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10 Uncle Tom Cobley DOWN

10 Uncle Tom Cobley DOWN UNCLE TOM’S WAY Is your home smarter than you? In an age where there’s an app for everything from heating your home to organising the laundry, suddenly it’s all about connected living using smart appliances. In case you’ve been left behind, there’s currently a revolution going on in the world of dishwashers, heating systems, washing machines, ovens and fridges. These domestic appliances are linked by wi-fi and controlled using a smartphone or tablet. So you can now control your heating thermostat via an app which lets you adjust the temperature according to the weather. Wanting a hot shower when you get home from work? Simply log on and switch on your water. Similarly there are now washing machines which let you put a wash on remotely via an app and smart technology can even cope with a mixed whites and colours wash in one load. Hate vacuuming? Welcome to the latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners which can be linked to your wi-fi network allowing you to set up a regular cleaning schedule. What’s more, it’s now possible for your kitchen appliances to talk to each other. So when you turn on your hob, it automatically turns on the extractor fan and you can even turn your oven on from the train if you’re running late. Many ovens now have preprogrammed cooking times so all you need to input is the type of food you’re cooking along with its weight, for example a chicken and it will sort out the optimum temperature and cooking time for you. The labour saving opportunities are impressive. There are now fridges which can read barcodes and as you take out foodstuffs it can compile a shopping list for you and what’s the betting they will soon be placing your internet shopping order for you too. Embracing this new technology really makes 21st century living a breeze, giving you the time and leisure to pursue the things you enjoy. So make sure you get Appy this year! Uncle Tom ©


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