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<strong>FALL</strong> <strong>2017</strong> | USPS 165-700

“When it comes to influence, people will follow<br />

who we are more than what we say.”<br />

— James T. Bradford<br />

Jim Bradford is a leader with a heart for pastors and<br />

churches. He oversees credentialing, church chartering<br />

and the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. Prior to his<br />

election, Bradford pastored in Missouri, Southern California<br />

and Vancouver. He holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering<br />

and is the author of Preaching: Maybe It Is Rocket Science,<br />

Second Chronicles Seven Fourteen, and Lead So Others Can<br />

Follow. Jim and his wife, Sandi, have two married daughters<br />

and live in Springfield, MO.<br />

SESSION 1: Spirituality and Servanthood<br />

SESSION 2: Systems and Strategies<br />

SESSION 3: Skills and Strengths<br />

SESSION 4: Stamina and Stability<br />

2 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong><br />

We are delighted to have<br />

Dr. Jim Bradford<br />

with us for this years<br />

Ministers’ Enrichment.<br />

Dr. James T. Bradford<br />

General Secretary<br />

Assemblies of God



717.795.5921<br />

supt@penndel.org<br />



RIGHT<br />

Many volumes have been written over the last couple of decades regarding leadership<br />

in the church. Great resources have been produced to train leaders in the how-to side<br />

of leadership, the relationship aspect of leading others and the systems approach to<br />

developing effective church structures. These tools can equip ministers to fulfill their call to serve<br />

in the church of Jesus Christ with greater effectiveness in ways that would otherwise require<br />

much time to learn in the school of life experience.<br />

Preaching is at the core of what we are called to do, but we come to understand that being a<br />

shepherd of God’s flock extends further than the pulpit. Our call to ministry certainly involves the<br />

proclamation of the good news and the equipping of God’s people through the exposition of the<br />

Word, but our call does not end there.<br />

Dr. Bradford’s book, Lead So Others Can Follow, gets to the heart of what we call today<br />

“self-leadership.” Discussion related to leadership principles from a “how-to” perspective are<br />

inadequate in kingdom work. While a political or business leader may experience a certain level<br />

of success through the exercise of the power of position and personal expertise, in the kingdom<br />

of God, the additional qualities of spirituality and personal influence are critical to what is to<br />

be accomplished in building the church. Getting self-leadership right makes it possible to<br />

lead so others can follow.<br />

Ministers’ Enrichment speaker, Dr. James Bradford, will help us<br />

develop those key skills for ministry that are foundational for<br />

effective service in the kingdom of God. Join us for this time of<br />

learning, growth and enrichment that will bless you personally<br />

and will bless your ministry in the future.<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 3


Bryan Koch<br />

610.678.0266 ext. 224<br />

bryankoch@gtaog.org<br />


We’ve probably all played the game “Follow the Leader,” and<br />

while some may consider it just a simple game for children,<br />

it really does represent the whole point of leadership.<br />

After all, it’s hard to be a leader when no one is following you! So<br />

what does it look like to lead so that others can follow? In the last<br />

issue of Connexions, I shared about a picture of leadership, which<br />

encompassed five tried and true leadership practices.<br />

One of those practices, “Model the Way,” describes how we lead<br />

through the four “C’s:” competency, chemistry, character, and calling.<br />

We need to know what we’re doing, be able to get along and work<br />

with other people, be a person of integrity, and be aware of and<br />

obedient to God’s calling on our lives. Psalm 78:72 speaks of David<br />

and says that “He cared for them with a true heart and led them with<br />

skillful hands.”<br />

Leading with character is extremely important, and attitude plays a<br />

big role in that. Your attitude is one thing you can control that will<br />

have a big impact on your success as a leader. How do you respond<br />

when things go wrong or when you face difficulties? Do you have<br />

the same values at home as you do at church? Are you following<br />

Jesus personally? You can only lead others as well as you are being<br />

led. If you’re not continually pursuing a close relationship with Christ<br />

and being led by Him, then where are you leading those who are<br />

following you? While changing negative attitudes can be difficult, it<br />

can be done with prayer and perseverance.<br />

Another thing to keep in mind when leading so that others can follow<br />

is this: if we want the people we lead to follow us and stay<br />

on the right path, we need to guide from the front instead<br />

of driving from the back. Cattle ranchers drive from the back -<br />

they yell and use a whip to get the cattle where they need to be.<br />

Shepherds, on the other hand guide from the front. The sheep know<br />

the shepherd’s voice and trust it enough to follow. When we have<br />

integrity and inspire trust in the people we lead, they will follow us.<br />

This is why in the LEAD U training that we do with leaders at GT, the<br />

biblical picture for “Model the Way” is the shepherd’s staff to remind<br />

us to lead from the front.<br />

There is a story told about an army that was chasing after Alexander<br />

the Great. They were expecting to surprise him from behind and<br />

overtake him. What they weren’t expecting was being led completely<br />

outside the borders of the map they had and feeling completely lost.<br />

Sometimes that’s how it is with following Christ. He can lead us to<br />

places where we feel completely off the map with no clue where we<br />

are going. But if we continue to follow Him, we can be sure<br />

that we are going in the right direction along with those<br />

who follow us.<br />

When<br />

we have<br />

integrity<br />

and inspire<br />

trust in the<br />

people we<br />

lead, they<br />

will follow us.<br />

4 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong>


from a Rocket Scientist<br />

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with change. We love it when it clearly<br />

benefits us or when we think everyone else needs to change for our sake. But<br />

when change robs us of that secure attachment to the familiar or when it’s forced<br />

on us against our will, it’s an easy thing to resent. Here are a set of suggestions for<br />

walking people through change – anxieties and all.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

Always emphasize mission over preference.<br />

In healthy ministries, the mission answers the question as to why<br />

changes are needed, not the status quo or people’s personal preferences<br />

or the leader’s insecurities. Change should always be tied to mission.<br />

Pace changes wisely and realistically.<br />

Too much change can ruin good change. Changing the systems too often can keep<br />

them from ever taking root in the ministry culture and becoming effective.<br />

Assess the real reasons for resistance to change.<br />

More often than not, people resist change because the process for bringing about<br />

change is flawed.<br />

Create a sense of urgency.<br />

People will change either because they want to or because they have to. Urgency<br />

can be a powerful motivator.<br />

Build a team of influencers to<br />

champion the change.<br />

It’s difficult, if not impossible, for a leader to change an entire ministry culture alone.<br />

Build ownership by letting people<br />

participate in the planning.<br />

When we walk people through change, our goal isn’t for them to reluctantly submit<br />

out of respect for our authority but to be enthusiastically committed to the change.<br />

Remember that behaviors change<br />

faster than personalities.<br />

Changing a ministry’s culture is usually a long process, but behaviors are easier to<br />

change and are therefore usually the best starting points for bringing change.<br />

Never forget the power of trust.<br />

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with Christ and the essential ingredient in<br />

any healthy human relationship. It is also the one non-negotiable for leading a group<br />

of people through change.<br />

Dr. Jim Bradford,<br />

General Secretary of the<br />

Assemblies of God, began<br />

with a background in<br />

Aerospace Engineering<br />

before moving into fulltime<br />

ministry. Here are<br />

some of the principles of<br />

change he has learned<br />

along the way.<br />

Adapted from Lead So<br />

Others Can Follow by<br />

Dr. James T. Bradford.<br />

For more enlightening<br />

lessons on leadership,<br />

join Dr. Bradford,<br />

our guest speaker, for<br />

Minister’s Enrichment<br />

on October 2–4, <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 5


Donald J. Immel<br />

717.795.5921<br />

don@penndel.org<br />

About People:<br />

Ministers Transferring In:<br />

Cornacchio, John P (Ordained) from New York<br />

Crum, Benjamin (Licensed)<br />

Miller, Charles (Ordained)<br />

6 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong><br />

from Ohio<br />

from Arizona<br />

Ministers Transferring Out:<br />

Busa, Sean (Licensed)<br />

to Southern California<br />

Clarkson, William M (Licensed)<br />

Hall, Stephen M (Ordained)<br />

Hart, Austin (Licensed)<br />

Henely, Michael L (Ordained)<br />

Morine, John D (Ordained)<br />

Roloson, Rhea (Licensed)<br />

Ward, (BJ) Benton J (Certified)<br />

With The Lord:<br />

to Michigan<br />

to New Mexico<br />

to PenFlorida<br />

to North Carolina<br />

to Wisconsin/N Michigan<br />

to Oklahoma<br />

to Kentucky<br />

Jayne Grove, 89, went to be with the Lord on April 10th. She<br />

served as our Women’s Ministries Director from 1980-1996.<br />

Jayne was a faithful lead pastor’s wife in the following PennDel<br />

Churches: Dusquene, Corry and Houtzdale.<br />

Nettie Reitzel, 86, went to be with the Lord on April 17th. She<br />

served alongside her surviving husband, Eber, at the following<br />

PennDel Churches: New Cumberland, Landisburg, Honesdale,<br />

Ebensburg, Bethlehem, and Chambersburg.<br />

James Mugford, 86, went to be with the Lord on April 29th. His<br />

ministry encompassed over 60 years of pastoring in Connecticut,<br />

Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, New York and Moosic AG in our<br />

PennDel District.<br />

James Hays, 78, went to be with the Lord on May 1st. He<br />

served as lead pastor at Palmyra AG and was a former public<br />

relations director for Teen Challenge. James is survived by his<br />

loving wife, Elsie, of 58 years.<br />

Ivan Cornwell, 57, went to be with the Lord on May 8th. He<br />

was a school administrator for the following PennDel Christian<br />

Schools: Evangel Heights, Littlestown, Pittsburgh East, Calvary<br />

Academy and Calvary Temple. Ivan is survived by his loving<br />

wife, Lisa.<br />

Esther Preiser, 95, went to be with the Lord on May 13th,<br />

where she was met by her husband, Gordon and son, Dale.<br />

Esther served as a faithful lead pastor’s wife at Ephrata, Dickson<br />

City and Lititz. Esther and Gordon were known serving the<br />

children in the PennDel and New Jersey District as “The Prize<br />

Puppeteers”.<br />

New and Upgraded Credentials:<br />

New<br />

Upgraded<br />

Andrews, Eileen (Ordained)<br />

Barner, Sandy F (Licensed)<br />

Beem, Kevin J (Certified)<br />

DeFrain, Ryan M (Certified)<br />

Gravitt, Faith A (Licensed)<br />

Lund, Marissa J (Licensed)<br />

Mack, Philip J (Certified)<br />

Manning, Kyle L (Licensed)<br />

Merrill, Christopher M (Certified)<br />

Monserrate, Steven A (Licensed)<br />

Nicola, Elizabeth N (Certified)<br />

Parson, Katelyn M (Licensed)<br />

Scott Jr, William N (Licensed)<br />

Straub, Jennifer E (Licensed)<br />

VanLeuven, Brinda S (Licensed)<br />

Varughese, Jacob (Ordained)<br />

Warnock, David W (Certified)<br />

Worth, Aimee N (Licensed)<br />

Wyns, Jonathan (Ordained)<br />

Wyns, Tracey (Ordained)<br />

Reinstated<br />

Allen, Stefanie M (Licensed)<br />

Andrews, Reedy, Elizabeth (Licensed)<br />

About Churches:<br />

General Council<br />

Affiliated:<br />

Crosspoint AG, Carmichaels<br />

Lead Pastor – Joshua Koss<br />

Eagle’s Nest AG, Greenville<br />

Lead Pastor – Vincent Bellanca<br />

Life Church of Hershey, Hershey<br />

Lead Pastor – Shawn Bentley<br />

Mountaintop Family Church,<br />

Mountain Top<br />

Lead Pastor – Brian Knorr<br />

Transferred Churches:<br />

City Reach Church Las Vegas East –<br />

S California<br />

Pastoral Transitions:<br />

Ben Rivera – New Beginning<br />

Church of Bucks County, Jamison<br />

Carter, W Bradford (Ordained)<br />

Balban, Isaac J (Ordained)<br />

Culbertson, David (Ordained)<br />

George, Stacie (Ordained)<br />

Giles, Janet (Ordained)<br />

Gruber, Justin (Ordained)<br />

Hall, Stephen M (Ordained)<br />

Henry, Jeffrey A (Licensed)<br />

Hyman, Lee (Ordained)<br />

Jordan, Andrew D (Ordained)<br />

Jordan, Megan B (Ordained)<br />

Keever, Debra (Ordained)<br />

Knoll, Nathaniel (Ordained)<br />

Knorr, Deborah A (Ordained)<br />

Krebs, Janette L (Ordained)<br />

Lanza, Jared F (Ordained)<br />

Mathias, Paul J (Ordained)<br />

McNaney, Christopher (Ordained)<br />

Neis Jr, Thomas A (Ordained)<br />

Reyes III, Salvador (Licensed)<br />

Ritenour, Jonathan (Ordained)<br />

Rodriguez, Lisa F (Ordained)<br />

Vagle, Kyle T (Ordained)<br />

Waldecker, Paul M (Ordained)<br />

Wirmel, John M (Licensed)<br />

District Affiliated:<br />

Pleasant Valley Chapel,<br />

Mt Pleasant Mills<br />

Lead Pastor – Terry Sheaffer<br />

Parent Affiliated:<br />

Harrisburg Nepali Church, Harrisburg<br />

PAC Mother – Harrisburg 1 st AG<br />

PAC Lead Pastor – Terry Lamer<br />

Campus Pastor – Suresh Tamang<br />

Mosaic Church, Reading<br />

PAC Mother – Morning Star Fellowship,<br />

Bechtelsville<br />

PAC Lead Pastor – Steven R DeFrain<br />

Campus Pastor – Iosif Hoca<br />

Venture Church, Bluffton SC<br />

PAC Mother – Morning Star<br />

Fellowship<br />

PAC Lead Pastor – Steve DeFrain<br />

Campus Pastor – Shaun Olsen


Donald J. Immel<br />

717.795.5921<br />

don@penndel.org<br />

National Emphasis Theme and Materials<br />

are available as you promote missions in<br />

your church:<br />

www.agwm.com/assets/theme-catalog.pdf<br />

PennDel Missionaries Currently Itinerating:<br />

New Missionaries Itineration:<br />

Mike & Jess Brown (Latin America) mikendjessb@gmail.com<br />

Tom & Brooke Harshberger (Europe) tomharshberger@gmail.com<br />

Veteran Missionaries Itineration:<br />

Paul & Kristin Mathias (Sensitive)<br />

Ron & Amy Jones (Sensitive)<br />

mathiasfamily@oikosmail.com<br />

ronandamyjones@gmail.com<br />

Missionaries Status Changes & Updates:<br />

Brice Karper – Missionary to Eurasia submitted his resignation to AGWM<br />

in March.<br />

Peggy Lamb – Missionary with International Ministries has experienced a<br />

transition in her life/ministry and has submitted her resignation to AGWM.<br />

National Missions Connect <strong>2017</strong><br />

59th Annual Commissioning Service<br />

School of Missions<br />

Robin & I had a wonderful time connecting with our<br />

PennDel missionary family in Springfield during the<br />

annual “Missions Refresh” and connection event. Each<br />

year PennDel hosts a dinner with our missionaries who<br />

are present in Springfield during this month of training.<br />

The highlight of our visit is the Thursday evening<br />

“Commissioning Service.” We dearly love our missionaries<br />

and their families, and so appreciate their responsive<br />

call to reach the unreached around the world.<br />

Shahan & Tyra Teberian and Family – Missionaries in a sensitive country<br />

are home on their first furlough this past year serving in our churches, raising<br />

monthly support and enjoying time reconnecting with friends and family.<br />

During this time of residing in the Phoenixville area, God opened a door for<br />

Shahan to use a combination of his previous legal experience, expertise in<br />

business practices and ministry skills to bless the University of Valley Forge<br />

for a brief season with the President’s Cabinet as University Counsel.<br />

Stay connected with the Teberian’s at: www.theteberians.com or<br />

shahan.teberian@agmd.org, tyra.teberian@agmd.org<br />

Current Itineration List: Our PennDel <strong>web</strong>site has a full up-to-date<br />

itineration list for our PennDel missionaries during <strong>2017</strong> – 2018<br />

Tom & Brooke Harshberger<br />

Mike & Jess Brown and Family<br />

<strong>2017</strong> World Missions Project: The Roma Project<br />

Throughout this past year we have been sharing information about the Roma people of<br />

Slovakia. The need has been met with broad acceptance, and the desire to develop a partnership<br />

with our Roma brothers and sisters seems to resonate with our PennDel <strong>Network</strong> family.<br />

Our goal is to raise $150K to build a Community Center in Kendice, Slovakia. To date, we have<br />

received $38,688.77 in offerings.<br />

Thank you for helping us meet our goal by sending your donation to:<br />

4651 Westport Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Or give online: penndel.org<br />

We kindly ask that all pledges for the Roma Project be met by MinistrieSummit 2018.<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 7


How the Church Can Bring Hope to Rural America<br />

Written by Courtney DiTrolio<br />

America, land of the brave and home of the free, is also home to over 43 million<br />

people living in poverty. Surprisingly our small towns and rural communities have<br />

an even higher poverty rate than urban areas.<br />

Steve Donaldson, founder of Rural Compassion, talks about the<br />

death in these rural communities - death of people’s dreams, death<br />

of businesses, and death of homes, as they deteriorate over time.<br />

But he also talks about a vision, “to see vitality, to see kids have<br />

dreams again.” Although the statistics are halting, the good news is,<br />

there is hope.<br />

This message of hope was brought to us through the means of an<br />

18-wheeler truck, a small team of leaders, and a big heart and vision<br />

for rural America.<br />

In June, PennDel hosted its first Rural Compassion event. When<br />

the flag-donning Convoy of Hope truck pulled into the lot of the<br />

Bongiorno Conference Center, we knew it brought promise of an<br />

extraordinary weekend. Rural Compassion missionaries, Kim and<br />

Laurel Harvey, led the weekend and brought the heart of the ministry<br />

to 34 pastors and pastors’ wives through their personal stories,<br />

innovative ideas and huge vision. Two other vital team members,<br />

Dan and Karen Rhodes, drove the truck from Springfield and assisted<br />

through their hard work and serve-oriented spirits.<br />

The two-day event involved three sessions, led by Kim and Laurel,<br />

as well as a blessing room of resources for pastors, and finally, the<br />

distribution of approximately 35,000 pounds of goods to finish off the<br />

weekend.<br />

The big questions posed over the weekend were: What are we<br />

doing to bring hope to our small towns and rural areas? And<br />

how are we tangibly serving our rural communities?<br />

Rural Compassion brought us some answers, with the idea of<br />

cultivating relationships in our communities and identifying and<br />

connecting with our communities’ stakeholders like policemen,<br />

firefighters, teachers, politicians, superintendents, and nonprofit<br />

8 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong>

leaders. Pastor John Talcott, pastor of Christ Community Church in Emmitsburg,<br />

reflected, “God really affirmed in me those things that I had been doing right<br />

and inspired me to go harder and deeper into building relationships with<br />

some of the other stakeholders.”<br />

Kim and Laurel shared their stories of pastoring a rural church. As Kim shared his moving<br />

personal story, he reminded us, “God doesn’t waste our pain.” He talked about how<br />

pain gives us compassion, and compassion connects us to people. Another reminder he<br />

gave is that “compassion is always inconvenient.” If we are waiting for a moment<br />

when compassion is comfortable or easy, then we are missing it.<br />

Laurel shared story after story about the needs in rural communities around the US.<br />

In certain school districts, she has spoken to worried lunch ladies who know that for<br />

some, the lunch that students eat on Friday will be their last full meal until Monday.<br />

We learned that one of the largest causes of adolescent girls missing school in rural<br />

areas is the inability to afford feminine products. Laurel told us of a family who<br />

happily received new toothbrushes, exclaiming, “We don’t have to share anymore!”<br />

The families in our rural communities are in need of resources, but even more so,<br />

they are in need of hope.<br />

Rural Compassion uses resources as a means to reach people’s hearts. At the<br />

dismissal of the event, each pastor drove through rows of volunteers, as their vans,<br />

u-hauls and trucks were loaded up with a wide array of tangible goods to bring to<br />

their churches and communities. The pastors left with full hearts and full trucks, after<br />

receiving collectively over 17 tons of resources!<br />

The PennDel Ministry <strong>Network</strong> is committed to coming alongside our rural pastors,<br />

with a renewed vision for reaching our rural areas for Jesus. If you want to take part<br />

in our next Rural Compassion, April 6-7, 2018 at the Bongiorno Conference Center,<br />

please contact Tom Rees (tom@penndel.org).<br />




“Our hearts are full and overwhelmed<br />

at the opportunity that<br />

God will give us to love the people<br />

in Galeton.”<br />

— Pastor LeRoy and Wanda Bunker<br />

(Lighthouse Community Church, Galeton)<br />

“It’s nice to attend something<br />

that ‘fits’ with the rural church.<br />

It brought encouragement to our<br />

souls. Put some excitement back<br />

in us.”<br />

- Pastor Jim and Dorothy Rugg<br />

(Mill City AG)<br />

“God gave us a new direction and<br />

a new hope to continue in the call<br />

He has laid upon our hearts.”<br />

— Pastor Sean and Beth Heuer<br />

(Trinity AG, Nicholson)<br />

“Rural Compassion teaches us to<br />

go above and beyond the 4 big<br />

community events that we already<br />

do each year.”<br />

— Pastor Tim and Rhonda Imes<br />

(Pinchot Park AG)<br />

“It was practical and easy to<br />

remember. We really liked the workbook<br />

because it was something that<br />

we can take back and work together<br />

with our staff to get the vision of<br />

reaching rural families...We will leave<br />

excited and pumped up to creatively<br />

reach our community.”<br />

— Pastor Shane &<br />

Aubrey McClanahan<br />

(St. Thomas AG)<br />

Courtney DiTrolio works as a writer, editor, florist<br />

and English teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina,<br />

where she lives with her husband, Stephen. She<br />

graduated from Vanguard University in Southern<br />

California and previously worked as the Creative<br />

Arts Specialist at GT Church in Reading.<br />

“I’m consistently awestruck by the depth of poverty we see in<br />

rural American towns. I’m equally inspired by the determination<br />

and grassroots solutions in those same towns.”<br />

— Steve Donaldson<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 9

<strong>2017</strong> PENNDEL DISTRICT COUNCIL<br />

Congratulations to the Ordination Class of <strong>2017</strong>!<br />



MAY 1-3 <strong>2017</strong><br />

•<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Jubilarians<br />

50 years of Ordained Ministry<br />

John & Carol Kenzy, Ed & Faith Ferguson<br />

10 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong>

Eileen Andrews<br />

Isaac & Courtney Balban<br />

David & Rachel Culbertson<br />

Stacie George<br />

Janet Giles<br />

Justin & Kelly Gruber<br />

Stephen & Rachel Hall<br />

Lee & Kiersten Hyman<br />

Andrew & Megan Jordan<br />

Debra & Ward Keever<br />

Nathaniel & Rachel Knoll<br />

Deborah & Brian Knorr<br />

Jan & George Krebs<br />

Jared & Heather Lanza<br />

Paul & Kristin Mathias<br />

Christopher & Samantha<br />

McNaney<br />

Thomas & Patricia Neis Jr.<br />

Jonathan & Danielle<br />

Ritenour<br />

Lisa & Carlos Rodriguez<br />

Kyle & Rendelle Vagle<br />

Jacob & Valsala Varughese<br />

Paul & Jill Waldecker<br />

Jonathan & Tracey Wyns


Robin and Jeff<br />

UVF 1981<br />

Written by Courtney DiTrolio<br />

It was the Christmas of 1996, and Robin Kettering, mother of three<br />

and pastor’s wife, remembers her family packing up to head to the<br />

Florida Keys for a seaside holiday. She was excited to break in a new<br />

pair of sneakers on the trip, but began to notice an unusual numb<br />

sensation in her right foot. At first assuming the shoes were the cause,<br />

she overlooked the issue. However, more questions began to arise<br />

when the numbness in her foot continued to spread to her leg. She<br />

knew something was not right.<br />

Within a year, Robin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS),<br />

a disease that hones in on the brain and spinal cord. It creates a<br />

disconnect between the brain and the rest of the body, often causing<br />

fatigue, limited mobility, or loss of vision.<br />

As a person of faith, how do you respond to the diagnosis of a<br />

chronic disease with no cure?<br />

Aside from the fear and emotion that coincides with this kind of news,<br />

Robin reminisces, “I felt thankful in my heart because I knew God<br />

was going to take care of me. Life is hard, but God is good.” Her<br />

resolution to trust in God, even though depression and anger could<br />

have easily set in, is the theme that has reigned in her life, especially in<br />

the last twenty years.<br />

Robin’s<br />

Ordination, 2016<br />

Robin in 1981<br />

12 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong>


Robin Kettering<br />

rkettering59@gmail.com<br />

Robin and her husband, Jeff, have been<br />

serving Newville Church as senior pastors<br />

for 28 years. Both Robin and Jeff are<br />

ordained with PennDel, and Jeff serves as<br />

the presbyter of the South Central Section.<br />

They have 3 grown sons - Michael, 26,<br />

Peter, 29 and Tim, 31.<br />

Robin’s 4 M’s To Joy<br />

Robin has always been determined, energetic, and passionate about<br />

ministry. As a young lady, she attended University of Valley Forge to<br />

follow God’s call to ministry. At Valley Forge, she met her husband, Jeff<br />

Kettering, and they moved into full-time pastoring after graduating<br />

from Bible school. Robin invested in the youth and children’s programs;<br />

however, her calling shifted as she became a mom to three energetic<br />

boys, Tim, Peter, and Michael. She also worked as a lifeguard, a school<br />

bus driver and taught swimming lessons.<br />

She is constantly asking for help from<br />

God, “Lord help me!”<br />

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when<br />

you are in need. (Romans 10:13)<br />

In the last twenty years, her life has shifted externally but has<br />

remained steadfast at the foundation. She has learned to adapt to life<br />

in a wheelchair, and even embraces the conversations it initiates. When<br />

acquaintances pity her condition, she assures them, “God is taking<br />

care of me.”<br />

She says that you should never underestimate the power of staying<br />

connected to people and to a support system. As a naturally<br />

independent person, she has learned dependency; depending on her<br />

husband and on her caregivers to help her with daily tasks has taught<br />

her the importance of humility and keeping a thankful, gentle spirit.<br />

She has learned to accept her limitations and does what she can with<br />

what she has been given.<br />

As a recently ordained AG pastor, Robin uses her story to share with<br />

women’s groups and churches. She communicates with passion her<br />

prescription, her 4 M’s recipe for joy. The detours her life has taken,<br />

due to MS, have not always been easy, but she has still managed to<br />

keep a tight grip on joy.<br />

She keeps a melody and song in her<br />

mind and heart always.<br />

Robin’s Go-To Songs for Encouragement:<br />

Just Be Held by Casting Crowns<br />

Come Holy Spirit<br />

She meditates on scripture daily to<br />

keep her spirit revived and encouraged.<br />

Robin’s Go-To Scriptures:<br />

Philippians 4<br />

Romans 8:28<br />

To anyone who has a hard diagnosis, a loss, a devastating<br />

disappointment or a detour in life, Robin encourages you to remember<br />

that God still has a plan for you. And to remember that you did not do<br />

anything wrong to bring you to this place. She reiterates that if you<br />

trust in God, He will see you through. “Yes, life is hard, but yes, God<br />

is good.”<br />

She makes up her mind to say yes to God.<br />

When you don’t know what to pray,<br />

pray the Lord’s Prayer to keep your<br />

mind centered on God’s will.<br />

“Yes, life is hard, but yes, God is good.”<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 13


Lee Rogers<br />

717.795.9780<br />

lee@reachtheschool.com<br />



“Can I tell you about what I’ve been doing in my school?”<br />

McKenzie asked me one night after I spoke at her youth group. She<br />

was quiet and unassuming, but I could tell she had a passion for Jesus<br />

and a story to share. She told me how she’d invited her entire class to<br />

a weekly Bible study, and that a few dozen students were attending<br />

regularly. I was a little surprised because McKenzie was a very shy<br />

and quiet student; she was not the personality type most people<br />

would expect to fearlessly launch a movement and make a difference<br />

for the Gospel.<br />

A few months later I contacted McKenzie and asked if we could<br />

document her story with a video, and if she would be willing to<br />

appear on stage with me at an event to tell the story in her own<br />

words. She declined. McKenzie said, “To be honest, I’m very shy and<br />

I don’t consider myself to be a leader. I’m not comfortable in front of<br />

large crowds, and I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I just want<br />

to make a difference for Jesus among my friends and in my school.” I<br />

was disappointed with her response, but I wasn’t surprised; this was<br />

more in line with what most would expect from her personality type.<br />

McKenzie reveals an interesting juxtaposition for all of us who follow<br />

Jesus; we are not all called to be leaders, but we are all called to lead<br />

others to Christ.<br />

In the church, we have too frequently conflated these separate<br />

concepts and often to the detriment of the mission of God. The<br />

Apostle Paul wrote that some have the gift of leadership, but some<br />

have other gifts, such as serving or giving (see Romans 12:3-8).<br />

At the same time, all believers are called to lead others to Christ<br />

(Matthew 28:19-20), and we can even receive the empowerment<br />

of the Holy Spirit to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8). So we are not all<br />

leaders, but we are all to be leading our friends and acquaintances<br />


Doug Sayers<br />

717.795.5921<br />


to Christ. McKenzie was a perfect working example of this<br />

seemingly irreconcilable contradiction; she wasn’t a leader, yet<br />

she was leading many to the Cross through the Scriptures. She<br />

was making a difference for the Gospel, fulfilling the call placed<br />

upon all followers of Christ.<br />

When we assume that only “leaders” can start a movement<br />

that will make a difference, or that only those in leadership<br />

can share the Gospel, we severely limit the scope and breadth<br />

of God’s mission. We also limit the further discipleship and<br />

effectiveness of all believers. Worst of all, we put the Holy Spirit<br />

in a box as though the empowerment that is for all followers of<br />

Christ is only for a few. It’s time to reject this way of thinking.<br />

It’s time to embrace the truth that all believers are called to<br />

make a difference for the Gospel; that all can share their faith<br />

without fear; that each one can be used by God to shape history.<br />

Join us for a brand new event designed to equip teenagers<br />

to make a difference for the Gospel. This is not an event for<br />

“leaders,” it’s an event for all believers! It’s Fearless: One<br />

Day to Make a Difference, a one-day conference happening<br />

in three locations: West, East, and Central. Students will be<br />

inspired and empowered to serve their friends, talk about their<br />

faith, and make a difference without fear. For details and to<br />

register, go to www.fearlessoneday.com.<br />

For more information visit valleyforge.edu<br />

Contact our Office of Admissions<br />

800.432.8322 or admissions@valleyforge.edu

The PennDel School of Ministry is a<br />

convenient and less expensive way<br />

that a person can satisfy the academic<br />

requirements for credentials with the<br />

Assemblies of God.<br />


This Fall (<strong>2017</strong>)<br />

• Monroeville Campus (meeting at<br />

Monroeville A/G) will offer<br />

Level 1 and Level 2 classes<br />

• York Campus will offer<br />

Level 1 classes only<br />

16 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong><br />

Enrollment for each course is $60.<br />

Classes meet one Saturday each<br />

month (Sept-May).<br />

For more information visit:<br />



Tom Rees<br />

717.795.5921<br />

tom@penndel.org<br />

COMING<br />

EVENTS<br />

IN <strong>2017</strong>:<br />

District Leaders<br />

Conference<br />

Newport A/G<br />

Thompsontown, PA<br />

August 25-26<br />

West Division<br />

Fall Camporee<br />

Camp Seph Mack<br />

Penn Run, PA<br />

September 8-10<br />

East Division<br />

Fall Camporee<br />

Tri-County<br />

Worship Center<br />

Bethel, PA<br />

Sept 22-23<br />

Colonials Territorial<br />

Rendezvous<br />

PDRR Camp Berry<br />

Honey Grove, PA<br />

October 6-8<br />


One is born into leadership, right? At least that is<br />

what many believe. However, the idea that one is<br />

naturally a good leader is a myth. Are there those who<br />

are natural leaders? Absolutely! But leadership can be<br />

and usually is a learned skill.<br />

Consider the most fundamental example of Jesus<br />

choosing the twelve. He didn’t interview looking for<br />

those who naturally exhibited good leadership. On<br />

the contrary, He looked for those who were willing to<br />

follow His example and learn to be good leaders. He<br />

chose those with teachable hearts and then spent the<br />

next few years teaching and training them for the roles<br />

they were to fulfill.<br />

So, here is the question, you as a leader in your church,<br />

must answer. Are you training tomorrow’s leaders?<br />

Royal Rangers is, in part, devoted to training leaders<br />

both for today and tomorrow. We offer training for<br />

adults so they can be effective in their outposts and be<br />

able to train our boys. We offer Jr. Leadership camps and<br />


Greg Scott<br />

302.697.2313<br />

gscott@pdrangers.org<br />

www.pdrangers.org<br />

merits so that our boys will be the Christ like servant<br />

leaders of tomorrow. Are you taking advantage of what<br />

Royal Rangers offers the men and boys in your church?<br />

Oftentimes, if you lead, someone will follow. It’s been<br />

said that if you are not leading, you are a follower. If<br />

you are not following, then you are lost. Be somebody,<br />

be the best version of yourself that you can be.<br />

Help us build tomorrow’s leaders. Check out our<br />

<strong>web</strong>site for full information at www.pdrangers.org<br />

Jr. Leadership opportunities:<br />

Jr. Leadership Development Academy,<br />

PDRR Camp Berry – August 2–5<br />

Adult Leadership Opportunities:<br />

Check with your Sectional RR Coordinator for local<br />

Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials<br />

National Ranger Ministry Camp,<br />

Whiteford, MD – Sept. 8–10<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 17


Sharon Poole<br />

penndeldmc@yahoo.com<br />

penndel.org/girls<br />

September 10-16 is the<br />

National Girls Ministries Week.<br />

This annual celebration provides an opportunity for the<br />

local church to promote its ministry to girls and young<br />

women. This year the theme, “BLOOM, when little<br />

becomes much,” allows for teaching and discussion for all age<br />

groups of girls. The National GM Department has developed<br />

a packet to be used in this Celebration. To download this free<br />

packet, go to ngm.ag.org Click on the “events/evangelism”<br />

dropdown and choose “National Girls Ministries Week.”<br />

18 | <strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong><br />

Even if you do not have organized Girls Ministries Clubs in your<br />

church, use this time to highlight how you are reaching this<br />

generation of females for Jesus. Never before has a gender<br />

generation needed to be encouraged, honored and, more<br />

importantly, mentored. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring<br />

about God’s blessing in them!

Pennsylvania-Delaware<br />

Ministry <strong>Network</strong><br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Read online: penndel.org/connexions<br />

Editor: . . . . . . . . . . . Stephen R. Tourville<br />

Managing Editor: . . . . . Carole Bongiorno<br />

Executive Presbytery<br />

Superintendent . . . . . . . Stephen R. Tourville<br />

Assistant Superintendent . . Bryan Koch<br />

Secretary/Treasurer. . . . . Donald J. Immel<br />

Timothy Bunney Southwest Suburban - SWS<br />

Christopher Clark North Central West - NCW<br />

Roland Coon Delaware - DEL<br />

Steven DeFrain East Central - EC<br />

Jeffrey Kettering South Central - SC<br />

Jeff Marshall Southwest Metro - SWM<br />

Robert Novak Greater Philadelphia Area - GPA<br />

James Pentz North Central - NC<br />

Randall Rhoads South Central East - SCE<br />

Walter Smith South Central West - SCW<br />

Allan Thorpe Northwest - NW<br />

David Twiss Northeast - NE<br />

REpurpose, REclaim,<br />

REplenish, REnew…<br />

so many words to describe<br />

the repairs we need in our<br />

lives. God is the original<br />

“fixer-upper.” Our weekend<br />

will focus on allowing God<br />

to REjuvenate and REnovate<br />

our body, soul and spirit.<br />

General Presbyters<br />

Stephen R. Tourville<br />

Donald J. Immel<br />

Bryan Koch<br />

Honorary General Presbyter<br />

Philip Bongiorno<br />

PennDel Superintendent Emeritus<br />

Volume 63 Number 3 - (USPS 165-700) is the official periodical<br />

published quarterly by the Pennsylvaina-Delaware District Council of<br />

the Assemblies of God. Periodical postage paid at Mechanicsburg,<br />

Pennsylvania. Circulation Stands at Approximately 7,500<br />


Send address changes to:<br />

Pennsylvania-Delaware District Council<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-4887<br />



4 ............Labor Day – Ministries Center closed<br />

8-10 .......RR West Division Fall Camporee<br />

9 ............Fearless (Yth) One Day to Make a Difference<br />

East – Central/Bethlehem, PA<br />

10-16 ..... National Girls Ministries Week<br />

11 ..........Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

12 ..........Credential Interviews – BCC<br />

15 ..........Credential Apps due for Jan. 2018 Interviews<br />

16 ..........Fearless (Yth) One Day to Make a Difference<br />

Central – CLA/Camp Hill, PA<br />

17 ..........Cluster Church Planting Day<br />

22-23 ..... RR East Division Fall Camporee<br />

22-24 ..... Women in Ministry Retreat – BCC<br />

24 ..........Campus Awareness Day<br />

27 ..........See You at the Pole<br />

29 ..........PennDel Charities Trap Shooting –<br />

Youngwood Sportsmen’s Club<br />


1 ............Ministers’ Appreciation Month<br />

2 ............Youth Committee Meeting<br />

2-4 .........Ministers Enrichment – BCC<br />

4 ............World Missions Rep’s Meeting – BCC<br />

6-8 .........RR FCF Territorial Rendezvous<br />

7 ............Junior Bible Quiz Meet #1<br />

14 ..........Teen Bible Quiz Meet #1<br />

15 ..........National STL Day<br />

20-21 .....Acts 2 Journey #4 – BCC<br />

20-21 .....GO Men’s Conference – CLA, Camp Hill<br />

21 ..........PDRR Camp Workday<br />

21-23 .....PK/MK Retreat – BCC<br />

30-31 .....STL Tour<br />


1-17 .......STL Tour<br />

4 ............Junior Bible Quiz Meet #2<br />

5 ............Daylight Savings Time ends<br />

10-11 ..... Women of Purpose Conference –<br />

Hershey Arena<br />

11 ..........RR Regional Business Meeting<br />

15 ..........Credential App’s due for March 2018<br />

17-19 ..... Young Adult Outreach (NYSUM) –<br />

New York City<br />

23-24 ..... Thanksgiving – Ministries Center closed<br />

<strong>Network</strong> connexions | Fall <strong>2017</strong> | 19

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry <strong>Network</strong><br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Find us online: penndel.org<br />

Follow us on Facebook: PennDel Ministry <strong>Network</strong><br />

Follow us on Twitter: #penndelag<br />


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2½ year note 3.00%<br />

1 year note 2.75%<br />

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Demand Note 2.25%<br />

www.hisfund.com • 866-219-0820 (toll free) • 717-796-9784<br />



















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