Cancer Survivorship Delegate Programme 2017

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7-8 NOVEMBER <strong>2017</strong><br />



#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 1 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Welcome<br />

After a very successful 2016<br />

conference in Liverpool, we hope the<br />

Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Conference <strong>2017</strong><br />

will be an inspiring and memorable<br />

experience for everyone who attends.<br />

The conference will pose questions about ‘Living with<br />

and beyond cancer’. Inspired by leading national<br />

and international thinkers, it will explore how, by<br />

introducing greater passion and understanding into<br />

the patient’s journey, carers and the people who work<br />

with them will make informed choices, continue<br />

learning and aspire to world-class performance.<br />

We invite<br />

delegates to<br />

‘think differently’<br />

At a time when health professionals are under ever<br />

more severe pressures, the conference will examine<br />

the opportunities for everyone to help improve the Quality of Life. We will explore potential ways<br />

of enabling all of us to think differently about how we learn and what we can achieve.<br />

The programme will deliver an exciting mix of keynote speakers, exhibitions and fringe activities<br />

themed around the strands of ‘Living with and beyond cancer’ and will invite delegates to ‘Think<br />

Differently’ as a result. Speakers will be invited either to build their presentation around this<br />

triple-pronged approach or to concentrate on one aspect. Anecdotal and personal experience<br />

will be encouraged. Wherever possible, speakers have been grouped to explore counter or<br />

complementary positions within a strand to further engage the audience. The participation of<br />

patients and carers in all aspects will form an integral part of the conference.<br />

I would like to thank a truly international line-up of speakers from the USA, Australia and the UK<br />

who are giving up their time to speak at the conference.<br />

We all hope you get involved and enjoy your day. Please use #HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong> when posting your<br />

thoughts on Twitter.<br />

Chris Curtis<br />

World Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Patient Ambassador<br />

@H_and_Ncancer<br />

Head and Neck <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Conference <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 2 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Conference<br />

Presidents Address<br />

On behalf of myself and the team at<br />

Blackpool Victoria hospital I would<br />

like to welcome you to this year’s<br />

international head & neck cancer<br />

conference here in Blackpool.<br />

It is a privilege to serve as President of this inspirational conference. The incidence of head<br />

and neck cancer in England is the highest in the North west. Our patients tend to present<br />

quite late to us with advanced disease and this can be associated with poorer outcomes<br />

when compared to cancer results in other parts of the country. It is befitting then that this<br />

conference is being held at Blackpool.<br />

Patients support, and awareness is becoming an important part of the ‘Pathway/Journey’ and<br />

can help patients from diagnoses through to survivorship in understand and coming to terms<br />

with cancer. Here in Blackpool we are proud to have the Swallows Charity who support our<br />

patients and over the last six years this charity has grown to international status and supports<br />

patients as far as the USA. The charity not only provides patient support and information but<br />

also has been instrumental in donating equipment to our hospital. This was recognised in the<br />

recent MBE award presented to Swallows earlier this year.<br />

All health professionals and patients should understand the issues around living with<br />

and beyond cancer and the best people to educate us all is our patients/survivors, so the<br />

next two days will go a long way to educate us all. There have been recent advances in<br />

the management of head & neck cancer. I look forward to learning about new techniques<br />

in surgery and radiotherapy with reduced morbidity which can enhance the range of<br />

treatment options available to us. There will also be an opportunity to hear about aspects of<br />

management of cancer in Australia and the USA so that we can benefit from their experience.<br />

I am very grateful to all our speakers, some of whom have travelled a long distance to be with<br />

us, for their time and effort in sharing their experience of head & neck cancer with us over the<br />

next two days.<br />

This should be an exciting conference which I am sure we will all enjoy.<br />

r<br />

er<br />

Mr Ajay Nigam FRCSEd FRCSEng FRCSORL<br />

Consultant ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon<br />

& Conference President <strong>2017</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

yourcancerjourney.org.uk/conference<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 3 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

1<br />

DAY 1<br />


TIME<br />

08.45<br />

-<br />

09.45<br />

Conference Room and Exhibition open<br />

Registration, Refreshments and Networking<br />

09.45<br />

-<br />

10.00<br />

Conference Welcome | Chris Curtis (Conference Organiser)<br />

Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor & World H&N Ambassador<br />

Ajay Nigam (Conference President) | H&N Surgeon<br />

10.00<br />

-<br />

10:30<br />

Arthur Lauretano (USA)<br />

Medical Director at Lowell <strong>Cancer</strong> Centre, H&N Surgeon<br />

10.30<br />

-<br />

10.45<br />

Phil Parramore | Business Advisor and H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Volunteer<br />

10.45<br />

-<br />

11.15<br />

Dr K Vasudev | Histopathologist Rtd<br />

11.15<br />

-<br />

11.30<br />

Break<br />

11.30<br />

-<br />

12.00<br />

Claire Burke (USA) | Oncology Nurse<br />

12.00<br />

-<br />

12.30<br />

Sajjad Iqbal (USA)<br />

Rare <strong>Cancer</strong> Patient Survivor<br />

12.30<br />

-<br />

13.15<br />

Lunch & Networking Opportunity | Exhibition Halls open<br />

13.15<br />

-<br />

14.00<br />

Julie McCrossin (Australia) H&N Survivor<br />

International patient speaker<br />

14.00<br />

-<br />

14:30<br />

Jo Patterson | Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer & Speech &<br />

Language Therapist in ENT<br />

14:30<br />

-<br />

15.00<br />

Dr Alex Mitchell (UK) | Honorary Senior Lecturer in psychooncology<br />

of liaison psychiatry<br />

15.00<br />

-<br />

15.30<br />

Networking and Exhibition (Refreshments)<br />

15.30<br />

-<br />

16.00<br />

Chris Lewis (UK) | Long term cancer survivor<br />

16.00<br />

-<br />

16.30<br />

Dr Gillian Knight and Students from Derby University<br />

HPV Education Film launch<br />

1630<br />

-<br />

17.00<br />

Naseem Ghazali (UK) | Robotic Surgeon<br />

17.00<br />

-<br />

17.30<br />

Dr Jiri Kubes, (Prague)<br />

PhD, Medical Director Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS)<br />

17.30<br />

-<br />

17.45<br />

Q&A Session | Hosted by Chris Curtis and Ajay Nigam<br />

Speakers will be invited to join<br />

17.45<br />

-<br />

18.00<br />

Networking and Exhibition Hall<br />

7.30pm for 8pm<br />

Speakers Dinner | The Village Hotel Inspirational Room<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 4 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

2<br />

DAY 2<br />


TIME<br />

09.00<br />

-<br />

09.45<br />

Exhibition Open<br />

Registration, Networking and Refreshments<br />

09.45<br />

-<br />

10.00<br />

Conference Welcome | Chris Curtis (Conference Organiser)<br />

Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor and World H&N Ambassador<br />

Ajay Nigam (Conference President) | H&N Surgeon<br />

10:00<br />

-<br />

10:30<br />

Arthur Lauretano (USA)<br />

Medical Director at Lowell <strong>Cancer</strong> Centre, H&N Surgeon<br />

10.30<br />

-<br />

10.45<br />

Phil Parramore | Business Advisor and H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Volunteer<br />

10.45<br />

-<br />

11.15<br />

Dr K Vasudev | Histopathologist Rtd<br />

11.15<br />

-<br />

11.30<br />

Break<br />

11.30<br />

-<br />

11.50<br />

Dr Gillian Knight and Students from Derby University<br />

HPV Education Film launch<br />

11.50<br />

-<br />

12.20<br />

Claire Burke (USA) | Oncology Nurse<br />

12.20<br />

-<br />

12.50<br />

Sajjad Iqbal (USA) | Rare <strong>Cancer</strong> Patient Survivor<br />

12.50<br />

-<br />

13.45<br />

Lunch & Networking Opportunity<br />

Exhibition Halls open throughout lunch<br />

13.45<br />

-<br />

13.50<br />

Presentation of Donation to The Swallows Charity<br />

13.50<br />

-<br />

14.30<br />

Julie McCrossin (Australia) | H&N Survivor<br />

International patient speaker<br />

14:30<br />

or<br />

-<br />

15:00<br />

Jo Patterson | Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer & Speech &<br />

Language Therapist in ENT<br />

14.30<br />

-<br />

15.00<br />

Dr Rob Hicks (TV Doctor) & Dawn Maher (Blackpool Carers)<br />

The Role of Carers (breakout session)<br />

Sponsored by Beaverbrooks Jewellers<br />

15:00<br />

-<br />

15:30<br />

Networking and Exhibition (Refreshments)<br />

15.30<br />

-<br />

16.00<br />

Dr Alex Mitchell (UK) | Honorary Senior Lecturer in psychooncology<br />

of liaison psychiatry<br />

16.00<br />

-<br />

16.30<br />

Chris Lewis (UK) | Long term cancer survivor<br />

16:30<br />

-<br />

17.00<br />

Naseem Ghazali (UK) | Robotic Surgeon<br />

17.00<br />

-<br />

17.30<br />

Q&A Session | Hosted by Chris Curtis and Ajay Nigam<br />

Speakers will be invited to join<br />

17.30<br />

-<br />

18.00<br />

Networking and Exhibition Hall<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 5 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Quality of Life Definition<br />

‘The general well-being of a person, defined in<br />

terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth.’<br />

Even when a condition can be totally cured, there is a period of reduced<br />

quality of life that most of us would just as soon avoid. It is our<br />

responsibility to improve the quality of life for ourselves and others. A<br />

healthy lifestyle leads to a better quality of life.’<br />

Source: Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers<br />

Why Quality of Life post- treatment can be hard to predict…<br />

The goal of treatment for head and neck cancers is to control the disease.<br />

However, doctors should also be concerned about preserving the function<br />

of the affected areas as much as they can, and helping the patient<br />

return to normal activities as soon as possible after treatment. Rehabilitation<br />

is a very important part of this process. The goals of rehabilitation<br />

depend on the extent of the disease and the treatment that a patient<br />

has received.<br />

Depending on the location of the cancer and the type of treatment,<br />

rehabilitation may include physical therapy, dietary counselling, speech<br />

therapy, and/or learning how to care for a stoma. A stoma is an opening<br />

into the windpipe through which a patient breathes after a laryngectomy,<br />

(surgery to remove the larynx).<br />

Sometimes, especially with cancer of the oral cavity, a patient may need<br />

reconstructive and plastic surgery to rebuild bones or tissues.<br />

However, reconstructive surgery may not always be possible<br />

because of damage to the remaining tissue from the original<br />

surgery or from radiation therapy. If reconstructive surgery is not<br />

possible, a prosthodontist may be able to make a prosthesis (an artificial<br />

dental and/or facial part) to restore satisfactory swallowing, speech, and<br />

appearance. Patients will receive training on how to use the device.<br />

Patients who have trouble speaking after treatment may need speech<br />

therapy. Often a speech-language pathologist will visit the patient in<br />

the hospital to plan therapy and teach speech exercises or alternative<br />

methods of speaking. Speech therapy usually continues after the patient<br />

returns home.<br />

Eating and swallowing may be difficult after treatment for head and<br />

neck cancer. Some patients receive nutrients directly into a vein after<br />

surgery or need a feeding tube until they can eat on their own. A feeding<br />

tube is a flexible plastic tube that is passed into the stomach through<br />

the nose or an incision in the abdomen. A nurse or speech-language<br />

pathologist can help patients learn how to swallow again after surgery.<br />

When the doctors say, ‘Good news. You are free of<br />

cancer.’ the hard part of the journey starts. That is why<br />

the conference title is ‘Living with and Beyond <strong>Cancer</strong>.’<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 6 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Quality of Life Capture<br />

“Throughout the conference, storytelling about Quality of Life in<br />

Your <strong>Cancer</strong> Journey will be encouraged, through listening to<br />

world class speakers and being confident to share your experiences.<br />

Whether you are a Health Professional, patient or carer<br />

the intention is the same – to capture successes, achievements<br />

and what can be done in future to improve survivorship rates and<br />

quality of life still further.”<br />

I will be introducing, through short sessions on both days, a<br />

dedicated space in the conference room, “Quality of Life Capture<br />

Wall” where all present will be encouraged to write, draw and pin<br />

up their success stories and additional improvements to support,<br />

products or services that will be needed in future.<br />

If you are a Health Professional, what have been your greatest<br />

achievements in supporting Head & Neck cancer patients or carers<br />

with their Quality of Life? What are you working on now that<br />

will be recognised as improvements for the future? And lastly,<br />

what would you like to see if you had an ‘Open Cheque Book’?<br />

If you are a Head and Neck cancer patient or carer, then what are<br />

the stories you want to tell about how well you have been supported<br />

to improve Quality of Life? And what additional support is<br />

needed that will improve things still further?<br />

Please do contribute, sharing your achievements, successes and<br />

what improvements are still required. Our Quality of Life Capture<br />

Wall will be on show throughout the conference and<br />

you can add to it at any time during refreshments and<br />

lunch breaks or at the end of the day.<br />

Following the event all your views will be reviewed and compared<br />

to the Success Wall from World Head & Neck Day event. This will<br />

support the development of a conference review report. If you<br />

would like to have a copy of the report, please sign the document<br />

next to the “Quality of Life Capture Wall”.<br />

I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable event, making new connections,<br />

developing relationships and supporting the best possible<br />

Quality of Life for Head and Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> patients and carers.”<br />

Phil Parramore<br />

GuideDotYou Change Solutions<br />

www.guidedotyou.co.uk<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

yourcancerjourney.org.uk/conference<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 7 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Speakers<br />

Arthur M. Lauretano, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.S.<br />

Medical Director of the Lowell General Hospital<br />

Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Centre, and the<br />

Medical Director for Inpatient Speciality Services at<br />

Lowell General Hospital.<br />

Chris Curtis<br />

World Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Patient Ambassador<br />

Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> from a patient’s perspective.<br />

Chris Lewis FRSA<br />

Founder of ‘Chris’s <strong>Cancer</strong> Community’ and co-founder<br />

of ‘Your simPal’ His work has won him many awards and<br />

has led to him being one of the major patient influencers<br />

within the cancer sector.<br />

Clair Burke<br />

Oncology Nurse USA Claire is a registered nurse with 35<br />

years of nursing experience in hospitals, home health and<br />

outpatient settings in the United States.<br />

Mr. Ajay Nigam FRCS Ed, FRCS Eng, FRCS (ORL)<br />

Consultant at Lancashire ENT Services, with specialities in<br />

Ear, Nose & Throat, Rhinology and Head & Neck Surgery.<br />

Dr Alex J Mitchell<br />

NHS consultant and honorary senior lecturer in psychooncology<br />

(a branch of liaison psychiatry).<br />

Dr Jo Patterson<br />

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer (Newcastle University)<br />

and Lead Speech & Language Therapist in ENT<br />

(Sunderland Royal Hospital).<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 8 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Speakers<br />

Dr K Vasudev<br />

Histopathologist Rtd<br />

The role of the Histopathologist in the Diagnosis and<br />

Management of Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong>.<br />

Dr. Rob Hicks<br />

Talking about the role of carers<br />

Dr Rob is one of the UK’s most popular and well-known<br />

media doctors.<br />

Dr. Sajjad Iqbal<br />

Rare <strong>Cancer</strong>, Patient Survivor of 15 years from New Jersey,<br />

United States. He is the longest living survivor of salivary<br />

duct carcinoma.<br />

Dr Gillian Knight<br />

Head of Biosciences, Deputy Head of Natural Sciences,<br />

College of Life and Natural Sciences at University of Derby.<br />

Julie McCrossin<br />

International Patient Speaker<br />

Renowned across Australia for her warmth, humour,<br />

intelligence and commitment to social justice.<br />

Naseem Ghazali MSc, DOHNS, FDSRCS,<br />


Robotic surgeon at Blackburn Hospital<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

yourcancerjourney.org.uk/conference<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 9 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

Health concern?<br />

Why wait...<br />

From health assessment,<br />

diagnosis and treatment,<br />

Spire Fylde Coast Hospital<br />

provides rapid access to<br />

specialist consultants and<br />

procedures for all your<br />

healthcare needs.<br />

Do you have:<br />

• Hip, knee or back pain?<br />

• Unsightly skin blemishes, tags or<br />

body image concerns?<br />

• Sight or hearing problems?<br />

• Varicose veins?<br />

• Muscle or joint pain?<br />

• Heart problems?<br />

Open to all, you can get the treatment you<br />

need through your private medical insurance*<br />

or choose to pay for treatment with a fixed,<br />

all-inclusive price in advance and we can see<br />

you within 48 hours of initial enquiry. Limited<br />

procedures are also available under the NHS<br />

e-Referral service.<br />

Call one of our friendly advisers for more<br />

information or to make an appointment:<br />

01253 308 031<br />

info@spirefyldecoast.com<br />

www.spirefyldecoast.com<br />

*Please check with your insurance provider prior to proceeding with treatment.<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 10 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 11 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

A5 Ad<br />

M<br />

c<br />

m<br />

w<br />

m<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

@H_and_Ncancer<br />

Head and Neck <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Conference <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 12 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22

A5 Ad for Swallows <strong>Programme</strong>_Layout 1 26/10/<strong>2017</strong> 09:04 Page 1<br />

My husband<br />

cannot<br />

manage<br />

without<br />

my help<br />

I am a carer as well as<br />

a wife. Are you?<br />

If you look after someone who is frail, has<br />

physical or sensory difficulties, mental ill health,<br />

a disability or problem with drugs or alcohol,<br />

you are a carer<br />

and we are here to help support YOU.<br />

For more information on our services including<br />

how you can refer to us, please call<br />

01253 393748<br />

or email: admin@blackpoolcarers.org<br />

Beaverbrooks House | 147 Newton Drive | Blackpool | FY3 8LZ<br />

www.blackpoolcarers.org<br />

facebook.com/blackpoolcarers<br />

@BlackpoolCarers<br />

Blackpool Carers Centre Ltd is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1114558.<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 13 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:22


The Village concept goes seaside<br />

The Village, Hotel Club, Blackpool, is ideally located<br />

for any visitor Blackpool with easy access from the<br />

M55 yet located in a quiet location surrounded by<br />

230 acres of stunning Golf course and grounds.<br />

The Hotel has a range of facilities to cater for the<br />

business and leisure traveller, with hospitality at<br />

the core of everything we do.<br />

All 174 bedrooms have been significantly upgraded<br />

featuring 56 inch TVs, with freeview in the standard<br />

rooms and full sky package in the Club rooms, free<br />

Wifi, and Village Sealy ZZZzzz beds. In addition<br />

are the Club upgraded rooms and some double<br />

double bedrooms for families. Club rooms feature<br />

tassimmo coffee machines and ESPA toiletries.<br />

The Victory pub offers the perfect choice for a bite<br />

to eat or drink after a round of golf. Buca di Beppo<br />

is a unique Italian Family dining experience with<br />

a comprehensive breakfast buffet covering all the<br />

English Classics and lighter options for those on<br />

the run. For light snacks and coffees we have our<br />

own onsite Starbucks.<br />

The main function suite can cater for up to 600<br />

delegates theatre style or large dinners of 300<br />

delegates and has been refurbished with new<br />

lighting and audio equipment. The flexible space<br />

can be broken down into smaller rooms. For<br />

smaller groups there is the meetings hub with<br />

networking area. The Leisure Club has grown from<br />

3,000 sq mtr to 6,000 sq mtr and includes the<br />

latest TECHNO Gym equipment and a 21 m indoor<br />

pool, 16m heated outdoor and sauna and steam<br />

rooms. Three tennis courts are outside along with<br />

the 18 hole USPGA approved golf course, with<br />

putting green and 16 floodlit driving bays as part of<br />

the PGA Academy.<br />

v<br />

a<br />

VISIT village-hotels.co.uk<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 14 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

.com<br />

Reserve QUALITY<br />

B&Bs Guest Houses<br />

Hotels Apartments<br />

MASTER<br />


Families & Couples<br />

Affordable,<br />

value for money<br />

accommodation<br />

Adults Only<br />

Over 50s<br />

01253 420 121<br />

110 Bond Street South Shore<br />

Blackpool FY4 1EY<br />

@LTdetails<br />

littletouches<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 15 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23


A story to tell<br />



I have been fortunate enough that<br />

cancer has not impacted on my family<br />

or friends for a couple of generations<br />

since my grandfather’s death, I, like most,<br />

have struggled with many life challenges.<br />

Including a failed marriage, a rough<br />

ride for my three daughters, a hearing<br />

impairment, unemployed for a good<br />

spell, lone parenting for a two year spell,<br />

and significant challenges to re-entering<br />

employment.<br />

That said my glass is always well over three<br />

quarters full, never half empty.<br />

12th August 2013 I will always class as one of<br />

my lifetime achievements.<br />

On that day I started my own business,<br />

a dream of mine for many, many years.<br />

Despite many hurdles along the way I am<br />

resilient, determined, the business survives<br />

and modestly continues on its growth<br />

journey. The business model developed<br />

means GuideDotYou will still be around as I<br />

go to the grave and I intend it to continue<br />

through future generations.<br />

I encourage people to participate in<br />

activities, socialise, volunteer, and enter<br />

into sustainable employment or selfemployment<br />

if they are realistically able.<br />

Together we can put the emphasis on<br />

prevention is better than cure and improve<br />

the quality of life for so many, leading to<br />

better health outcomes for individuals<br />

across our diverse population.<br />

Thank you for attending the conference. I<br />

know for some of you it’s not easy to do,<br />

but I applaud you for being here and being<br />

prepared to share and help others with their<br />

journey. I look forward to learning from and<br />

being inspired by you all; and hope you can<br />

embrace the successes and future plans of<br />

patients, carers and support organisations.<br />

Phil Parramore<br />

GuideDotYou Change Solutions<br />

www.guidedotyou.co.uk<br />

Our efforts have been such as to be able<br />

to achieve BIBAs (Be Inspired in Business<br />

Awards) finalist status in the socially<br />

responsible category in 2016.<br />

I subscribe to the policy agenda that<br />

encourages people to work or, if they<br />

cannot, at least be moderately active,<br />

with by products from that being a<br />

reduction in incidences of ill health and<br />

of course reductions in health treatments<br />

and support costs. So for example being<br />

mentally or physically active should<br />

promote experiences of positive wellbeing,<br />

including leading to improved self-esteem,<br />

motivation, improved physical and mental<br />

health, and reduced psychological distress.<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 16 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23


Leah Dalby MCSP Physiotherapist<br />

Knowledge & experience with kindness & respect<br />

Feeling stiff and sore after a joint replacement<br />

or broken bone?<br />

Wanting to potimise your potential after time in<br />

hospital, illness or an accident?<br />

Diagnosed with <strong>Cancer</strong>?<br />

Living with Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke or other<br />

neurological condition?<br />

Do you want effective physiotherapy? Working<br />

together, patiently and gently.<br />

Extensive experience with scarring & tightness after<br />

operations, accidents & radiotherapy.<br />

Specialist experience creating a new physiotherapy<br />

post within a breast surgery/reconstrucion team.<br />

Twelve years at St John’s Hospice where I<br />

established a new service.<br />

Where: In my treatment room in our family house.<br />

Cost: Initial assessment - £60 Follow up - £60<br />

Home visit by arrangement.<br />

I have been learning about physiotherapy for 30<br />

years. If you hope that I can help you, please feel<br />

free to contact me.<br />

www.leahthephysio.co.uk | leahthephysio@gmail.com<br />

Call today on 07934 785 797<br />

Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists 046603<br />

and the Health and Care Professions Council PH37564<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 17 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

Thankyou to all our conference supporters<br />

Wound Dressing Range<br />

PolyMem dressing’s anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce wound pain.<br />

PolyMem is designed to minimise trauma at dressing changes, promoting comfort<br />

and concordance.<br />

Why choose PolyMem?<br />

• Helps to reduce pain and inflammation<br />

• Cleanses the wound for minimal manual cleansing<br />

• Non-adherent for trauma-free dressing changes<br />

• Suitable for fragile skin<br />

• Encourages good concordance<br />

Aspen Medical reserves the right to make changes without<br />

notice in design, specifications and models.<br />

©<strong>2017</strong> Aspen Medical Europe Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED<br />

Aspen 908(L)10.17 OCT-<strong>2017</strong> ENG – UK<br />

Aspen Medical Europe Ltd. A Hill-Rom Company<br />

Clinitron House, Ashby Park,<br />

Ashby de la Zouch,<br />

Leicestershire, LE65 1JG, UK<br />

Tel: +44 (0)1530 411000<br />

• Maintains a moist wound environment<br />

• Promotes patient comfort<br />

• Dressing solutions for a wide variety of<br />

wounds including fingertip injuries<br />

and tube sites<br />

All claims are based on technical data on file<br />

This information is not medical advice<br />

Clinician discretion is always required for<br />

treatment choice<br />

For further information please contact us on<br />

Freephone: +44(0)800 0323399 or visit our website:<br />

www.aspenmedicaleurope.com<br />

PolyMem® is a trademark of Ferris Mfg. Corp., Registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office and in<br />

other countries. © <strong>2017</strong> Ferris Mfg. Corp.<br />

All rights reserved. 5133 Northeast Parkway, Ft. Worth, TX 76106.<br />

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<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 19 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

Countrywide<br />

Countrywide<br />

Supplies<br />

Supplies<br />

We at Countrywide Supplies have over fifteen years’ experience<br />

in Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy supplies. We are committed<br />

We<br />

to offering<br />

at Countrywide<br />

a dedicated,<br />

Supplies<br />

specialised<br />

have over<br />

service<br />

fifteen<br />

to the<br />

years’<br />

laryngectomee<br />

experience<br />

in<br />

community.<br />

Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy supplies. We are committed<br />

to offering a dedicated, specialised service to the laryngectomee<br />

community.<br />

Over the past year we have significantly grown our customer service<br />

department and continue to hold stock of the full prescription range,<br />

Over<br />

so that<br />

the<br />

we<br />

past<br />

can<br />

year<br />

dispatch<br />

we have<br />

your<br />

significantly<br />

order quickly.<br />

grown our customer service<br />

department and continue to hold stock of the full prescription range,<br />

so that we can dispatch your order quickly.<br />



1 2 3<br />

4<br />

1 2 3<br />

4<br />

Contact Countrywide<br />

Supplies by<br />

freephone, email, text,<br />

Contact post Countrywide<br />

or fax<br />

Supplies by<br />

freephone, email, text,<br />

post or fax<br />

Place your order,<br />

giving product code<br />

and quantity<br />

Place your order,<br />

giving product code<br />

and quantity<br />

Either send in your<br />

prescription or we<br />

can request it from<br />

Either your send GP in your<br />

prescription or we<br />

can request it from<br />

your GP<br />

Your order will be<br />

delivered the next<br />

working day<br />

Your order will be<br />

delivered the next<br />

working day<br />

0800 783 1659<br />

orders@countrywidesupplies.co.uk 0800 783 | www.countrywidesupplies.co.uk<br />

1659<br />

orders@countrywidesupplies.co.uk | www.countrywidesupplies.co.uk<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2017</strong><br />

@H_and_Ncancer<br />

Head and Neck <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Conference <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 20 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

Children<br />

Prostate<br />

Lungs<br />

Breasts<br />

GIT<br />

Brain and CNS<br />

Lymphoma<br />

Diagnostics<br />

Head and neck<br />

01268 919 046<br />

info@ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

www.ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 21 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23


ORAL<br />


PAIN<br />


SLEEP<br />


SEVERE<br />


OF LIFE<br />


Chemotherapy<br />

or radio therapy<br />

induced Xerostomia:<br />

Signs and<br />

symptoms<br />


LIPS<br />

DENTAL<br />

CARIES<br />

POOR<br />


Protect your patient from<br />

the burden of chemo/radiation<br />

Protect your patient from the burden of chemo/radiation induced xerostomia<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 22 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

There’s nowhere quite like it<br />

Blackpool<br />

There’s nowhere quite like<br />

Blackpool. Where else in the world<br />

can say they have a complete set of<br />

three piers, a Tower, a theme park,<br />

a waterpark, a zoo, a waxwork,<br />

an aquarium and a mix of historic<br />

and contemporary entertainment<br />

venues? If that wasn’t enough,<br />

all this full-on full-throttle leisure<br />

action takes place against the<br />

backdrop of what was named the<br />

second-best shoreline in the world<br />

in a Royal Caribbean survey - not<br />

bad considering Dubai took the top<br />

spot and the Gulf Coast was third.<br />

Although Blackpool is proudly all things,<br />

to all people, within that broad appeal<br />

it also offers a niche for your niche<br />

(sugar for your honey !). Accommodation<br />

that specialises in either families and<br />

couples, adults only, over 50s or groups,<br />

that are room only, bed and breakfast,<br />

half board or full board. Some that allow<br />

you to bring pets, others with in-house<br />

entertainment. There’s deals to be<br />

had midweek and the golden rule for<br />

weekend breaks remains reserve well in<br />

advance.<br />

On the horizon, the Winter Gardens<br />

Conference Centre coming in Spring<br />

2019 will enable Blackpool to compete<br />

once again for the “big ticket” political<br />

and industry meetings. Entertainment<br />

wise, now we’ve had a visit from Will<br />

Smith with the Livewire Festival in <strong>2017</strong>,<br />

you never know which A Listers will be<br />

appearing next.<br />

Work will begin shortly on the tram<br />

extension too, connecting Blackpool<br />

North to the tram network seamlessly<br />

and this is due to be operational by<br />

April 2019. When it comes to beaming<br />

Blackpool to the masses, <strong>2017</strong> will<br />

have seen visits from two television<br />

juggernauts – ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent<br />

filmed their auditions in January at the<br />

Opera House and of course in a matter<br />

of weeks on Saturday 18th November<br />

the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing takes<br />

over the Tower Ballroom. Needless to<br />

say, long may these outside broadcasts<br />

continue!<br />

Just around the corner in 2018,<br />

Blackpool Pleasure Beach will unveil a<br />

UK first – a double launch rollercoaster,<br />

with a £16.25 million investment making<br />

it possible.<br />

The future looks very bright indeed<br />

for Blackpool, with household name<br />

corporates all keen to be part of the<br />

resort’s rising success, getting in sooner<br />

rather than later. As for a baseline to<br />

build on, the most recent official visitor<br />

numbers stand at an eyewatering 18<br />

million annually, which means when<br />

truth be told the popularity of Blackpool<br />

with its one third of the nation appeal<br />

can only be best described as one thing<br />

and one thing only – Only Fools and<br />

Horses on sea.<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 23 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 24 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23<br />


The Swallows Head and<br />

Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Group,<br />

in collabaration with the<br />

Rosemere <strong>Cancer</strong> Foundation,<br />

is launching the UK’s first<br />

Radiotherapy Mask Art<br />

Exhibition to raise the profile of<br />

head and neck cancers.<br />

We would love you to be involved, either by decorating your own mask or by donating<br />

your mask for others to decorate. Schools, art colleges and a number of professional<br />

artists are being invited to take part and the exhibition will be unveiled at the Patients<br />

Head and Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Conference in Blackpool in November <strong>2017</strong>. It will then visit the<br />

Rosemere <strong>Cancer</strong> Centre and Blackpool Victoria Hospital, before touring England and<br />

beyond, finishing at the Rosemere Centre for a Grand-Fundraising Evening. On return<br />

to the UK, the exhibits will be put up for auction and the funds split equally between The<br />

Swallows and Rosemere.<br />

If you would like to decorate and enter your own mask simply request to keep it at the<br />

end of your treatment, decorate it and submit a photograph, along with your contact<br />

details and any information you would like to share about the inspiration for your<br />

design, by email to chris@theswallows.org.uk.<br />

If you would like to donate your mask for others to decorate, please tell your<br />

radiotherapist and they will ensure that your mask is passed on. If you would also like<br />

to pass on a short, anonymous biography, that would help greatly to inspire our artists.<br />

Simply fill in the slip below and pass it to your radiotherapist.<br />

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />

RADIOTHERAPY MASK ART EXHIBITION <strong>2017</strong><br />

I am Male / Female<br />

Full Name:<br />

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………<br />

Address:<br />

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………<br />

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………<br />

I would like to be informed of exhibition and auction dates and venues please<br />

I would like to donate my Mask to raise funds<br />

I would like my Mask returning at the end of the tour<br />

Telephone ……………………………………………………. Email ……………………………………......…………………………<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 25 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23



Please call and speak to Anne<br />


SWALLOWS • Clothing ADVERT • Furniture •<br />

• Household Items • Bric-A-Brac •<br />

We are pleased to support the<br />

International <strong>2017</strong> South Head & Shore Neck Conference Carnival <strong>2017</strong><br />

Who are The Swallows?<br />

We are the Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Charity and we are known as the ‘Swallows’ due to the difficulty a lot of<br />

people have with swallowing once diagnosed with this type of <strong>Cancer</strong>. The Swallows Charity was formed by<br />

Head & Neck cancer patients and is based around help, support and providing information for patients, carers<br />

and their families.<br />

The<br />

Swallows<br />

Head & Neck <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Group<br />

Registered Charity Number : 1149794<br />

Call in at: The Michael Stenhouse Centre,<br />

68-70 Waterloo Road, Blackpool, FY4 1AB<br />

For more information call:<br />

01253 428 940<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

www.facebook.com/theswallowscancersupport<br />

@swallowsgroup<br />

www.justgiving.com/theswallows<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 26 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

Wills and<br />

Probate<br />

Safeguarding<br />

your plans and<br />

your wishes<br />

Marsden Rawsthorn’s sensitive and practical approach brings<br />

you peace of mind. We will help you clarify your plans and ensure<br />

that your wishes are respected in a compassionate manner.<br />

Our services can be adapted according to the complexity of your<br />

matter and the level of advice and support you need. Our large<br />

team of specialist solicitors can help you with all aspects of Wills,<br />

Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection matters as well as<br />

Probate and the administration of deceased’s estates.<br />

We are happy to accommodate home visits or hospital/<br />

hospice appointments.<br />

Preston office<br />

3 & 4 Faraday Court<br />

Faraday Drive<br />

Fulwood<br />

Preston PR2 9NB<br />

t: 01772 799600<br />

f: 01772 651831<br />

info@marsdenrawsthorn.com<br />

www.marsdenrawsthorn.com<br />

@uksolicitors<br />

Chorley office<br />

Westmarch House<br />

42 Eaton Avenue<br />

Buckshaw Village<br />

Chorley PR7 7NA<br />

t: 01257 279511<br />

f: 01772 651831<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 27 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

NEW<br />

Luna <br />

Better<br />

Nights<br />

Better<br />

Days<br />

New night-time solution to help you prepare for better days<br />

Provox Luna has been designed to help you<br />

have better nights and prepare for better days.<br />

The Provox Luna HME provides superior<br />

humidification compared to other HMEs<br />

and it has a low breathing resistance for easy<br />

breathing at night.<br />

The Provox Luna Adhesive is soft and smooth<br />

and helps to soothe and cool your skin<br />

while you sleep.<br />

Use Provox Luna at night to sleep comfortably<br />

and get ready for an active day.<br />

Experience the difference!<br />

• Sleep comfortably<br />

• Soothe your skin<br />

• Improve your lung health<br />

Contact us for more information and a free sample:<br />

Tel: 011 578 418 97<br />

Email: sample@atosmedical.co.uk and quote LUNAAD2<br />

Web: www.atosmedical.co.uk<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Survivorship</strong> Front Cover.indd 28 31/10/<strong>2017</strong> 13:23

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