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Climate Action 2007-2008

ENERGY 180 Productive

ENERGY 180 Productive use of a vast area of uncultivated land ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF MODERN BIOENERGY CHALLENGES OF BIOENERGY IN AN AFRICAN SETTING High production costs Food production and prices Africa’s energy consumption patterns Access to and efficiency of bioenergy technology Land requirement Policy and institutional weaknesses Environmental impacts of monocultures Threat to rainforest ecosystem VISIT: WWW.CLIMATEACTIONPROGRAMME.ORG

THE WAY FORWARD Develop a national bioenergy strategy and policy Increase the country’s bioenergy potential through reforestation CONCLUSION A national bioenergy policy is necessary to create an enabling environment for production at both smallholder and large scale levels based on a country’s feedstock potential. Develop new and innovative funding mechanisms Invest in research and development Author Organisation Enquiries @@ ENERGY 181 VISIT: WWW.CLIMATEACTIONPROGRAMME.ORG