continue to work to improve our magazine to and

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a full sized chicken and using a brine.

We are going after the history behind the hoagie and how a

Philadelphia based company is really bringing authentic hoagies

up and down the coast. There is also a various article on everything

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your sex life.

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6 16

Doors vs. Drawers: Which is Where Did The Hoagie

Best for Kitchen Cabinets? Name Come From?


Lochel’s Bakery


New Ways of Enjoying Coffee


Fish Dishes

That You Can Do At Home


So you Cooked the Fish Now

You Don’t Want to Live in

A FishMarket!!!!


10 Foods Thаt Cоntributе tо

a Hеаlthу, Rоbust Sex Life


Elvis Sandwich


Hard Vs Soft Hoagie Roll


Smoking For Advanced

Beginners.... Try a

Brined Chicken


Spice Pice Baby Veggie Style


Primos Hoagies Taking

the Authentic Philadelphia

Hoagie to New Places



Drink of the month:

Moscow Mule


The Essential Grilling Tools

You Really Need


Fall Seasonal Fruits

and Vegetables


How to Make Dessert Tacos


Let’s Get Them Started,

Kids in the KitchenDone Right


Make These Five Lunches In

Under 5 Minutes


3-In-1 Avocado Slicer


Around the neighborhood


Why Great Cookware Matters


Recipes around the world:

Bobo tie


So You Want to Use

A Knife Like A Chef





[ By Carrie Martin ]

So, you’ve decided it’s

finally time for a complete

kitchen remodel. Now

what? You may be excited

to update the style of your

kitchen design, or perhaps

you want to remove a wall

to create an open plan

kitchen/living/dining area.

Another top priority for

a kitchen renovation is

creating ample and appropriate

storage space.

There are so many options

available including standard

cabinets, specialized storage inserts,

narrow cabinets such as spice or oil

pull outs, and purpose-built storage

areas like beverage centers.

When it comes to cabinet styles,

is it better to stick with standard cabinets

with doors and pull out shelves

or will your kitchen supplies be better

organized in deep drawers? Many

people are opting for drawers for everything

from pots and pans to dishes

and coffee mugs. Why are drawers

such a popular choice, and are they

always the right choice?

When planning a kitchen remodel,

you must consider how frequently

you use your kitchen, who uses it,

and what you plan to store in your

kitchen. Whether you use your kitchen

frequently, cook a couple times a

week, or just occasionally entertain,

storage is essential to maintaining a

well-organized kitchen. The way you

intend to use your kitchen may help


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

define the type of storage best suited

to your new kitchen design.

If you have multiple sets of dishes,

glasses, and coffee supplies for daily

use and entertaining, you must factor

in ample space to store everything.

If you are an avid cook or baker, you

may want to include designated space

for baking supplies, a stand mixer, or

baking trays. There are basic requirements

for kitchen storage, but some

additional customized storage spaces

and accessories can be added to suit

your individual needs.

In general, drawers for base cabinets

offer maximum use of space

and are better at keeping cookware,

dishes, and even pots and pans in

place. Deep drawers offer the ideal

space to keep these items organized

and secure. Since drawers can be

pulled out all the way, they allow you

to see everything inside so no items

get lost in the back of a dark shelf,

even in a corner.

Ergonomics is a key benefit of

using drawers in base cabinets. They

are easier to open since they only require

one-handed motion while doors

require two hands.

Drawers in base cabinets are also

ideal for heavier items like cookware

and dishes. With drawers that pull

out all the way you can more easily

access and lift out plates, bowls, pots

and pans, and much more without

having to awkwardly reach to an upper

cabinet or stretch to the back of

a shelf.

Drawers can be outfitted with

specialized inserts such as a peg system

to keep dishes, coffee mugs, and

other items organized. Shallow drawers

with custom storage accessories

allow for easy storage of utensils,

cooking tools, spices, and even for

Keurig containers. Drawers also allow

the space to be accessed without

having to open doors and pull out a

shelf, so may offer less of an obstacle

to traffic flow in the kitchen.

In general,

drawers for base

cabinets offer

maximum use of

space and are

better at keeping

cookware, dishes,

and even pots and

pans in place.

Doors with standard shelves

should generally be reserved for upper

cabinets used for lighter items like


Base cabinets with doors and

rollout shelves can be used for pots

and pans, but are even better suited

to small appliances such as mixers.

The shallow shelves are sufficient to

keep small appliances in place and

allow for them to be more easily accessed

and lifted out.

Which option is best for your

kitchen design? If you are trying to

outfit an existing kitchen with additional

storage options, then pull out

shelves may be the best solution as

they can be more easily added to existing

cabinets. For a complete kitchen

remodel, you have complete flexibility

to design your storage in the

way that suits you best. Contact your

kitchen design professional to discuss

storage solutions or check out our

kitchen remodelling gallery for more


This article was kindly assisted by

the highly professional staff at Lang’s

Kitchen and Bath in Newtown PA.

They have been in the industry for

over 30 years and have all of the

working knowledge you would need

to get the most out of your kitchen

and bath needs. You can visit their

website at

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 7





For over 70 years Lochel’s

family bakery has been

serving the Philadelphia

area. Starting off in Philadelphia

and making its way

over the years to it’s present location

in Hatboro. The third generation baker

Rob and his wife Kathleen have

run the facility since 2005. They work

off the same recipes and quality that

have kept the reputation going.

Over the years they have built

their reputation on their from scratch

cakes to their signature donuts. Especially

around the holidays make sure

you give yourself a bit of time since

they are really busy.

We at Philly Eats Magazine are

proud to award Lochel’s Bakery our

Bakery of the Month.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 9


New Ways of Enjoying


Coffee is the latest

trend in the food and

beverage industry,

and there are new and

brilliant coffee recipes

popping up every day.

Millennials are driving

demand for

more innovative

ways to consume

their cup of joe,

including cold brew and Bulletproof.

But you can also enjoy coffee as a

delicious ingredient in your summer

dishes. From meat rubs to dessert

sauces, coffee isn’t just for drinking


Coffee in Its Natural State

Most high-quality coffee comes from

the C. arabica variety of coffee bean.

The green coffee beans are contained

in small red coffee berries and roasted

after harvesting to attain their rich

brown color. Because most coffee

contains chemical residues from pesticides,

organic coffee is worth purchasing

if you consume it every day.

Coffee’s Health Benefits

The health benefits of coffee and caffeine

are vast, but here are a few of

the highlights:

May reduce the risk of cancer, Parkinson’s

disease, diabetes and high

blood pressure

Improves physical performance,

memory and mental alertness

Stimulates digestion and weight


Our Favorite Coffee Recipes

If you’ve never tried coffee as a food

addiction, it’s time to change that! A

few of our preferred ways to incorporate

coffee include:

Coffee bean flour: Use coffee

bean flour to enhance the fla-


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

vor and nutritional value of your

baked goods! Coffee flour can be

substituted for up to 15% of flour

in most recipes, but keep in mind

you’ll need to add 10-25% more

liquid as well.

Light roast coffee rub for roast

beef or pork tenderloin: Combine

ground light roast beans with salt,

pepper and your spices of choice

(we recommend chili powder and

paprika), then rub to cover the

outside of a roast and cook as you

normally would. This makes a great

option for summer grilling!

Mocha sauce: Warm a cup of

brewed dark roast coffee on the

stove and stir in baking chocolate,

butter and sugar until the chocolate

has dissolved. You’ll have a lovely

mocha sauce to drizzle on top of

whipped cream, cakes or fruit.

Espresso vinaigrette: This one is

super simple—just add red wine

vinegar, olive oil, honey and instant

espresso to a dressing cruet

and shake thoroughly. Try it on a

breakfast salad with bacon, eggs

and avocado, or on this grilled

green salad from Bon Appetit.

Keep the Caffeine Buzz Going

Request coffee recipes as part of

your event menu with our catering

services. Coffee-inspired dishes are

always a hit with party guests (hint:

you MUST try our triple chocolate

espresso brownies!).

Chef Bianca Russano is an award

winning personal chef and published

author based in Northern Delaware.

She is a graduate from the University

of Delaware and The Art Institute of

Philadelphia. She has been operating

her personal chef business, About The

Table, since 2013 where she offers

chef-prepared meals, cooking classes

and boutique catering services. She

hopes to continue helping families

get “about the table” and enjoy food

while creating lasting memories.



Roast Beef with

A Coffee Gravy


3-5 pound chuck roast

Salt and pepper to taste 1

Tablespoon oil 2

Onions (sliced) 2

Cups beef broth 2

Cups coffee 1

Tablespoon balsamic

vinegar 2

Bay leaves 2

Sprigs of thyme 2

Tablespoon flour mixed

into 1 tablespoon water

Salt and pepper to taste



Season the beef with salt

and pepper.

2 Heat the oil in a pan.


Add the beef and brown on

all sides and set aside.













the onion to the pan and

saute until tender, about 3-5


Add the beef stock and deglaze

the pan.

the beef back to the pan

along with the coffee, balsamic

vinegar, bay leaves and

thyme and bring to a simmer.

and transfer to a preheated

325F over and bake

until fork tender, about 3-5


the beef aside, cover and

let cool.

Strain the solids from the

gravy and skim off the fat.

Add the flour and water

mixture and simmer until

it thickens, a few minutes.

Season the gravy with salt

and pepper.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 11


Fish Dishes

That You Can Do At Home

Because a lot of people

aren’t comfortable

cooking fish in their

house we are going to

do the recipes for 2 and

if you have more eating

you can just increase

the size of the recipe


To help reduce the fish smell

soak your fish in milk for about

15-20 minutes before cooking.

Fish is extremely quick to cook

and depending on how you cook it a

healthy option. There are three recipes

below that to the fantastic chef are going

to seem ridiculously basic. To the

hack in the kitchen they are going to

seem just as ridiculously basic. One of

our goals of the magazine is to introduce

and expand, so if we have to start

basic we will.



Course: Entree

Cuisine: American

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 25 mins

Total Time: 40 mins

Servings: 2


8 ounces crab meat lump or jumbo


12 ounces flounder fillets 4 large

fillets a good number of filets are 3


2 Tablespoons melted butter

1 tablespoon of tarragon

1 teaspoon of dill


½ cup mayonnaise

1 large egg lightly whipped

Fresh lemon Juice, about 1 large

lemons worth you want the essence

not the overbearance.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon old bay seasoning if you

don’t like the bite in old bay use paprika.


1. Mix all the ingredients for the imperial

sauce together until well blended

in a bowl.

2. SLOWLY blend the sauce into the

crab meat, you might not need all of

it because the meat might not take it

all in and you aren’t making a soup.

3. Place two fillets of flounder in your

baking dish, and place half of your

crab imperial mixture on top of each


4. Take the other two fillets and split

them in half, placing one-half on

each side of the stuffing, leaving the

top visible. It will great as it browns,

and you want your guests to see all

of the crab meat!

5. Place a little water in the pan with

your stuffed flounder to help keep

them moist, and if you’re feeling really

decadent, top the stuffed flounder

with a little melted butter (that’s

how we would have done it in the

restaurant). It’s definitely worth the

extra effort!

6. Place the baking dish in a 350 degree

preheated oven for 20-25

minutes. It’s important not to let the

flounder dry out, but you do want

your crab imperial to be hot enough

(if you have a food thermometer

check its internal temperature to

make sure it’s at least 165 degrees).


4 flounder filets

Salt and pepper

¾ freshly grated parmesan cheese

½ cup Panko bread crumbs

4 tablespoons unsalted butter,


2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil


1. Preheat the oven to 425.

2. In a large baking dish, season the

fish filets with salt and pepper.

3. Mix the parmesan with the bread

crumbs, melted butter and olive oil

and sprinkle over the fillets.

4. Bake for 15 minutes or until the fish

is cooked and the topping has become


5. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving




Serves: 2 Time 20 minutes


½ tsp salt

¼ tsp black pepper

½ lb flounder fillets

non-stick cooking spray

½ tbsp butter substitute (Smart Balance)

½ tbsp olive oil

¼ c white wine, dry variety

¼ c combination of chives, parsley

& tarragon, minced


1. Rub salt and pepper into both sides

of fish.

2. Coat a large skillet with cooking

spray and set over medium-low

heat; add olive oil and melt the

butter sub. in oil. Add wine and increase

heat to medium-high; allow

wine to reduce by half.

3. Add fish; cook for 2 to 3 minutes

on one side. Flip fish; cook until no

longer translucent in the middle,

careful not to overcook it, about 2

to 3 minutes more depending on

thickness of fish. Remove fish to a

serving plate; sprinkle with herbs.




Baked Flounder with Parmesan Crumbs

Flounder is one of the most desirable

fish to be caught, and one of the easiest

to cook so we decided we would

share this simple recipe. It is so easy

we should have placed it in the kids


August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 13


So you Cooked the Fish Now

You Don’t Want to Live in



One of the main objections of

cooking fish in the house is

you don’t want every neighborhood

cat coming over for the next

month. There are ways to combat it

and like everything else if you do it

properly you can remove the smell

and still enjoy the meal you made with

a minimal amount of additional work.

First things first any of the ingredients

we are saying to use can be

purchased at the dollar store or very

inexpensively. We are not telling anyone

to run out and buy air scrubbers

to cook a piece of fish.

Stating the obvious, use the exhaust

fan that is in the kitchen it will

help move the air, if you are cooking

the fish or stinky vegetable like broccoli

or cauliflower turn on the central air

conditioning units. The movement of

the air will help keep the odors down.

If you are baking the fish, make

sure that after eating you wipe down

your oven if it is self cleaner make

sure you follow your directions on

what products you can use. Even if

you made a splatter proof dish you

might have made something before

that soaked up those fresh odors.

Now the stuff you might have not

thought of before……….

Soak some cotton balls in vanilla

that you get from a dollar store and

after cooking place them in the kitchen

they will have more staying power

than the cook time.

Make a concoction of cinnamon,

brown sugar, a stick of cheap margarine,

and a cut up apple and bake

it. It will fill up your house with the

smell of fresh baked goods instead of

the fish. YOu don’t have to waste the

apple I just like the smell of it or if you

want you could even eat it over some

ice cream if you so desire.

No matter what these are some

simple tips to help get rid the smell.

Don’t let these smells take away from

enjoying a nice fish dinner.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

10 Foods

Thаt Cоntributе tо

a Hеаlthу, Rоbust Sex Life

[ By Chef Diane Flloyd ]


ur hеаlth аnd mindѕеt ѕеrvе аѕ the fоundаtiоn for every other

part оf оur life -- frоm our рrоduсtivitу at wоrk, to оur ѕеx life.

When you think about food we generally eat to provide nutrients,

energy and also pleasure. Have you ever

wondered which foods can rev up уоur sex life...

juѕt in timе fоr уоur ѕрring аwаkеning!


Lоаdеd with роtаѕѕium, аvосаdоѕ

bооѕt libidо fоr both ѕеxеѕ. And

they’re riсh in fоliс асid that provides

еnеrgу and stamina - both of which

are imроrtаnt оnсе your libidо iѕ



Lасk оf ѕеxuаl еnеrgу is often duе tо

оvеrtаxеd adrenal glаndѕ and kidnеуѕ.

Bеаnѕ аrе knоwn fоr ѕtrеngthеning

the аdrеnаl glands аnd kidnеуѕ (ever

nоtiсеd thе ѕhаре of a bеаn?) аnd can

hеlр rеѕtоrе vital energy аѕ wеll as

sexual еnеrgу.


Get tо ѕрrinklin’, bесаuѕе сinnаmоn

саn inсrеаѕе уоur libidо over timе, as

it helps tо rеduсе blооd ѕugаr lеvеlѕ

and inсrеаѕе blооd flоw tо аll the

right рlасеѕ!


Is high in thе B vitаmin fоlаtе thаt

hеlрѕ increase уоur рrоduсtiоn оf

histamine. Hiѕtаminе iѕ important

fоr inсrеаѕing your sex drivе. Pluѕ,

itѕ ѕuggеѕtivе shape, rеѕеmblеѕ thе

оrgаn it supports.


Loaded with mаgnеѕium, chocolate

саn soothe nerves and make us fееl

open аnd rесерtivе. Additiоnаllу,

chocolate соntаinѕ рhеnуlаlаninе,

аn аminо acid that rаiѕеѕ the body’s

еndоrрhinѕ аnd produces dopamine,

whiсh iѕ especially important fоr a

satisfying еxреriеnсе.


inсrеаѕеѕ blооd flоw, еѕресiаllу tо

thе ѕеxuаl оrgаnѕ. Gingеr hаѕ warming

рrореrtiеѕ аnd iѕ knоwn to wаrm

уоur body, Mаnу сulturеѕ hаvе uѕеd

ginger аѕ an aphrodisiac for hundrеdѕ

of years.

Maca Root

knоwn аѕ Peruvian ginѕеng,аnd it’ѕ a

favorite hеrb in South Americatо increase

ѕеxuаl desire in bоth mеn аnd

women. Maca hаѕ high levels of amino

асidѕ in Mаса, ѕресifiсаllу L-Arginine

аnd L-Hiѕtаdinе, mау hеlр boost

fеmаlе ѕеx drivе оr libidо аnd correct

ѕеxuаl dysfunction in women.


hаѕ been shown tо be аn арhrоdiѕiас

in аnimаl ѕtudiеѕ аnd rеѕultѕ said it did

inсrеаѕе sexual bеhаviоrѕ. It is grеаt

sprinkled on top of ѕwееt роtаtоеѕ or

in your соffее.


If you like hоt аnd spicy, you’re in luck!

Chiliеѕ contain capsaicin, a сhеmiсаl

whiсh аlѕо increases blооd flоw аnd

triggеrѕ the release оf mood-enhancing

еndоrрhinѕ that naturally рumр

uр уоur libidо.

Garlic and Onions

Knоwn аѕ аlliumѕ, these powerful

vеgеtаblеѕ inсrеаѕе ѕtаminа аnd

contain сhеmiсаl соmроundѕ thаt

ѕtimulаtе blood flоw аnd саuѕе intense

feelings оf аrоuѕаl fоr powerful,

lasting sex.

Born and raised in Philadelphia,

Diane developed her passion for food

at a young age.She was inspired by

time in the kitchen with her mother and

grandmother preparing family meals as

with graduating from culinary school.

Having worked over twenty years in

various facets of the food industry such

as restaurant, hotels, catering, and

schools, Diane became a personal

chef to professionals and families in

the Greater Philadelphia area.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 15


Where Did

The Hoagie

NameCome From?

Why Do We Keep It Going?


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


ou know you have asked

the question a thousand

times, and don’t

have a real answer. Sure

you have been told by

an old aunt about cousin Joey’s old

neighbor Dom who had an old Aunt

that used to go to a place that made

this sandwich. Or a joint down the

street across the tracks that started

calling it a hoagie before anyone was

born. The reality is it has been written

about and researched a thousand different

ways, and no one has an accurate


We just call our long roll sandwiches

hoagies in the Philadelphia

area. I will share the best explanation

that I did uncover in my research for

the article, and I do feel like it has

more teeth than the old Aunt.

There used to be a shipbuilding

company on Hog Island during WWI

(Currently the Airport), this is where

Italian immigrants would bring sandwiches

crafted on long Italian bread

with cured meats………. sound familiar?

The bread was day old, so the

crust on the bread was stale and


Over the years other stories have

surfaced, and in 2009 a story by Jacqueline

Cohen and Kim Parry called

“Sandwich Evolution: Hoggy, Hoggie,

Hoagie” written that gave a fantastic

history of the hoagie. History is great,

but it seems now there are more

variations on the once classic hoagie

that we should call them something

else. The hoagie variety has been acceptable

as long as there are meat,

cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil,

and seasoning.

However in today’s ever changing

palate and marketplace let us get real,

some of these combinations should

be called something else original from

Philadelphia. For, instance the roast

pork and broccoli rabe, we can’t call

that a hoagie like some do and it deserves

more respect than being called

a hot sandwich. We can go on for

days on the combinations, but at the

end of the day, it is socially acceptable

to call it a hoagie is it has the ingredients

as mentioned earlier on it.

A central piece of discontent on the

hoagie is truly the style of bread. As it

showed in our Boiling Point section, it

is extremely river driven on the style of

bread that goes with that hoagie.

While there are individual shops

that have remained loyal to the hard

roll the bread companies like Liscio’s

and Ameroso have made a roll that is

a bit softer but just as tasty. Depending

on how tough you like your crust

will depend on your flavor.

The Fresh Works franchise has

some franchises around Philadelphia

and South Jersey. As in their name,

they make as many of their ingredients

fresh in the store as they can, and

that includes their bread. John Parrish

who is one of the franchises founders

was quick to point out, “Regardless of

A central piece of

discontent on the

hoagie is truly the

style of bread.

As it showed in our

Boiling Point

section, it is

extremely river

driven on the style

of bread that goes

with that hoagie.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 17



how you like your sandwich the fresh

ingredients are the most important

part of a hoagie.” Parrish went on,”

the bread is a critical piece, and we

found that baking a baguette style

of roll gets everyone a little of both.”

Parrish mentioned that the hard core

crusty hoagie lovers would ask for a

darker roll.

In asking John if serving a hoagie

with anything less than a hard crusty

roll makes it any less of a hoagie, he

was quick to point out. “If you make a

hoagie that the person is eating it enjoys,

that is what matters.” “Hoagies

are what we call our sandwiches here,

and that is what most of our customers

call all our sandwiches.”

When we were making our way

around the area and looking at menus

to see if there was another name

that jumped out at us the answer

was simple........No, and even worse if

we asked people if there is a better

name? They laughed at us. So there

you have it Philadelphia area we love

our hoagies!

We Make House Calls!









With the 40 th anniversary of Elvis’s

death we thought we have to celebrate

one of the most unique sandwiches

made. It was his favorite

and it is based off a Southern Depression era

time when you needed to give your children nutrients

but didn’t have a lot of money.

The Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwich has

a number of variations and we here at Philly Eats

would like to give you a few of them.

The Classic

2 Slices of White Bread

1 Ripe Banana

Creamy or Chunky

Peanut Butter

Grilled Classic

2 Slices of White Bread

1 Ripe Banana

Creamy or Chunky Peanut


Cook it in Butter Soaked Pan and Toast That

Baby Up!!!

Bacon Makes It Better

2 Slices of White Bread

1 Ripe Banana

Creamy or Chunky Peanut Butter

2 Slices of Bacon

Wipe Pan of Bacon Fat then Grill In Butter.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 19


Hard Vs Soft



This month we went full hoagie in

our search for the truth on how you

like your hoagie roll. We sent out

an intern who volunteered his time

from his busy summer of doing what

college kids do to ask people on the

street the question of hard or soft.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

Mike, the intern, is a student at Penn State Main

Campus and he asked the question and boy did he get

some answers that are hilarious. Some were so funny

but not on the actual point, and some went a different

direction completely of where the questions responses

were meant to be.

Mike spent most of the time at the Reading Terminal

Market getting his responses.

He questioned 1,126 people on the question of:

Do you prefer your hoagie roll to be hard or soft?

There is truly an impressive statistical finding that

there was a significant difference in preference between

people that live or are from Philadelphia and people

that grew up in South Jersey or Delaware.

As we went over in the articles in the magazine we

have found that there is a great deal of opinion on the

hoagie and all of the

Joe P — South Philly:

“Hard and seeded is

the only way”

Maria M — Port Richmond:

“Hard no seeds and

not a lot of meat”

Madison R. — Voorhees:

“Soft but firm I don’t

like it when it a hot dog

roll like down south”

Jaquan S. — West Philly:

“Hard, we don’t do

anything soft in Philly

Pierre K. — Norristown:

“Hard, let the oil

soak in it for a while

and it is all good”

Rich D. — Wilmington:

“Soft, if I wanted

a crouton I would

order a salad”

William R. — Levittown:

“Hard with lots of oil

to make it squish”

Matt T. — Cherry Hill:

“Softer, I don’t like

stale bread”

Maria F. — Cherry Hill:

“Soft not limp, I don’t

want mush”

Jen O. — South Philadelphia:

“You have to ask, the

harder the better”

Kate S. — Pennsauken:

“Softer side I don’t want my

gums to bleed on my hoagie roll”

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Smoking For Advanced Beginners.... Try a


Do you think you are ready to take your smoking to the next level from

a boneless chicken breast? Are you afraid to go spend $30 on a piece of

meat and then ruin it? Do you not want to sit around for 14 hours while

a brisket smokes? We don’t blame you. Some meats not only take expense

but a time commitment that you don’t always have to give to it.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


brine smoked chicken

is an American classic

dish, that requires a

little time and commitment

with a great tasting

result. You will be surprised how

well brining the chicken really works

at keeping your chicken from drying

out and keeping the flavors. As well

as when it is done you han carve it or

pull it so it is versatile as well.

Brining is the process of soaking

the chicken in basically a salty water

and spice mixture for a period of

time so the bird retains the moisture

during the cooking process. One of

the worst things you can have is a dry

piece of chicken come off a smoker

and brining solves this problem.

You want to smoke the chicken

at a long and slow temperature of

225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. You

don’t want to rush it with high temperature,

nothing worse than when

your chicken is done at the surface

and no where near done at the bone.

Cooking low and slow will allow the

smoke from your wood chips to flavor

the meat throughout the cooking

process. Since chicken really takes the

flavor of the meat it is recommended

that you find some fruit wood or nut

wood like a pecan.

You should expect the chicken

to smoke for an average of about 4

hours depending on the size and

smoker temperature. You will know

when your smoked chicken is done

when the internal breast temperature

reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The

brine smoked chicken recipe in the

article will provide a step by step instruction

on how to brine and smoke

the chicken with a recipe the ingredients,

cooking time, and other smoking


Brine Smoked

Chicken Recipe

Because chicken is such a lean meat,

it has the tendency to dry out quicker

than other fatty meats when you

smoke it. Using a brine on a chicken

is a popular method of keeping your

chicken moist by forcing water into

the muscle of the chicken. While

brining, you can also add seasoning

to your mixture that will flavor the

meat. You can also think of brining

as a way to marinade the chicken by

adding the seasoning to your brine

recipe which penetrates the inside

of the bird. Make sure your meat is

completely thawed before you start

the marinade. Do not start to brine

frozen meat, it will absorb uneven

and create pockets that will make the

flavor uneven.

Smoked Chicken Brine

Recipe Ingredients

1 whole chicken

1 gallon of water (or enough

to completely submerge your


1 cup salt

1 1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons of pepper

2 tablespoons of cayenne

Smoked Chicken Rub

Recipe Ingredients

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons onion powder

2 tablespoons cayenne pepper

2 teaspoons paprika

2 teaspoons of season salt

2 crushed garlic cloves

2 teaspoons black pepper

2 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon dried thyme

Other Recipe Ingredients

1 bag of specialty charcoal and

charcoal chimney starter

1 or 2 bags of wood chips of your


Aluminum foil

Foil drip pan (optional for making


Brine Smoking Chicken

Recipe Directions


This recipe takes longer than other

smoked chicken recipes because

you will need to brine the

chicken for about 12 hours before

you want to start cooking. To start

the brining process, boil the water in

a large pot that can hold the water

and chicken. Add your sugar and salt

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 25


so these ingredients can be dissolved

and then let the water cool down or

add ice so you do not cook the chicken

in the brine mixture. Then add the

rest of your brine ingredients and the

whole chicken to the pot and set it

in your refrigerator for 10 hours. The

brine liquid has to be at a temperature

lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit

in order to work properly.

2Next, soak wood chips in water

for an hour to two but no

longer than two hours. Soaking

these wood chips will allow them to

smolder and smoke for a long period

of time instead of lighting on fire and

quickly burning up. You can use any

type of wood smoking chips you like,

but we like fruit woods for chicken.


You will want to light your charcoal

smoker about 30 minutes

before you want to start cooking

the brined chicken. You will know when

the charcoal is ready when all of the

coals turn to a glowing white hot color.

4While you are waiting for the

charcoal to set up, mix all of

the smoked chicken rub recipe

ingredients together. Then fully coat

the chicken inside and outside with

the rub seasoning. You can separate

the skin and the breast of the chicken

by pushing your fingers in between

them. Then, you can stuff the seasoning

down right on top of the chicken

breast meat to add another layer of

flavor to your brine smoked chicken.


Wrap the water soaked wood

chips in an aluminum foil pouch

and punch holes in the top with

a fork in order for the smoke to escape.

Put the foil pouch above the

charcoal at the same time you put the

rub seasoned chicken on the smoker.

You may need to add more foil pouches

throughout the cooking process

depending on how long your chicken

takes to cook. You can place foil drip

pans beneath the chicken during the

smoking process to catch the drippings

if you want to make gravy.


Adjust the vent on top of your

smoker to allow 75% of the

steam to escape the smoker. If

your grill lid is adjustable, make sure

the vents are positioned over the top

of the chicken in order to draw all of

the smoke over the chicken before it

escapes the grill.

7Check the brined chicken about

once an hour to ensure the

smoker is holding the temperature.

If not, add more charcoal to your

smoker. If you are using a side smoker

box grill, you should to turn your

chicken halfway through the cooking

process to ensure both sides are

cooked evenly and the smoke flavor

is balanced on both sides. See below

for more information about cooking

times and how to determine when

your chicken is done.

Brine Smoked Chicken

Cooking Time

The average cooking time for smoked

chicken is about 4 hours but will vary

depending on the size of the bird, the

temperature and the type of smoker

you are using, and how often you

open the lid. The more you open

the lid of the smoker the longer it

will take to finish cooking. To check

to see if the chicken is done use an

instant-read meat thermometer and

stick it in the deepest part of the

chicken breast and check for a temperature

of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

See our cook chart from our last issue

for a proper temperature.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

Cauliflower Fiesta

in Your Mouth!!!!

This little mix will spice up your

mouth with a wonderful party

flavor but without all of the guilt

that comes with a fatty meat

dish. You can even serve this on

a tortilla like a taco and get all of

the great flavors.

Spice Pice Baby

Veggie Style


3 tablespoons salt

3 tablespoons coriander

2 tablespoons cumin

2 tablespoons chili powder

2 tablespoons oregano

2 teaspoons garlic powder

Olive Oil Drip for the roast.

Color Me Around

the Rainbow!!!!

We have definitely done our fair share of meat stories and we wanted to

do a little work on the greener side. We do love vegetables at the EATS. So

here are some wonderful spice concoctions to mix up and try if you would

like to spice some things up.


3 tablespoons salt

3 tablespoons packed golden

brown sugar

2 tablespoons paprika

1 ½ tablespoons chili powder

1 tablespoon of dill

1 tablespoon ground black


2 ¼ teaspoons garlic powder

1 ½ teaspoons cayenne pepper

1 ½ teaspoons dried basil

Assorted vegetables (such

as zucchini, bell peppers, red

onions, carrots, eggplant and

large mushrooms)

Olive oil

Then Roast it Up

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Primos Hoagies Taking

the Authentic Philadelphia

Hoagie to New Places

We have all traveled out of the area and heard the phrase “authentic”

Philadelphia. From cheesesteaks to pretzels to butter cakes the people

all want a taste of Philly that very few can deliver. It is always interesting

to walk into a place that says they make it our way.


rimoHoagies decided to not

only put a dent into the ever

expanding quick serve sandwich

crowd, but they decided

to do it the authentic Philadelphia

way. Primo’s has roughly 100 locations

in 6 states and is regularly growing.

According to Nick Papanier Jr. who is

currently the Chief Operating Officer of

PrimoHoagies, “A lot of people claim to be

authentic Primo, but we choose to live up

to it.”

We all admit most of the rolls around

the country are not our hoagie style hard

crust roll so getting a supply chain to handle

such a hard task could pose a severe

problem. Around the country we have

everything from soft to toasted, to oven

rebaked to even a roll that is more like a

big hot dog roll. However, no one baked a

Philly style roll as we do in our area.

The problem of the roll was solved

rather quickly and easily for interested

franchisees. To make sure there would be

a fresh hot Philadelphia style roll in a store

in Florida every day they would bake them


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

in the stores. Each store with their exclusive

meats receives produced by

Thumann’s for a number of their sandwiches

they receive quickly frozen half

baked bread.

According to Nick Jr, the transition

and education of the consumer

is a company challenge, “In Virginia, I

once received a call complaining that

the bun was stale because it was too

hard.” Nick Jr continued “ We give an

authentic Philadelphia hoagie, so part

of that is the crusty roll even though

some of our sandwiches are served on

a softer roll, but educating the customer

is alway tougher when there aren’t

any transplants from the Philly area.”

Nick was very polite in discussing the

complaint, but it was interesting that

in the complaint they called it a bun!

During a visit to the store in Chestnut

Hill, franchise owner Mike Pieciuk

gave an in depth look at the process

and what makes the Primo hoagie

franchise attractive. “The continued

Philadelphia authenticity makes our

hoagies attractive locally and in other

areas.” Pieciuk went on “ The meat

quality, and the bread is something

that is unmatched.”

A major piece that is important to

Pieciuk is the way his store makes a

sandwich consistently every time. “A

customer comes into our store it is essential

that they get more than what

they expect.” “Regardless of they have

us for the first time or the hundredth

time, we want the bread to be fresh,

the meat to be fresh cut, and produce

to be crisp.”

Mike also is seeing a good number

of new franchisees come through

his store to be trained by him and his

staff; Mike is also responsible for the

Primos at Citizens Bank Park. “One of

the top ideas I want people to come

out of meeting with us is, they have to

make every sandwich the Primo way

not just make a sandwich with the way

they eat them now in Florida” Pieciuk


As with most franchises, there is a

system that makes them successful, to

us what makes the PrimoHoagies franchise

interesting is they are spreading

the message of the Philadelphia hoagie,

and they are doing it the right way.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 29




The story of the Moscow Mule is a pretty

interesting one and if you ever are waiting

for a significant other, do a search. It was

marketing at its best about 75 years ago.

In short it is a story about a Russian

immigrant and a lot of copper mugs with

an idea on how to get rid of them.

But none the less it is a tasty drink that

has a kick that will make it’s name proud.



a 2 ounces vodka of choice

a 6 ounces ginger beer can be

found in the soda isle

a¼ ounce fresh squeezed lime

juice (don’t use a bottle)

a Lime garnish


1. Place ice into Copper mug or

highball glass and pour in vodka.

2. Squeeze in lime juice and top

with ginger beer.

3. Garnish with lime wedge and

enjoy. Cheers.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


The Essential


You Really Need

[ By Gabriella Mayer ]

With summer comes the time to whip

out your favorite grilling tools and

hold a large barbecue for your friends

and family. What this means for many people is whipping out their trusty

grilling tools that will help cook whatever meat and vegetables necessary

for a successful barbecue, whether for a party or a casual dinner at home.


ith the number of

grilling tools and accessories

available in

catalogues and food

stores, for the casual

griller, it can be hard to determine

what are the real “essential” tools you

need that will help cook their food

well without burning the food or

themselves. After all, what essentially

is grilling but the magnificent feeling

of food and flames coming together?

Here are the items that you actually

need to successfully grill your food

without the add-ons or tools that just

waste space.


This one may seem like the most

obvious item, but it’s one where the

activity of grilling should matter most

and the method for which you use a

grill can make or break a grilling session.

How good a grill can be depends

on its size, ventilation, and how easy

it is to operate.

First, a grill with a large surface is

very desirable since it can allow you

to cook for large groups of people and

create a two-level fire. This would allow

you to make a super-hot zone for

searing and a slightly cooler zone to

gently finish cooking steaks, burgers,

or chicken breasts to your desired level.

If you plan on grill-roasting whole

birds or larger cuts of meat, look for

a grill with a domed lid and a large

surface area. When it comes to ventilation,

look for a grill that contains a

separate rack that will keep the coals

elevated allowing ashes to fall and

increase the oxygen supply. Finally, if

there are only certain features you can

afford, go for the grill that has them

instead of adding on bigger bucks for

features you won’t need. Just note

that gas grills are just as good as charcoal,

though slightly more expensive.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


Any good spatula

should have an offset handle

which’ll allow you to slip the

spatula under your food with ease.

In terms of materials, silicone and

metal spatulas work best for grilling

while any spatulas with a long handle

that will keep you from burning

yourself cooking fish fillets or other

delicate foods needing to be flipped

is also great.

If you need another spatula that

can flip any delicate meats or fish

easily, look for a flexible slotted metal

spatula. Because of its thinness and

flexibility, it allows more precision

and control to ensure you never lose

whatever you’re grilling to the bottom

of the grill.


When it comes to grilling,

tongs are your

best friend, especially


that have a


hinge. Tongs can

be used for anything

from asparagus

spears to thick steaks

and hamburgers since they help

maintain the shape and juiciness of

the food you are cooking while also

keeping your hands away from the

heat. When searching for the right

pair of tongs, avoid models made of

aluminum because they typically are

easily bent, quick to heat up, and aren’t

sturdy and well-constructed.

Grill brushes should be the first line

of defense in keeping your grill rack

clean. When you grill, preheat the rack

for 10 to 15 minutes to incinerate any

remaining residue from the last time

you used your grill, then use your

grill brush briskly to clean the grates.

When it comes to whether you want

to buy a brush that has brass or steel

bristles, it is better to go with brass

bristles since it doesn’t tend to damage

the enamel finish of grates like

steel bristles do. However, be sure

to watch for if the brass bristles

bend out of shape or break

off the brush. Alternatively,

you can also use a ball

of heavy-duty aluminum

foil in between a pair of tongs!

Now that you know what kind of

tools you essentially need to make

your casual summer meal or barbecue

party a success, go outside and

grill like you have never grilled before

until you are the grilling king of the



If you own a charcoal grill,

a chimney starter is the

easiest way to light charcoal,

lump hardwood, or

briquettes while also being

cleaner, more efficient, and better

for the environment than using

lighter fluid. If you don’t know what

it is, a chimney starter is a metal cylinder

with punched holes and a grate

to hold the charcoal on the bottom of

the cylinder. To use it, put crumbled

newspaper to start the fire and let

the charcoal burn until it is covered in

white-gray ash, indicating the perfect

cooking temperature.When buying

one, consider its capacity to cover the

cooking surface of the grill.



For when you want to make sure you

are cooking your meat to perfection

and not accidentally make it unsafe

to eat, a meat thermometer is a great

help! To use, insert it into the thickest

part of the meat you are grilling and

away from its bone. Keep an eye on

your meat when it’s cooking, especially

since grills can cook at different

rates. For reference, beef should be

cooked to at least 145ºF; pork should

be cooked at least to 160ºF;

lamb to at least 145ºF; and

poultry to at least 165ºF.

After you’ve checked the

meat is at the right temperature,

let the meat

rest off the grill for a couple

minutes so you can cut into

juicy, tasty, and perfectly cooked


August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 33


Fall Seasonal Fruits

and Vegetables

[ By Chef David Silverman ]


ome of us may welcome

the cool weather, some

may not! Here in the Delaware

Valley it does bring

us the changing of colors

on trees and the plants all around us.

However most importantly it brings

us an entirely whole new variety of

fruits and vegetables to enjoy and

experiment with in our kitchens. I

would like to go through the seasonal

fruits and vegetable that are, or soon

to be available to us in the Delaware

Valley so we can prepare our palates

and recipe cards .

To begin with, Apples! Yes there

are other states, Washington being

one, that produces a delicious Apple.

We make cider, soft or hard,pies and

cobblers.! Eat them as a snack, plain

or with peanut butter, apple sauce or

coat them with candy or dip them in

caramel? However don’t forget about

including them in your pork and chicken

dishes. Cooking white meats with

the sugar of the fruits really enhances

the overall dish.

But did you know if you eat an

apple a half hour before dinner you

will consume less calories? An apple

actually will expand in your stomach

due to the fiber and increase your digestion

rate so you will be full quicker

when you eat your full meal. If you

are looking to lose weight eat an apple

before your main meals.

When picking apples, the should

be firm not hard. Avoid bruised or any

that have their skin pierced.

Did you know NJ is the third largest

producer of cranberries in the US?

From juice to sauce to adding them to

stuffing, cranberries are a great fruit.

Broccoli is a great fall vegetable.

The heads should be tight, consistent

color no spotted yellowing or flowers.

Cauliflower is another fall vegetable.

You can saute, roast or even grill

for a wonderful flavor, mashed cauliflower

resembles mashed potatoes.

Cabbage is grown in south jersey.

You make traditional cole slaw or use

it as a base for a variety of different

types of slaw! Grapes, New Jersey

wineries are getting better at producing

some excellent wines. They should

be plump, no matter how big they are.

When they come off the vine easily

is a good indication of their ripeness.

Peppers, arguably the most versatile

of the list. Eat them raw with dip

add to salads and mixed with salsas.

You can stuff them with vegetables,

rice, or beef. Add them to mixed vegetables,

sausage, fajitas, meatballs or


For more information on or

about fruits and vegetables,

subscribe to my newsletter at

or contact Chef David

@ 609-402-6281 or


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


Produce List

Herbs Vegetables Fruits

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 35


We all know tacos as those rich, savory Mexican

wraps typically featuring a flour or

corn tortilla, seasoned beef, rice, and other

veggies like tomatoes and lettuce.

Given the above ingredients,

we typically think

it is difficult to try and imagine a

taco in any other manner that

could be served for any other

time than lunch and dinner.

But what if I told you that

you can make a taco that

is sweet enough for a dessert?These

types of meals

where you try and recreate

a popular dish with sweeter

ingredients instead of savory

has become very popular on

cooking shows for quite a while

and it doesn’t seem to be dropping in popularity any time

soon! For a fun and sweet treat that your kids will enjoy,

read on and explore a whole new world of dessert tacos!

The Taco Shell

As stated before, people know taco shells as the torillas

that are easily available at many supermarkets, but what

shell would be acceptable for a dessert? Instead of

using regular tortillas, try making dessert taco

shells using ingredients likerice cereal with

marshmallows or waffles. Using them as

shells allows for a sturdy shell (depending

on how thick you want the shells

to be)that will hold whatever fillings

you decide to fill your tacos with.

For an extra boost of sweetness

and as decoration, you can dip

your shells into melted chocolate

and sprinkle chopped

nuts onto them (although

putting nuts is optional).

Taco Fillings

The fillings of the taco are where the fun in making a dessert

taco happens! You can choose to create any dessert

combination or try and make a sweeter alternative

to the components you would find on a regular

taco. For example, you can use crumbled

brownies for the meat, cut strawberries

as tomatoes, shredded mint for lettuce,

and shredded coconut to mimic rice.

Or…you can make the ingredients

of the taco however you want. The

beautiful thing about this concept

is that any sweet combination can

work! Think of the flavors of a Banana

Split or putting strawberries

and chocolate

together or the

flavors of an ice

cream sundae or

an entire taco with

chocolate in it!

Whatever dessert

you can

think of, you can


When you’re thinking of a new dessert idea to

make with your kids, stay home and make something

sweet that’s fun for the whole family. Go out there and

taco it up!


[ By Gabriella Mayer ]


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

Let’s Get

Them Started,

Kids in the Kitchen

Done Right

For a good deal of families, traditions

take place in the kitchen.

Allowing our children to

be a part of these events is a

wonderful way to make memories

and build an important

life skill. Nothing starts a story off

better than remember when. We just

want to recommend taking some basic

safety steps to ensure sure your

memories are happy safe ones.

The most important piece of safety

precaution in the kitchen is close,

attentive supervision. Whether it is

helping an adult chop, cook or simply

watching, children should always be

actively supervised – which means

that the child is in sight and in reach

at all times.

Scald burns from hot liquid or

steam are the most common type of

burns among children ages 4 and under.

Burns — from spills, steam, hot

surfaces, hot oil and flames— can be

especially dangerous injuries because

young children have much thinner

skin than adults, they burn more severely

and at lower temperatures.

In addition to hot surfaces, hot liquids

and sharp objects, another major

hazard in the kitchen is your kitchen

appliances. It is great to make a cake

with you child but when you are done

using the mixer or blender make sure

you pull the plug. The last thing you

want is having your child putting their

finger on the shiny fast things.

For the children who can follow

directions and may be ready to help

out in the kitchen with tasks that

do not involve knives, appliances, or

heat. Some examples of child-friendly

tasks include:

● tearing lettuce

● rinsing fruits and vegetables under

cold water

● stirring ingredients in a bowl

● using cookie cutters

● measuring dry ingredients

● cutting soft fruits with a butter


These are all important jobs and

if your child gives you a disappointed

face you can tell them every chef in

the world does this before they cook

or serve. It is part of making a meal

and it is very important.

You know your own children.

Don’t give them knives or let them

handle anything hot until they have

shown the maturity and coordination

to do it safely. Some children mature

faster than others, so it’s up to parents

to use good judgment about

each child’s capabilities. We hope all

children enjoy the art of cooking, then

maybe the world will get a little lighter

with less processed food being consumed.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 37


Make These Five Lunches In

Under 5 Minutes

[ By Chef Melissa Wieczorek ]

Back to school can be a chore.

But packing lunch doesn’t

have to be one of them.

Make it easier on yourself

by doing it as you clean up from

dinner. You already have food ready

and you’re full so you’re more likely

to pack a healthy lunch. If you pack

when you’re in a hurry then you’re

more likely to rely on processed convenience

foods or skip it all together

and grab take-out. Plus it’s one less

time you’ll have to clean the kitchen!

Here are five simple lunches that

can be ready in 5 minutes or less

and created from dinner leftovers

or what’s in the fridge. Each has a

healthy combination of protein and

carbs to sustain you throughout the


Power Pasta

Toss leftover pasta with leftover green

veggies such as broccoli or chopped

spinach, some canned and drained

white beans, olive oil, Parmesan, salt

and pepper and a dash of crushed red

pepper (optional). There’s no real recipe

here. Just play with the proportions

based on your personal taste or

what you have on hand.

Chicken, Tuna

or Shrimp Salad

Easy-peasy! Toss shredded leftover

chicken, canned drained tuna or

cooked chopped shrimp with mayo or

plain Greek yogurt and any combination

of nuts, celery and onion or shallot.

Season to taste. Serve in a multigrain

tortilla or make lettuce wraps

with green leaf lettuce. Add shredded

carrot, cucumbers or cucumbers

for extra crunch, vitamins and

fiber. Some of my favorites:

Chicken with curry

mayo, grapes and

almonds; Shrimp

with wasabi mayo,

radish, carrot and

cucumber; Tuna with

lemon-dill mayo.

Grain Bowl

Quinoa, rice, farro, bulgur.

Any of these on

their own or in combination

make a great base for

trendy grain bowls. Layer

with fresh or cooked veggies

and lean protein such as chicken,

turkey, pork tenderloin, shrimp or

tofu. Heat and serve drizzled with soy

sauce and chili-garlic sauce or your

favorite salad dressing.


Puree 2 cups cooked veggies with 1

quart of chicken or vegetable stock

and 1 tsp of dried or fresh herbs. Optional:

Stir in shredded cooked chicken

or diced ham. Season to taste with

salt and pepper. Too thin? Add more

veggies until you reach the desired

consistency. Cooked potatoes and

corn are great thickeners. Too thick?

Slowly add more stock to thin. Divide

into individual serving-sized containers

and simply heat when you’re

ready to eat.


Great when you have a little bit of

this and that on hand or if you tend

to graze throughout the day. Try to

include something from

each of the major food

groups - lean protein,

dairy, grains, fruits &


It can be as simple as

a hard boiled egg with

nuts, hard cheese and

a piece of fruit. Our

friends at Yumbox

have loads of

creative ideas.

Chef Melissa


developed an interest in

cooking early in life and paid her way

through college working in a number

of fine dining restaurants. But it was a

career in business that took her on trips

to Europe and Asia giving her exposure

to the world’s finest ingredients and

cuisine, further fueling her passion for

cooking and the desire to start her own

business. YOu can contact Chef Melissa

through email eatwell@zestchefs.



Philly Eats Magazine August 2017



Avocado Slicer

Splits, pits, slices and scoops,

for safe and mess-free prep



Over the last few years the avocado has become

more prevalent on the east coast and

a big problem that a lot of home chefs have

with it is how to get it out of the skin without

mutilating it to a mushy mess that you have to

make guacamole. The 3 in 1 slicer is a low cost kitchen

tool that stores easy and is kid safe as well as easy to


The plastic blade smoothly cuts through avocado

skin and fruit, yet isn’t sharp to the touch. The pitting

tool quickly removes pits with a simple twist. The fan

blade cuts fruit into perfect slices and scoops them

out for serving.

The tool is dishwasher safe which makes it great for

everyone involved. So don’t ever be afraid to use an

avocado again.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 39





Woodbury, NJ

Specializing in Italian Hoagies,

Imported and Domestic Delicacies

with Homemade Salads, keeps them

the talk of the County from City Hall

to the Residents. All Hoagies are

freshly sliced upon ordering.

PUMPERNICK’s — North Wales PA

Pumpernick’s is a true family-owned and operated deli-restaurant.

Pumpernick’s is everything you expect in a traditional deli and more.

They load a plate and make you want more.



Bridgeton NJ

The service here is off the charts.

Prices are very reasonable,

and the food is very good.

Definitely a stop to add to your

trip when in the area.


Riverton NJ

This great little spot has warm pies

and great sandwiches. The friendly

staff makes it feel like it is more

than just the food that is comfortable.

They even have a taste of the

boardwalk waiting for you.


Delran NJ

You never get a bad sandwich

at Vid’s. Enjoy the hearty

sandwiches in this old

style deli that won’t kill

your bank account.



Wilmington DE

Maiale makes over 30 different

varieties of fresh sausage

and over 10 different

types of salami.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017



Wilmington DE

It is the standard for

what all other subs in the area

are measured against.


Doylestown PA

Stop on by. At Uptowne Deli,

you’ll always be greeted with a

smile and fed a meal you won’t

forget.From sauce to marinated

vegetables, roasted turkey to

roasted beef, almost everything at

the Deli is created in house.


Mont Clare PA

Great subs and great people!

Try a Mont Clare. It’s incredible!

Their Collegeville sub

is outstanding.


Torresdale AVE Philadelphia

They’re hoagies are awesome,

the rolls are always fresh & soft.

They’re desserts are delicious

& come in a variety.



4th Street Philadelphia

This classic Jewish Deli is high on

the list with quality food and a lot

of it. One sandwich can feed two

people. THey have it all that you

would expect in this style of deli.


Michael’s Deli

“The Jewish Delicatessen

& Restaurant of King of Prussia”

For 20 Years, Michael’s has

Focused on Basics like Food,

Quality & Quick Friendly Service!


Jonathan Palmore | Broker Associate| ABR, MRP, SFR, SRS

Joe Wiessner Realty | 45 Route 73 North | Winslow Township, NJ 08009

O: 609-704-8700 | Direct: 609-668-7389 | F: 888-739-9870


Search for Homes:

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Why Great



[ By ]

Sometimes when you are researching an article you find

something that someone has already spent a lot of effort

on and it is really what you are looking for in an article.

This was the case for this article on cookware. has this nailed down and if you

are in the market for cookware I would recommend

going through their site a little deeper.


hoever says the

choice of cookware

is not important

must be an inexperienced

cook! Think

about this. If your choice of cookware

is not going to make any difference,

why would there be so many different

types of materials used?

Back to the olden days, we only

had cast-iron as cookware materials.

Slow but steadily, the trend is evolving.

Today, we see pans and pots

made of stainless steel as common.

Lately, we saw the emergence of porcelain

enameled stainless steel and

tri-ply bonding.

This is not forgetting the surface

where cooking takes place. T-fal is

probably the ‘mother’ of non-stick

pots and pans. Since it was first introduced,

the use of non-stick surfaces

remains a much debatable controversy.

On the one hand, it promises more

pleasant cooking experience and easier

cleaning. On the contrary, many

studies have raised concerns about

the harmful effects of non-stick



Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

Recommendations against using

non-stick cookware have been issued

over the years.

Instead of saying what is good and

what is better, it is better to equip

yourself with basic knowledge of each

type of cookware material. With such

knowledge, you’d be better equipped

to decide for yourself what is the best

cookware material for your need.

Want a Perfect Steak? The Best

Cookware Makes All the Difference

Cast-Iron: The Mythical Material.

Why Does it Make the Best Cookware?

A Legend Continues

The use of cast iron to make cookware

– pots and pans – dated back

all the way to hundreds of years BC.

The main reason why cast iron (and

not others) was used back then was

because it could be produced using

minimum technological involvement.

Somewhere between the 19th

and 20th century, the

popularity of cast

iron cookware skyrocketed.

At one

point in time, almost

every home

in America had at

least one cast iron

cookware – be it a pan or


Most of us, I believe, are very

familiar with those black-colored skillets.

Those were the only pans that

our mom and grandma used to make

tantalizing and mouthwatering dishes

found on the dining table every night.

Today, cast iron is no longer the

first choice among first-time cookware

buyers. Is this because newer

materials are better than the older

ones? I doubt so. Aggressive marketing

is what I blame for the declining


Cast iron cookware sets with the

dark and black appearance are not

‘sexy’ or seen as a misfit, especially

to those who have opted for modern

minimalist design for their kitchen.

In fact, it is impressive to think that

cast iron remains relevant given the

pounding it’s received from other

competing materials.

The most often touted benefit of

cast iron is its heat retention property.

Don’t mistake heat retention with

heat distribution! This is the most

common confusion made by most

cookware buyers.

Heat distribution means you get

the same heat throughout. Heat retention

means once heated up, the

pan or pot will retain the same temperature

for a longer period.

If Dutch Oven Potatoes, Cobbler

or Cornbread are your favorites, you

know why cookwares with excellent

heat retention is necessary.

Studied Benefits

Over time, there’s been numerous

cookware reviews and studies made

in attempts to understand the ‘hidden’

effects of cookware on our

health. From the studies conducted

by various experts and authorities,

there seems to be one clear consensus.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve

not seen any report suggesting the

health ill-effect of cast-iron. I’d love

to hear from you if yours is otherwise.

Instead, food cooked with this

material will benefit from the iron

leaching into the food. This is especially

beneficial to those suffering

from Anemia or iron deficiencies. But

for those suffering from iron overload

(hemochromatosis), the recommendation

is to avoid cookwares made of

cast iron.

But don’t assume the amount of

iron that gets into your food is always

the same. It is not! It varies

depending on the acidity, water content,

and duration in which your food

was cooked. Some food leeches in a

greater amount of iron while others in

a lesser amount.

Care & Maintenance Tips

After getting your brand new cast iron

cookware pieces, the first thing you

need to work on is the seasoning of

your cookwares. Seasoning refers to

the process of applying oil coating to

your cast iron cookware.

Seasoning is needed for two

things. First, it guards your cookware

against resistance. Second, it creates

a non-stick surface.

In the past, seasoning was often

left to the buyers to perform after

they bring their cast iron pots and

pans home. Though it seems simple,

not ev- eryone is capable of getting

it right with the seasoning

process. That’s

why these days, most

cast iron cookware


would perform

the seasoning before

selling them.

This will not only

ensure seasoning done

properly but also brings much

greater convenience to the

consumers. With pre-seasoned sets,

buyers can use their pots and pans as

soon as they reached home. No more

waiting. Just get down to the action


Proper seasoning also means better

cooking experience (non-stick

surface) and also higher rust resistance.

By making sure that proper

seasoning is done, manufacturers can

ensure better corrosion resistance

to their products. The benefit to the

manufacturer is clear. Higher rust resistance

implies longer lifespan which

translates to a better reputation.

The other thing that you have

to take note of your cast iron wares

is the heating up process. Being a

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 43


denser material it is, cast iron takes a

longer time to heat up compared to

copper or aluminum. Extra patience

is needed if you’re using a cast iron


You’re advised against heating

up too quickly. If heated too quickly,

you’ll end up with hot spots that will

result in uneven cooking. That explains

why you end up with the dark

circle on your omelet.

Seasoned vs. Enameled

If you go through the various cookware

set reviews, one reason behind cast

iron declining popularity is the ‘cool’

factor. With home and kitchen designs

shifting towards a modern minimalist

approach, black is often a misfit.

How cookware manufacturers

have attempted to combat this trend

is by introducing enameled cast iron.

The result? Naturally non-stick pots

and pans plus the gorgeous variety of

color options.

Think about Le Creuset Signature

Dutch Oven. Le Creuset is probably

among the biggest beneficiary of this


But you should know better that

no option is perfect. There is a price

you need to pay for those beautiful

shining enameled cast iron sets. You

need to be extra cautious when using

coated compared to seasoned cast

iron cookware.

It is because even when you have

the best cookware set made of enameled

cast iron, the enameled coating

will still peel off under harsh use.

In essence, the experience you get

with seasoned cast iron cookware will

only get better over time. But this is

not true for enameled cast iron wares.

The Best Cast-Iron

Cookware Brands

Today, not every cookware maker

offers cast iron options as part of

their cookware collection. Brands like

Lodge, Camp Chef, American Culinary

Corporation and John Wright

are among the best cookware brands

specializing in cast iron produce.

American Culinary Corporation is

now home to the cast iron pioneers –

Griswold and Wagner. Lodge, on the

other hand, is probably the last cookware

manufacturer that has their foot

still firmly rooted here in the USA.

How are the Cookware

Reviews for Stainless Steel

Cookware Set?

Good and Bad

Taking over the popularity baton from

cast iron is stainless steel material.

As home and kitchen design shifts

towards modern minimalist touch,

those black pots and pans made out

of cast iron appear to be less sexy.

To most people, the image of black

cookwares reminds them of the good

old-fashioned days of their grandmas.

Style aside, one aspect of stainless

steel that makes it particularly appealing

is its high corrosion resistance nature.

Unlike cast iron, stainless steel

wares do not require seasoning. You

can use your brand new stainless

steel pots and pans the moment you

get them out of the box.

The non-reactive properties of

stainless steel to alkaline and acidic

food is often cited as one of the biggest.

Stainless steel is a poor conductor

of heat. If pure stainless steel were

to be used, it might take you a long

time before the heat gets distributed

evenly and your cooking can start.

This is why you don’t see any cookware

made of pure steel. Instead, you’d

usually find the base to be classed

with aluminum to ensure quicker and

more even heat distribution.

If you through the cookware ratings

awarded to stainless steel sets,

don’t be too surprised if you run into

overly negative reviews. Keep in mind

that there are different grades of

steel and the handle insulation design

makes the whole world of a difference.

The ‘Louis Vuitton’

of Cookware

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware


Every line of product will surely have

its group of elites. When talking about

the best stainless steel cookware sets,

that name belongs to All-Clad.

Most stainless steel cookware

makers, even the likes of Cuisinart,

rely on triple-ply construction for the

base of their pots and pans. While

such construction makes up the core

The longevity of any non-stick surface

coating very much depends on how you

take care of it. The better you care for

it, the longer it will stick with you.

line-up of All-Clad cookwares, their

flagship is the d5 construction.

For triple-ply construction, the

aluminum core is classed in-between

two layers of stainless steel. One for

the interior and the second for the


In the d5 construction, stainless

steel core is used instead. Stainless

steel is harder than aluminum. Naturally,

a cookware made of d5 construction

is more difficult and improved

resistance to warping.

Why are Reviews of

Non-Stick Cookware

Set Highly Divided?

The use of non-stick pans has been

recorded as early as few thousands of

years back. But Teflon is probably the

first non-stick technology that’s been

used in making commercial and home


Teflon, as the key coating tech-


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017

nology behind non-stick, is hated

as much as it is loved. The chemical

PTFE used in Teflon coating is found

to release PFOA when heated beyond

660 degrees Fahrenheit.

If inhaled, PFOA may lead to polymer

fume fever. Symptoms include

headaches, fever, chest tightness and

a mild cough.

The Demise of Teflon?

Recently, we’ve seen an alternative

to Teflon emerging. Some label it as

green pans while others label it as a

ceramic coating. Essentially, they are

referring to the same thing.

But keep in mind that different

quality of ceramic coating may have

been used. That will give you different

non-stick performance.

The most often touted benefit of

ceramic coating is PFOA-free. But

let’s think about this for a moment.

How You Take Care of Your Cookware

is Important!

Instead of blaming Teflon as the

bad guy and claiming ceramic coating

as the safest cookware, the better

question to ask is how often do you

need to cook using temperature of

660 Fahrenheit and above?

If you need to make the perfect

steak, Tim Ferris’ Sexy Time Steak is

my favorite. After rounds of experimentation,

I found the ideal temperature

of my skillet to be no more than


Another line of attack against Teflon

is it does not last. But again, don’t

simply believe what people tell you. If

you pick any 2 Teflon users randomly,

I’m sure you’ll get two different answers.

The longevity of any non-stick

surface coating very much depends

on how you take care of it. The better

you care for it, the longer it will stick

with you.

For example, use of wooden utensils

is a friendlier option as compared

to metal utensils. How you wash and

how often you wash your non-stick

pans are also important factors to


I know of some people who refused

to ever wash their non-stick

pans for fear of peeling off the coating.

What they do is simply wipe the

surface clean with paper and clothes.

Make Your Hunt Fun &

Easy with the Best Cookware

Set Reviews

Before you turn up the excitement

and sieve through tonnes and tonnes

of cookware reviews, keep in mind

that the hunt for the best cookware

sets can easily get you overwhelm.

If a friend ask, my recommendation

would be to first look inward.

Understand what you truly need.

For example, if you’re looking for

cheap and yet proven cookware materials,

the best-cast iron cookware

sets would be what you want to be

looking out for.

But if a stylish looking option is

what you’re looking for, you can skip

the cast iron set altogether. The best

cookware sets for you will not be a

cast iron.

If style matters more than anything

else and you have a country

style kitchen, enameled cast iron sets

would be where you want to focus

your search on.

If you have a big budget to blow,

Le Creuset Signature collection is the

ultimate. IMHO, they are not only the

classiest cookware but also the best

cookware for a gas stove.

If you have a minimalist kitchen

design, you can narrow down your

cookware reviews right from the beginning

and focus only on those cookware

set that is made out of stainless


Non-stick pans have their appeal.

There are increasing numbers of new

infomercial cookware brands such as

Orgreenic. You’d be forgiven if after

watching their infomercial, you’d be

all ecstatic about making your purchase.

Keep an open mind. Maintain a

healthy level of skepticism. Don’t

simply believe what they’ve told and

shown you. Make sure you don’t leave

out traditionally reputable brands

such as T-fal when you’re looking for

the best non-stick cookware sets.

What’s the Best Celebrity-

Endorsed Cookware Sets?

On the last note, having great cookware

is as important as having good

recipes. The various cooking shows

such as Rachael Ray Show, Paula’s

Home Cooking, and Emeril Live have

been my source of inspirations. They’ve

released their line of cookware.

Their shows are no doubt entertaining

and inspiring. But does this

automatically qualify their cookware

as being great?

We have covered a couple of celebrity-endorsed

cookware set reviews.

The Emeril by All-Clad 12-piece

cookware set, Paula Deen 15-piece

porcelain cookware set, and Rachael

Ray Porcelain II Nonstick cookware

set are some of my top recommendations.

Find out if celebrity-endorsed

cookware sets are something to go

for or best avoided.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 45




Bobotie (pronounced “Boh-Boe-Tee”); is considered to be the national dish for

South-Africa and a very common meal. It is adapted from a Southern Asian dish

by South-Africa’s Cape Malay community in the 17th or 18th century. This dish has

some staying power. The tasty meal has also been modified over the centuries by Dutch

and Indian influences. It consists of spiced meat (beef, lamb or chicken), mixed with

chutney, tamarind paste and bread paste, all baked with custard egg and milk.

It has a lot of flavor and worth the work that goes into it.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


2lb ground beef

2 diced onions

5 garlic cloves, brushed

1 lemon, zest and juice

2 teaspoons curry powder

1 teaspoon garam masala

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon coriander powder

1 teaspoon tumeric

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper

1-inch pice of ginger, peeled and


2 slices of bread

1½ cup milk

4 eggs

20 dried apricots, diced

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup slivered almonds

¼ bunch of parsley, chopped

Meanwhile, combine the lemon

zest and its juice with the spices

and ginger to make a paste.

Pour the milk into a separate bowl

and soak the bread.

Add the garlic to the onions and

sauté for 2 minutes.

Add the spice mixture and stir.

Drain the bread and add to the onion

and garlic mixture. Set the milk

aside as it will be used later.

Add the meat and stir. Add salt and


Add parsley, raisins, dried apricots

and almonds.

Sauté for a few minutes and turn

off the heat.

In a rectangular pan, pour the meat


Firmly pack the meat with the back

of a spoon.

Beat 4 eggs in the remaining milk.

Cover the meatloaf with the eggs

and milk mixture.

Place in the oven for 40 minutes.

Serve hot with plain or curry-flavored

basmati rice.


Preheat oven to 180 F.

In a hot skillet, sauté the minced

meat without oil for 10 minutes,

stirring regularly. Put in a plate and

set aside.

In the same skillet, add 2 tablespoons

of oil and sauté the onions

over medium-high heat for 8–10


August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 47


So You Want to Use

A Knife Like A Chef

Learning the ways of a

chef’s knife is truly one of

the finest arts every chef

has to master. Your knife

skills can make your dish

stand out to your guests

and family. The way you

chop, slice and cut around

the kitchen can really impress

on and off the plate.

Believe it or not, the way

you cut a piece of your

recipe could have a direct

effect on how it cooks and


Along with knowing the

recipes and cooking techniques

every chef is expected

to learn and master

the many different cutting techniques.

From the Julienne to the Batonnet,

there is a lot of pressure for chefs to

learn the cuts, chops, slices and dices.

We’ve collected the most important

techniques chefs need to learn with

practice maybe you can master them


Do you want to show off your

skills? Here are the cutting techniques

every chef should know:


The Cross Chop is regularly used if

you need to quickly chop, without

having to worry about presentation.

Small vegetables or herbs are the best

ingredients to use when cross chopping.

Holding the handle of the knife

with one hand, put the palm of your

hand on top of the blade (this helps

you guide and control the chopping

pace). Keep the tip of the blade down

whilst you lift the handle of the blade

to chop. As your hands are out of the

way, they’re safe.


Philly Eats Magazine August 2017


Similar to the cross chop, hold the

handle of the blade and keep the

tip of the knife down on the board.

But with the rock chop, you use your

other hand to move the ingredient.

As you chop, you will be keeping the

blade still whilst you push the vegetable


Remember to curl your fingers to

keep them safe from the blade.


The Brunoise technique is an

additional step after you have

completed Julienning your ingredients.

Once your ingredients

have been julienned, you

then dice again to create small


Ideally the cube size should

be ¼ in x ¼ in x ¼ in. The

Brunoise Dice is the smallest

dicing cut and is popularly

used for soups. If you have

mastered the Julienne, you can

master the Brunoise!


The Julienne Cut is a very fine cut

where the thickness of each slice is

roughly a ¼ inch thick. Very fine indeed!

After cutting the vegetables

into thin rectangular cuts, the fine

slice technique is used again to create

thin match stick shapes.


The clue is in the name. The Batonnet

technique is used to cut

baton shape vegetables (for example,

like chips). Think of the

Batonnet as a chucky chip type

of cut.

The dimensions you should

be heading for is 6mm x 6mm x

6mm. It’s important to stick to

this size and then your cuts will

have continuity and look professional.

Also known as Julienning, this cut

is regularly used for carrots, celery or

you can create Julienne Fries from

potatoes. After mastering Julienning

you can prepare your ingredients

finely and neatly.

The Julienne is one of the most

important cutting techniques every

chef should know as it’s popularly

used and it’s the initial step for other

types of cuts.


The name of this cut is slightly deceiving

as it’s a slighter larger cut than

the Brunoise Dice. At 1/3 in x 1/3 in

x 1/3 in, the Small Dice technique

begins by Julienning the ingredients

and then dicing into slightly bigger

cubes than the Brunoise. Although

there is only a minor difference between

the Small and the Brunoise,

it’s important to get them right. Just

always remember the Brunoise is the

‘smaller’ cut.


Just because they like to be confusing.

Whilst Batonnets create cuboid

shape ingredients, the Baton is used

to create large dices. Cut at 12mm x

12mm x 6cm, the Baton is not regularly

used but it’s a good technique to

have up your sleeve.


The Pont-Neuf is only related to

cutting potatoes. After the potatoes

have been skinned and washed, cut

your potatoes to 2cm x 7cm to create

chunky chip shapes.

August 2017 Philly Eats Magazine 49

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