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Watch the Video and learn the easy steps to Fix HP Touchpad Error Code 3099 by dialing HP Laptop Technical Support Number 1-844-355-5111 (toll-free) available 24*7 with the help of HP Laptop Customer Support Services.
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Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

HP laptops come with sensitive Touchpad to perform various

functions using fingers or combination of gestures. If you use

combination of right touching style and gesture it will help you to

control the various functions or perform different actions on your

laptop. Sometimes HP laptops not work properly or start showing

an Error Code 3099 on your computer screen. This error can

arise anytime due to many reasons resulting Touchpad not

functioning properly or performing actions wrongly.

Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

Check and Restore the settings:

If your HP laptop Touchpad show this error code then you need a mouse to

restore the functions to disabled Touchpad. To do this open settings and go

to Devices>Mouse and then click Touchpad, scroll down the button of the

screen and then click additional mouse options. Here if you need help just

get HP technical support to fix the error online.

Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

Adjust the response time of Touchpad

There are many reasons your Touchpad can feel shaky resulting cursor

moving too fast or slow. Actually in such settings cursor becomes too sensitive

registering the ghost clicks and gesture or may be not sensitive enough to

response accordingly. Here you need to check and adjust the speed of cursor

and after that adjust the Touchpad gestures settings.

Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

Update the Laptop Touchpad driver

Out-dated or corrupted drivers also become the prime reason for showing

Touchpad error code 3099. To update the driver download the latest one from

the HP’s official website or the Microsoft windows site compatible to your

computer system. Updating drivers helps to troubleshoot HP Touchpad

error code 3099 appearing on your computer screen.

Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

If you need any assistance or any other help for your HP computer to solve

technical setbacks, you can immediately call us on our HP Customer Support

Phone Number 1-844-355-5111 which is exclusively open to assist customers.

Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111









Dial Toll Free Number 1(844)355-5111

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