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No Direct Market Access

Emotional and Psychological support

A Sensible risk management approach

Lack of professional Mentoring and Training

Passion, Commitment and Work Ethic

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If trading was easy, everyone would be doing it. Every dentist, lawyer and golf

pro would be multimillionaires, being able to accurately predict the next big

moves in the markets. This of course is not the case and a high percentage of

traders fail to ever make consistent profits. It requires years of training, hard

work and dedication to establish a long lasting career and is certainly not a “get

rich quick” scheme as it is often portrayed. Even experienced traders run the risk

of losing money, so when you find someone who has achieved longevity in the

industry, it is worth listening to what they have to say.

With over 20 years of experience in being able to train highly successful traders,

Futexlive is well placed to help you. Our training will help you reach your

potential and give you the best possible start in the financial markets.

During discussions with a number of consistently profitable traders at our

Futexlive offices, below are several factors they believe set them apart from

those they have seen come and go through the industry, unable to fully grasp

what it takes to make a success out of a career in trading. For their privacy we

have hidden their names.

No Direct Market


With access to the Direct Market via the Price Ladder, you are able to trade

alongside professional traders, benefiting from enhanced speeds of order

execution and price updates, in addition to exposure to the complete order book

of any market. This will enable you to gain an edge on other market participants

by interpreting the price action and turning that information into profitable

trading strategies. This is the aim of the Price Ladder Training Course.

XX was a graduate trader at Futexlive and came from a spread betting

background, it was something he did to gain exposure to the markets before

applying to companies to become a professional trader. He had been spread

betting on the Euro FX for a year and was making small profits, but found he was

struggling to really make progress. Upon joining Futexlive, he found that having

the ability to trade the same market via the Price Ladder, he could execute trades

quicker and at better prices due to there being no artificial spread. This made

trading news events considerably easier and therefore more profitable. In

addition to this, he started to get “a feel” for the markets, via the price action he

was witnessing on the price ladder, and was able to execute even more profitable

trades based on this new ability. His profitability improved greatly and he felt he

was finally competing on a level playing field.

Via our online Price Ladder Training FutexLive provides clients with the tool the

professional traders use to make a success of their career.

Emotional and

Psychological Support

We at Futexlive believe this can be the difference between a long and successful

career as a trader and having to go back into a full-time job. Being able to read

the market correctly is one thing, but being able to put on a trade and manage it

correctly is something altogether different. Being able to psychologically deal

with a big loss and come back the next day, not letting it affect how you trade is

the most underestimated skill required to be a success.

On a more personal note, having a group of family and friends who can support

you, and keep you positive when you are struggling in the markets is something

that will help you both immediately and in the long term. Futexlive take this area

of trading incredibly seriously and help guide our new traders in the matter of the


You can see how it was covered in one of our earlier classes with our Classroom

On Demand course.

A Sensible Risk

Management Approach.

Setting yourself clear boundaries in terms of profits and losses, can be the

difference between doing this as a career and just being a part-timer. The

boundaries not only have to be in place but also set to the correct percentages in

terms of account size and “clip” size of each trade. Miscalculations in either of

these may have you stopping out of a losing trade based on P&L and not

whether you are correct in your analysis. This is where a flexible and

knowledgeable approach to risk management is essential, having the software to

analyse patterns during your trading day and the right people to assess whether

to tell you to call it a day and come back tomorrow.

Something that we see is people trying their hand at trading and end up

spending more than they can afford to lose. Without the proper training and

professional support those investments are likely to be unsuccessful.

Risk management is an important part of our Trading Floor Training course

which can be taken either In House or remotely.

Lack of Professional

Mentoring and Training

There is plenty of literature out on the internet that claims to have all the information

you need to know to become a trader, and whilst they may be written by

professionals, they can never offer a complete solution. The reason being because

the markets are in a constant state of evolution and traders need to constantly adapt

to the given environment. For this very reason alone, information that you will find

on the internet can turn stale within a day as markets move to new themes and

change sentiment. Having that first-hand contact with elite, senior and even junior

traders rapidly increases the information flow and thus your learning curve.

Professional mentors and trainers can help guide you on a day-to-day basis and in a

market that is always changing, that is key! That is why Futexlive offers twice daily


A live trading floor can be a very daunting place to work, especially when in control

money. Getting live trade floor experience and access to professional traders at

Futexlive, is something that can really help you avoid panicking and making any

number of mistakes but most of all you can be sure that you will be handed down

the knowledge to compete in this highly competitive business and not make the

mistakes that cause the majority of people to lose money.

Futexlive offers the ability to join our trading floor with a low desk fee.

Passion, Commitment

and Work Ethic

Like any sport or competitive game, trading is a performance pursuit and the sad

truth is that the majority of retail traders fail in this vigorous pursuit. Although

the vast majority have the motivation to become competent, they consistently fail

to find their edge in the market because they do not stay in the game long


We at Futexlive don’t believe in motivation, we believe in captivation. We don’t

aim for competence, we aim for mastery. The only way one can achieve mastery

and expertise is through a profound passion for the markets and commitment to

your career. There are so many talented traders out there who try trading once or

twice, lose some money and then give up. Every professional trader will tell you

that losing money is part of the business, but you need to have the commitment

and work ethic to keep your process in place no matter the circumstances.

As a professional training company that has been around for over 20 years, we

have seen people fail to adapt to these pitfalls more than any others. We want to,

and believe we can, help people that are passionate about trading become

successful via FutexLive. Our courses cater for everyone’s needs, so if you have

the passion and the interest get in touch with us today!

Our Courses

Here at FutexLive we have a variety of products that have been

painstakingly designed to help develop you as a trader. Please see the

products we have on offer currently:

Virtual/Trading Floor Training – Experience our headline course (lasting 8 weeks)

from our Fleet Street Office or Online. You will learn the fundamental theory to

becoming a professional trader in the first 4 weeks. The second 4 weeks will be you

learning to interact with the market. Available at £2999 for In-House and £1499 for

Remote. Learn More: Trading Floor Training

Office Facilities - We are creating a growing community of traders in the heart of

London. Join our office located on Fleet Street and sit among like-minded traders.

Each trader has their own broker and trading platform but feels the benefit of

trading on a professional trading floor. We have 20 years of experience in the

industry and we are on hand to help progress each member to be the best trader

that they possibly can. Available from £500 per month. Learn More: Office Facilities

Price Ladder Training – Learn all of the fundamental skills required to read and trade

the Price Ladder. With over 30 videos and 20 trading drills you will be able to build

your skills on using the Price Ladder. Available for £499. Learn More: Price Ladder


Our Courses

Classroom On Demand - Experience our classroom service, in your own time and

from wherever you want via a series of recorded videos from one of our In-House

courses. Filmed over 4 weeks, with 55 videos and 535 accompanying slides, learn

the skills required to become a professional trader. Available for £599

Learn More: Classroom On Demand

Market Profile Training - Do you want to learn how to use Market Profile? Then

widely regarded as the pre-eminent expert on Market Profile, watch Daniel

Goldberg’s Classroom sections on this essential trading technique. Available for

£199. Learn More: Market Profile Training

Live Streaming - Experience our live streaming service today. You will hear the

thoughts and views of Daniel Goldberg who has over 20 years experience of

trading. The Live Streaming service will be using a closed group on Facebook

where you have the opportunity to ask questions of not only Daniel Goldberg but

other like-minded traders. Available for £29.99/Month. Learn More: Live Streaming


We thank you for reading our booklet on The Real Reasons Traders

Lose Money. We hope you have found it useful on your quest to

becoming a successful trader.

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The FutexLive team

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