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Rooted in unconditional

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The heart of our

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NLB Industries:

Generate revenue and

build awareness p.9 STATE OF THE MINISTRY REPORT | Fall 2017

The crisis is growing at breakneck speed-

-a deadly pandemic sweeping our country.

Tragically, the seriousness and breadth of

the problem is barely a blip on the radar for

most Americans. That is unless you’ve had

your world turned tragically upside down by


I encourage you to tune in and stay

informed on the Opioid Crisis in America.

Estimates of 65,000 American lives lost in

one year to addiction in 2015, the latest

official statistics now available, are

staggering. These numbers continued to

climb in 2016 and 2017. We’ve put together

a summary on Page 3 to help bring you up

to speed on the latest findings as it relates to

addiction and overdose deaths in America.

While the seriousness of the crisis can

be overwhelming, our organization stands

strong, representing hope in the face of this

very serious adversary. One precious life at

a time, for over 26 years now, we’ve been in

the trenches, fighting for the lives of men

consumed by addiction. Eventually returning

functioning, loving, healed, regenerated men

back to their communities and families.

I couldn’t be more proud of where we stand

today as an organization. This issue of our

newsmagazine highlights a few of our recent

accomplishments and provides a glimpse of

where we are headed.

In other NLB News, you might have also

heard that we are in the midst of a capital

campaign to raise money for a complete

renovation and expansion of our facilities, a

first for NLB. I’m excited to share more about

the “Do For One Campaign” in the near future!

I assure you, we are armed and ready for

the fight to save men from addiction. As a

family member, donor or supporter of No

Longer Bound, we need you now more than

ever before. Thanks for tuning in, giving

and caring.

In Him,


Board of Directors


Board Chair

Chris Phillips

VP Strategic Development /

GPS Hospitality


Phill Bettis

Principal / Bettis Law Group


Mike Vandiver

CFO / Pindrop Security

Executive Director

No Longer Bound

Edward Bailey

Board Members

Jon Bennett

CEO / Ministry Ventures

Julie Brennan

Publisher / Market Complete

Chris Britton

VP Division Manager / Brasfield & Gorie

Russ Caso

Director / KPIT

Mike Harden

Founder / No Longer Bound

Hoovey McGuirt

Senior Business Consultant , Field Operations


Brian Richey

Owner / Forte Data Systems

Jim Shambo

Agency Sales Lead / State Farm

Advisory Board Members

Tommy Bagwell

Owner / American Proteins

Cheryl Bachelder

Former Chief Executive Officer /

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Bruce Deel

Founder / City of Refuge

Rand Harbert

Executive Vice President /

Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer /

State Farm

Glen Jackson

Co-Founder / Jackson Spalding

Chip Patterson


Mark Riley

Managing Partner / Urban Realty Partners

Thank You for Helping

Us Save Lives

2016 Revenue


Total Revenue




(NLB Thrift,

NLB Furniture,


NLB Studios)


Our mission of rescuing

addicts, regenerating

men and reconciling

families would not be possible

with the support of you… our

donor community. We are so very

grateful for your love, prayers and

financial support.

In addition to our exceptional

donor base, our story is also one

of partnership and operational

excellence. Powered by a

competent and committed Board

of Directors, the financial health

of our organization is strong and

administrative costs are kept to a


Operating with the “heart of

a ministry and the brain of a

business” we’ve created a healthy

and diversified economic model

to sustain our non-profit and to

keep intake fees affordable for

residents entering the program.

Here are a few highlights...

• Industry revenue and intake

fees provide 73% of the revenue

from attorneys, consultants, a

professional event planner and

other services for the residents in


our program.

to operate No Longer Bound.

The other 27% is generated • Most of the food served at No

through NLB fundraising events, Longer Bound comes from

including our annual Banquet donations received from a

and Golf Tournament, and number of food partners,

private and corporate donations. including Georgia Mountain

Food Bank, Atlanta Community

• NLB operates in partnership

Food Bank, Trader Joes, Kroger,

with many in-kind donors, who

Earth Fare, Starbucks, Chipotle,

generously provide products

Fagan’s Biscuit Barn, Dutch

and services at no cost. We

Monkey and others. We are so

have a number of churches and

very thankful for their generosity

individual donors who graciously

and support of our ministry!

provide scholarships to residents

unable to pay initial

intake fees.

• We continue to

upgrade our operations

and infrastructure

excellence and have

engaged CapinCrouse

LLP, a highly regarded

national CPA firm that

specializes in nonprofit


education, churches

and denominations.

• We have also benefited

from donated

professional services

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank and Atlanta

Community Food Bank are valuable partners,

providing wholesome, nutritious donated food to

No Longer Bound, so we in turn can provide healthy

meals for residents in regeneration.




(non-cash and

contributed services)




(NLB Golf Tournament

and Banquet)





Intake Fees


Honor and

Memorial Giving





& General






Addiction and its

deadly scourge

on America

An addict’s world

is a dark and desperate place.

Consumed with thoughts of

hopelessness, pursuit of drugs

and alcohol, and often suicide,

the road to recovery seems all

but impossible for those who find

themselves trapped in a deadly

spiral of addiction.

Addiction is becoming

more prevalent and deadly, its

tentacles now reaching across

the suburbs and rural America.

Synthetic opioids have also found

their way into the illegal drug

supply and are exponentially

more potent than heroin. This

deadly concoction of drugs,

usually unknown to the user, is

one of the factors triggering the

sharp rise in heroin and opioidrelated


Some sobering

statics on addiction….

and Prevention figures, heroin

deaths alone surpassed gun

homicides for the first time.

More than 33,000 people

died of opioid overdose, with

another 20,000 dying from

other drugs. A recent federal

study found that prescription

painkillers are now more widely

used than tobacco.

• The Heroin Triangle, a recent

television report that aired in

Metro Atlanta, revealed a more

than 4,000% increase in heroinrelated

deaths in the last five

years in the northern suburbs

of Atlanta.

• More than 25 Georgians

die each week - more than

1,300 each year - from drug

overdoses. This is about the

same number of deaths in our

state caused by automobile


• A study released by the Surgeon

General in November 2016

reported that every $1 invested

in viable treatment options for

substance use disorders saves

the community $4 in health care

costs and $7 in criminal justice


One man at a time, No Longer

Bound stands as a beacon of

hope for those suffering with

addiction. The work we do,

however, would not be possible

without the prayers and support

of you, our donor and partner


Thank you for leaning in and

being part of our story. On the

pages of this issue, we’re excited

to also share more about where

we’re going in our pursuit to:

rescue addicts, regenerate men

and reconcile families.

How are we, as

an organization,

reacting to the

Opioid Crisis?

Our Executive Director Edward

Bailey explains…

“The mission of No Longer

Bound remains the same:

Rescuing addicts, regenerating

men and reconciling families.

Our long-term win for people

completing our program is

lasting intimacy with God, self

and others—this will always

remain the same.

What has changed is the

deadliness of the drugs that we

are now dealing with. Heroin and

synthetic opioids have changed

the trajectory of addiction

because it has become so deadly

for those using these drugs. The

latest reports are that 142 people

are dying EVERY DAY in the U.S.

as a result of opioid overdoses,

which equates to a loss of life

equal to the 9/11 attacks every

three weeks.

• According to the Centers for

Disease Control

(CDC), the most

recent data

estimates that

142 Americans

die every day

from a drug


• In 2015, according

to Centers for

Disease Control


No Longer Bound was featured

in “The Heroin Triangle” a ground

breaking report on addiction by

11Alive News.

We, as a country, have got

to do something to stop the

devastation being caused to our

loved ones and families

as a result of addiction. At NLB,

we are operating with more of a

sense of urgency now—people

simply aren’t getting second,

third or fourth chances anymore.

Our loved ones are dying from

addiction at pandemic levels. It’s

really so tragic and what keeps

me up at night. “

Standing Proud

2016 was the year

that Tyler Harrison

reclaimed his life.

Before coming to No Longer

Bound, Tyler was young,

arrogant, reckless and living on

the edge with two DUIs to his

name and a failed attempt at

college. A motorcycle accident in

2015 nearly took his life, along

with his heart and soul. But God

had a different plan.

“In middle school, I found

pot, alcohol and became very

rebellious,” said Tyler. “I tried to

get away with whatever I could.”

Tyler's motorcycle, almost unrecognizable,

after his near fatal accident.

He made it through public

school but dropped out of college

his first year after getting a DUI;

a second DUI soon followed.

His almost deadly motorcycle

accident then occurred in 2015

and would ultimately become his

wake-up call.

“I was going about 100 mph

around a curve when I lost

control of my bike and hit a

guardrail,” said Tyler. “I was

thrown 300 feet into the woods

and broke everything from the

waist down. Somehow my cell

phone stayed in my pocket and I

was able to call my girlfriend. All

I was able to say was, ‘I’ve been

in an accident, I’m in the woods, I

need help.’ Somehow they were

able to find me.”

The next thing he recalls is

waking up at Grady Hospital with

his mom and sister standing over

him. When they told him he’d lost

his leg, he

thought they

were kidding;

he could still

feel his foot,

even though

it was no



“In the

beginning, I

faked my way

through it, acting like losing my

leg didn’t bother me,” he said. “I

made jokes to run away from the

pain, to not feel it.”

Tyler’s world continued to crash

in around him as his best friend

was in a motorcycle accident and

coma. Tyler was then arrested

for violating probation, reckless

driving and

suspected DUI

related to his


accident and

sent to jail. He

spent two weeks in solitary

confinement because of his

ongoing medical condition. The

judge gave him the option of

rehab and he reluctantly chose

No Longer Bound.

“I honestly didn’t think I had a

problem, even when I got here,”

said Tyler. “I was months into

the program before Bill Eubanks

(NLB Program Director) finally

got through to me… ‘If you keep

drinking you’re going to kill

yourself,’ he said. It was rough

but it was what I needed to hear.”

Tyler’s relationship with God

was fractured and almost nonexistent.

“I was mad at God for

my accident, for taking my friend,

Maria, for punishing me to stay

here on earth with one leg. I

wanted nothing to do with Him.”

Through practice and

perseverance, Tyler learned

to walk again, eventually

with skill and grace on his

prosthetic leg. He also

reconciled his relationships

with his family and God.

“I don’t look at myself as

broken or being punished

anymore,” said Tyler, “I look

at myself now more as blessed.

It’s a way for God to show me

how strong I am every single day.

It makes my story so much more

powerful and will allow me to

reach other people that normal

people can’t reach.”

Tyler graduated the NLB

Regeneration Program in 2016.

He now has a two-fold mission

for his life: To

help amputees

and people with


“NLB was the instrument of God’s grace for our son. When we finally were able to visit Tyler,

we could see a change immediately. There was a peace and a resolve in him that showed in

his attitude and behavior for the better. Not only does NLB rescue addicts and regenerate

men, they also reconcile families by offering healing opportunities to restore trust and repair

broken relationships. As he progressed through the program, we saw the amazing work of

God through the men, volunteers and the families. We all are truly blessed

to be a part of NLB. There is HOPE.” - Diane, Tyler’s Mom



Bringing Hope

leaning into our ministry

through volunteerism:

• Cheryl, who works in our DC

most every Saturday, lost her

boyfriend to a heroin overdose

in April, 2016. Though the

love of her life never made

it to No Longer Bound, she’s

found hope and healing for

her broken heart, while serving

others affected by addiction.

• HGTV’s Chip Wade, a celebrity

carpenter and expert wood

craftsman, is a regular

volunteer in the NLB

Woodshop, providing

coaching to our team

on the usage of new

tools and furniture

making techniques;

he has also hosted

our team to his


workshop at his


• Brian, a high level

consultant, lends

his expertise to the

ongoing quality

improvement of our

program with survey

design and analysis.

for the No Longer Bound


• Flood Student Missions, a

faith-based high school service

organization with chapters

throughout north Metro

Atlanta, provides hundreds of

volunteers each year to serve at

No Longer Bound; the students

have a chance to serve, interact

with the residents and learn

more about the devastating

and potentially deadly effects of


• As part of North

Each month, over

100 volunteers lend

their hands and hearts to

support the ministry of No

Longer Bound. Volunteers of

all ages, from middle school

to retirement age, work side

by side with residents, sorting

and organizing donated items

in the Thrift Distribution Center

(DC), serving Sunday lunches

to residents, helping with

landscaping and maintenance

on campus, donating welcome

kits for residents with a new set

of sheets, toiletry supplies and

other items needed for the oneyear

journey of regeneration

and assisting with other

important assignments. Here

are a few examples of some of

the individuals and organizations

Point Community

Church’s Be Rich initiative,

over 200 volunteers will serve

at No Longer Bound during

November and December,

providing meals for residents,

decorating our campus and

stores, and donating money

for resident outings during

Christmas week for those men

unable to be with their families

over the holidays.

• Kelly, a professional event

planner, donates her time and

expertise to creating beautiful

and memorable environments

NLB Ambassadors

The NLB Ambassadors were

established in 2016, a group

of high interest volunteers

and donors, dedicated to

furthering the mission of No

Longer Bound. This group has

been an amazing addition to

our team, opening their homes

and hosting residents and

interns for dinner, holidays

and recreational outings;

serving as mentors; hosting

our staff Christmas dinner;

and providing assistance

and marketing for the NLB


Golf Tournament and Banquet

and so much more. We are

thankful for their hearts and

service to No Longer Bound!

Our inaugural NLB Ambassador

team includes: Mark and Kay

Lewington, Brian and Trish

Hutcherson, Mike and Dianne

Hartley, David Goddard, Cheryl

Hall and Debbie Polcari.

Honor and Memorial


As a way to bring hope and

light to the devastation of losing

a loved one to addiction or to

honor someone—either living or

deceased--we ‘ve established the

NLB Honor & Memorial Giving

Program. We are humbled

and so very thankful for the

donations we’ve received to

honor loved ones.

NLB Newsmagazine

News from No Longer

Bound is now being delivered

to our donors and volunteers

three times a year through

our NLB Newsmagazine. We

hope you are finding hope

and inspiration from this


NLB Golf


Our 2017 NLB Golf Tournament

at Windermere Golf Club was a

big success, generating over

$70,000 in operational revenue

for No Longer Bound. Mark

your calendars for the 2018 Golf

Tournament: Monday, May 21st

at Windermere Golf Club.

NLB Banquet:

Each year, the No Longer

Bound Banquet provides

operational revenue for our

ministry and the chance to

celebrate the fact that addiction

can be overcome and families can

be healed and reconciled.

This year’s Banquet,

held on September

14th at the Forsyth

Conference Center,

was an extraordinary

gathering of NLB

families (current and

alumni) and the donor


“Family… Rooted

in unconditional love” was the

theme, as the conference center

was transformed into an oasis

of green, setting the stage

for an outpouring of love and

generosity for NLB. A full report

will follow in the next edition of

our newsmagazine. Here are a

few photos from that memorable


Our social media presence is growing!

For ongoing updates, follow us on social media! @nolongerbound

Instagram @nolongerbound1


NLB Programs

The Heart of Our Ministry

The NLB Programs

team is responsible for the

regeneration of each and every

resident that comes through No

Longer Bound. From the more

than 50 calls received each day,

through the intake process,

countless hours of assignment

prep and classroom instruction,

culminating in graduation, our

Programs staff is there every

step of the way for the men and

their families of NLB--providing

counsel, guidance, information,

encouragement, reprimands

when necessary and most of all…


2016 was another

outstanding year

for NLB Programs:

• Residents: 91 served

• Interns: 19 served

• Family Members: 100 served

• Alumni: 22 transitioned

Recent Wins:

• Developed customized NLB RCM

(Resident Case Management)


• Began implementation of NLB

teacher training through

The Academy for Addiction

Professionals/CAC (Certified

Addiction Counselor certification)

• Began CARF (Commission on

Accreditation of Rehabilitation

Facilities) and Georgia state

licensing processes for our


• Provided residents with

improved bedroom space

• Added another position in

the front office to improve

communication with general

information callers, individuals

seeking help and families of

current residents

Looking Ahead:

• This year we welcomed Dr.

Josh Uptigrove to our team as

Medical Director.

• We look to graduate

15 residents in the

coming months.

• So far this year, 80%

of our residents

who started the

program are still

with us, well above

our standard 70%

graduation rate.

NLB Program


Capturing and



The NLB Program Design

team is responsible for capturing

current process and practices

for synthesizing a consistent

regeneration process, evaluating

and updating current process

and practices effectiveness and

developing an overall approach

to addiction that will serve as

a foundation for all future NLB

curriculum. Program Design also

oversees training and education

for all NLB staff that facilitate in

the Regeneration Program at

NLB. This deeply intensive and

detailed work is critical to our

program, both now and for the


Recent Wins:

• Implemented weekly

Regeneration training and

education for staff. These

sessions include training on

NLB process and practices, as

well as discussing specific cases

as a group to help facilitate

understanding of approaches

and desired outcomes

• Finished writing Part 1 of NLB

Premise Ministry Handbook

• Collected and organized all

chapter specific content for

our Regeneration Program

Teacher’s Guides and began

synthesizing lesson plans

• We’ve added an intern who is

helping design and implement

a system to consistently survey

graduates to assess outcomes

and facilitate continuing

improvement of our processes



• We will be nearing

completion of the Teacher’s

Guides for the Regeneration

Program and the NLB

Premise Ministry Handbook


Alumni &



foundations and

making connections

Successfully transitioning

graduates and alumni back to

society is the purpose of our NLB

Aftercare team.

Recent Wins:

• Through relationships

established with local and

national businesses, we have a

100% job placement rate for all

residents who’ve requested job

placement assistance

• Helped connect NLB Interns into

small groups at local churches in

the area

• Began utilizing volunteers

relationally for the first time

ever, with great success:

• Mentors from the community

are engaging, coaching and

encouraging outgoing NLB


• Skilled professionals invest their

time and energy into valuable

teaching sessions for our

Interns, providing mentorship

and direction in financial

literacy, resume writing, debt

resolution and other valuable

life skills.

Looking Ahead:

• Heightened emphasis for

future NLB graduates during

transitional phase as they

prepare to return home and

back into mainstream society

through engagement with

the recovery community (AA,

Celebrate Recovery and other





Helping heal and

support families

On Sundays, the NLB campus

transforms from a place of

recovery for former addicts to

that of families seeking healing.

Family Recovery classes provide

a special time for residents and

their families to come together,

reconnect and work through

relational issues, while working

toward reconciliation of the


Recent Wins:

• Moved Family Recovery classes

back to NLB campus

• Added additional teachers and


• Compiled a recommended

reading list for families

• Launched a social media

channel (NLB - We are Family!

Facebook group) to provide

ongoing information and

outreach to family members

• To help families orient to the

program and their process

as a family, we now have a

welcome class for NLB families

Looking Ahead:

• Provide additional training for


• As classes grow, provide

opportunity for input

• Work on specific applications

that can be utilized with the

families for each class

• Host Families invite Interns

to their home once a month

for dinner and meaningful


Results from a recent NLB alumni survey:

“90% Graduate satisfaction overall with Program, 97% have found greater internal peace,

90% can now experience intimacy with others, 94% consider themselves

successful Graduates.”

- Data based on survey designed and analyzed by outside, independent, objective and impartial

consultant who has significant experience in this field.


NLB Industries

Our four NLB industries generate 73% of our revenue, along with intake fees, and

provide vocational training to prepare graduates for re-entry to the work force.

NLB industries also provide a platform for us to bring the message of hope and

regeneration and share it with others beyond the boundaries of our campus.

With two locations, one in

downtown Cumming and a second

store in Woodstock, our NLB Thrift

Stores continue to set the standard

for upscale thrifting. Store patrons

find abundant inventory of

desirable products, great finds,

spacious and beautiful interiors

and outstanding customer service.

None of this would be possible,

however, without our generous

NLB Thrift donors who make this

industry possible!

2016 Wins:

• Opened second NLB Thrift

Store in the Towne Lake area of

Cherokee County

• 26% increase in gross sales for

Cumming location

• Launched new website:

• Over 100,000 items sold at the

Cumming thrift store

• Added two new vehicles to our

fleet for donation pick-ups

• Averaged more than 100

donation pick-ups each month

(over 30 each week)

• New functional loading dock

added to the Distribution Center

(special thanks to Duncan Bailey

and Thomas Concrete)

Looking Ahead:

• Plans will soon be underway to open a third NLB Thrift Store in

metro Atlanta… we will be announcing the location and additional

information as it becomes available... Stay tuned!

“We're thankful to have the opportunity to give and hope that more people

will support NLB with their is an admirable and worthy cause

and a beacon of hope for so many." - Jeff Ridgway

2016 Wins:

• 40% increase in web development

projects during 2016

• Trained three men in the

program to operate digital

printing presses, use various

design programs such as

Photoshop, Indesign and much


• We focused on adding a sales

department dedicated to

growing the business.

NLB Studios continues to grow and diversify its base of business

by offering new services and outstanding customer service.


“ For over two years, the talented team at NLB Studios has been providing us with

custom design options and flawless print quality for all of our brand marketing

and special event materials. They are our “go-to” team whenever we need creative

ideas. Regardless of the size and budget, they are always receptive, responsive,

and reliable in taking our ideas to the next level. You just can’t beat the creative

solution, quality and value offered by NLB Studios!”

– The Sherry and Maria Team

Craftsmanship with a Story

NLB Furniture’s story is one of reclamation, both of reclaimed

wood and of reclaimed lives, made by the craftsman of No Longer

Bound. Instead of suffering in solitude, these same individuals have

chosen to master a craft and embed their creativity in every piece of

furniture we make, including custom farmhouse tables, barn doors

and other beautifully designed pieces.

2016 Wins:

• We sold over $375,000 worth of

handmade furniture that was

created by the residents of No

Longer Bound!

Home Magazine telling the story

of NLB Furniture

• Established relationships with

leading Atlanta designers

Looking Ahead:

Momentum from 2016 has

continued into 2017. We

have a dedicated marketing

Hamilton Dilbeck is a new member

of the NLB Furniture team, leading

the NLB Woodshop team.

• Increased purchased inventory

sales by over 40%

• Voted "Best of Atlanta" by

• Launched new brand website:

• We’ve been a part of multiple

coordinator who has enabled

the word to spread about NLB

to our community. We expect

that this will continue and foot

Atlanta Magazine as well as

commercial projects, which will

traffic and furniture orders will

"Best of Forsyth" 2106 & 2017.

open the door to significant

only get larger. The best is yet

We were published in Atlanta

growth in furniture orders.

to come!

Overall Cars4Recovery had another

outstanding year, including number of

vehicles donated and income generated

through the donation of vehicles.

2016 Wins:

• Record year for number of vehicles

donated: 608

• Actual income exceeded our goal by 30%,

with gross income of $421,892

• Reduced operating costs by putting NLB

wrecker back on the road



I want to support No Longer Bound with a gift of:

$1000 $500 $100 $50 $25

2725 Pine Grove Road

Cumming, GA 30041






Please designate this gift toward:

General Operations

Honor / Memorial

Greatest Need

This gift is provided by:


City: State: Zip:

(Return envelope inside)

The Thompson Family


Father and Son No Longer Bound


Each year at the No Longer Bound Banquet, we feature

one man’s story SPONSORSHIP

– from the brokenness of addiction, through

regeneration INFORMATION

at NLB, and eventual healing and reconciliation


of the family. This year’s video actually focuses on two men,


John and Will Thompson, father and son who were both once

consumed by TICKET addiction—their & EVENT picture perfect family almost


broken beyond repair.



Watch their inspiring story of family, love, faith and unconditional

love first shared at the Banquet and now online at