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Planning your wedding starts here and now and in Dream Weddings you will find tips and hints on every aspect of your big day, from the latest collections of gowns to transport, from wedding day etiquette to up-todate fashions in flowers. You’ll also find advertisements from a whole army of local businesses, all with plenty of experience to call on. They will work with your ideas, offer creative suggestions of their own and find solutions to match every budget. They know the shortcuts and the pitfalls - and they’re fully aware of how important it is to you that everything runs smoothly. So start planning your big day. And enjoy every minute of it!














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Y congratulations...

ou’ve found the man of your dreams and you’re embarking

on one of the happiest adventures of your life. The months

ahead will be full of the most delicious decisions (what to

wear, which flowers to carry, how to decorate the tables at

the reception) and some stressful ones: if we invite Great

Aunt Agatha, can we rely on her not to come? Should we

have an intimate wedding breakfast or a buffet for scores of

friends? Will it rain? However daunting the whole organisation

seems at the outset, this is one celebration everyone wants to be

a spectacular success and you will find good wishes and friendly

faces wherever you turn for help. Planning your wedding starts

here and now and in this issue of Dream Weddings you will find

tips and hints on every aspect of your big day, from the latest

collections of gowns to ideas on music, from wedding day

etiquette to up-to-date fashions in flowers.

You’ll also find advertisements from a whole army of

local businesses, all with plenty of experience to call

on. They will work with your ideas, offer creative

suggestions of their own and find solutions to

match every budget. They know the shortcuts

and the pitfalls - and they’re fully aware of

how important it is to you that everything

runs smoothly.

So turn the page,

start planning

your big day.

And enjoy

every minute

of it!














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Check out the brand new 2018 bridal Check out the best of the counties’

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18-19 Wedding cake-off 30-35 Yummy mummy

Co-ordinate your flowers and your cake Head-turning 2018 collections for the

for the Wow! factor at your reception Mother of the Bride and Groom

20 With this ring... 36-49 Find your dream venue

Choosing that special piece of jewellery Stunning venues to suit your style and

you will wear from now until forever. budget – and entertainment to match

21-27 One step at a time 50-52 Brides’ directory

Follow our comprehensive guide

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and you’ll never put a foot wrong

all-important autumn dates for your diary

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1








2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

into the


Doesn’t time fly? And if you’re a 2018 bride, you’ll find you’ve

no sooner blinked than your wedding is upon you. In fact, if

you’re a 2019 bride, don’t be too smug about the lazy

months stretching ahead. They’ll concertina into a

nanosecond and you’ll be running round like a demented

Dervish before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’.

Hasty decisions can often be wrong and

if there’s one purchase you don’t want to

regret, it’s your wedding dress, so start

looking early and give yourself plenty of

time to find the perfect style for you.

Remember, you can’t expect to walk out

of the shop with your dress – and orders

can take up to six months to arrive.

When you’re shopping, be openminded!

Try on lots of different styles

before you settle on the one that’s

perfect for you. Listen to the advice

of the experts in the shop (you

don’t have to take it, but at least

listen to it). And

limit the number

of friends you take

with you on the trip

– too many different

opinions can be


This is the most

important outfit you

will ever buy so,

above all, have fun!







D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 3







4 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E





Whatever you do, beware of what look like

tempting offers on the internet. If a beautiful

dress comes in at a price you can’t believe,

don’t believe it: offers which look too good to

be true, almost certainly are. You’ll be

disappointed in the material, the cut, the

quality and the finish – and that’s assuming

your dress actually arrives.

Then you’ll be stuck, just a few weeks before

your wedding, desperately hunting for a

dress in the bridal boutiques you should have

visited in the first place.

You only get one opportunity to buy this

dress of a lifetime, make the most of it!

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 5




6 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E






Terrified at the whole prospect of shopping for

your wedding dress? Take a deep breath...

and then take our top tips!

Start early: It’s never too early to start looking and

it can take up to six months to get your wedding

gown from the designer. You may have to factor in

some time for alterations too.

Study shapes and styles in magazines and take

along cuttings of what you like – keep your makeup

light and absolutely no fake tan!

Set your budget before you go and don’t be

tempted to try on a dress you can’t afford just to

see what it’s like.

That’s not only wasting your time, it’s setting you

up for disappointment with the dresses you can


Be realistic: You may be planning to lose a whole

lot of weight before the big day, but buy a dress

which fits you now. It can always be taken in if you

drop a size or two, but it’s a whole lot more difficult

to let it out if you don’t.

Trust your instincts: If you have to be persuaded

that something suits you, it’s not the one. Your

dress is the one you just don’t want to take off!

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 7



8 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E








D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 9

We are Bournemouth’s

No 1 Pre-Loved

Wedding Dress Shop

Visit our beautiful boutique

for up to half the

new retail price.

Prices from

£400 to £1800

New bespoke jewellery,

veils & accessories




Boutique bridal salon & men's formalwear

Established 1983

15 High East Street, Dorchester DT1 1HH

Tel: 01305 269555 • www.wedding-time.com

1 0 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Non-traditional wedding dresses are becoming the new

trend for the contemporary bride who wants to stamp

her individuality on the biggest day of her life. Unique

wedding gowns come in a huge variety of colours,

styles, materials and silhouettes, with separates and even

trousers making a bold appearance in the new collections.

For the bride who doesn’t want to step too far out of her comfort

zone, there’s a huge range of offbeat accessories to choose from.

Flirt with a full-length cape instead of a veil, accentuate a low back

with cascades of beads, invest in jewel-bright shoes to peep out

from under that oh-so-traditional dress.

Keep the venue and style of your wedding in mind when you’re

making your choice – and make sure it suits the groom’s style

as well!





D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1 1

Beautiful bridal gowns, bridesmaids and accessories






• Designer bridal gowns

• Made to measure


• Mother of the Bride

• Bridesmaids

• Shoes and accessories

1 Rose Cottage, Southampton Road,

Landford, Salisbury SP5 2EG

Tel: 01794 390658 or 07786 162736

www.milliecouturebridal.com • milliecouture@hotmail.com

Stunning gowns from

Kenneth Winston

including Ella Rosa

and Femme for the

curvier bride

Something for every

budget Sizes 6 to 34

Appointments only

Tel: 01425 616939 or

078513 85116


404 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, Dorset, BH23 5HE.

1 2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E





Be the bride of his dreams in a beautiful gown which you

have had a hand in designing. Millie Couture Bridal,

based in a secluded private location in Salisbury,

specialises in involving brides in the design process,

whether they choose a completely bespoke dress or a

gown from the best of the British collections.

Owner Leesa Miller said: ‘Our bridal collections encompass

designers who specialise in the bespoke area, so brides don’t just

choose a gown off the rails. They have a range of styles and fabric

choices, so the dress they design becomes individually theirs.’

This unique boutique, purpose-built in the grounds of Leesa’s

home, nestles in a leafy lane between Salisbury and Southampton.

A fashion and design graduate herself, Leesa subsequently

worked in the luxury end of bridal wear before branching out

under her own name.

Now she offers not only her own bespoke styling, but also a range

of carefully chosen collections which include English Rose, Louise

Bentley, Wendy Makin, Sophia & Camilla and Felicity Cooper.

Bridal gown prices range from £850 to £2,500 and there’s a

complete range of bridesmaids’ outfits plus bridal accessories.

Millie Couture Bridal works on an appointments basis to ensure

each bride can relax and benefit from Leesa’s undivided attention.

New this season is Millie May Bridal, an affordable collection with

customisable design options from £695 up to £895, alongside

its sister collection, Millie Grace, for brides with curves.

And launching this Spring is a bespoke collection for the mother of

the bride.

Leesa said: ‘Whatever style you’re looking for, we can give you

help and advice. From beginning to end, we give 100 per cent to

each and every bride.’

For more details, call 07786 162736 or visit the website at


D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1 3


Planning your

Special Day?



...what more

could you want?


Blandford’s Little Bridal Boutique

Affordable Designer Dresses

Free Goodie Bag For Every Bride

Glass of Bubbly For You And Your Guests




Traditional or contemporary, worn

with or without a veil, the tiara is

the headdress of choice for today’s

brides. ‘Tiaras complement any

style of gown,’ says Ros Woodhouse of

Tiaras and Crowns ‘and can be worn with

upswept, worn down or short hairstyles.’

When you’re choosing your tiara bear in

mind that it should suit the shape of your

face, your wedding hairstyle and the style of your gown.

‘Diamante tiaras go with any colour of gown, says Ros, ‘while tiaras with

pearls should match either your jewellery or your gown.’

Tiaras and Crowns has a fantastic selection of bridal headdresses to

complement every bride.

For more information, call 01305

814950 or visit the website at www.tiarasandcrowns.net.

4 Georgian Passage

East Street, Blandford Forum

DT11 7DX


Get in touch to book your appointment

0797 905 4258


1 4 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E



the bank!

Brides on a tight budget can buy a quality designer dress at a fraction

of the original price at newly opened Exclusively Yours in Blandford

Forum. Here you can see not only an ever-changing array of preloved

dresses, but also stunning ex-sample and discontinued gowns which

have never been worn.

Owner Kayleigh said: ‘We are a small boutique, but we carry an exciting range

of gowns, all ready to take away and all amazingly affordable at hugely

reduced prices.’

Exclusively Yours is open three days a week for browsing and also by private

appointment at other times, including evenings and weekends.

Kayleigh said: ‘We pride ourselves on giving brides the full experience. We

offer them and their guests a glass of bubbly, they have our undivided

attention during their appointment and they get a goody bag to take home.

‘We believe every bride should have that Wow! moment when she finds her

dress, no matter what her budget.’

There’s a recommended seamstress so the dress you choose can be altered

to fit perfectly and, of course, if you want to sell it after the wedding,

Exclusively Yours will be happy to help.

For details, call 07979 054258 or visit the website at


D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1 5

The men’s formal hire department

at Chas H. Baker in Salisbury

aims to fulfil the groom’s dream

of wearing the perfect outfit.

They set out to create a relaxing

atmosphere where grooms and their

partners can take time to select the look

they want to achieve, considering their

huge range of different styles from

classic morning suits to their new blue

and light grey lounge suits matched with

a large range of waistcoats.

The formal hire department also runs

alongside the store’s wide range of

quality menswear selling high quality

brands such as Gant, Meyer, Barbour,

Magee, Seidensticker / Olymp shirts and

a large selection of suits from Label and

country jackets from Douglas and

Graham, Gurteen and many more ranges.

Chas H. Baker, established in the city over 100 years ago, is still run

by the same family – a testimony to its outstanding reputation for

quality menswear and traditional service

For more information, call 01722 324234

or visit the website at www.salisbury-suit-hire.com.

Men's Formalwear & Boutique bridal Salon

Established 1983

15 High East Street, Dorchester DT1 1HH

Tel: 01305 269555 • www.wedding-time.com

1 6 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Award-winning Dorchester boutique,

Wedding Time, now has a fully stocked

menswear department, offering not

only a complete range of formal wear

by Wilvorst for hire, but also their own slim fit

suits both for hire and to buy.

For details, call 01305 269555 or visit


Manof the


Hired formal wear or an excuse to splash out on a beautifully tailored suit? Tomorrow’s groom

is relishing the prospect of cutting a dash at his own wedding almost as much as the bride is

enjoying choosing her dress – and the trends are every bit as varied. From traditional striped

trousers and tailcoat through swirling Highland dress to lounge suits, dinner jackets and even

casual separates.

The rule is today that there are no rules – except one: whatever you do, match the bride’s style. If she’s

going for a glorious traditional wedding dress, you’ll look ridiculous if you turn up in jeans and T-shirt.

Conversely, if she’s going boho with flowers in her hair, top hat and tails are unlikely to be an option

for you.

Most grooms choose to hire their formal outfits – but do make sure you choose a reputable outfitter,

who will fit you properly. It’s a good idea for the bride and groom to go for the initial consultation on

their own. Then they can choose exactly what the men in the bridal party are going to wear.

Arrange a fitting for everyone well in advance of the big day and expect to pick up your suits a couple of

days before the wedding. If you’re going on honeymoon immediately after the wedding, do organise for

all the hired suits to be returned a couple of days later.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1 7

Award winning bespoke wedding cakes

tel. 01202 539120 | mob. 07789 000387

email. coastcakes@btinternet.com


Beautiful, creative

& unique

cakes designed

for you

Tel: 01202 572021

1528, Wimborne Road, Kinson,

Bournemouth BH11 9AF



07958 984554 | 01672 540520



Speciality Cakes of Bournemouth pride themselves on

providing personalised designs to fit all wedding themes

and budgets. They are highly skilled in cake decorating

and provide celebration cakes in a huge range of flavours.

For a free personal consultation and advice, call 01202 572021

or visit www.specialitycakes.biz.

1 8 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

THIS PAGE: Jennifer Bronsell

of Bournemouth-based Coast

Cakes is an award-winning

cake artist who is a preferred

supplier to many of the top

wedding venues in Dorset and


A qualified chef, she promises

both excellent service and

outstanding quality.

For details, call

01202 539120 or visit



Flowers and cakes: two of the details which stamp

your wedding style on your wedding reception.

Consider them in tandem, so they complement

each other as well as your wedding theme

and colours.

They can be chic and elegant, rustic and boho, formal,

contemporary or even quirky and tongue-in-cheek.

There’s a limitless choice in everything from bouquet

shapes to cake decoration, so an early visit to both your

florist and your cake designer will help you narrow the

field. You won’t have to make a final decision at this

point, but you can book your date and take away some

delicious ideas to play with.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 1 9

Going for


Once all the excitement

of the big day is over,

one part of your

wedding will stay with

you every day of your

married life, your wedding ring.

No other piece of jewellery will

ever match it in significance, so

we asked fine jewellers Charles

Nobel, of New Milton, for their top


Start shopping for your ring or rings around three months before the big day.

That will give your jeweller enough time to ensure you get the perfect fit in

your chosen style.

Your ring should last a lifetime and may even be handed down as a family

heirloom, so it should be robust enough to stand everyday wear and the test

of time. It’s worth buying the best quality ring you can afford.

Your wedding ring will often be worn with your engagement ring, so it has to

sit well with it. Shaped wedding rings to fit around the engagement ring, often

diamond set, are currently in great demand.

If you are both having wedding rings, remember they don’t have to be the

same shape and style – and while there’s no harm in being innovative and

individual, be a little wary of high fashion rings which may date easily. Your

wedding ring should be as beautiful and precious to you on your Diamond

Anniversary as it is on your wedding day.

And finally, get your wedding ring insured – one in four people lose theirs

before their fifth anniversary!

For more details, call 01425 616347 or visit the website at


2 0 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

The Engagement

Traditionally, the first thing to do after telling

your family and close friends about your

forthcoming marriage is to announce your

engagement in your local and/or a national

newspaper. Do check how much it will cost

before you place the announcement.

It will usually read:

The engagement is announced between Michael,

elder son of Mr and Mrs David Jones, of Downend,

Bristol and Jennifer Anne, only daughter of Mr and

Mrs Simon Hayes, of Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Though the habit of giving engagement presents

has now fallen somewhat into disuse, if you are

lucky enough to receive some, don’t forget to write

and thank the senders.

Getting down

to Business

The very first things you must decide about

your wedding are where, when - and how

much. The most popular days for weddings

are Saturdays and the most popular months are

from May right through to September. If your

plans follow that pattern, be aware that the most

popular venues get booked up very early, so set

the date and book the venues as soon as

possible after your engagement.

Talk to both sets of parents about setting

budgets and who is going to pay for what.

It is increasingly common for bridesmaids to pay

for their own dresses, but if they do you should

allow them some say in what they are going to

wear. If you plan to pay for them yourself, you

can choose their outfits.

Your wedding will probably be the biggest

party you ever throw - which means it will

probably also be the most expensive. So it’s

vital that you set your budget and stick to it.

Nowadays it’s becoming much more common

for the bride and groom themselves and even

the groom’s parents to contribute towards the

cost. Again, whoever is contributing to the

cost should have some say in how the money

is spent.


Plan ahead for

your perfect day

So how much is it all

going to cost?

Basically, the answer is as much or as little as

you want it to. An intimate ceremony with

lunch in your favourite pub for your closest

family and friends can be every bit as special as a

huge event at a top venue for hundreds of guests.

If you’re working on a limited budget, decide what’s

most important to you and spend your money on

that. Maybe you want a really spectacular dress and

are prepared to do without a flashy car to take you

to the reception. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted

to arrive at your wedding in a pony and trap, and will

settle for fewer guests.

Whatever you decide, do remember that many

guests may be coming a long way and spending

a lot of money simply to attend your wedding, so

it’s often better to look after a small number of

people well than to invite more than you can

comfortably cater for.

The important thing is that it’s your day and the last

thing you want to be worrying about is how you’re

going to find the money to pay for it. So be realistic

when you’re setting your budget - and remember

that, with a little imagination, you can make your

money go a lot further.

Your budget will need to cover:

• Wedding ring(s)

• Wedding dress

• Bridesmaids’ and attendants’ outfits

• Groom’s suit

• Stationery

• Flowers

• Fees for the ceremony

• Reception venue, food and drink

• Wedding cake

• Photographs/video

• Wedding transport

• Thank you gifts for best man and attendants

• Going away outfits

• Honeymoon





the bride’s parents pay for:

• Announcements in the newspapers

• All the wedding stationery

• Bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses

• Transport for the bridal party to the

ceremony and from the ceremony

to the reception

• Flowers for the church and the reception

• The reception itself

• The wedding cake

The groom

traditionally pays for:

• All the fees - whether for church

officials (including vicar, organist,

choir, bellringers) or for the registrar

and civil licence.

• Bouquets for the bride and

bridesmaids, sprays of flowers for the

bride’s mother and his own mother and

buttonholes for himself, the best man

and the ushers.

• Engagement and wedding rings for the


• Presents for the best man and the

bride’s attendants.

• Transport to the ceremony for himself

and the best man and to the reception for

himself and the bride

• The honeymoon.

Planning Makes Perfect

cut out and keep

Much though we hate to say it, things can

go wrong at a wedding and it’s some

consolation to know that you won’t lose

out financially if they do. Insurance policies on

offer cover everything from damage to your

wedding dress to loss of deposits due to

cancellation of the wedding and theft of wedding

presents. Do get quotes before you decide which

one to take out - and do read the small print to

see exactly what each policy covers.

Should unforeseen circumstances mean the

postponment or cancellation of your wedding,

guests can either be notified by telephone or by

a personal or printed note saying:

Mr and Mrs Simon Hayes announce that the

wedding of their daughter Jennifer Anne to Mr

Michael Jones will be postponed until (date)/will

not now take place. If you have announced the

engagement in the newspaper, it would be

appropriate to place a similarly worded notice

there too.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 2 1

Planning Makes Perfect

The invitations...

Your wedding stationery is the first clue day.

your guests will have about the style of Invitations should be sent out six weeks before

your wedding, so it’s worth taking time to the wedding (see panel for suggested

choose something appropriate. wording), but many couples now use an early

If you’re planning a big formal affair, stiff cards and warning system in the form of a Save the Date

high quality envelopes will sing and dance card – particularly useful if your wedding is

traditional glamour.

planned for the busy summer months when

If your wedding theme is vintage or rustic, some of your most desired guests are likely to

you can go for floral decoration or vintage be taking holidays.

lace embellishments. Chic and classical? Allow your stationer or printer about three

Try contemporary stripes or bold colours. Going months to complete your order.

for a theme? Then match your stationery to it. Apart from Save the Date and invitation

Once you’re chosen the style, all your wedding cards, you’re going to need order of service

stationery should be in keeping, presenting a sheets (one for each guest plus a few

unified theme for the whole

spares), menus for the reception, place cards,

perhaps a table plan.

It’s always a good idea to include maps with your

invitations to help guests find their way easily, plus

details of where guests can park and, for those

who are coming long distances, a selection of

recommended accommodation.

For guests of the groom’s family, the groom’s

mother should send a list of names and addresses

to the bride’s mother so she can issue the


As a matter of courtesy, an invitation should be

English Rose

...and what they should say

The traditional invitation, with the

bride’s mother and father acting as

hosts, is worded as follows:

Mr and Mrs Simon Hayes request the

pleasure of your company at the marriage of

their daughter Jennifer Anne to Mr Michael

Jones at St Benedict’s Church,

Bournemouth on Saturday August 19th at

2pm and afterwards at The County Hotel,

Bournemouth RSVP 10 Marigold Gardens,


In this form, the names of the guests

are handwritten in the top left hand

corner of the invitation.

Alternatively a space is left in the invitation

for the guests’ names:

Mr and Mrs Simon Hayes request the

pleasure of the company of


at the marriage of their daughter

Jennifer Anne (etc)

Invitations for civil ceremonies and

partnerships follow the same pattern.

Make it clear precisely who is being

invited. For a married couple, Mr and

Mrs John Jeffries; for a family, Mr and

Mrs John Jeffries, Jeremy and Jemima.

If you’re hosting the wedding

yourselves, change the

wording accordingly.

Invitations to the evening reception

only should be worded as follows:

BELOW: Invitations by Hand

sent to the groom’s parents and to the minister

and his wife. When ordering your invitations,

remember you’ll only need one for each family,

plus a few spares for emergencies.

“...It’s always a

good idea to

include maps with

your invitations to

help guests find

their way easily...”

LEFT: English Rose Wedding Stationery

BELOW: Coral Wedding Invitations

2 2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Mr and Mrs Simon Hayes request the

pleasure of your company at an

evening reception to celebrate the

marriage of their daughter Jennifer

Anne to Mr Michael Jones at The

County Hotel, Bournemouth on

Saturday August 19th at 8pm

RSVP 10 Marigold Gardens,


cut out and keep

cut out and keep


To marry at a register office or building approved

for civil ceremonies, your first step is to contact

the registrar and/or venue to confirm registrar

and date are available.

Then both bride and groom must each give

notice of the wedding in person at the register

office covering the area where they live (and

where they must have been in residence for at

least seven days).

If you both live in the same district you should

attend the register office together - but whether

you do or not, ring your local office first as many

now operate appointment systems.

Each of you will have to produce evidence of your

name, age, marital status and nationality - for

example, a current valid full passport. If you

don’t have one, you’ll need two documents - for

example a birth certificate and utility bill.

The fee for giving notice is £35 each and,

normally, notices should be with the registrar

about eight weeks before the marriage. If either of

you have been married before, the notices should

be given 10 weeks before.

The minimum period before the date of the

proposed marriage is 28 days, but if you leave

things as late as this you could be faced with the

need to postpone your marriage.

In exceptional circumstances the Registrar

General may consider waiving the waiting period.

A notice of marriage is valid for 12 months.




Entrance of the bride •

Hymn • The marriage • Prayers

Hymn or psalm • Blessing

Signing of the register • Recessional


Over the past few years since a change

in the law many thousands of venues

throughout the country have become

licensed to hold civil weddings. They range

from hotels to stately homes, zoos to football

clubs. You still have to give notice of your

intention to marry in the same way as you do

for register office weddings and, in the same

way, you can personalise the ceremony to

suit yourselves although no religious music

is allowed. Though this option costs more

than a register office ceremony - you will

have to pay for the hire of the room and it

costs more to have the registrar travel to you

- it is becoming increasingly popular as

the trend away from church weddings


The Ceremony

church or civil

Religious or civil, register office or one of the new approved

venues, a wedding can take place on any day of the week

between 8am and 6pm. While most still take place on Saturdays,

Fridays are gaining in popularity allowing guests travelling a fair

distance to make a long weekend of the celebrations.

Church Weddings

The Church of England welcomes couples

who want to marry in church whatever

their beliefs, whether or not they are

christened and whether or not they are regular

churchgoers, though same sex couples are

currently limited to civil ceremonies.

A marriage conducted in church will include

asking for God’s guidance and blessing, adding

a spiritual dimension to the ceremony which

many couples find particularly special and


Your first step is to find a church, which need

not necessarily be your local one, and arrange

an appointment with the vicar so you can get to

know him or her and complete some forms.

The vicar will explain the church fees and the

system of reading the banns.

Banns are the public announcement of your

marriage and legally must be called in church

for three Sundays during the three months

before the wedding. They have to be read in the

parish where each of you lives and also

in the church where you will

marry, if this is different.

Although the vows you make

to each other in church are

those which have been

handed down through

generations, you still have a

huge amount of influence

over the service.

You can choose your hymns

and music, readings and

what prayers you would like

and family and friends can

contribute to the service.

Marrying abroad



Though the Roman Catholic church does not

condone divorce, there are some

circumstances in which the Church of

England will marry divorced people, so it’s

worth consulting your vicar. Even if you are

limited to a civil ceremony, some ministers

will offer a Service of Blessing afterwards.

It’s important to establish early on what the

church’s policy is on photographs or video

being taken during the service, whetherany

secular music is allowed and on the throwing of

confetti within the church grounds.

Ask too about other couples marrying on the

same day as it may be possible to share the

cost of the church flowers.

Religious services in churches outside the

established Church of England require a licence

from the authorised registrar of your area and

will have different requirements, so see your

priest or minister as early as possible.


Combining your wedding with the holiday of a lifetime is gaining in popularity with exotic destinations luring

an increasing number of couples. The sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean, the Maldives and Bali are

among the most popular choices and many tour operators now offer all-inclusive packages. The legal

requirements for each country may differ but generally if a marriage is recognised as legally binding in the

country in which it takes place, it will be recognised in the UK as well. Consult your tour operator and allow at

least three months for all the paperwork to be properly processed.

Planning Makes Perfect

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 2 3

Planning Makes Perfect

The Best Man

If the bride is the star of the wedding show, the

best man is the kingpin of a successful wedding

day, so make sure your groom chooses him with

care. However tempting it might be to choose the

joker who’s the life and soul of every party, you’re

far better off with someone who will take his

responsibilities seriously, keep all the

organisation under control and leave you to

enjoy your day without any niggling worries

about how many guests have been stranded at

the church. The part that worries most best

men is the speech, but that should be the least

of their problems. The best man’s job, in a

nutshell, is to support the groom both in the

run-up to the wedding and on the day itself.

Before the wedding,

the best man should:

• Make sure he keeps himself up to date with

all the arrangements, liaising regularly with

the groom and the bride’s family

• Check the hiring, cleaning or collecting of suits

for himself and the groom

• Check the ordering of the flowers for the bride

and her attendants, sprays for the two

mothers and buttonholes for himself, the

groom and other immediate members of the


• Check the printing and collection of order of

service sheets and make sure that the ushers

know what their duties are

• Check arrangements for the first night and

honeymoon are in place and that necessary

passports and visas are in order

• Organise the groom’s stag night - preferably

some days in advance of the wedding - and

make sure the groom gets home safely


• Check the rings have been collected

• Check the transport for the bridal party both to

the ceremony and from there to the reception

• Organise accommodation for the groom and

himself the night before the wedding

• He might also be asked to help with

accommodation for guests and to liaise with

live musicians or disco both before and during

the reception.

On the day

• Take the groom’s going away clothes to the

reception venue

• Check the service sheets are delivered to the

church for the ushers to hand out to guests as

they arrive

• Make sure the groom arrives for the ceremony in

good time

• Hold the ring(s) until the appropriate moment in

the ceremony when they should be handed to

the groom or the minister

• Pay all the church fees on the groom’s behalf

before the ceremony

• Sign the register as a witness to the marriage

• Get the bridal party together for photographs

• Make sure the ushers arrange lifts to the

reception for any guests who need them

• Escort the bride and groom to the bridal car and

then escort the bridesmaids to the reception



• Liaise with the toastmaster or, if there isn’t

one, assume those duties himself - these

include announcing the speeches and the

cutting of the cake

• Reply to the groom’s toast to the bridesmaids

with a brief, polite and - if possible - funny speech

before reading out the cards and telegrams

• Announce the newlyweds’ departure from the

reception and ensure they have all

their tickets and luggage

• Make sure all the guests have

transport to their accommodation

• Arrange for any wedding presents

taken to the reception to be taken


• Take the groom’s wedding clothes

from the reception and, if necessary,

return hired suits.

The speech

When it comes to the speech, all the

advice is: Resist the temptation to

tell any juicy stories whatsoever

from the couple’s past. The escapades may have

been hilarious, but now is not the time for

embarrassing reminders about past romances

or past quarrels between the happy pair.

Because the best man’s speech is generally

regarded as the prime entertainment at the

reception, getting it together can be a daunting

prospect - but don’t panic. If you can tell jokes -

clean ones, please - that’s fine, but a short,

polite and sincere speech wishing the couple

every happiness will fit the bill just as well.

Unless you’re experienced at this sort of thing,

write down exactly what you want to say and

practise it. Don’t be tempted to wing it on the day.

The three essential parts of the speech are to

thank the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids

for his kind words about them, to read the cards

and telegrams that have arrived and to

announce the cutting of the cake.

The chief bridesmaid

The bride’s equivalent of a best man also needs to be chosen with care as it is she who will support the

bride in the run-up to the ceremony and on the day itself. Though her duties aren’t as arduous as those

of her male equivalent, they’re every bit as important in ensuring the bride has a worry-free day.



• Arranges the hen night and make sure the bride gets home safely

• Arranges for the bride’s going away outfit and honeymoon

luggage to be taken to the reception venue

• Helps the bride to dress for the ceremony

• Makes sure the flowers and bouquets have arrived on


• Supervises the other bridesmaids and attendants and

assembles them at the church ready for the arrival of the bride

• Arranges the bride’s dress and veil before the procession

down the aisle

• Takes the bride’s bouquet at the start of the wedding service and carries it to the vestry ready to give back

to the bride after the signing of the register

• Keeps an eye on young attendants during the reception

• Helps the bride change from her wedding dress into her going away outfit

• Arranges for the wedding dress to be returned home

2 4 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E


Church weddings normally have

three ushers who should arrive at

the church about 40 minutes before

the wedding is due to start.

Their principal job is to hand out the order

of service sheets to guests as they arrive

and show them to their seats - friends and

family of the bride on the left of the

aisle, friends and family of the groom on

the right.

They should make sure one of them pays

special attention to the groom’s parents and

the bride’s mother as they arrive and

escorts them to their places.

They should also help the best man

organise lifts to the reception for guests

who may need them.

cut out and keep

cut out and keep

Who does what

- and when...

If you think military precision takes the fun out of a

wedding, you’d be wrong. The essence of a trouble-free

day is that everyone knows where they’re supposed

to be and what they’re supposed to be doing.

Your civil

ceremony explained

Gone are the days when a civil marriage was a

hasty 15-minute affair, conducted in a small

room at the register office. Nowadays many

register offices have light, spacious ceremony

rooms or suites accommodating reasonably large

wedding parties and even a separate bride’s

waiting room and garden for photographs.

A large number of venues are now also licensed

for civil ceremonies and the only major restriction

is that no religious music or reading may be used.

Otherwise, you may personalise your ceremony in

terms of vows, readings, music, dedicating

candles and lots more. The registrar will offer help

and advice in planning your ceremony and will

normally meet you a few weeks in advance to go

over the format which could be:

• Pre-arrival music

• Entrance music

• Welcome by the registrar

• Reading

• Legal declarations and vows

• Promises and exchange of rings

• Signing the register

• Reading or music

• Presentation of the certificate

• Leaving music

You can also have a ‘dual’ ceremony – after a

short ceremony at the register office to fulfil the

legal requirements, you can have a further

ceremony of your choosing in front of family and

friends on the beach or in a woodland glade, for


Most registrars will try to be as flexible as

possible to accommodate individual requests

and they will lead you through your declarations,

vows and promises.

The one thing you must do is agree all of your

selections in advance to ensure they comply with

the law.



The bride and groom should always be

the first to leave the reception.

The best man announces their

departure after they have changed into

their going away clothes and, if the

bride is going to throw her bouquet,

she should do so just before she

leaves for her honeymoon.

At the Reception

The formal receiving line at the reception should take

the following order:

Bride’s parents

Groom’s parents

Bride and Groom

Chief bridesmaid

and best man

After the meal, the best man

(or toastmaster, if you

have one) introduces the

speeches in the following


The bride’s father (or an

old family friend) always

speaks first, welcoming

the guests to the reception

and his new son-in-law to

the family. He will

complement the bride

and often thanks her

mother for their many

happy years together. He ends by proposing the toast to

the bride and groom.

The groom replies to his father-in-law’s toast, thanking

him and the bride’s mother for their daughter, for their

welcome into the family and for the reception (the

wording can be discreetly changed here if the

newlyweds and/or the groom’s parents have contributed

to the expense).

He thanks the guests for coming to celebrate the day

and for the presents they have given. He thanks his best

man and the bride’s attendants for the help they have

given to the bride. He then proposes the toast to the

Order of service

The order of service is variable and your

minister or priest will advise you. Often a

hymn is sung after the bride’s procession,

followed by readings and an address by the


The marriage itself follows. The minister asks:

“Who giveth this woman to be married to this

man?” and the bride’s father silently gives his

daughter’s right hand to the minister, who passes

it to the groom.

The bride’s father takes his seat beside the bride’s


The vows are made and the best man may either

pass the ring(s) to the groom or they may be

placed on the minister’s prayer book before he

passes them to the groom.

Arrival at the


The ushers should arrive about 40 minutes before

the ceremony is due to begin

The groom and best man should arrive about 15

minutes before the ceremony is due to begin

The bridesmaids and attendants should arrive about

five minutes before the ceremony is due to begin

The bride’s mother should be the last to arrive before

the bride - when she is shown to her seat that is a

signal to the congregation that the wedding is about

to start

The bride will be met on her arrival at the church by

the minister, who precedes the bride and her father

down the aisle As the congregation rises, the groom

and best man take their places at the chancel steps

The order of the bride’s procession is: Minister,

Bride on her father’s right arm, Attendants.


bridesmaids. Now

girl power is more

firmly established, it

is not uncommon

now for the bride to

say a few words and

if she chooses to

do so, she should

speak after her new

husband. This is a

good opportunity for

her to thank all the

people who have

helped her plan the big

day, to thank her own

parents for all their support and to thank the groom’s

parents for welcoming her into their family.

Last of the speeches is always the best man, who

replies to the groom’s toast to the bridesmaids,

wishes the happy couple well, read the cards and

telegrams and announces the cutting of the cake.

Many weddings now include an evening dance or

disco. Before it begins, the best man should make

sure the bride and groom are ready to take the floor

first, followed by the bride’s parents, the groom’s

parents, the best man and chief bridesmaid.

The best man then returns to his seat.

After the ceremony, the minister leads the

couple to the altar for prayers, possibly a hymn

or psalm and a final blessing. The minister then

leads the couple to the vestry to sign the register

and they are usually joined by their parents, the

best man and the chief bridesmaid. The signing

of the register must be witnessed by two adults

and it is at this point that the bride raises her veil.

While this is taking place, the choir may sing or

the organist play a piece of music.

The bridal procession then leaves the church in

the following order:

Bride and groom

Young attendants

Chief bridesmaid with the best man

Bride’s mother with the groom’s father

Groom’s mother with the bride’s father.

If you are having bells, they will peal out at

this point.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 2 5

Planning Makes Perfect

Those all-important

The Photographs

If you’re anything like most brides, your wedding

day will fly by all too quickly and the best way of

reliving it in the months and years to come will be

through your photographs.

Though lots of your friends and family will take

pictures on the day, it’s always a good idea to book

a professional photographer for shots you can look

back on with pleasure.

Your choice of photographer should be based on

whether you like the type of work he or she does.

Visit a selection and ask to see examples of their

work from recent weddings. See how the

photographer has chosen his settings and make

sure there’s a mixture of different types of shots. If

the firm you visit employs several photographers,

find out who has taken the pictures you like best and

make sure you book that specific photographer for

your day - and find out what happens if that

photographer is suddenly not available.

Discuss whether you want formally posed shots, or

whether you would like the photographer to take

informal pictures as they happen. Find out whether

proofs will be available at the reception.

Your photographer may well know the church and

the reception venue you have chosen, but if he

doesn’t, check he will visit both before the day so he

can choose the best locations.

Make sure you get a written quotation which

specifies exactly how many

photographs will be taken, at

what points during the day

and how much extra prints

will cost.

If you want photographs

taken in the church, check

that the priest is happy for

this to happen and at what

points during the service.


The Cake

Ideally your cake should be ordered

at least three months before the

wedding. Though the tradition is

for a multi-tiered fruit cake, the rich

variety of styles and designs now

means you can have anything from

profiteroles to a rich chocolate fudge.

The only thing to remember is that it

will have to be big enough to give

everyone a slice at the reception and to send

slices to absent friends. Traditionally the top tier

of a wedding cake was kept for the christening of

the first child - if you want to follow that tradition,

you’ll have to opt for a cake that will last that

long. Ask to see designs of wedding cake and

find out whether bakers will create one to your

own specifications. Try to match the style of cake

to the style of your wedding - and remember that

The Transport

It’s lovely to have a luxury chauffeur-driven limousine to drive you to the ceremony - and it’s also a

practical choice. You can be sure you’ll arrive on time and with all that room in the car, you won’t have

to worry about your dress getting creased.

Normally the best man drives the groom to the ceremony and then takes the car to the reception. But

you will need transport for the bride’s mother and bridesmaids (who usually travel together) and for the

bride and her father to the ceremony and for the principals from

the ceremony to the reception. Whether you want a traditional

Rolls Royce, a classic Daimler, a convertible Cadillac, a stretch

The Video

Much the same advice applies to choosing a videographer

as to choosing a photographer. Make sure you see

samples of recent work, make sure the videographer

you get is the one whose work you like best.

Again check with the priest first whether he is prepared

to give permission for filming during the ceremony.


you can save money on the reception by

choosing a wedding cake which will double as a

dessert. If you do this, you might want to cut

your cake early at the reception, so it can be cut

up ready to serve at the appropriate time.

You will need the cake to be delivered to the

reception venue on the morning of the wedding -

and don’t forget to check that the venue has a

cake stand and knife you can use.

limo or even a horse and carriage, contact a variety of

companies in your area and ask to see the cars themselves, not

just pictures of them.

Some companies offer a service which includes flowers in the

cars and a glass of champagne for the bride and groom on their

way to the reception. Check exactly what’s included in the price

and get a written quotation.

The Flowers

The cost of your flowers depends very much on the time of year, so if you

want a huge display don’t choose the middle of winter when you’ll have to

pay a fortune for sufficient blooms.

Spring and early summer are when the biggest choice of blooms is available - it’s

something of a myth that flowers are easy to come by in the height of summer -

though at other times of year dramatic effects can be achieved with foliage.

Your florist will help you match both the colours and the arrangement of your flowers to the

style of the wedding, teasing out the shades of your bridesmaids’ dresses, matching the

men’s buttonholes and styling the arrangements for both church and reception to help

you create an atmosphere which may be country style, dreamily romantic, classically

elegant or even based on a theme.

2 6 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E




cut out and keep

cut out and keep

As this is likely to be

the most expensive

part of your

wedding day, it’s

important to set the standard

early on in your planning.

Popular venues get booked up

well in advance, particularly

on Saturdays during the peak

wedding months so make

sure of your choice by

booking as early as you can.

Do also make sure you

confirm all the details with the

venue in writing, paying

particular attention to what is

included in the price.

Depending on your budget, you can have

anything from a buffet catered for at home by

family and friends to hiring outside caterers for a

church or village hall to a formal sit-down meal at

a hotel followed by an evening dance.

A sit-down meal is obviously the most expensive

option, but there are all sorts of alternatives from

drinks and canapes to a buffet or even a

barbecue. Whichever you choose, do make sure

there are plenty of chairs for people to sit down

while they’re eating - standing up balancing a

drink and a plate while trying to eat is virtually

never comfortable for guests.

If you choose a hotel, do try to eat there and

sample the food before making your booking.

Check such details as corkage, parking space and

whether the hotel will offer a cake stand and knife

and a room for the bride and groom to change

into their going away outfits. Many hotels offer a

package which includes the services of a

toastmaster and a complimentary room for

the first night of the honeymoon. Once

you have chosen your venue, confirm in

writing what you understand is included

in the price.

Drinks for your guests will take up a

large part of your budget. It’s

reasonable to assume each will drink

one or two glasses on arrival at the

reception, three or four glasses with

their meal and another glass with the


A right royal reception

Whether it’s a small buffet for a few close family and friends or a lavish do at

the smartest of venues, your reception is the big celebration of your wedding -

a chance for people to share your happiness and an opportunity for you to

thank them for their presents and for coming to see you married.

Though champagne is the traditional

wedding drink, you can offer sherry,

Chief bridesmaid

Pimms or Bucks Fizz on arrival and wine with the

meal, saving the champagne - or, indeed a good

sparkling wine - for the toasts. For reference, you

will get between 10 and 12 glasses of sherry to

each bottle and between six and eight glasses of

wine or champagne per bottle. Do remember to

provide plenty of soft drinks for children and

adults who prefer them or who may be driving.

Allow between half and one litre per person.

There can be a long break between ceremony and

reception while photographs are being taken and

some couples are now offering a glass of sherry

outside the church and perhaps live music to

entertain guests as they arrive at the reception.

The usual order of events at the reception is:

The receiving line

The meal

Speeches and toasts

Cutting of the cake (though some couples prefer to

do this before the speeches to allow it to be cut and


Departure of bride and groom

Top Table Seating Plan

Groom’s father

Bride’s mother



Bride’s father

Groom’s mother


Best Man

If you are having a sit-down

meal, it is essential to have

a seating plan. Try to put

together tables of people

who you think will get on

well together. The top table

seating plan for a sit-down

meal is shown below.

Don’t feel hidebound by what

you think a traditional

wedding breakfast should

consists of - nowadays

anything goes, from bangers

and mash and jam roly-poly

to pasta with wedding cake

for dessert. It’s also worth

remembering you may need to cater for vegetarians or

guests on special diets.

Do give considerable thought to the room and table

decorations and the lighting at your reception. Flowers

should match the theme colours of the wedding and a

little money spent on atmospheric lighting can make

an enormous difference.

Favours for guests range from the traditional small

baskets of sugared almonds or fortune cookies to little

books of love poems.

Crackers and balloons always help create an

atmosphere and many couple now put a disposable

camera on each table, so guests can record for you

the parts of your reception that you missed on

the day!

If you are having a number of small children at your

wedding, it’s worth giving some thought as to whether

you can organise a creche - both to stop the

youngsters getting bored and to give their parents a

chance to enjoy themselves without worrying

about what their offspring are up to.


it’s always nice to have a formal or semiformal

receiving line to welcome your

guests. This ensures that you get the

chance to meet everybody and

accept their congratulations.

The bride’s parents, as the hosts are

usually first in the receiving line,

followed by the groom’s parents,

the bride and groom and then the

bridesmaids and attendants.

Planning Makes Perfect

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 2 7

2 8 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E


PMN wedding fairs



My fair lady

Returning for its 24th year from Friday, February 9 to Sunday, February

11, is the much anticipated Bournemouth International Centre

Wedding Show, which brings together hundreds of inspirational

wedding and civil partnership ideas from over 100 experts, all keen to

get involved with the big day celebrations.

As always, the event promises to create a PHOTO BY ROSIE CUTBILL

relaxed experience, designed to inspire

couples planning their big day and help

them tick off the all-important to-do list.

The exhibition will feature an entertaining

catwalk fashion show, unveiling styles and

trends for all budgets. Visitors can consult

wedding specialists about making the right

choices to ensure a perfect wedding day.

The weekend will see a full programme of

events, with performances from wedding

entertainers, and a Groom Zone for visitors

to stop off for a break.

‘This will be my 11th year co-ordinating the BIC Wedding Show,’ says Nicola

Coney, Senior Event Co-ordinator. ‘It’s great to see so many couples visit this

event and gather inspiration for their big day. Planning a wedding can be

hectic, so being able to meet wedding suppliers and specialists all under one

roof at the BIC Wedding Show is a big help for weds-to-be.’

The BIC Wedding Show starts at 5pm on Friday 9 February 2018. Tickets

can be bought online at bhlivetickets.co.uk, by phone on 0844 576 3000 or

at Bournemouth Pavilion and Bournemouth International Centre box

offices. Visitors can also pay on the day. To enquire about stand

availability, email exhibitions@bhlive.org.uk.

More dates & venues

added regularly...

7th January

Marriott Hotel Meon

Valley, Southampton

21st January

Holiday Inn,


4th February

Winchester Royal Hotel,


18th February

Holiday Inn,

Titchfield, Fareham

22nd April

Best Western Royal Beach

Hotel Southsea, Hants

3rd June

Holiday Inn

Titchfield, Fareham

Something Blue

Wedding Fayre

Holiday Inn,


Sunday 21st January

11am - 3pm

A Vintage Afternoon

Wedding Fayre

Mercure Winchester

Wessex Hotel

Sunday 4th February

1pm - 4.30pm

Secret Garden

Wedding Fayre


Cathedral Gardens

Sunday 25th March

11am - 3pm

Please visit www.littlestarevents.co.uk

07894 915114 • e: gem@littlestarevents.co.uk

28th January

Holiday Inn,

Southsea, Hants

24th June

Holiday Inn


All fairs 11am until 3.30pm

Tel: 02380 560073 or 07885 834476

For a comprehensive list of all our shows, please

visit www.weddingexhibitionpromotions.co.uk

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601462 or visit


A whole

different wedding...

For sheer indulgent decadence, you can’t beat a chocolate fountain

at your reception. Dip bite-sized pieces of fresh fruit, homemade

biscuits and other goodies in a warm cascade of luxury Belgian chocolate and

savour the sensation. Well established family business, Chocolate Fountains of

Dorset, offers packages to suit all budgets, starting at just £295 for two fountains.

Call 01202 890033 or visit www.chocolatefountainsofdorset.co.uk

for more details.

3 0 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E




It’s Mother’s

day too!

She’s the second most important

lady of the day and at a formal

wedding she’s the hostess, so

the Mother of the Bride can have

almost as much fun choosing her outfit as

the bride herself. Mums look, feel and act

much younger than they used to – they

may be Mums, but they don’t want to look

mumsy. And when it comes to dressing

for your daughter’s (or your son’s)

wedding there are only a few rules to bear

in mind.


with the bridesmaids’ outfits and with the

Mother of the Groom – you don’t want to

stick our like a sore thumb in the



Buy an outfit that makes you feel like a

million dollars, but that you’re

comfortable wearing. Traditional tailored

Mother of the Bride outfits are stunning,

but if they’re not you, go for something

that is. If you’re happiest in trousers, top

them with an elegant, floaty coat and

choose a fabulous top to change into for

the evening reception.


The most beautiful outfits can be completely spoiled by the wrong

accessories. When you go to choose your hat, bags and shoes, take

your outfit with you and try the whole ensemble together so you can

see the full effect.


It’s the finishing touch to your outfit, but if it’s an informal wedding or

you just don’t feel right, try the wonderful feather fascinators which

are so popular and so easy to wear. If you’ve spent a fortune on your

outfit and can’t justify buying a hat, think about hiring one.


You’re going to be doing a lot of standing on the day and, if you’re feet

are hurting, it’s going to show on your face.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 3 1

3 2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Looking for the perfect handbag to match that fabulous

outfit? Poole-based Rosemary Ringrose has been designing and

making handbags for over 20 years – notably for Jimmy Choo and

other well known designers. Her own range has been lovingly created

using fine silks, satins and leather and she also offers a bespoke and colour

matching service, making the perfectly styled bag for your outfit. You can even

supply your own material if you wish.

For more information, call 01202 738064 or visit



your inner

Fitted and formal, elegant but casual, relaxed

and floaty: the new collections for the Mother

of the Bride and wedding guests are the most

versatile – and the most tempting – ever.

Dresses have ruching, beautiful lace bodies and

sleeves, beading and scallops. Formal jackets are

boxy, edge-to-edge and mainly collarless, but for a

less formal look there are soft, floaty, feminine styles

– and all of them will take you to any number of

occasions after the wedding.




D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 3 3

Specialists in Occasion

Wear & Millinery

One of the

largest stockists

in the south

for Mother of

the Bride &

wedding guests.

Sizes 8 to 28

School Road



SO45 1EA

FREE Parking

Tel: 02380 894500


Planning your Special Day?



...what more

could you want?


3 4 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E



Suits you,



Charisma of Fawley has earned an enviable reputation for helping ladies

dress for special events since first opening nearly 25 years ago. So

much so that, when the owner decided to sell the business, one of

Charisma’s loyal customers stepped in to buy it.

New owner Debbie Hill has swept through the boutique like a

new broom, refurbishing and rebranding it with a smart new

purple and silver colour scheme, sumptuous rococo furniture

and chandeliers, making it a relaxing and elegant environment

for trying on and choosing that important outfit.

And Spring 2018 is set to be the most exciting season ever,

with new labels joining established favourites to provide more

choice than ever before.

Debbie said: ‘With so many weddings taking place in venues

and hotels, more and more Mums are looking for a less

classic look, so we’ve incorporated the exquisite fabrics and

tailoring of Spanish label Rosa Clara and the soft flowing silks

and bold colours and prints of innovative Greek fashion house

Badoo alongside our tried and trusted collections such as

Condici, Ispirato and John Charles.’

Sizes range from 8 to 28 and prices from less than £160 to

around £900.

The choice of millinery at Charisma has always been a strong

point and here too Debbie is building on that strong foundation by adding even

more choice of exciting contemporary designs.

Whether your family wedding is formal high society, contemporary chic or on a

beach abroad, Charisma of Fawley has the perfect style for the occasion.

For more details, call 02380 894500 or visit the new website at












D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 3 5



A huge thank you to Becky for filming our special

day, some truly magical moments captured, memories

that can be treasured for years to come. Would

definitely recommend, amazing!

- Kathryn and Sam.

All of our packages come with a

10-15 minute highlights video set

to music and full coverage of

the ceremony and speeches

Tel: 07799644731 • hello@thompsonweddingfilms.co.uk • www.thompsonweddingfilms.co.uk

3 6 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

*Prices correct at time of print .12.2017

Licensed for

Wedding Ceremonies

▼Kingston Country Courtyard, Corfe Castle

Photos by RB Shootinghip

Kingston Country Courtyard gives you a taste of farmstead life in an

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Set on a ridge amid the beautiful

Purbeck Hills, it offers spectacular views stretching from historic Corfe

Castle to the north to the Isle of Wight to the east. Nearby are the golden

sands of Studland Bay and Kimmeridge and the Dorset Coastal Path.

The beautifully restored 16th century barn is a blank canvas on which couples

can create their unique wedding day. It is licensed for civil ceremonies, so you

can marry outside under a pretty pagoda or

inside the barn itself.

Wedding co-ordinators Bobbie and Lara work

closely with each individual couple’s ideas

and the barn is hired for two and a half days,

so there’s plenty of time to decorate however

you choose.

The high-beamed barn can be simply strung

with fairy lights and ivy or adorned with

handmade pompoms, lanterns, vintage china,

seaside themes, rustic hay bales or simply

clever lighting of the Purbeck stone walls.

On-site caterers have over 25 years’

experience and each menu is tailored to

personal tastes.



With 25 en suite rooms available for guests,

often the celebrations start the day before –

and there’s a deluxe honeymoon suite for the happy couple.

For further details call 01929 481066 or visit the website at



3 8 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

▼Hotel Miramar, Bournemouth


▼Hooke Court, near Beaminster

Whether you’re planning an intimate

ceremony and reception for 25

guests or a lavish wedding for

130, friendly staff at the gracious Edwardian

Hotel Miramar will ensure that no detail is


The country house hotel has one of the

most spectacular vantage points in

Bournemouth, looking across sweeping

lawns to the glittering waters of the bay

and providing a perfect backdrop for

photographs. Three of the hotel’s rooms

are licensed for civil weddings, two of which

have stunning sea views. The Miramar can also

offer outside weddings on the lawn overlooking the

bay. The highly experienced banqueting team, led

by an award-winning chef, will be delighted to help

you plan your special day, from your choice of

menu to the seating arrangements and from your

floral decorations to those little individual touches

which make the day special to you.


Hotel Director David Bailey says: ‘We have an

enviable reputation as one of Bournemouth’s

foremost wedding venues. Our aim is to leave you

free to enjoy every moment – confident that every

detail will be handled with care.’

For more details, call 01202 556581 or visit the

website at www.miramar-bournemouth.com.

Hooke Court is the perfect venue for your big

day. The elegant estate and picturesque

Grade II listed 14th century manor house

provide the perfect backdrop for a truly magical

wedding day.

Every bride’s dream wedding

is different and at Hooke Court

they have the flexibility to

accommodate your vision and

your budget: whether it’s an

intimate candlelit ceremony

and reception for 20 in front of

a roaring log fire or a weekend

of celebration with exclusive

use of Hooke Court for you

and your guests. Whatever

your ideas they can help you

to plan the perfect wedding to

suit your requirements.

Hooke Court has four different licensed locations:

the Aelfric Hall and three within the Manor House,

which gives you the opportunity to create a

wedding ceremony reflecting your personal style.

Celebrate your wedding at Hooke Court. It’s the

perfect venue for the biggest day of your life.

To view Hooke Court for yourself and plan the

wedding of your dreams, call Ros Bush on

01308 862260, email info@hookecourt.co.uk or

visit www.hookecourt.co.uk/weddings.

Bournemouth’s Country

House by the Sea...

Weddings & Special


The perfect venue for love,

romance and celebration.

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 3 9

4 0 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Wedding Fair Sunday 18th February 2018

4 2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

▼The Italian Villa at Compton Acres, Poole


▼Kingston Maurward,

near Dorchester


The multi-award-winning Italian Villa at

Compton Acres is bringing exceptional

value wedding packages to brides

sand grooms.

While summer season weddings can vary in cost

from £5,357 to £11,000-plus on their standard

packages, the team have put together a package

which encompasses everything that a couple

would need from a venue and catering perspective

for just £4,000.

The price includes hire of this unique venue (the

only Italian themed villa in the UK), a three-course

wedding breakfast, reception and toast drinks,

wine with dinner, plus a great evening buffet for

65 guests.

Frankie Murphy, senior sales & wedding coordinator

at The Italian Villa, said:

‘We are delighted to offer this incredible package to

couples getting married in the ‘off-peak’ periods.


‘When you consider it is all-inclusive – covering

venue hire, all catering, drinks package and more,

we genuinely haven’t found a better value

proposition at another five star venue.

‘We wanted to let couples know that getting

married at The Italian Villa – without any

compromise on quality or service – is more

accessible than they might think, and that they will

have the wedding day of their dreams at

exceptionally good value!’

The package is available in November, January and

February, with other great deals available in the

other off peak months from October to April.

For full details, visit www.the-italianvilla.co.uk/off-peak-wedding-packages

or call

01202 816074.

PS: See the villa for yourself at their wedding open

days on Sunday, January 14 and Sunday, April 15

from 11am to 3pm.

Enjoy your own English country house

wedding at Kingston Maurward in a tranquil,

peaceful and intimate setting near Dorchester.

The Georgian mansion house is approached by a

sweeping drive and set in beautiful gardens, with a

scenic lake, extensive lawns and formal gardens.

It is licensed for civil ceremonies and offers

exclusive use of all state rooms and suites during

your reception.

You can choose how to use the rooms to create

your perfect layout including reception room, quiet

rooms for tired adults or even a TV lounge for

restless youngsters.

Friendly, professional staff will ensure that the entire

day is tailored to your individual requirements and

will always go the extra mile to make sure your day

is one to remember for ever.

For more details, call 01305 215050 or visit the

website at www.kmc.ac.uk/weddings

PS: See the venue for yourself

at Kingston Maurward’s Autumn wedding fair

on February 18th from 11am to 3pm.




Choice of 3 rooms - Monday to Saturday Mid-day

Council Chamber - available 7 days a week.

Telephone: 01202 451510


e-mail: registrars@bournemouth.gov.uk

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 4 3

Avington Park

A stunning setting

for ceremonies and

receptions, from the

grandest wedding

to a small intimate

gathering, this

beautiful stately home in magnificent parkland

offers exclusive use to make your day truly


Images courtesy of Angela Ward-Brown and Jacques Eloff

Tel: 01962 779260 • www.avingtonpark.co.uk

Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1DB

e: enquiries@avingtonpark.co.uk

4 4 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 4 5

Planning your Special Day?



...what more

could you want?


Skip to the

loo, my darling!

Ideal for marquee and home based weddings, Temporary Toilets supply

clean and comfortable luxury lavatories, ensuring that the facilities will be

in keeping with the rest of your special day. They take care to ensure that

their units are prepared to a high standard and their wide range ensures

that your requirements can be met no matter whether your wedding is a large

affair or small and intimate.

Director Rob Beale said: ‘As part of a family business, currently celebrating

our 30th anniversary, you are in safe hands. ‘We provide a prompt and

courteous service ensuring that your facilities are on site and set up in good

time. We will usually conduct a pre-hire site inspection to ascertain the most

suitable location for the unit based on both access and convenience.’

The Ladies’ section of the 3+1 (17ft) unit includes mirrors and three separate

cubicles, all with porcelain WCs, and a built-in CD player and iPod dock or

auxiliary input allows you to select any music of your choice.

All units include the


• Soft toilet tissue

• Warm running water

• Hand soap and

paper towels

• Fresh flowers

• Vanity basket option

• Waste bin in

each cubicle

• Warm air heaters

With Temporary Toilets

you can be sure that the essentials are taken care of in style.

For more information, call 01747 871464 or visit the website at


4 6 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Choose a setting

The Yenton Hotel is situated on Bournemouth’s East Cliff offering

the perfect venue for Civil Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions.

Contact The Yenton Hotel for a personalised quotation for your Dream Wedding:

T: 01202 556 334 • e: info@yentonhotel.co.uk • www.yentonhotel.co.uk

The Yenton, Gervis Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 3ED

D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 4 7

Your ceremony

in Southampton

Licensed Venue

or Register Office

Weddings, Civil Partnerships

and Renewal of Vows

Tel: 02380 915327

email: registrars@southampton.gov.uk


6a, Bugle Street, Southampton

Classic Fireworks believe in

giving a personal service and

with our guidance and skill we

aim to offer whatever you

require to create a spectacular


We can provide for any event

from Weddings and Civil

Ceremonies to corporate and

other important events.

We also specialise in low

noise fireworks to suit the

most sensitive of locations.

• Indoor and outdoor flames

• Confetti cannons

• Snow and bubble machines

are also available.

Lance work fire pictures are

available - initials, red hearts,

champagne bottles and more...

4 8 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

Nothing entertains like a firework display

and the stunning colours and effects

will captivate all your guests and make

a memorable ending to the most

perfect of days.

Classic Fireworks provide breathtaking professional

firework displays, designed to your specific


They can choreograph a display to music so you

can enjoy the fireworks dancing to your favourite

song or even light up the sky with lance work of

your names, heart, initials or champagne bottle.

And their dancing flames choreographed to music

are 10 metres to 15 metres high.

Worried about the noise? They specialise in low

noise fireworks to suit even the most sensitive

locations - and if you want a white

wedding, they can even provide snow.

Classic Fireworks pride themselves on

providing a first class tailor made

service offering value for money. Safety

is paramount: all staff members are

highly trained and experienced and the

company is a member of the Explosives

Industry Group and the British

Pyrotechnics Association.

For more details, call 0844 800

8542, email

leon@classicfireworks.co.uk or visit

the website at


Having the time of your life...

All the atmosphere and excitement of a real

casino with none of the risks, that’s what’s

on offer from Absolute Fun Casino who will

bring quality full size blackjack and roulette tables

(staffed by professional croupiers) to your

reception, where all your guests are given a piece

of personalised fun money with your names, date

and venue printed on it.


Your guests bring this to the gaming tables where

they will be taught to play and be entertained. This

is a great icebreaker which will bring your families

and friends together and the winner will receive a

framed certificate and a bottle of Champagne.

Call 01202 600699 or visit

www.absolutefuncasino.co.uk for more


D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 4 9




30, Grosvenor Rd. Aldershot GU11 3EB


4, Queen's Rd. Alton GU34 1HU


Beech Hurst, Weyhill Rd. Andover SP10 3AJ


Goldings, London Rd. Basingstoke RG21 4AN


Eastleigh Library, 1st Floor Swan Centre, Eastleigh SO50 5SF


4, Osborn Rd. South, Fareham PO16 7DG


Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, Gosport PO12 1BT


1st Floor, Havant Library, Meridian Centre, Havant PO9 1UN


Lymington Library, North Close, Lymington SO41 9BW


Petersfield Library, 27, The Square, Petersfield GU32 3HH


Ringwood Gateway, The Furlong, Ringwood BH24 1AT


Romsey Town Hall, 1, Market Place, Romsey SO51 8YZ


Totton Hub, 1, High Street, Totton SO40 8YZ


Castle Hill, High Street, Winchester SO23 8HU

For more information please contact us on 0845 603 5637

or visit www3.hants.gov.uk/registration.htm

Dream Weddings Directory • www.dream-weddings-magazine.co.uk For more information on advertising call 01626 873364


Speciality, Celebration

Cakes & Sugarcraft

South Street, South Street, Sherborne,

Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3LU

Dorset, DT9 3LU

Tel: 01935 Tel: 816245 01935 816245

email: email: info@filigranacakes.co.uk


filigranacakes.co.uk filigranacakes.co.uk













TEL:01626 873364

for details or visit






Exclusive range of

handmade bags using

fine silks, satins & leather.

Colour matching and

bespoke service available.

For an appointment please call

01202 738064



Do you want a perfect day?

Brian is one of the highest quality

toastmasters and will

ensure your day is

well organized





D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E • 5 1

dates for your diary

JANUARY 7: Sandbanks Hotel, Harbour Heights Hotel &

Haven Hotel (contact 01202 646616 or www.fjbhotels.co.uk)

JANUARY 7: Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth (11am to 3pm,

contact 01329 227437 or www.pmnweddingfayres.co.uk)

JANUARY 7: Kings Arms Hotel Christchurch Wedding Open

Day (11am to 3pm, 01202 588933)

JANUARY 7: Marriott Hotel Meon Valley, Shedfield (11am to

3.30pm, contact 02380 560073 or


JANUARY 11: Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Christchurch open

evening (6 to 8pm, contact 01202 400964)

JANUARY 14: The Italian Villa at Compton Acres, Poole

(11am to 3pm, contact 01202 816074 or www.the-italianvilla.co.uk)

JANUARY 14: Weymouth Pavilion (11am to 3pm, contact

01305 780909 or www.weymouthpavilion.co.uk)

JANUARY 14: Solent Hotel, Whitely (11am to 3pm, contact

01329 227437 or www.pmnweddingfayres.co.uk)

JANUARY 14: Thistle Poole Hotel (1 to 4pm, contact 01202

741650 or www.weddingdaze.co.uk)

JANUARY 21: Holiday Inn Winchester (11am to 3pm,

contact 07894 915114 or www.littlestarevents.co.uk)

JANUARY 21: Southend Farms, Chichester (10.30am to 3pm,

contact 01243 641247 or www.southendfarms.co.uk)

JANUARY 21: Sopley Mill, near Christchurch (12noon to

4pm, contact 01425 672586 or www.sopleymill.co.uk)

JANUARY 21: Holiday Inn Eastleigh (11am to 3.30pm,

contact 02380 560073 or


JANUARY 28: Holiday Inn, Southsea (11am to 3.30pm,

contact 02380 560073 or


JANUARY 28: De Vere New Place, Shirrell Heath (11am to

3pm, contact 01329 227437 or


JANUARY 28: Bartley Lodge Hotel, Southampton (12noon to

3pm, contact www.newforesthotels.co.uk)

JANUARY 28: Canford School, Canford Magna (11am to

3pm, contact 01202 741650 or www.weddingdaze.co.uk)

JANUARY 28: Kings Arms Christchurch wedding open day

(11am to 3pm, contact 01202 588933)

FEBRUARY 4: Vintage fair, Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel

(1 to 4.40pm, contact 07894 915114 or


FEBRUARY 4: Winchester Royal Hotel (11am to 3.30pm,

contact 02380 560073 or


FEBRUARY 4: Chilworth Manor, Chilworth (11am to 3pm,

contact www.pmnweddingfayres.co.uk)

FEBRUARY 9-11: BIC Bournemouth (contact 0844 576 3000

or www.bhlivetickets.co.ok)

calling wedding fair organisers

FEBRUARY 11: Mercure Dolphin Hotel, Southampton (11am

to 3pm, contact 07585 380403 or www.theholybridal.co.uk)

FEBRUARY 18: Kingston Maurward, near Dorchester (11am

to 3pm, contact 01305 215050or www.kmc.ac.uk/weddings)

FEBRUARY 18: Holiday Inn, Titchfield (11am to 3.30pm,

contact 02380 560073 or


FEBRUARY 18: Lighthouse Arts Centre, Bournemouth (11am

to 3pm, contact 01202 741650 or www.weddingdaze.co.uk)

MARCH 4: Village Bournemouth (contact 01202 055205 or


MARCH 4: Littledown Centre, Bournemouth (11am to 3pm,

contact 01202 741650 or www.weddingdaze.co.uk)

MARCH 4: Norton Park Hotel, Winchester (11am to 3.30pm,

contact www.captivatingevents.co.uk)

MARCH 17: Wedding Boot Fair, Lockswood Community

Centre, Locks Heath Shopping Village (10.30am to 1.30pm,

contact 07841 660177 or www.hantsevents.co.uk)

MARCH 25: Milton Abbey School, Blandford Forum (11am to

3pm, contact 01258 881831 or


APRIL 15: The Italian Villa at Compton Acres, Poole (11am to

3pm, contact 01202 816074 or www.the-italian-villa.co.uk)

APRIL 22: Best Western Royal beach Hotel, Southsea (11am

to 3.30pm, contact 02380 560073 or


APRIL 22: The Orangery Suite, Merley, Wimborne (11am to

3pm, contact 07427162282 or www.cjpromotionsevents.co.uk)

APRIL 29: Steeple Court Manor, Botley (11am to 3pm,

contact 01794 368480 or


MAY 12: Wimborne Square, Wimborne (10am to 3pm,

contact 07715 293 080 or www.siennagraceweddings.co.uk)

MAY 13: Wedding Party Barn (11am to 3.30pm, contact


MAY 27: Village Bournemouth (contact 01202 055205 or


JUNE 3: Hilton at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton (JUNE 3:

Holiday Inn, Titchfield (11am to 3.30pm, contact 02380

560073 or www.weddingexhibitionpromotions.co.uk)

JUNE 24: Holiday Inn Eastleigh (11am to 3.30pm, contact

02380 560073 or www.weddingexhibitionpromotions.co.uk)

JULY 1: Coldeast Mansion, Southampton (11am to 3pm,

contact 07816 911310 www.pmnweddingfayres.co.uk)

JULY 15: Three Choirs Vineyard, Shedfield )11am to 3pm,

contact 01329 227437 or www.pmnweddingfayres.co.uk)

SEPTEMBER 2: Holiday Inn Eastleigh

(11am to 3.30pm, contact 02380 560073 or

www.weddingexhibitionpromotions.co.uk) contact

01305 780909)

Organisers of Autumn 2018 wedding fairs who would like to have their

dates included in the next issue of Dream Weddings magazine should

email editorial@countymagazines.co.uk by June 30th 2018.

Please mention Dream Weddings magazine when replying to advertisements

Check out our great website www.dream-weddings-magazine.co.uk



Wedding fairs are a great source of ideas for brides as well as a

way of finding everything you need under one roof - and there’s

bound to be one near you soon. So make a note of these dates,

but do check locally nearer the time as they may change.

index to advertisers


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Wedding Time .......................................10


Coast Cakes...........................................18


Speciality Cakes.....................................18


Absolute Fun Casino..............................51


Celebration Pyrotechnics.......................51

Classic Fireworks...................................48


Beales Gourmet.....................................42


Charles Nobel .......................................IFC

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Boutique at No6.....................................32

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CP Photography ....................................51

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Royale Hotel ..........................................45

Suncliff Hotel.........................................45

Thistle Hotel Poole ................................45

Village Bournemouth.............................44

Yenton ...................................................47


Thompson Wedding Films ....................36


BIC Wedding Fair...................................29

PMN Wedding Fayres............................28

Little Star Events ...................................29

Wedding Exhibition Promotions............29

5 2 • D R E A M W E D D I N G S I N D O R S E T & H A M P S H I R E

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