Mind, Body and Soul Life Alignment Assessment


Take our Mind, Body and Soul Life Alignment Assessment to help guide you to fully reflect on those areas of your life which cause you to feel stagnant , down or blocked.

The Vitality Club Life Balance & Fulfilment assessment

Mind/Emotions – Embrace Mindset Re-alignment with Self Love, Self-Compassion, Self-Empowerment

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I like myself

My mind feels peaceful

I feel secure

I am relaxed about money

I am comfortable with my age and

stage of life

I feel grounded and confident

I feel clear about my life direction

I feel free and light

I speak honestly and openly about my


My emotions are stable

I adapt and change easily

I prioritise my own needs

I receive love with ease

I am self-reliant

It’s okay for me to be happy

I feel free

I hate myself

My mind is chaotic & judgemental

I feel insecure & afraid

I worry about money

I struggle with thoughts about my age

My mood often fluctuates

I don’t know where my life is going

I have too many responsibilities

I’m scared to upset people

I feel angry & often hurt others

I’m scared of change

My needs are not important

I must work hard to receive love

I depend on others for my happiness

It’s not okay to be happy

I feel stuck

Body/Energy – Top up with Deep Nourishing Self-Care and Honour your Body’s Needs

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My body feels relaxed

I feel energised

I like my body, it’s strong and healthy

I make time to look and feel great

I know how to restore my physical


My lifestyle is balanced

I like my appearance

I make time to do things I love

each day

My body feels tense & stressed

I feel exhausted & depleted

I don’t care for my body

I don’t invest time in styling myself

I could sleep for a week

I work too hard

I hate the way I look

There is no time to have a life

Heart/ Spirit – Honouring Deep Needs, Meaning & Inspiration Injection

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I love life

My life feels interesting

My life feels rich and meaningful

I listen to my instincts and make good


Life feels rich

My heart is open

Life is tough & uninspiring

My life is boring & repetitive

My life feels empty and mundane

I’m scared to make the wrong decision

I prioritise my partner & children’s needs

before my own

I lack love in my life