The Nameless android


The Nameless android.


The forest, in its endless and beautiful nature, has a lot of experiences

to offer, breathtaking landscapes for the explorers and the ones

looking for something to contemplate, a hostile wildlife, dangerous mechanical

terrors and lots of treasures to find for those who are after

an adventure, unfortunately, even a region as beautiful and pure as this

can’t escape from the destructive and grim winds of war, the calm beauty

of the forest is constantly interrupted by the cacophonic skirmishes between

androids and machines, or even between machines and other machines,

it is an environment that embodies everything that can be experienced

in a world bereft of civilization, but even with that level of hostility

and chaos, good things can come out of this reckless battlefield.

The android.


The android in question has no name, her father was never able to name

her properly, but since she lives in a land that is inhabited by machines

that have a rather simplistic way of handling things, she has never

needed a name to begin with, she refers to herself as someone who has no

name, or as an android, but has no preference on how to be called, and

is open to suggestions on a name for herself, she does need one now that

she has walked out of the forest and is interacting with creatures that

do have a proper name for themselves beyond their species.

Her personality is rather... Ambivalent, a part of her is incredibly shy

and distant, introverted as hell, she is rather ignorant and clueless

about social interactions given her social environment, so she prefers

to keep her distance and mantain a low profile, but at the same time,

she is quite outgoing, curious, resourceful and energetic, the best way

to describe her is to compare her to water, she can be ice, she can be

liquid or she can be steam, it all depends of the context and the beings

Another part of her personality that should be mentioned is the influence that the previous owner of

her body has on her, it is byproduct of the efforts her dad took to repair the android she used to be,

there was no way to delete the previous personality, all that could be done was to separate said personality

into a different partition, and so, from time to time, memories, fantasies, dreams, fears and

nightmares from that other personality sneak into her own personality, she has memories that are not

hers, tastes that just don’t belong, and emotions that manifest themselves out of the blue, is not a

common occurrence, but it does affect her personality quite a bit, especially her understanding of the

concepts of love, friendship and sex, it all gets confusing upstairs for her from time to time.

Her interests are, for the most part, locked to geography, science, biology and philosophy, she has a

powerful interest for the past, and also for the living things that inhabit this world, particularly

those beings that are able to speak, the self absorbed and distant part of her personality relates to

this quite well, since she is constantly distracted and amazed by hte world around her, the green of

the forests, the blue of the sky, the lack of night and the evidences of a magnificent but distant

past that is being buried under the roots of a green future.

Her interest in the world around her and in the rational and intelligent

beings that populate this world lead her to be in a constant quest to

befriend and understand the ones she can talk to, which is always at

odds with her shy and introverted nature, and a reason for her to be

clumsy and awkward, her speech patterns are outstandingly proper, and so

her way to say things is incredibly strange, but also easy to understand,

their behavior fascinates her, and leads her to get herself in all

sorts of weird situations while she tries to understand those beings and

be able to interact with them in more natural and simple ways, then

again, she is quite the oddball, so she always gets herself into trouble

whenever she is in contact with intelligent and complex beings.

Her body

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 118.8 kg

Eye color: Grey / Blue

Hair color: Silver

Skin color: White

Bust: 84 cm

Since her body is just a shell that used to belong to the YoRHa Android 2B,

she shares virtually the same anatomy with the android in question, her body

is delicate, soft looking and feminine, but also athletic, strong and and

well toned and equipped, but even with that in mind, her body does have some

unique features to it, the first and most important difference between a

standard 2B and the Nameless android is the scars that the android has between

her chest and her stomach, which are quite gnarly and deep, not to

mention that some of her mechanical interior is visible because of those

wounds, her hair has the ability to grow like the one of a human being, but

most importantly, for reasons unknown, her body has male genitalia instead

of the female reproductive organs that she should have, but not only she has

a penis, her penis has a total length of 12 inches, and because of the repairs

her father had to do to her, it is a part of her anatomy that she

won’t be able to modify in any way whatsoever.

Her height is pretty much the same as the one of a standard 2B, but given

the amount of damage that her body had to endure, most of the metallic components

that were part of her body were removed, a process that reconfigured

her functions and metabolism in its entirety, making her 45% organic, an

oddity that makes her capable of eating, and also makes her much faster than

a standard issued android from YoRHa, the only problem is that her body

doesn’t have the same amount of strength than a normal android would have,

and also, she needs to eat 3 times a day, minimum.

How the Nameless android

came to be.

The Father

In a forest that grows over the torpid legacy of mankind, a machine

traipses with no aim or destination, its eyes are filled with water

and that water is leaking down its face as if it was an infinite

cascade of tears, leaving a trail of rust down its odd and circular

face, its body is eroded, dented, covered with cuts and its steps

are barely able to lift off the ground. The sad pile of scrap ends

up before a massive tree with a enormous flower garden growing over

its roots and, with absolute sorrow and grief, falls to its knees,

the weight of his loss has finally caught up to him, and there is no

greater weight to carry over your shoulders than grief.

Long ago, this machine used to be one of the most important doctors

of the entire forest, his understanding of the illnesses related to

mechanical and cybernetic life forms were outstanding and venerable,

there was no virus he couldn’t beat, mind he could not repair or memories

he could not recover or reconstruct, his work turned him into

a respected and beloved figure by the machines of the forest, along

with some circles of the android resistance settled in the city, but

to him, the true meaning of his life was not his job, or the electric

and artificial lives he has saved, but his small and beautiful

daughter, a modest sized machine that he built with his own hands, a

truly magnificent achievement that made his life meaningful.

For a while, his world was filled with jubilance, liveliness, solace and meaning, there wasn’t a cloud

in heaven that could obscure the sun over his head and no night above their heads that would be devoid

of light and splendor, he learned to love, to care, but most importantly, he learned to see the beauty

in a cruel and destructive world, ravaged by war and eroded by the sorrow of those who lose the ones

they love, and this state of bliss lasted for a total of 12 decades, give or take, machines are incapable

of growing and have a rather outstanding resistance to time and its tools of decay, their lives

are motionless in a world that is always changing, and so, when the times decide to change, machines

see themselves in a crossfire that tends to devastate them.

12 decades come and go, happiness feels like a renewable and endless resource and the world is kind to

the machine, unfortunately, the kindness of the world runs out and the times are now set on a path of

cleansing and destruction, it is unclear how this epidemic started, or where, but this virus was ruthless,

it compromised the OS in a matter of seconds and destroyed everything, killing machines in minutes,

or leaving them permanently disabled and motionless, the virus was detected a few hours after

it began to spread and the mainframe around the forest was shut down to fix the problem, but the

damage was done, the poor father tried desperately to save his daughter, bring her back, but his attempts

were to no avail, the virus was too quick and her systems had no chance against it, and to make

it worse, the virus managed to break into his system, destroying his language module and leaving him

mute for the rest of his life.

The virus came and went, leaving piles of scrap and empty shells throughout

the forest, time moved on s it usually does and the forest grew

over the deceased as it did with the torpid legacy of mankind, but the

machine was not capable of moving on, and his grief, along with his damaged

circuits, ended his legacy as a savior of lives and memories. Decades

passed by, but just like the joy he felt when she was alive, his

sorrow remained, immovable and eternal, no will to live, no plausible

way to die anytime soon either.

A broken empty shell

Time is a cruel mistress, one that will always decompose, erode and

pulverize the world and everyone in it, but time is also a forgiving

ally on occasions, giving you the chance to change your future or the

will to face it, in this particular case, the chance to fix something

that has been broken beyond repair. After his arrival to the resting

place of his child, the machine falls down to his knees and he stays

there, motionless, staring at the scraps that once were his daughter,

his mind goes back to the times where she was alive and, as usual, he

disconnects himself from the world around him, there is nothing for him

in this bleak and joyless present, and the palace of the shining past

is always there to comfort his aching soul and to keep his will to stay


This disconnection from the world prevents him from noticing that a

rather formidable and intense battle is taking place in his vecinity, a

total of 56 fighters from the forest kingdom are fighting an android

and her pod, the formidable adversary has killed 44 of them already,

and the 56 that remain are trying as hard as they can to eliminate the

threat to their kingdom, their tactics are foiled by her steel and her

skills keep her alive despite of how great the odds are against her,

her reflexes are sharp, her training is outstanding and her strength is

unquestionable, then again, no matter how strong you are, there is a

limit to what you are able to endure, and that many fiends to fight is

going to be a powerful test to her stamina and endurance.

The mass after her is not as skilled or strong as she is, but they outnumber her, and their

strategies, while sloppy in their execution, can be effective if performed correctly, and so,

seeing that their numbers have been reduced from 100 to 56, and from 56 to 21, they see themselves

in a predicament that forces them to be better at their game and to implement their

strategies correctly, their lives, and the life of their king, depend on it, this change of

pace and approach to the fight starts to get some legitimate results and the android is now

wounded, these wounds are not enough to stop her though, and the number of warriors on their

side go down from 21 to 9.

For a moment it seems that she is going to win, she is about to defeat a total of 100 machines

that have been trained in the arts of combat, and that have a sense of loyalty that only androids

should be able to feel, but her wounds weaken her attacks, make her dodges ineffective,

slow her responses, and even though she is capable of killing 99 of the 100 warriors that were

after her, the fight overwhelms her and her body collapses because of her wounds.

the lone survivor should feel content with his achievement, move on to

fight another day, but the pain and anguish of seeing so many of his

comrades die under her sword lead him to take revenge on the corpse of

his enemy, to cut, break, stab, defile and dismantle that wretched

monster that eliminated his friends, but soon, just like the android

before him, the lone survivor falls to his wounds and dies by her side,

covered in her blood, his victory was as meaningless as his life, and

his death will be another spot for the green of the forest to settle.

To make a doll

Several hours after the violent skirmish comes to an end and all the

parts involved in it die, the grieving android stands up and decides to

head back home, his daily ritual is now over and he has no reason to

stay in this part of the woods any longer, but soon after he stands

back up, his eyes bear witness to the carnage that took place around

him a few hours ago, the horror and brutality get his mind out of his

sorrow and resuscitate his desire to help others and put his abilities

up to good use, after all, regardless of how long it has taken him to

go back to his ways, once a doctor, always a doctor.

The good doctor traipses by the deceased machines, looking for survivors

or for shells that are on a good enough state to be brought back

to life, pile after pile, the machine examines the dantesque junkyard

around him, but every corpse he comes across is unfit for his needs and

desires to say the least, some of them are in such a state that it is

hard to tell if they were machines to begin with, the defeat of these

poor piles of scrap was astonishing and ruthless, the doctor moves

bodies around, lifts up severed limbs and cables, tosses heads to the

side, nothing, just a waste of his time and effort, the venerable machine

is about to give up when his eyes spot the bright red artificial

clot of a lifeless android, laying in the middle of that massive pile

of mechanical corpses, the culprit, the attacker, but also, the only

body that he will be able to fix.

At first, the machine is about to walk away and leave, the damage the android has experienced,

the devastation she has caused and the complexity of her and the technology behind her

creation and function almost make this challenge to be a pointless and absurd endeavor, but

at the same time, it would be an interesting way to move his mind away from the grief that

is eating him from the inside, perhaps fixing this android and giving life back to something

that met such a fate will help him get his life back on track and rekindle the flame

of his abandoned profession, something that he sorely needs if he wants to endure the rest

of his existence.

Fixing that mangled empty shell is no easy task, the damage she just went through, along

with the particulars of her design and the materials she is made out of make it very hard

for an android to be fixed her without proper tools, let alone a machine doctor with rusty

skills and compromised systems, the odds are not on his favor, not in the slightest, but

even then, he decides to take his chances and try his best to fix her, his time is worthless

after all so, what does it matter if he fails anyways?, not to mention that he is in

a dire need of purpose and occupation, so he might as well give himself a daunting task of

astonishing difficulty to keep himself entertained until his demise.

It takes him a total of 36 years to fix that empty shell and get her

going, 36 years of setbacks, dead ends, constant and almost pointless

scavenging and horrible mistakes, his task required him to learn

everything that is to be known about androids and their design, a

knowledge he acquired with questionable methods to say the least, all

that effort, but all those years, all of that pay off by giving him a

daughter, a beautiful, joyful, kind and curious daughter, one that reminds

him of the daughter he used to have, his life is complete once

again, but at price.

The loss of his previous daughter devastated him, damaged him and

turned him into a borderline useless pile of junk, his language core

was obliterated beyond repair, and so were 2 of his 5 cognitive processors,

he was incapable of speaking and had no way to learn other forms

of communication than the ones he already knew, he was not able to give

his new daughter a name, or to give her the love and care that she

needed, but he was able to provide for her, in his own way, he was able

to keep her safe and teach her all the knowledge he had on hacking and

machines, keep her fed, keep her safe, and when the time came for him

to die, she was there, by his side, giving his life meaning and making

it worth it despite of his loss.

The place the android lives in

She lives in the bottom of a massive industrial complex, one that used to be the size of the entire

island of manhattan, and as tall as the Burj dubai if the it had 400 meters of its structure buried in

the ground, it used to be a factory dedicated to the mass production of machines, computer parts and

transportation devices, trains mostly, it probably moved millions upon millions of machines per week,

but now it is a dark, remote and isolated place, incredibly hard to access on foot but with a total of

17 tunnels that connect this facility to all sorts of interesting areas, from abandoned subway systems

to deserts, islands, cities and forests, most of the compound she lives in is being swallowed by,

either the sea or the woods that are growing on top of it, but even with those hostile conditions, the

inside of said facility is almost completely intact, silent, motionless, but intact nonetheless.

Her quarters are located in an area that was probably a 5 star hotel for investors that was not able

to endure the assault of the elements that the industrial areas of this facility have, perhaps because

of how close this part of the compound is to the sea, her room has a total of 2 beds, 5 sofas, a massive

closet that is as big as her room, a massive computer that she was able to fix and a window that

has a gorgeous view of a massive pile of rubble covered by a dense layer of plant life, the other

floors are, either collapsed or unusable because of the excessive amount of plant life covering them,

most of the public areas of the buried hotel are still useable though, and she has turned them into

fields of vegetables that don’t need sunlight to grow, small fish hatcheries that are self sustainable,

and massive servers and supercomputers, the most powerful servers on the face of the earth.

Being specific about said servers and computers, her endless amount of free time, along

with her desire to conquer the facility she lives in and turn it into her very own

palace, has lead her to take a look at the computer mainframe of that massive compound

and dismantle it, use the parts that are scattered all over the facility and build a

total of 5 servers and 3 supercomputers, a technoligcal marvel that has created a massive

digital cloud, one that is 1.7 million times bigger than anything humanity was able

to accomplish, the purpose of this cloud is to gather, categorize and study this world,

its nature and behavior, and the supercomputers are there to hold said data and create

all sorts of models, analysis and conclusions, she wants to learn, she wants to understand,

and, in time, she wants to be able to fix herself and become less... Mechanical.

The terrain


The compound - Basic layout


The underground - Sewers system


The underground - Secret vehicle tunnels for the access and evacuation of VIPs


The underground - Subway system


The underground




The area where the android lives

Hotel and luxury area

Technology development and manufacturing area

Machine factory and testing area

Weapon’s factory and testing area

Hotel and luxury area: Section 1




Hotel and luxury area: Section 2

Hotel and luxury area: Section 3


The area where the android lives in


Airport - Bus terminal - Loading area for trucks

Manufacturing of bigger robots, autonomous machines - Testing area - Robot company offices

Storage of manufactured units -

Robot manufacturing and testing

Processing of raw materials - Recycling of scrap and

other materials

Machine factory and testing area

Fusion and Ion reactors - Loading area for trucks / Train station

Software and hardware development laboratories - Manufacturing of

personal and supercomputers - Software and hardware companies


Technology development and manufacturing area

Manufacturing of personal - light - heavy weapons

Airport - Storage of ammunition - Military contract related offices

Manufacturing of Vehicles - Autonomus - Experimental weapons

Testinng - Training areas

Weapon’s factory and testing area

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