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Guitar - Getting the Basics Right

Guitar - Getting the Basics

getting the basics right by James Longworth & Nick Walker Child: Parent: Teacher: “I want to be a rock star and be the next winner of the X Factor” “I always wished that I’d learned an instrument when I was young and never did, so I want my child to have that opportunity” “It is very important to learn good habits from the beginning as mistakes are very difficult to rectify later” Learning an instrument is always a group activity even in a one-to-one situation. The group comprises the student, parent and teacher. Each member comes to the activity with different expectations and offerings. The success of the enterprise depends on how these are integrated and harnessed from the outset. Most of us would agree that getting the basics right is crucial. But what are the basics? As music teachers we know that establishing good posture, technique, sound production, listening skills and musicality are all vitally important, but a young student’s priorities will probably be different to say the least! However certain we feel that our priorities are the correct ones it is important not to neglect those of our young charges. Students need fun, encouragement and lots of positive feedback. They also need to feel a sense of ownership of the process: that they are discovering things and not simply being given them. With the right preparation it is possible to teach skills and knowledge incorporating a wide variety of activities (instrumental, singing, rhythmic, physical) in such a way that instills good habits at the same time as having fun. Parents have a unique opportunity to provide a positive and encouraging support environment at 12 Faber Music | Teach & Play getting the basics right relies on repertoire that moves the student forward while minimising painful stumbling blocks