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Lower Limb NEW! One

Lower Limb NEW! One Piece Leg Immobiliser • Good fit comfortable knee immobiliser • Designed to maintain extension following surgery, trauma and soft tissue injuries • One piece foam laminate wrap with towel lining • Detachable Hook/loop straps for easy positioning Size Code Length Circumference (Mid Thigh) Paed L-OLI12 30 cm Up to 32 cm S L-OLI16 41 cm Up to 41 cm S L-OLI20SM 51 cm Up to 52 cm M-L L-OLI20ML 51 cm 47 - 66 cm S L-OLI24SM 56 cm Up to 52 cm M-L L-OLI24ML 56 cm 47 - 66 cm S L-OLI28SM 71 cm Up to 52 cm M-L L-OLI28ML 71 cm 47 - 66 cm NEW! K-air X Polycentric Knee Brace • 30cm long wrap around knee brace • Offers good medial and lateral support using quality polycentric hinges. • Hook/loop return closures offers easy application • Posterior straps easily adjustable to allow accurate midline positioning of the polycentric joints • Properties of the K-air X gives high degree of breathability and reduction in moisture • Brace comfortable for extended periods of use and improves patient compliance Size Code Knee Circumference S L-PKBS 28 - 34 cm M L-PKBM 34 - 40 cm L L-PKBL 40 - 46 cm XL L-PKBXL 46 - 56 cm 64 order line: 01475 743400 fax: 01475 743755 e-mail:

NEW! K-air X Multiwrap The Multiwrap Knee Brace has been the industry leading wrap-around knee brace for many years and thousands of patients have benefited from this easy to use comfortable brace in the treatment of mediolateral instability. The Multiwrap Knee Brace is now available using the excellent properties of the K-air X 3D spacer fabric. K-air X gives great compression and support and the properties of the textile offer a high degree of breathability and reduction in moisture. This makes the brace even more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and improves patient compliance. Lower Limb Size Code Knee Circumference XS L-AMWXS 25 - 28 cm S L-AMWS 28 - 34 cm M L-AMWM 34 - 40 cm L L-AMWL 40 - 46 cm XL L-AMWXL 46 - 56 cm XXL L-AMWXXL 56 - 61 cm NEW! K-air X Long ROM A 50cm long wrap-around knee brace with Range of Motion (ROM) Joints. K-air X 3D spacer fabric offers excellent comfort, compression support and fit. The brace has a range of rigid and elastic straps that can be adjusted anteriorly and posteriorly to allow a perfect fit and joint alignment. The ROM joints have a wide range of flexion and extension settings and the brace is suitable for the treatment of various knee conditions including mild/moderate collateral ligament injuries and mild instability of cruciate ligaments. Size Code Knee Circumference XS L-ALRXS 25 - 28 cm S L-ALRS 28 - 34 cm M L-ALRM 34 - 40 cm L L-ALRL 40 - 46 cm XL L-ALRXL 46 - 56 cm order line: 01475 743400 fax: 01475 743755 e-mail: 65

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