iTunes for Android Manage Android Contents Hassle Freely

Here are the way of how to use the iTunes for Android data assistant app, and then you can manage your Android files in a easy way.

iTunes-like Android data managing program

iTunes is a powerful and professional data assistant tool for iOS devices,

if Android device want to manage the data easily, you can use a iTunes -

like Android data managing program.




Download the software

Begin to connect


Begin to manage files

To begin with the process, just download the newest software

on your computer, then you can use it to manage your data in

a easy way.

iTunes-like Android data managing program

After running the software on PC, you can plug your phone into computer

and then you can get a interface like this.

In this page, you can begin to manage your files,

there are many options to choose. You can

choose the files to delete, export, import, edit,

add new data...

After learning the guides step by step,

you can understand the easy way and

use iTunes to manage your Android

contents freely. And you can see more

information as below:

Click it:

Thank you

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