Leadership Connexion Winter 2022

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PennDel Ministry Network | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Behold<br />

And she will bring forth a Son,<br />

and you shall call His name Jesus,<br />

for He will save His people from their sins.<br />

Matthew 1:21- NKJV

Network Calendar<br />


2 KIDMIN Connection (6-9 pm) – PennDel Ministry Network<br />

3 KIDMIN Connection (12-3 pm) – Faith/Hazle Township<br />

3 Youth Bible Quiz Meet #2<br />

8 Royal Rangers Web Conference<br />

8-10 Youth Pastors’ Retreat – BCC<br />

10 RR Camp Work Day – Honey Grove<br />

25 Merry Christmas – Office Closed<br />

26 Office Closed<br />

31 Credential Renewal Deadline<br />


1 New Year’s – Office Closed<br />

2 Office Closed<br />

6 KIDMIN Connection (6-9 pm) – Faith/Roaring Spring<br />

7 KIDMIN Connection (12-3 pm) – Calvary/Irwin<br />

7 Youth Bible Quiz Meet #3<br />

9 Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

10 Credential Interviews – BCC<br />

13-15 Youth <strong>Winter</strong> Retreat #1 – BCC<br />

14 JBQ Meet #3<br />

20-22 Youth <strong>Winter</strong> Retreat #2 – BCC<br />

23-25 Children’s Ministry Summit – BCC<br />

27-29 Youth <strong>Winter</strong> Retreat #3 – BCC<br />

27-29 JBQ District Finals – CLA/Camp Hill<br />

31 ACMR’s Deadline<br />


3-4 Central ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 1) – PennDel Ministry Network<br />

10 KIDMIN Connection (6-9 pm) – Connection Church/Pottstown<br />

10-11 Northwest ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 1) – Chapel on the Hill/Emlenton<br />

11 KIDMIN Connection (12-3 pm) – Calvary/Dover, DE<br />

18 Youth Sectional Fine Arts<br />

24-26 Kid’s Breakaway #1 – BCC<br />

25 Youth Bible Quiz Meet #4<br />

27 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

SWS @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

NW @ 2-4 pm<br />

28 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

SWM @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

SCW @ 2-4 pm<br />

MARCH<br />

2 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

SCE @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

SC @ 2-4 pm<br />

3-5 Kid’s Breakaway #2 – BCC<br />

6 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

NC @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

NCW @ 2-4 pm<br />

7 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

EC @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

NE @ 2-4 pm<br />

9 Sectional Councils – Locations TBD<br />

GPA @ 10 am-12 pm<br />

DEL @ 2-4 pm<br />

10-11 PDW INSPIRE Spring Tour – Trinity Community/Hockessin, DE<br />

18 District Youth Bible Quiz Finals<br />

18-20 PK/MK Retreat (Kids & Youth) – BCC<br />

20 Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

21 Credential Interviews – BCC<br />

24-25 PDW INSPIRE Spring Tour – Christian Life/Bensalem, PA<br />

31-April 1 PDW INSPIRE Spring Tour – Pittsburgh, PA<br />

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Read online: penndel.org/connexion<br />

Editor: . . . . . . . . . . Donald J. Immel<br />

Managing Editor: . . . . . Carole Bongiorno<br />

Executive Presbytery<br />

Superintendent . . . . . . . . Donald J. Immel<br />

Assistant Superintendent . . . Steven DeFrain<br />

Secretary/Treasurer . . . . . . Jeff Marshall<br />

Timothy Bunney Southwest Suburban–SWS<br />

Mark Caston East Central–EC<br />

Ryan Coon At-Large Under 40<br />

Jeff Dyer Delaware–DEL<br />

James Goodman North Central West–NCW<br />

Wayne Jackson Southwest Metro–SWM<br />

Brad Leach Greater Philadelphia Area–GPA<br />

Dwan Newsome South Central–SC<br />

Kwaku Owusu-Boachie At-Large Ethnic<br />

James Pentz North Central–NC<br />

Randall Rhoads South Central East–SCE<br />

Lisa Rodriguez At-Large Female<br />

Wayne Schaffer South Central West–SCW<br />

Allan Thorpe Northwest–NW<br />

David Twiss Northeast–NE<br />

General Presbyters<br />

Donald J. Immel<br />

Jeff Marshall<br />

Jason Lamer<br />

Honorary General Presbyter<br />

Philip Bongiorno<br />

PennDel Superintendent Emeritus<br />

Volume 68 Number 3–(USPS 165-700) is the official periodical<br />

published quarterly by the Pennsylvania-Delaware District<br />

Council of the Assemblies of God. Periodical postage paid<br />

at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Circulation Stands at<br />

Approximately 5,000. POSTMASTER, Send address changes<br />

to: Pennsylvania-Delaware District Council, 4651 Westport<br />

Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-4887

Behold<br />

The Savior!<br />

“…that which is conceived in Mary is of the Holy Spirit.”<br />

It was JESUS – “Savior.” He was EMMANUEL – “God with us.”<br />

Ihad almost given up hope that Christmas could be a great opportunity to share the gospel and introduce<br />

people to the Savior! Can you imagine? As I assessed the holiday season, I saw what you probably see:<br />

busyness and distractedness. The extreme marketing and materialism of the Christmas shopping season<br />

seemed to me to be an insurmountable distraction. There was the over-attention from the entertainment industry<br />

– thousands of Christmas songs that began the day after (then the day before) Thanksgiving. Everyone was<br />

clamoring to sing songs, old and new, and in novel ways. Jingle Bells sung by barking dogs, and Jingle Bells<br />

sung backwards. Charlie Brown’s Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer quickly lost their uniqueness<br />

as Home Alone and The Santa Clause rolled out versions 1-3. Then there was the busy side of the holiday:<br />

school programs, church programs, parties beyond number, and fi nally, when the holy day was upon us, most<br />

people were too burnt out to focus on Jesus. Christmas Eve service, a longstanding annual highlight and family<br />

worship tradition, seemed to feel like an infringement on “family time.”<br />

Then it happened. On Christmas Eve, I gave an invitation after preaching a simple gospel message. I have to<br />

admit, I really didn’t expect anyone to respond. There were cookies and cheeseballs waiting at home. When I<br />

asked if anyone would like to ask Jesus for His gift of eternal life this Christmas, an adult woman raised her hand.<br />

I was shocked! I gave the invitation again, just to be sure she understood what I was doing. Then her husband<br />

raised his hand. Kathy and Vince were beginning their spiritual journey in relationship with Jesus. Their family<br />

followed. Many of Kathy’s friends and co-workers would also fi nd their way to Jesus over the years as she shared<br />

her salvation story again and again. Kathy’s transformational experience on Christmas Eve<br />

that year created a transformational experience in me: one of faith and hope. I came to<br />

see Christmas, despite the busyness and distractions and over-marketing, as a season of natural opportunities.<br />

Our church began to seize the moment(s) to give a simple and clear opportunity for believers to invite their<br />

unsaved loved ones to church. It was a season when unsaved loved ones were invited to begin a relationship<br />

with God the Father through Jesus His Son. Joseph pondered the dilemmas that the birth of Christ would bring.<br />

Matthew expresses the moment of insight that Joseph experienced with the angelic encounter: “BEHOLD.”<br />

BOOM…DROP THE MIC! “…that which is conceived in Mary is of the Holy Spirit.” It<br />

was JESUS – “Savior.” He was EMMANUEL – “God with us.” All of the complications that<br />

Joseph was navigating were contextualized. Evaporated. Nullifi ed. The Savior and salvation were on the way.<br />

“Don’t be afraid, Joseph” – God’s got this, and it’s going to be awesome!<br />

NETWORK SUPERINTENDENT | Donald J. Immel | 717.795.5921 | don@penndel.org<br />

As we look at the hurdles of the holidays, let’s also look with optimism at the opportunities. The whole western<br />

world gives us multiple platforms to proclaim “YES! There is Something [SOMEONE] worth celebrating here.”<br />

BEHOLD – here’s an annual opportunity to invite people like Kathy to know God personally. Don’t surrender your<br />

“market share” of Christmas to secularism, materialism or the distractions that have highjacked the narrative.<br />

Seize the season! Inform, invite and inspire your church and<br />

your community to speak the name of Jesus -<br />

for He will save [His] people from their sins. Matthew 1:21<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3

ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT | Steve DeFrain | 484.686.4843 | sdefrain@penndel.org<br />


Christmas<br />

Recently I read: “Disney World fans say the Orlando Florida theme<br />

park has ‘lost its magic’ due to the cost.”<br />

Honestly, there have been a few times I felt that way at Christmastime. “Christmas has lost its<br />

WONDER– due to the cost.” There is a cost to planning a great Christmas season in church life.<br />

Christmas Musical rehearsals begin in mid-September. We are discussing the sermon series for Christmas<br />

Eve in October. By November, the children are planning their Jingle Jam for the second Sunday of<br />

December. All of this leading to Christmas Eve with its many features, from spicing up the Christmas<br />

classics to videos and short dramas. A hot cocoa bar, photo booths and perfect music await our guests<br />

as they walk through the doors. Don’t forget mixing in outreaches, like free gift wrapping at local malls and<br />

hosting community Christmas events.<br />

If we are not careful, we can lose the WONDER of Christmas - due to the cost.<br />

Remember the WONDER that fi lled Elizabeth’s house when Mary entered and greeted her? She said,<br />

“For behold when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb<br />

leaped for joy.” (Luke 1:44, Amplified Bible) That’s the normal reaction to the WONDER of God. You<br />

can feel the WONDER when Elizabeth says, “You are blessed, and the baby inside you is blessed.” “I’m<br />

blessed because the mother of my Lord has come to visit me.” “Mary, this amazing thing is happening<br />

because you believed every word God said would come true.” The WONDER in Elizabeth’s house is so<br />

tangible you can feel it. I want that this Christmas!<br />



Gospel WONDER: “…the gospel of Christ…is the power of God unto salvation to<br />

everyone that believeth.” (Romans 1:16, KJV) The story of Christmas is still fi lled with the<br />

power of God. We are not responsible for what others believe. We are simply messengers who<br />

tell the extraordinary story of Christmas again and again. Tell the story again!<br />

Personal WONDER: I love the line in the song: Build My Life. “Open up my eyes in<br />

Wonder…show me who you are.” Every time I sing this line, it becomes my prayer. A few<br />

weeks ago, while I was driving, a song played that I had never heard before. When the words<br />

“I’m so grateful that you have chosen to save me” were sung, I lost it! I was instantly overcome<br />

with emotions and tears and I felt the WONDER of God again.<br />

Transformational WONDER: Chris attended a Christmas Eve Service at Morning Star some<br />

years ago. Knowing he had recently divorced, a friend invited him to church. That night, Chris<br />

surrendered his life to Jesus and I watched God do an amazing work in his life over the next<br />

fi fteen years. The Wonder of watching Jesus’ work to transform a human heart never gets old!<br />

4<br />

This Christmas, make room for God to do for you what He did for<br />

two women that experienced the WONDER of Christmas.

Over the years, we have opened our home to men and<br />

women who needed housing and/or mentorship. Some<br />

stayed with us for short periods, and others stayed<br />

much longer. Either way, while they lived with us, our family life<br />

changed as we made room for them to feel comfortable and<br />

welcome. My perfectly decorated GUEST room became their<br />

room. Before long, it did not look like a guest room, but a welllived-in<br />

space, complete with their belongings. As more time<br />

passed and our guests felt comfortable, their presence became<br />

a part of our daily routine as we learned their food preferences,<br />

etc. They became family as our lives intertwined, and their<br />

presence changed our lives for the season they were with us.<br />

Our home became their home.<br />

When Jesus came to the earth, clothed in fl esh and blood, His<br />

presence changed lives eternally.<br />

I love how The Message Bible says it,<br />

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved<br />

into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with<br />

our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like<br />

Father, like Son, Generous inside and out, true<br />

from start to finish.”<br />

While Jesus was active with the Father at creation, He was<br />

unseen until the moment He entered our earthly reality, fl esh<br />

and blood, born of a virgin. Then, the simplicity of a space<br />

made for animals became a birthing room for the King of Kings,<br />

and humans like you and I saw (beheld) His glory. You can read<br />

these words in the NKJ version of John 1:14.<br />

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among<br />

us, and we BEHELD His glory, the glory as of<br />

the only begotten of the Father, full of grace<br />

and truth.”<br />

Welcome, Jesus,<br />

this Christmas!<br />

The Complete Jewish Bible refers to GLORY as Sh’khinah,<br />

which means the manifest presence of God. Before this time,<br />

God’s presence would manifest as a cloud or a pillar of fi re, but<br />

NOW Jesus was with us – fl esh and blood – spending thirtythree<br />

years on the earth and ultimately giving his fl esh and<br />

blood, becoming the perfect sacrifi ce to atone for our sins.<br />

“The Word became a human being and<br />

lived with us, and we saw his Sh’khinah, the<br />

Sh’khinah of the Father’s only Son, full of<br />

grace and truth.”<br />

Complete Jewish Bible<br />

When we welcome Jesus into our lives, He comes in with grace<br />

and truth. Grace is unmerited favor, which we don’t deserve,<br />

and His truth will set us free from sin. At our best, we invite<br />

Jesus to make Himself at home in every area of our life, and<br />

His touch is unmistakable. His presence becomes as normal as<br />

the sun rising each morning. As time goes on, we begin to give<br />

Him access to each space in our hearts, and the more we do<br />

this, the more His Glory shines in us.<br />

While I’ll never experience what it was like for those who<br />

physically walked with Jesus during His time here on earth, I<br />

can tell you that His Sh’khinah (Shekhinah) changes everything.<br />

I love the song “When You Walk into the Room” by Bryan and<br />

Katie Torwalt.<br />

When You walk into the room<br />

Everything changes<br />

Darkness starts to tremble<br />

At the light that You bring<br />

And when You walk into the room<br />

Every heart starts burning<br />

And nothing matters more<br />

Than just to sit here at Your feet<br />

And worship You<br />

PENNDEL WOMEN | Liz DeFrain | 484.686.4554 | liz@penndelwomen.com | penndelwomen.com<br />

This Christmas, the best present you can give to Jesus is allowing<br />

His presence access to every part of your heart. I promise,<br />

everything changes with that kind of access.<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5

SECRETARY/TREASURER | Jeff Marshall | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org<br />

Behold<br />

“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed<br />

on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore<br />

the world does not know us, because it did not<br />

know Him.”<br />

1 John 3:1 (NKJ)<br />

The word ‘Behold’ draws us in. It is a word to bring our attention<br />

towards something – to pay attention – to attend to. In this passage, the<br />

apostle John wanted to draw our attention to the magnitude of God’s<br />

love. He loves us so much that he calls us His children. Then comes a<br />

caution statement. The world will not recognize you because they did<br />

not recognize Him. From the time Jesus was born until His resurrection,<br />

He was not recognized as the true Son of God.<br />

We are reminded of this at Christmas time. First, there was the visitation<br />

of the angel to Mary, the supernatural conception, Joseph’s angelic<br />

dream, followed by the virgin birth. Then, there was the announcement<br />

to the shepherds of the birth of the newborn king in the field with the<br />

visit of the magi a few years later. These were all ‘Behold’ moments. As<br />

Jesus grew and started his ministry, a dove descended from heaven and<br />

God announced this was His Son He loved and was well pleased with<br />

Him. Daily there were miracles witnessed by hundreds and, at times,<br />

thousands of people. These were ‘Behold’ moments. God orchestrated<br />

these events to get people’s attention so they could truly see and<br />

believe who He was.<br />

I believe He still gives us ‘Behold’ moments today. Perhaps it is the birth<br />

of a new child, a fall sunset, the vastness of the oceans or the beauty of<br />

the mountains. There are moments when one comes to know Jesus as<br />

their personal Savior or is healed of a deadly disease. They experience<br />

an excitement of life in their new found faith.<br />

This time of the year is one of the greatest ‘behold’ moments of all. We<br />

can walk through department stores and hear “Joy to the World the<br />

Lord has Come.” Or, turn on the radio and hear “Silent Night” being<br />

played. Nativity displays adorn lawns and even some public squares.<br />

Then, there is the day that most of the world shuts down, Christmas<br />

Day. Why the pause in time? “Behold what manner of love the Father<br />

has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God.” For God<br />

so loved us that he sent His only Son, giving us a way to eternal life.<br />

God gave us Christmas as a ‘Behold’ day, a day we can stop and see<br />

who He is and experience His love for us.<br />


(KATHERINE) KAY OWENS, 86, passed away on July<br />

3. She is survived by her husband, Jesse. They would<br />

have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on July<br />

5. Together they served in several states as lead pastors<br />

on the East Coast and founded the international ministry,<br />

Global Renewal.<br />

(PATRICIA) PAT G (KOLAS) WEGNER, 79, passed<br />

away on July 3. She is survived by her husband, Otto.<br />

She was a lead pastor’s wife in PennDel at Highway<br />

Tabernacle, Philadelphia, PA. Pat founded Spring Garden<br />

Academy, a ministry that continues to serve this church<br />

and community to this day.<br />

EMILY BRUBAKER, 89, passed away on July 6.<br />

She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas,<br />

who passed away in 2008. Prior to their ministry in<br />

PennDel, they pastored churches in Michigan, Illinois and<br />

Connecticut. After transferring to PennDel, Thomas and<br />

Emily pastored Evangel AG, Norristown, PA.<br />

(KENNETH) KEN E BEAR, 85, passed away on July 18.<br />

He is survived by his wife, Ruth. Together, they served the<br />

Lord in the following PennDel Churches as lead pastors:<br />

Westfield, Shamokin and Millersburg. In addition, Ken<br />

was a staff pastor at Newport AG, Newport, PA. Upon<br />

retirement from full-time pastoral ministry, Ken continued<br />

serving the Lord on staff at the Bongiorno Conference<br />

Center in Carlisle, PA., where he served in various roles...<br />

Ruth continues to serve at BCC.<br />

NAZIR BACCHUS, 74, passed away on July 19. He is<br />

survived by his wife, Cecilia. Together, they served the<br />

Lord as lead pastors of Philadelphia International AG,<br />

Philadelphia, PA.<br />

NAOMI F LYLE, 86, passed away on August 4. She<br />

is survived by her husband, Robert, of sixty-five years.<br />

Together, they retired in PennDel to be closer to their<br />

daughter, Rachel Linscott, and her husband Rev Carl<br />

Linscott, lead pastor at Crossroads Family Worship<br />

Center, Wellsboro, PA.<br />

(PATRICIA) PATTI PRIOR, 60, passed away on<br />

September 20. She is survived by her husband, George.<br />

Together they have ministered in the following PennDel<br />

Churches: Blairsville, Greensburg, Legonier, Melcroft and<br />

currently Latrobe.<br />

6<br />

Some still do not recognize this ‘Behold’ moment.<br />

We must continue to serve as children of God<br />

sharing His love and bringing others to their own<br />

‘Behold’ moment in time.<br />

JAMES (JIM) A. SABELLA, 64, passed away on<br />

October 20. He is survived by his wife, Sherry and their<br />

two sons Philip and Jonathon. Together they served the<br />

Lord as lead pastors in the following PennDel churches:<br />

Bethel Chapel AG, York, PA, and Mifflinburg AG,<br />

Mifflinburg, PA. They were commissioned as missionaries<br />

in 1994. Their most recent appointment was as AGWM<br />

Area Directors for Southeast Europe.

Our Europe friend and<br />

colleague Jim Sabella<br />

went home to be with<br />

his Lord October<br />

20, <strong>2022</strong>. Jim fought a<br />

courageous battle with<br />

cancer for over two years,<br />

strong and full of faith. He<br />

has deeply impacted our<br />

lives and the fi ngerprint of<br />

his life was embedded in every part of our Europe family.<br />

In 1994, Jim and Sherry were commissioned as missionaries with<br />

the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) to the Czech<br />

Republic. There, they engaged in church planting and Bible<br />

School teaching, established pastoral training courses, and led<br />

the nation's Global University program. Of the Czech Republic<br />

Jim said, "My heart will always be there."<br />

In 2004, Jim and Sherry were appointed Area Directors for<br />

AGWM's Central Europe area. In 2012, they were appointed<br />

Area Directors for the Central and Southeast Europe area, and in<br />

2017, as Area Directors for the Southeast Europe area. Jim was<br />

AGWM's longest-serving Area Director.<br />

Jim's greatest joy in ministry was to visit Roma villages across<br />

Europe, spreading the message of life and hope in Jesus. Jim<br />

and Sherry led numerous missions trips and church planting<br />

initiatives among this beloved people group.<br />

In 2012, Jim founded Europe's Heart, a ministry to people on the<br />

margins of society - particularly the Roma of Eastern Slovakia. As<br />

Director, Jim's ability to call out the inherent value in others shone<br />

distinctly.<br />

Each time Jim said goodbye to someone, he urged them to<br />

"Keep the faith," based on 2 Timothy 4:7: "I have fought the<br />

good fi ght, I have fi nished the race, I have kept the faith."<br />

His dear wife Sherry wrote beautifully, “he lived his life to serve<br />

and follow Jesus. And even in our broken hearts, we rejoice<br />

knowing that Jim is with the One he gave his all to serve.”<br />

We want to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in our<br />

World Missions Tanzania Project. We partnered with our own Evangelist,<br />

Christopher Alam. Christopher has preached the Gospel in over seventyfive<br />

nations and over 15000 churches have been started as a fruit of his<br />

ministry. The preaching of the Gospel is accompanied by signs, wonders and<br />

miracles. Christopher held numerous crusades this past summer in Tanzania<br />

in partnership with General Superintendent Barnabas Mtokambali. His goal is<br />

to plant 10,000 new churches in Tanzania.<br />

WORLD MISSIONS | Jeff Marshall | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org<br />

As a result of these crusades, churches were planted in areas of Tanzania where no churches existed. Lives were changed,<br />

churches were planted and your contributions made all of this possible. Many have joined the kingdom of God and are being<br />

discipled because of your generous giving.<br />

Honoring our PennDel Missionaries<br />

who have recently retired from AGWM<br />

DOUG AND CAROL BALDWIN retired as fully appointed<br />

missionaries to Ecuador. Since 1988, God has used the Baldwins<br />

to establish training classes for believers, lay workers and young<br />

leaders who would later become pastors or church planters.<br />

Many lives have been touched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ<br />

because of their leadership and sacrifi ce. They are thankful for your prayers and support<br />

during their years of ministry with AGWM while serving the the Latin America Caribbean<br />

Region. Doug and Carol are enjoying their retirement in Titusville, Florida.<br />

SAM AND JANICE MAYESKI retired as fully appointed<br />

missionaries to Latin America Caribbean, effective July 31,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Sam and Janice were appointed as Assemblies of<br />

God Missionaries to Trinidad, Tobago in 1999, where they<br />

served through church planting and development, Good News<br />

evangelistic crusades, Book of Hope school evangelism, MAPS<br />

church construction, AIM youth ministry and Global Teen Challenge. Because of your<br />

generosity, many lives have been changed by the gospel. Sam and Janice will continue to<br />

serve as the lead pastors of Blue Mountain AG, Newburg, PA.<br />


PennDel School of Ministry has launched<br />

a One-Year Bible Institute. This one-year<br />

plan is for anyone who wants to dive deep<br />

into the Bible for teaching Sunday school<br />

or small groups. Students will be taught<br />

the same curriculum as our credentialing<br />

students.<br />

For more information,<br />

please go to: www.penndelsom.org<br />



bjacobs@penndelsom.org<br />

724.689.3929<br />


Abigail.redding@penndelsom.org<br />

717.795.5921 ext.229<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 7

Incarnat<br />


“Silent night, holy night, all is calm...” Maybe not...<br />


The New Testament proclaims the beauty and wonder of<br />

the Incarnation, the Word made fl esh. Matthew’s Gospel<br />

states that Jesus’ name would be called ‘Immanuel’ which<br />

translated means “God with us.” Luke likewise tells the<br />

wonder of the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary so that her<br />

child would “be called holy-the Son of God.” Mark is subtle.<br />

Mark’s opening sentence simply states “The beginning<br />

of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Mark’s<br />

Roman audience would have been aware of other gospels<br />

declaring others to be a son of God. The Priene Calendar<br />

Inscription hails Caesar Augustus as a savior of the world,<br />

who will make wars to cease, and who will create order<br />

everywhere. Whereas Caesar Augustus was a<br />

human who was supposedly deified, Jesus Christ<br />

is God who became flesh. Quite a contrast.<br />

Paul continues the incarnation theme with expressions like<br />

“But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth<br />

His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law…” Paul<br />

also states that “He is the image of the invisible God, the<br />

fi rstborn of all creation.” Could Paul have been any clearer<br />

than this description, “For in Him all the fullness of Deity<br />

dwells in bodily form…”? The writer of Hebrews adds his<br />

voice with comparable expressions like “He is the radiance<br />

of His glory and the exact representation of His nature...”<br />

Whereas Matthew, Mark and Luke give an earthly<br />

perspective of the nativity, John seems to pull back the<br />

curtain to give a cosmic view of Christmas. John starts<br />

his Gospel with the description of the Word who existed<br />

before time, was with God, was God, created all things<br />

and who gives life and light to all. This Word, John states,<br />

became fl esh. He and the other disciples beheld “His glory,<br />

glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and<br />

truth.” John, probably countering some form of incipient<br />

Gnosticism, states in his fi rst epistle that “What was from<br />

the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen<br />

with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with<br />

our hands, concerning the Word of Life—and the life was<br />

manifested, and we have seen and testify and proclaim<br />

to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and<br />

was manifested to us.” John is clear that the disciples’<br />

experience with Jesus was no phantom or theophany.<br />


tion<br />


Dr. David M. Dippold has been<br />

a faculty member at UVF since<br />

1996. Prior to his position at<br />

UVF, he was the lead pastor in<br />

Buffalo, NY (13 years) and an<br />

assistant pastor in Philadelphia,<br />

PA (2 years). Dave , in addition<br />

to his duties at UVF, is involved<br />

in local churches as a teaching<br />

pastor. He enjoys teaching and<br />

interacting with UVF students<br />

and local congregations. He<br />

is married, has children and<br />

grandchildren.<br />

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR | DR. DAVID M. DIPPOLD | University of Valley Forge<br />

They heard, they saw, they touched, and they<br />

gave witness to the reality of the Word made<br />

flesh. Later in the same letter, John declares that “By this<br />

you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that<br />

Jesus Christ has come in the fl esh is from God; and every<br />

spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is<br />

the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is<br />

coming, and now it is already in the world.”<br />

It is in the Revelation that the cosmic ramifi cations of the<br />

Word made fl esh are vividly pictured. John uses the word<br />

“sign” in both 12:1 and 3. Signs signify. Signs point to<br />

realities beyond the sign itself. John means that this vision<br />

is pointing to something signifi cant for the reader; excuse<br />

the pun, the vision is pregnant with meaning.<br />

• The woman is a sign of Israel as the source of<br />

the Christ in the broadest understanding but is<br />

represented or fulfi lled by Mary in the nativity story.<br />

• The Dragon is a sign of Satan in the broadest<br />

understanding but is fulfi lled by Herod the Great in the<br />

nativity story.<br />

• The Male child is Jesus. A cosmic battle in the<br />

heavens begins and then is continued on the earth<br />

after the Dragon is thrown down.<br />

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm…” Maybe<br />

not... The cosmic picture is quite different. The<br />

silent night, holy night was not all that silent; a<br />

war waged, seven headed dragons appeared,<br />

God’s army and Satan’s army aligned for battle,<br />

a baby son, a male, was born and literally all<br />

heaven broke loose! Dragons roared, demons<br />

fought, angels warred and a Child arose the<br />

victor. All those who follow the Child will be victors<br />

too. John records that “they overcame him (the dragon)<br />

because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the<br />

word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even<br />

when faced with death.” Behold, the Word became fl esh.<br />

In that act of Incarnation salvation was secured for “as<br />

many as receive Him.” This is the Gospel of Christmas. As<br />

the Christmas carol proclaims,<br />

“Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing…O’ Come let us adore<br />

Him…” This Christmas, let us truly adore Christ the Lord!<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 9

May your Christmas be filled wi<br />

of the incarnate Christ…Emm

d with the awe and wonder<br />

mmanuel - God with Us!<br />

The Executive Team<br />

Don & Robin<br />

Immel<br />


Pastor Don &<br />

Robin Immel<br />

and the PennDel<br />

Ministry Team<br />

Steve & Liz<br />

DeFrain<br />



Jeff & Cathy<br />

Marshall<br />



GUEST CONTRIBUTOR | JESSICA JONES | Lead Pastor at Faith Assembly of God in New Cumberland, PA<br />

12<br />


was born in Harrisburg,<br />

Pennsylvania. Jess is<br />

passionate about sharing<br />

Jesus with the community<br />

in creative ways. Jess<br />

has served as a Youth<br />

Pastor, Associate Pastor,<br />

and Project Manager at<br />

the PennDel Network<br />

Office. Most recently, she<br />

serves as Lead Pastor at<br />

Faith Assembly of God in<br />

New Cumberland, PA. She<br />

serves on the PennDel<br />

Youth Committee and<br />

the PennDel Network<br />

of Women Minister’s<br />

Committee. When Jess<br />

isn’t engaged in ministry,<br />

she is most likely<br />

exploring new places and<br />

drinking good coffee!<br />

*If you would like more<br />

information about<br />

Dinner Church, you<br />

can visit penndel.org/<br />

church-planting.<br />

Obedient Editing<br />

In July 2020, I stepped into a story that had been written and re-written many times since 1956.<br />

In the sixty-four year history of Faith Assembly of God, the story had exciting chapters, diffi cult<br />

chapters, effective chapters and dim chapters. As the newly elected lead pastor, I wondered and<br />

prayed what the next chapter of this church’s story would hold.<br />

When you write a story, you start with a blank page, full of possibility. When you step into a story,<br />

the pages are fi lled with history and a few crazy characters who have endured some insane plot<br />

twists. It quickly became clear to me that the job of a leader is to be an editor. Our task is to<br />

identify problems and remove them, recognize good things and keep them and determine the<br />

mediocre replacing it with something better. A good editor handles the story and characters with<br />

care while being honest, intentionally evaluating areas in need of improvement.<br />

On the very fi rst Christmas, Jesus stepped into a story with history, crazy characters and plot<br />

twists. He entered the story not merely becoming a character but changing the direction and focus<br />

of future chapters. Jesus simultaneously lived in the story and directed the story, editing out the<br />

bad, keeping the good and replacing the so-so with intention and direction.<br />

Determining good and bad is much easier than the<br />

process of replacing the so-so with intention and<br />

direction. For Jesus, that looked like replacing the Law<br />

of Moses with the Law of Christ. The Law of Christ is<br />

summed up in Matthew 22:37-39 (NIV), “Jesus replied:<br />

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and<br />

with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is<br />

the fi rst and greatest commandment. And the second is<br />

like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”<br />

For Faith Assembly, replacing the so-so meant taking the<br />

red pen to the way we interacted with our neighbors. We<br />

collectively prayed, asking God to give us opportunities<br />

to be the best neighbor in our community. Loving our<br />

neighbors well meant replacing our mid-week service, a<br />

tradition that had become so-so in our context, with a<br />

weekly presence in our community. We planted The Table<br />

Dinner Church in October of 2021 at our local Fire Hall.<br />

Each week, we serve dinner to 65-75 of our neighbors,<br />

most of whom are unchurched. We’ve had the<br />

opportunity to build relationships with live-in fi refi ghters,<br />

resource neighbors in need and share Jesus through<br />

authentic relationship. This edit was a big change to our<br />

church story resulting in increased discipleship of those in<br />

the church and increased opportunity to share Jesus with<br />

those outside of the church.<br />

Unlike the pages of a book, our story is in the middle, the writing and editing occurring in real time<br />

at the same time. A red pen to an already written page is less messy than a red pen to a story with<br />

no pages and characters with free will. Editing is messy work, just ask Mary who delivered a baby<br />

in a stable or Jesus who washed feet and shared meals with sinners.<br />

I pray that God gives you divine discernment concerning necessary edits in your<br />

context and divine wisdom to handle your story and unique characters with care.<br />

Through our obedient editing, God continues to write the story He began in the<br />


Recently, our family needed to take a trip to Philadelphia<br />

for a medical visit. As we entered the city, my three year<br />

old son, Westyn, began to scream and shout, ”Look at<br />

that, Dad! Wow! Those are big buildings! There’s a train… there’s<br />

a fi re truck… there’s police cars. What is that over there?” He<br />

was in wonder at the sights he was experiencing in Philadelphia.<br />

The word “behold” simply means to see or observe. My son was<br />

seeing, observing or beholding many things he had never seen.<br />

He was in awe! I, on the other hand, have been to Philadelphia<br />

so many times that I often don’t pay attention to the sights. They<br />

have become familiar to me. I often forget the scale and wonder<br />

of the city, the cool buildings, and the fi rst-time observations that<br />

my son was thrilled to experience.<br />

Mark your calendars<br />

to join us for these<br />

exciting events in 2023:<br />

Behold…<br />

A CHILD’S<br />


The Christmas story is one that most people have heard many<br />

times. However, just as I have become so familiar with the sights<br />

and sounds of Philadelphia, I am afraid that we are guilty of<br />

becoming too familiar with the miracle of Christ’s birth. Often,<br />

we forget to stop and behold the wonder of this world changing<br />

event. This year, I encourage you to take a step back and marvel<br />

at the greatness of God sending His Son to be Emmanuel,<br />

God with us. Come to Christ with child-like faith. Soak in and<br />

behold the magnitude of God’s profound love as if you’ve never<br />

experienced it before.<br />

“Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of<br />

great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto<br />

you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,<br />

which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11<br />

CHILDREN AND DISCIPLESHIP | Jeremiah Gruber | 717.795.5921 | jeremiah@penndel.org<br />

Children’s Ministry Summit (BCC)<br />

January 23 – 25<br />

January 6 (6-9 pm) • Roaring Spring, PA<br />

January 7 (12-3 pm) • Irwin, PA<br />

February 10 • Pottstown, PA<br />

February 11 • Dover, DE<br />

New Kids Camp Dates and Format<br />

July 10 – 13 #1: Monday evening – Thursday at Noon<br />

July 13 – 16 #2: Thursday evening – Sunday at Noon<br />

July 17 – 20 #3: Monday evening – Thursday at Noon<br />

July 20 – 23 #4: Thursday evening – Sunday at Noon<br />

For more info: penndel.org/kids<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 13

YOUTH DIRECTOR | Joe Cali | 717.649.6788 | joe@penndel.org<br />

Christmas,<br />

The Greatest Time To...<br />

Christmas has become one of my all-time favorite<br />

holidays. It brings me back to fun memories as a<br />

child, setting up the Christmas tree, placing the<br />

outdoor lights, setting up the nativity scene, hot chocolate<br />

and lots of cookies. Its all so much fun. It makes me want to<br />

create and develop fun memories with my kids. In the Cali<br />

house, Christmas movies can play all year round. Christmas<br />

music makes a grand entrance on my birthday in September,<br />

and we love it! We know everyone doesn’t have the same<br />

passion for Christmas like we do. However, when we have the<br />

Christmas decorations up and the Christmas music playing,<br />

we are making a statement to those around us, ‘its time for<br />

Christmas’. We hope others can enjoy the season as well.<br />

I’m reminded by a verse in John, Chapter 1. John the Baptist<br />

sees Jesus in the distance on his way toward him. John makes<br />

this bold statement<br />

“Behold! The Lamb of God who takes<br />

away the sin of the world!”<br />

He wanted everyone around him to know who this man was.<br />

He was hoping others would be excited and join him in believing<br />

who Jesus is. Imagine if the people around you were given an<br />

opportunity to hear about Jesus?<br />

Christmas tends to be one of the greatest moments for us<br />

as Christians to make a BOLD statement to others who we<br />

believe in and why. It’s a wonderful time to be reminded (by<br />

the facts) that Jesus did not have to come down from heaven.<br />

Jesus, the Son of God, could have kept to his divinity and<br />

remained in Heaven. However, he chose to be obedient to God<br />

the Father and still have His divine nature, yet come to earth<br />

and live as a human. Jesus chose to lay down the comforts of<br />

Heaven for the sake of giving all mankind access to the gates<br />

of Heaven. He knew the cross was in his future. He was willing<br />

in hopes that no one will perish and go to Hell. The sad reality<br />

is, people will die and go to Hell, but if people place their faith<br />

in Jesus they will die and go to Heaven. Someone just needs<br />

to tell them about Jesus and give them the opportunity to<br />

make their own personal decision. Maybe it can be your<br />

BOLD statement that you make.<br />

In PennDel Youth one of our ministries is Youth Alive. We<br />

challenge students to be BOLD in their faith and become<br />

campus missionaries, students who share Jesus in their<br />

schools and beyond. This past school year we had a few<br />

campus missionaries in Western PA that decided to share<br />

Jesus in their schools. In two different schools these campus<br />

missionaries had the idea to set up a table of Bibles and Youth<br />

Alive resources in their lunch room. They were willing to lay<br />

down the comforts of just eating lunch, as usual, to stand next<br />

to a table ready to give Bibles away and have conversations<br />

with students about God, pointing them to Jesus. They were<br />

willing to take any criticism in hopes that students would learn<br />

about Jesus. When I asked one of them why they did it, they<br />

said, “I’m sick and tired of waiting. These students need to<br />

hear about Jesus.”<br />

This Christmas season, I challenge you to think<br />

of creative ways to share Jesus BOLDLY in your<br />

community, in your workplace and in your schools.<br />

Would you consider brainstorming with your<br />

students to see how you can share Jesus in your<br />

local schools and community during this Christmas<br />

season? Maybe you can provide Bibles to hand out,<br />

give out cookies to every student before Christmas<br />

break, create a gift basket for some students or<br />

teachers, etc. No matter how you choose to share<br />

Jesus, be intentional and prepared to give reason<br />

why you do what you do.<br />

Jesus’ death on that cross was the overpayment of your<br />

sins and mine. The blood he shed on that cross covers your<br />

coworkers, colleagues, students and neighbors sins as well.<br />

Who will share this great news with them?<br />

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him,<br />

and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes<br />

away the sin of the world!" John 1:29<br />

Check out some of the resources to help keep you and<br />

your students sharing Jesus in your community.<br />



Joe Cali grew up in a big, loving family in Long Island, NY. In eleventh grade, God put a desire<br />

in his heart to help students make the best decision ever - to follow Jesus. He answered<br />

this call to missions and has never looked back. He graduated from the University of Valley<br />

Forge (formerly VFCC) in 2004, where he majored in Pastoral Ministries. Joe and his wife,<br />

Beckie, went on to lead thriving youth ministries in Virginia Beach, VA and in New Holland,<br />

PA. In 2019, they became the Youth Alive Missionaries for Pennsylvania and Delaware. Their<br />

heartbeat was to help students and leaders stay focused on the Mission: to help others<br />

discover Jesus. In Fall of <strong>2022</strong>, Joe answered the call to serve the PennDel Ministry Network<br />

in the role of Youth Director.<br />

Joe and Beckie reside in Central PA with their fi ve amazing kids. With God’s help, they are<br />

raising them to be strong men and women of God.<br />

Life with the Lord is the best life to live!<br />

email: joe@penndel.org<br />

instagram: @joecali42

MINISTER CARE & CHURCH RECALIBRATION | Jason Tourville | 717.795.5921 | jason@penndel.org<br />

Behold…MY REWARD<br />

As my grandfather laid in a hospice bed in Northeast Pennsylvania, his words were few and his days were numbered. I<br />

visited with him the day before he joined the Church Triumphant, held his hand, and we sang the song he taught me as<br />

a child. While his mind was unable to form sentences, his spirit was still able to praise the Lord. While I do not remember<br />

many of my grandfather’s conversational topics with me, I do remember these last moments singing the message of salvation.<br />

The fi nal chapter of Revelation marks the completed words of the Holy Scripture, God’s revelation to humanity. With a sense of<br />

urgency and alarm, the apostle John shares the message recorded in heaven with us as its intended recipient. It begins with<br />

the attention grabbing New Testament word, BEHOLD, giving this passage a particular vivacity, bidding the read to give their<br />

attention to what follows. “Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to everyone according to his work.”<br />

(Revelation 22:12) The weight of these words presses into our souls three important realities.<br />

“Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to every one according to his work.”<br />

(Revelation 22:12, NKJV)<br />

The Imminent Return:<br />

The Lord reinforces the timing and<br />

manner in which He will come. Since<br />

He sees time through eternal lenses,<br />

one thousand years are like a day.<br />

The “quick” nature of His return to<br />

earth leads the reader to believe that it<br />

could occur today, tomorrow or at any<br />

moment. It also reminds us that when it<br />

happens, it will happen in the twinkling<br />

of an eye. When He comes, we must<br />

be ready.<br />

The Promised Reward:<br />

When our children were young, anytime<br />

I left on an extended trip, they knew to<br />

expect dad to bring something back for<br />

them. They were unsure exactly what<br />

it was, but they would wait with gleeful<br />

anticipation. From a pretty bracelet<br />

from Honduras, to a Maasai club from<br />

Tanzania, my four children would greet<br />

me at the door with hugs and smiles<br />

knowing their father had something in<br />

his bag for them. May child-like faith<br />

arise within our hearts once again,<br />

longing for the reward Jesus will have<br />

in His “bag” for us.<br />

The Workman’s Work:<br />

Let us not be mistaken, our work for<br />

the Lord matters. He is watching,<br />

making notes, keeping records.<br />

The Lord, who sees all and forgets<br />

nothing, will return with a reward, one<br />

according to your work. It is not our<br />

intentions that garner this prize, but the<br />

actual work we accomplish. Paul also<br />

reminds us in 1 Corinthians 13:12-<br />

13a, “Now if anyone builds on this<br />

foundation with gold, silver, precious<br />

stones, wood, hay, straw, each one’s<br />

work will become clear; for the Day will<br />

declare it…” Friends, let us work for<br />

that prize.<br />

These last few words of Revelation mark for us a focus. We are called to attention with BEHOLD.<br />

May we have the ears to hear what the Spirit is saying!<br />

As my grandfather mumbled out the words of his spirit in song, I was once again reminded<br />

of what was truly important…ETERNITY! While our hands work on earth, may our hearts look<br />

toward Heaven.<br />


recalibratechurch.org/acts2journey<br />


LOCATION: Chapel on the Hill<br />

6202 Emlenton Clintonville Rd<br />

Emlenton, PA 16373<br />

DATES: Retreat #1 Feb. 10-11<br />

Retreat #2 May 26-27<br />

Retreat #3 Aug. 11-12<br />

Retreat #4 Nov. 17-18<br />


LOCATION: PennDel Ministry Center<br />

4651 Westport Dr.<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

DATES: Retreat #1 Feb. 3-4<br />

Retreat #2 May 19-20<br />

Retreat #3 Aug. 4-5<br />

Retreat #4 Nov. 3-4<br />

Individual, Couples and Family<br />

Counseling available to you,<br />

your family and your church.<br />

Accepts most forms of insurance • Online or In-Person<br />

www.Emerge.org/PA • 800-621-5207<br />


Hope Arabic Christian Church started at the end of last year as a part of the PennDel<br />

Ministry Network. Our vision is to reach the Arabs from all backgrounds with Christ to<br />

make disciples, train them and send them to reach others.<br />

God has sent us to the USA for such a time to reach out to this group in their Arabic<br />

language and their culture here in the States, and to be your voice and representatives<br />

as missionaries among them. God brought them and brought us for a reason.<br />

Although we are passing through a great challenge as a family as we mourn the loss of<br />

our oldest daughter, Tina, God is helping us to fulfi ll this vision. We gather every Sunday<br />

at Harrisburg First Assembly where we feel at home and are greatly supported.<br />

The great news is that Hope Arabic Church, a newly<br />

born church, is growing. We have met many new<br />

families from Egypt in their businesses and at stores. In<br />

addition to our regular service, we have kids’ ministry<br />

and youth group ministry which is growing too.<br />

Out of Egypt<br />

have I called my Son<br />

AGUSM SPOTLIGHT: Gamal & Amal Gerges<br />

Missionaries to Arabic Speakers - Muslim and All Backgrounds<br />

CHURCH PLANTING | TOM REES | 717.795.5921 | tom@penndel.org<br />

Van Needed<br />

We discovered another group of elderly couples who<br />

are not able to drive. They are eager to come to our<br />

church, but they cannot. Since they do not drive, they<br />

need transportation to bring them to the church to<br />

enjoy God’s presence with us.<br />

We are praying and asking God to provide the church<br />

with a van or a minibus to help these dear brothers and<br />

sisters to be a part of the Hope Arabic Church family.<br />

If your church has an extra van or minibus to donate<br />

to the church, would you please help us to reach more<br />

Arabs for Christ?<br />

Training Arabs to Reach Others<br />

The good news for the training and equipping of the saints for the work of ministry is that we started ASOM, Arabic School<br />

of Ministry. We will be able to train Arabic speakers all over the USA via zoom. This School is under the AG Arabic Fellowship<br />

and PennDel School of Ministry.<br />

We are praying that God leads you to join us in fulfi lling the Great Commission<br />

by supporting us by any amount toward our monthly budget.<br />

AGUSM Account # 2A37542 • revgamal@me.com<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 17

BONGIORNO CONFERENCE CENTER | Carl Redding | 717.243.7381 | credding@bccretreats.com<br />

385 MILES<br />

PER HOUR<br />

It was a sight to behold… I can’t fully wrap my mind around<br />

what that very fi rst Christmas looked like. I know it must<br />

have been so many things. I am certain that those involved<br />

all had their own perception of what it was like. I love that we<br />

can gather a glimpse through different eyes as we read the<br />

various authors of the gospels. It’s always interesting to me to<br />

see and hear the perception of others and what truly excites<br />

them. My grandpa often had a different perspective on life<br />

and situations that offered challenges. He would say things<br />

like “pull up a rock” which typically meant grab that bucket,<br />

fl ip it upside down, have a seat and we will talk through it<br />

while I kept doing whatever it was that had his attention.<br />

There was always something on the farm that needed to be<br />

fi xed and there was always work to be done during daylight<br />

hours. I loved that he was willing to take time with me<br />

though, off ering just the right perspective that was drafted<br />

throughout his years on this earth.<br />

He loved taking me to air shows, where we would wait with<br />

bated breath for the P-51 Mustangs to make their debut.<br />

He knew all the stats on just about anything that we saw.<br />

Grandpa would often rattle off information that no one<br />

else knew or was even interested in: “These Mustangs are<br />

equipped with an Allison V-1710-81 engine and a threebladed<br />

Curtiss Electric constant-speed propeller and just<br />

listen to that 1250 horsepower engine purr!” “Look at<br />

that” (Behold!) as they did a low pass flyby in<br />

formation; he would “lean in” and listen to them<br />

as goosebumps covered his arms. His love of fl ying<br />

was contagious and instilled in me a hunger to see more<br />

vintage airplanes and the awe and wonder that accompanied<br />

anything capable of soaring into the wild blue sky. As we<br />

walked up on the group of Mustangs that had just landed<br />

and were now being offered as conversation pieces, the<br />

engines still hot from the fl ight, we would walk as close as we<br />

could get and say… “Behold!” Well, that’s essentially what<br />

happened. Not in those words but he was so excited to get<br />

close, feel the heat coming from that Allison motor, see the<br />

texture of the wings and the smell of the exhaust still radiating<br />

from the now stationary powerhouse capable of 385 miles<br />

per hour.<br />

If Grandpa was that excited about an airplane, can you go<br />

with me to that moment in time when the King of Kings<br />

and Lord of Lords was lying in a manger following a wild<br />

sequence of events? The announcement of His birth to<br />

several diff erent individuals, the Virgin Mary and her soon-tobe<br />

husband, Joseph, and all of the emotions that came with<br />

this baby’s arrival, their journey, the census and their arrival in<br />

the lowly manger. I can imagine as it is recalled in Luke 2:10<br />

when the Angel proclaimed, “Behold, I bring you good<br />

tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”<br />

He was saying “LOOK” or please take a moment to see, feel<br />

and hear what’s happening! Behold, listen up, look at this,<br />

hear ye, hear ye, your attention, please! However you want<br />

to articulate it, this proclamation of excitement was to get<br />

our attention. In the same way 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Behold,<br />

ALL things have become new” contains the very<br />

same Greek word used here (idou) speaking of the new life<br />

following the salvation of the sinner. Look and listen (behold),<br />

this is the greatest of miracles that you can experience today<br />

in your life! Can we “Behold” or pay attention this Christmas?<br />

Not because you feel like you have to, but because it’s your<br />

heart’s desire. Will you pause with me for a moment, close<br />

yourself into this knowledge that Jesus came for you, and<br />

listen to what He’s speaking to you? Grandpa was not<br />

afraid to get close and “Behold,” are you? I pray that<br />

you have an incredible Christmas with your family.<br />


PennDel Royal Rangers<br />

As we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, we can look back and see that on<br />

the sixth day of creation everything was not just good, but we are told to “behold” it was very good<br />

(Gen 1:31). Death entered this world because of sin and since all have sinned, all have experienced<br />

separation from God. He provided a way for our relationship to be restored through sending His son to die on<br />

the cross to pay the penalty for our sin.<br />

Many of our boys are exposed to teaching in school, that evolution, starting with non-living matter created life<br />

and then all living things we see came about by many cycles of death over millions of years. This process of<br />

chance, using mistakes, supposedly created more and more complex living things. Although there is literally no<br />

basis for believing it, it is taught as fact. It is so important that our boys learn the truth - they have been created<br />

in God’s image, are not here by chance and have a purpose for their life.<br />

It seems that our culture and public schools are introducing many other anti-Biblical concepts as well. In this<br />

confusion, it is important that our boys are anchored to the truth found in God’s Word. Royal Rangers has a<br />

Bible Merit lesson and devotion each week.<br />

This is an excellent discipleship program, and we would encourage any church that doesn’t have it, to look<br />

into this very fl exible program that you can implement at your church. At the district and section level, PennDel<br />

Royal Rangers supports the church ministry through a camp and events boys enjoy and where they can be<br />

evangelized, equipped and empowered to be Godly servant leaders.<br />

ROYAL RANGERS | Steve Steffel | 302.379.1580<br />

pdrangers.org | Facebook: PennDel District Royal Rangers<br />

Behold<br />


Behold: to see or observe; Used 1298 times in the KJV;<br />

biblical meaning - “be sure to see”<br />

In biblical times this admonition meant to take notice, be aware, understand what is happening. The most<br />

memorable to me are, “Behold, the Lamb,” “Behold, I stand at the door and knock,” and “Behold, I will do a new<br />

thing...”. Each of these are proclamations of what our Lord is doing for us!<br />

As we enter into the midst of the Christmas season, we can look forward to the New Year. That is a time of new<br />

beginnings, of a fresh start! Whether it is refreshing our devotional time or making changes in our nutritional<br />

intake, we love to put behind us the mistakes and poor time/motivational management. So, this time, start early.<br />

Begin your new habits BEFORE 2023 begins.<br />

Remind yourself with phone reminders, post-it notes on your mirror, accountability friends - “Behold, I will<br />

do a new thing!” Our God is cutting edge. He never changes His purpose nor His core values. He does not<br />

overlook sin. But He is always looking to redeem! Behold (be sure to see), He (our Lord) is doing a new thing<br />

(salvation, redemption, refreshment, refi lling)!<br />

GIRLS MINISTRIES | Sharon Poole<br />

sharonp@pdgirlsministries.com | penndel.org/girls<br />

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 19

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Find us online: penndel.org<br />

Join us on Social Media:<br />

PennDel Ministry Network<br />

PennDelMinistryNetwork<br />

#penndelag<br />

What do you do when opportunity comes calling?<br />


“…Behold, now is the accepted time;<br />

now is the day of salvation.” (NKJV)<br />

Through HIS Fund, you have an opportunity to invest in a ministry that has been<br />

helping Assemblies of God churches bring salvation and healing to lost and hurting<br />

people around the world. Now is your time to invest for a higher purpose to reap not<br />

only financial blessings, but also spiritual blessings that last for eternity.<br />

Investment Interest Rates<br />

5 Year Note 4.00%<br />

4 Year Note 3.50%<br />

2½ Year Note 3.25%<br />

1 Year Note 3.00%<br />

6 Month Note 2.50%<br />

Demand Note 1.50%<br />

($500 minimum investment for all notes)<br />

www.hisfund.com<br />

866-219-0820 (toll free)<br />

717-796-9784<br />







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