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In LOVE with Humanity

A tribute to some of humanity’s greatest Heroes; 153 men & women who have chosen, via their brave words &/or noble deeds, to reflect the deeper Greatness residing within us all

Hero #023: Berkeley

Hero #023: Berkeley Breathed (―Bloom County‖) Born in 1957, Breathed is an American cartoonist, children's book author & illustrator, screenwriter, and animal rights supporter. He is best known for his truly brilliant comic strip Bloom County, which ran from 1980 to 1989, and often both cleverly & poignantly exposed or illuminated controversial sociopolitical issues as understood (or as not so well understood) by his cast of fanciful characters -- most famously Opus, a large-nosed penguin, whose naiveté and endless optimism made him a fan favorite. Breathed first became published when he was hired part-time as an editorial cartoonist for the Austin American-Statesmen, though this job was short-lived, as he was fired after one of his cartoons caused outrage. While seemingly a setback at the time, this dismissal can now be seen as a foreshadow of Breathed becoming one of the great & insightful artistic provocateurs of his generation. ―It's never too late to have a happy childhood.‖ ~ Berkeley Breathed 32

Hero #024: Joel Boujassy Joel Boujassy was a French political/anti-political activist who worked for and with We Are Change Paris. More important than his dedicated protest work, however, was the simple yet profound way he gave to others. His humble yet courageous way of Kind Being was a model for us all. ―I like to eat organic, and I love organic information for my brain as well‖ ~ Joel Boujassy 33