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From the EDITOR

They say love shouldn’t be celebrated

just one day of the year. Yet

Valentine’s Day is one of those

occasions that makes women dizzy

with excitement, with men rushing to find that

perfect gift. To make this year a stress-free one,

turn to page 42 for gift ideas, and page 56 to

surprise her with a getaway in paradise.

Oprah Winfrey took the entertainment world by storm with her

speech at the Golden Globe Awards last month. In this interview, she

speaks about breaking barriers, the #TimesUp campaign and running

for presidency (page 27). In keeping with the theme of iconic women,

we met with Emirati-native Omaira Farooq Al Olama, to discuss her

journey from criminology to Managing Director of ALF

Administration (Advanced Learning Formulas) – page 19. If you

have been bitten by the cryptocurrency bug, turn to page 14 and

explore how ActivTrades could be of assistance.


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The launch of innovative dining concepts and seasonal menus

should find you out more often. Discuss business matters at these

hotspots (page 52) or with a round of golf (page 61). Touching on the

topic of high season, we look at the state of Dubai’s real estate market

- worth a read for investors (page 67).

Happy reading


Nicola Monteath

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Events to visit this month








Learn how to jump on the



Omaira Farooq Al Olama

dicusses her past, present

and future


Billionaire's invest in immortality


Oprah Winfrey, the woman of

the moment


A chat with Jossette Naiken,

Founder of Hire4Baby.com









What's new in stores? Skincare,

accessory trends and more




The brands to covet, with

wardrobe upgrades


The detox to try this month,

and tips on how to keep fit












Treatments to try this month


Gift inspiration for Valentines


A roundup of dining hotspots


A romantic holiday for every

couple type


Travel inspiration and lavish







A review of Emirates Golf Club


The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi,

Grand Canal stuns on all grounds


A look at the real estate market


The Vice President of Aldo,

Nicholas Martire


On the cover


Read her interview on page 27

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This month's icons feature none other

than the lady of the moment, Oprah

Winfrey. Omaira Farooq Al Olama, one

of the country's most inspiring women,

speaks about cultural norms and the

bridges built and burnt, while Georges

Batrouni paves the way for young

finance experts





Jetsetters, don’t forget to add these dates to your diary




WHERE? Berlinale Palast at Potsdamer Platz

WHEN? February 15 - 25

Panel discussions, workshops, joint projects,

and encounters for film enthusiasts, make up

the schedule of this two-week programme.

Over 400 films of various genres and formats

are open for public viewing, with a majority

of them being world or European premieres.


WHERE? The Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

Marriott North (DFWAP) Hotel

WHEN? February 16 - 18




An in-depth look at

cryptocurrencies, with over 15

speakers, touching upon topics

including the transformation of

industries, the currency inflation,

government and society, as well as

the impact on established

businesses, and income inequality.


WHERE? Centara Grand & Bangkok

Convention Centre at Central World

WHEN? February 5 - 6


Entrepreneurs gather at this twoday

event where the latest in digital

payments, omni-channel retailing,

financial inclusion, block chain and

e-commerce topics are discussed.

There is plenty more to be

discussed with key experts from

the field, as you gather information

and mingle.




WHERE? Metro Toronto Convention Centre

WHEN? February 16 - 25

The world’s fastest production car on the

planet, Koenigsegg Agera RS supercar, is

all set for visitors at the Auto Exotica area.

The show will also bring together the

jewels of automotive history from some of

the most iconic brands, an evolution zone

and a Volkswagen PlayCare centre for

little ones.






WHERE? Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium

WHEN? February 19 - March 3

The tennis tournament is back, setting off the

season with some of the world’s best tennis players.

Catch the tension as you watch some of the

biggest names compete against each other to win the

title. The 13-action packed events are one to be a

part of.


WHERE? Dubai Opera

WHEN? February 27 - March 3



WHERE? Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

WHEN? February 26 - March 1

The Spanish city is home to one of the

largest Mobile events, offering an agenda

featuring safeguarding practices, mobile

advertising and media spend and ways to

embrace the digital transformation.

Over 2,300 exhibitors and 10,000

operator attendees of 208 countries

come together each year. Some of the

keynote speakers at this year’s event

include Gavin Patterson, CEO of the

BT Group. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder

and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises/

GSMA, and Cher Wang, Chairwoman of

HTC, to name a few.

The Shaolin Warriors-Kung Fu Masters will

be making their GCC debut this month. The five-day

show, from Shaolin in China – the birthplace

of Kung Fu – will stun adults and children with

stunts, techniques and routines as part of a

choreographed performance. The warriors have

toured across the globe for over sixteen years,

performing sold-out shows in almost every country.

Make sure to get your tickets in advance, to

avoid disappointment.




WHERE? Dubai Canal

WHEN? February 27 - March 3

The Dubai Boat show is back at a bigger,

better venue – the new Dubai Canal. This

location is ideal for luxury yachts, with

over 3.2 kilometres of waterway rubs from

the creek in Old Dubai, through to

Business Bay and into the Arabian Gulf.







Georges Batrouni, ActivTrades’ Middle East Manager, tells us why

cryptocurrencies are essentially yesteryear’s gold

By Meryl D’souza

When I first heard about Bitcoin a

couple of years ago, I dismissed

it as just another fad like many

others obviously did. Then last

year the cryptocurrency skyrocketed to a point

where no one could ignore it. By the time I was

ready to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, it was

already trading at a then-record high of $2,200.

Even at that time, I was even mentally prepared

to sacrifice on a few things to get my virtual

hands on a Bitcoin, but the people around me

told me not to go for the bait.

In December last year, the cryptocurrency left

everyone – even those who had a couple to their

name – with their jaws on the floor as it soared to a

record high of over $11,000. All I could do was point

a finger at the people around me and blame them for

not letting me go through with it. And finally, just a

few days before my interview with Georges Batrouni,

ActivTrades’ Middle East Manager, the

cryptocurrency shot down to $10,000 with experts

reporting it could drop down to $1,000 over the

course of 2018. I wanted that uncertainty to be the

subject to kick start my interview with Batrouni.




“While I believe in the power and longevity of

cryptocurrency, I believe more in the technology

behind it,” Batrouni says. “Blockchain technology

will be disruptive in finance as well as other spheres.

The technology has transformed Bitcoin into an

asset class that stands on its own feet. So not only

did we see the rise of cryptocurrency, we saw the

birth of a new asset class.”

Batrouni could be on to



Cryptocurrencies have been

around since 2008. Bitcoin,

the first-ever cryptocurrency,

gained momentum a little

after Occupy Wall Street

accused big banks of

misusing borrowers’ money,

duping clients, rigging the

system, and charging mindnumbing

fees. Bitcoin

pioneers wanted to put the

seller in charge, eliminate the

middleman, cancel interest

fees, and make transactions transparent, to hack

corruption and cut fees. Thus, creating a

decentralised system. 2017, however, changed the

game for virtual money.

“2017 made cryptocurrency and Bitcoin move

from being just a currency to an asset class that

people buy and hold. Similar to gold,” Batrouni

We’re now seeing

cryptocurrencies become

institutionalized. The rise

in cryptocurrency is just

the stepping stone for the

Blockchain technology

that will be adopted across

different industries

says. “We’re now seeing cryptocurrencies

become institutionalised. The rise in

cryptocurrency is just the stepping stone for the

Blockchain technology that will be adopted

across different industries.”

Despite his belief in cryptocurrency and the

technology behind it, Batrouni is cautious when

freshmen traders ask for

guidance. “Looking at the

volatility of the price of

cryptocurrencies, it’s definitely

not the investment a riskaverse

person should be

making,” Batrouni says.

“When people come to us, our

first advice is not to put

everything they have into that.

Any asset class that jumps up

by 10 per cent or loses its value

by that much in one day is far

from being safe.”

Having said that, the man

who’s earned his Master’s

Degree in Finance from a University in London

put that volatility down to the maturity of the

new asset class. He claims that once Bitcoin,

and cryptocurrencies as a whole, reaches

maturity, its value will stabilize and it will

become a better investment. Of course,

Batrouni’s expertise isn’t simply limited to




Putting barriers like prices

on education will only

make people want to go

about doing this by

themselves. That’s not

something we want on

our conscience




cryptocurrencies. He’s just happy to talk about

it because it’s rise has been directly proportionate

to the surge in business at ActivTrades. “The

rise of cryptocurrency has pushed people who

would have never considered trading to go on

platforms and try their hand at it,” he says with

more than a hint of excitement in his voice.

“After reading all the news about Bitcoin, we

have had new traders with absolutely no

experience in trading, come in and say that they

would like to start,” Batrouni says. “We’ve

introduced many products and offered shares

from big companies like Facebook, Apple and

Google, but they weren’t interested. Suddenly,

they are.”

In order to manage these newcomers’

expectations and teach them how to go about

trading in a manner that doesn’t let them go

bankrupt, the UK-based online trading company

ushers them towards its recently-launched online

trading academy that hosts webinars to help

educate potential traders with three levels: a

beginner’s batch, an intermediate batch and an

expert’s batch. Batrouni, and by virtue

ActivTrades, believes those webinars will provide

aspiring cryptocurrency traders with the right tools

to get going. Besides the webinars, ActivTrades

also hosts training seminars at its Dubai

headquarters in DIFC. “The hope is that our

clients can meet the rest of the team while

absorbing as much knowledge as possible when it

comes to trading and cryptocurrency,” he says.

The best training exercise, however, is the

demo account ActivTrades gives its clients.

“These demo accounts contained unlimited

virtual money that clients can use to trade

without the risk of losing their funds,” Batrouni

explains. “This will help them get a feel of what

online trading is like.”

Anyone harbouring hopes of trading online

would do well to give ActivTrades a go. And

don’t worry, all their classes are free. The demo

accounts and the classes are free because we feel

that, as a company, we have a responsibility to

educate society and our investors,” Georges

says. “Putting barriers like prices on education

will only make people want to go about doing

this by themselves. That’s not something we

want on our conscience.”



“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and

Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

Warren Buffett

Financial Planning | Tax Planning | Wealth Management | Corporate Services



United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | Australia | Bermuda


+971 4 556 5900 | info@credence-international.com




Emirati woman leader, Omaira Farooq Al Olama,

discusses her integral role in shaping UAE’s workforce

By Nicola Monteath

ome people naturally fall into their careers. Their

current roles are poles apart from their five-year

plan, with Master's in a field so unrelated, that a

step back almost feels bizarre. “Criminology is a

lot like technology. Medicine is constantly

evolving, and I just don’t have the energy to get

back into it and study all over again. Plus, I have

three daughters below the age of ten,” says

Omaira Farooq Al Olama, Managing Director of

the ALF Administration Training, and Dubai’s

first female Master's graduate in Criminology.

Omaira and I met at LimeTree Café on

Sheikh Zayed Road, a café known to fuel

moms with their daily dose of caffeine,

especially after the morning school run.

Her morning was similar, having just

dropped off the children at school







in Jumeirah. “Thank God, my kids are at that age

where they understand they need to get dressed

on time, and do things by themselves,” she tells

us. But it hasn’t always been a rosy path for

Omaira, even though the Emirati-native – who

grew up in California – is the poster child. She

went through a divorce when her little ones were

below the age of two, nonetheless, refused to be a

victim of society. “People need to realise divorce

isn’t taboo, and shouldn’t be shunned upon. The

best thing to do is say you failed, and move on.

We always beat ourselves down, thinking we

spoiled our family's name,

and the worst part is that

children see that you are

upset and then they reflect

this and make the wrong

choices too. It’s terrible,”

she says. Instead of living in

despair, Omaira invested all

her savings in a home in

Jumeirah Beach Residence,

choosing an apartment on

the Upper Plaza Level as she

was afraid of heights – she

was that determined to

break society norms and

make it – but ready to pave

her own path. “I didn’t want

to be a burden to my parents

and move back home. I was

blessed to be able to get my

own place,” says Omaira. As

fate would have it, she

found love – her second

husband – in her building

elevator, giving this story

the silver lining it deserves.

It dawned on me, as we

spoke, that Omaira was

responsible for three girls

(twins and a younger baby) below the age of

two, at the time of divorce. That must have been

a mission? I questioned. “You know, I firmly

believe in asking for help when you need it. I

hired night-service nannies, so that I could get

great sleep and in turn, function properly at

work,” she says. “I tell my students this all the

time. It’s okay to ask for help, and to say you

don’t know something and can’t do it anymore,”

says Omaira, referring to her current role.

When Omaira relocated to UAE, in 2001, she

dove straight into the world of criminology.

Pursuing her career for a few years, before

joining the Criminal Frauds section at Dubai

Holding and Nakheel. While at the job, she

We used to work in

the same building

as HH Sheikh

Mohammed, and

I remember him

talking to us about

how UAE nationals

are lucky they are

given jobs because

they are citizens.

It’s true. Nowhere

else in the world

we get this

opportunity, yet we

take it for granted

realised that the UAE nationals were always

bored out of their mind at training sessions.

“We had these amazing tutors from England,

the States, India, and they were extremely

skilled, but somehow the nationals weren’t

interested,” she tells me. Omaira soon found

out that it was due to a lack of a connection, and

that these tutors didn’t understand the nationals

or their character. “My peers said I understood

them better because of my Western upbringing.

The fact that I was used to their culture.”

In 2011, Omaira took matters into her hands,

knowing that UAE

nationals had great

potential and could succeed

in the workplace, with a bit

of guidance. “I went to the

Mohammed bin Rashid

Establishment for Young

Business Leaders with my

idea of opening a training

company. I saw the niche

and what was needed for

UAE nationals to achieve

things and become

confident in their work,”

says Omaira. Currently, she

works with 2,000 students a

year, training them to

understand work ethics,

change their mindset, the

importance of work culture,

responsibility and

accountability – things they

can’t learn in a textbook.

The programs depend on

the capacity of the national,

however banks usually hire

her for a period of time.

United Arab Bank did so

for one year, to train 15

nationals – from junior level positions to

managerial – to grow from Point A to B. She has

also worked with CitiBank, Emirates NBD – to

train 200 nationals – Emirates Islamic Bank, and

DEWA, to name a few organizations. While the

focus is primarily on nationals, Omaira’s team

work with expats too. “They have great work

ethics. However, they sometimes think their job

is on the line and that they can lose it to a

national. We make them understand that if they

are great at what they do and bring value to the

company, they won’t. Likewise, if they offer

guidance to these UAE nationals, they will move

up a tier, while the nationals replace them. It’s a

win-win situation for both,” she says.




Like most cases, the problem needs to be fixed at the root

of it all. “We used to work in the same building as HH Sheikh

Mohammed, and I remember him talking to us about how

UAE nationals are lucky they are given jobs because they are

citizens. It’s true. Nowhere else in the world we get this

opportunity, yet we take it for granted.” Omaira tells us the

biggest challenge she faces is altering that mindset, especially

with young graduates. Most of them think they need to step

into a managerial position the minute they graduate. That’s

where her team come in. They make them understand the

importance of working from the ground up. “My first job was

photocopying, and I took it, because how else am I going to

learn?” She believes that graduates need to earn their stripes

and demonstrate how they can handle their responsibilities,

before managing a workforce. “What is being a manager

anyway? It’s all about people skills and building a team. You

can’t do that if you haven’t worked a day in your life. These

things come with practice and time.”

Through her career, Omaira has been inspired by HH

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his vision

for UAE nationals. When Omaira was asked to speak at

TedxAlWaslWomen, she couldn’t agree more that the topic

was a seamless fit. It was all about “bridges” – about how

you build it, burn it, and interpret it the way you like. “My

life is very different from the typical married woman. I

spoke about my Western upbringing, about how I had to

create my own bridge and join both cultures, because at the

end of the day my heritage was Emirati. It was a bit of a

culture shock at first, but I learnt it, though my annual visits

back home and interaction with the family,” she tells us.

As I think back to my interview, I realise Omaira is a

wholeheartedly giving sort of woman. The type who wants

to help women who are on the path she was, guide her

nation and its people, and assist them in all walks of life.

This is seen in her company’s humanitarian sect as well,

wherein she employs UAE nationals that are divorced and

widowed, understanding that they have mouths to feed at

the end of the day. “We work with 150 women from all

emirates. Most women don’t want to upset their families by

going out into the workplace, so we send them printers and

laptops so that they can work from home, and they are

doing great,” she says.

Currently, Omaira is in discussion with the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs, to help UAE Nationals moving abroad

for university or work. “I want them to be able to

understand the culture, become adaptable, accountable,

and realise they can’t take life easy. If they miss their class

or don’t turn up to an internship on time, they will lose

their chance – it isn’t like Dubai. I was them, I never

understood the importance of an internship and starting

from the bottom, but now I do,” she says.

As for her future goals, Omaira sees her business expanding

to other GCC countries and the world, before she retires to

Boston for the cold winter breeze and snow.




(NEVER) Rest in peace

From investing in gene-editing therapies and anti-ageing startups, to

signing up for cryogenics and creating cyberkinetic human beings,

these billionaires are in a race to extend life

By Varun Godinho

It’s logical. Imagine you are a billionaire and you’ve spent

the better part of your life amassing copious amounts of

money. With your twilight years approaching quicker

than an out-of-control freight train, you quickly realise

that you aren’t going to be around that much longer. Your

next move? Invest hundreds of millions into the immortality

business in that left-field chance that they stumble upon that

secret sauce to help you live forever – or at least until you run

through your savings. The anti-ageing industry is already an

$80 billion industry. Here are four billionaires who are

investing a great deal of money into attempting to beat the

biological clock and eventually defy death itself.


Google has reportedly pumped in over a billion into Calico

Labs, abbreviated for California Life Company, which it

set up in 2013. Calico’s CEO is Arthur Levinson, the

former CEO of biotech company Genentech. Another

notable hire is Cynthia Kenyon, now Calico’s VP of ageing

research, who nearly 22 years ago demonstrated that by

altering a single DNA of a roundworm in a laboratory it

doubled its lifespan from three weeks to six. Calcio has

also partnered with pharma giant AbbVie and is reportedly

developing a drug that mimics human genes, otherwise

produced naturally, which are responsible for extending




life. Brin’s partner, Nicole Shanahan, is the founder of a

patent-management business and is actively working on

patenting many of the life-enhancing technologies

emerging in Calico’s labs.

Don’t expect Calico’s magic portions to show up in

store shelves anytime soon. It’s set up long-term goals

for itself. In 2016, Calico’s Chief Scientific Officer,

David Botstein, revealed in an interview in the MIT

Technology Review that, in the “best case scenario”

Calico will have something profound to offer the world

in 10 years. Hurry Calico, the clock is ticking.


Unity Biotechnology, a Bay Area-based startup has

focused its research on slowing down the ageing process.

Two years ago, it secured $116 million in a Series B funding

round led by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos through Bezos

Expeditions. Unity’s research premise is simple: As we

age, the body tends to keep some ageing cells rather than

doing away with them. Too many of these senescent cells

and it causes problems for the body which accelerate

ageing and ailments. Unity’s research is focused on

finding a way to help the body to rid itself of those

senescent cells. Unity might become the first company to

bring to market a drug that could rid the body of those

unwanted cells and effectively reverse ageing. Research

in mice has already indicated that the removal of these

cells results in a 20 per cent increase in lifespan.

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank at life sciences laboratory


In an interview, Peter Thiel, the billionaire of Paypal, said

that there are three ways people deal with death. “You can

accept it, you can deny it, or you can fight it. I think our

society is dominated by people who are into denial or

acceptance, and I prefer to fight it.” Thiel wants to live

until he’s 120 years old. Why 120? As of now, it has been

proved that the maximum age until which a human being

can live naturally is 115 years. He wants to demonstrate

that he can beat that figure – not live forever. He’s already




signed up with Alcor Life Extension Foundation:

Cryonics – a cryogenics company that will deep freeze

you for a fee of $200,000 – to preserve his body once he

dies. Once the science of regeneration has sufficiently

advanced, these deep-frozen human beings, could – in

theory – be resurrected. Thiel has invested millions into

at least 14 health and biotech startups, the most notable

among them being Stemcentrx, which uses stem-cell

technology to cure cancer and he’s also pumped in $6

million to biomedical company Aubrey de Grey’s Sens

Foundation which is attempting to increase lifespan.


In an interview with the BBC, the Russian media mogul

said, “Within the next 30 years, I am going to make sure

that we can all live forever. I'm 100 per cent confident it

will happen. Otherwise, I wouldn't have started it.”

What Itskov has started is perhaps the most outrageous

plan to extend life among his billionaire peers. He’s

pitched the 2045 Initiative which will involve uploading

the consciousness of humans to an android avatar –

creating cyberkinetic humans – which are capable of

infinite intelligence and an infinite lifespan as well.

Itskov has pumped hundreds of millions into this

You can accept it, you can

deny it, or you can fight it.

I think our society is

dominated by people who

are into denial or

acceptance, and I prefer

to fight it

project says that by 2020, he will be able to demonstrate

the technology that will make all of this happen by

creating “avatars” – robots capable of being controlled

by human brains by way of a brain-computer interface.

By 2035, he claims that this technology will allow

humans to transfer their brain into these avatars, and by

2045 we will have hologram-like avatars. Itskov’s

project no longer makes the Scarlett Johansson film

Lucy seem like a work of fiction.









She’s the star of the moment, the

icon every woman is idealising,

and the woman leader we all

hope will one day become ‘The Next

President’ of the United States.

Fabián W. Waintal discusses

that powerful Golden Globes

speech with Oprah Winfrey





When something as big as what

started to happen in October with

Harvey Weinstein (sexual harassment

accusations), start to unfold, I thought,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

and with every day’s revelation,

I thought here is an opportunity for

a powerful growth. How do we use

this moment to elevate what is

happening instead of continually

victimising ourselves

Over 15 years ago, Oprah penned away in her journal that she would one day

create a television network. “I always felt my show was just the beginning of

what the future could hold. For me, the launch of OWN is the evolution of the

work I've been doing on television all these years and a natural extension of

my show,” says Oprah Winfrey. OWN is best described as the network of

self-discovery, one that connects people with each other, entertains,

transforms and inspires, through real-life stories and present moments. It

first debuted in 2011, at over 77 milion homes on what was formerly

known as the Discovery Health Channel, targeting women between

25-54. It comes as no surprise then that when this powerful entrepreneur

gave her speech at the Golden Globes ceremony, she received a

standing ovation by stars including Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand,

Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks and Nicole Kidman, history was

made. Reese Witherspoon even took to Twitter stating, “I will now

officially divide time like this: Everything that happened before

Oprah’s speech: Everything that will happen after.” Last year at

the Golden Globes ceremony, Meryl Streep started a Twitter

war with Donald Trump when she received the Cecil B.

DeMille Award.

This time, along a red carpet full of black dresses with the

campaign #TimesUp against gender and sex

discrimination, Oprah Winfrey started her campaign

#Oprah2020, ‘The Next President’ after receiving

the same award. The world is still speaking about

Oprah Winfrey, standing by her side. Now, it’s

time for Oprah to talk about herself, too.




Last year Meryl Streep won the same Cecil

B. DeMille Award and it felt like a

completely different time, as it was all about

Donald Trump becoming the President.

This time there were all the sexual

harassment allegations and everyone wore

black at the ceremony. After your emotional

speech, do you feel the country, together as

a whole, is moving in a better direction than

last year?

I always think, and know, having watched it over

the years through thousands and thousands of

interviews and watching people in their

dysfunction, that when something negative is

brewing, that there is the direct opposite reaction

that is also possible. For every action, there is an

equal and opposite reaction. When something as

big as what started to happen in October with

Harvey Weinstein (sexual harassment accusations),

started to unfold, I thought, whoa, whoa, whoa,

and with every day’s revelation, here is an

opportunity for powerful growth. How do we use

this moment to elevate what is happening instead

of continually victimizing ourselves?

What did you think about the idea of

wearing black and a ‘#TimesUp’ button on

the red carpet?

I think that wearing black in solidarity is one step.

What Time’s Up is doing with the legal defense

fund is a major step. It was very important to all

of us involved, to state that it’s not just about the

women of Hollywood, because we are already a

privileged group, but to extend to the women of

the world. Because as I said in my speech, there

isn’t a culture, a race, a religion, a politic, or a

workplace that hasn’t been affected by it. And it’s

been happening for a very long time. People

didn’t feel that they could speak up, and there are

so many women who have endured so much and

remained silent and kept going because there was

no other recourse, and now that we’ve all joined

as one voice, it is empowerment to those women

who never had it.

You are on top of the world and everybody

talks about your speech at the Golden Globes.

What humbles you right now?

The Cecil B. DeMille award humbles me. When

they first called my name and said they wanted me

to accept it, I said, “I shouldn’t be the person to get

the Cecil B. DeMille award.” I was working with

Reese Witherspoon this past spring and winter, and

I happened to just say in the makeup room one

morning, “Oh, how many movies have you done?”

and she said “I don’t know. It’s been so many.” And

then I thought, “I hope they don’t ask me because I

think it’s been five.” And so, I didn’t understand it,

but then they explained that it’s about overall

entertainment. What I was able to do with the Oprah

show and the cultural statement we were able to

make throughout the world, I feel extremely proud

of that, but I think that when it comes to films, I am

really the new kid on the block. I always feel like

when I’m acting, that I am out of my box. It’s the

most intimidated I ever feel.

What would you say is the greatest lesson

you’ve learned throughout your life and career?

It’s a lesson from Maya Angelou, when I first

met her. And after I’d known her for a while,

she said, “Baby, you need to know that when

people show you who they are, you believe them

the first time. And the problem is it takes you 29

times.” This is the same lesson coming in a

different skirt, wearing a different pair of pants.

I think that has been one of my greatest wisdom

teachings, to assess from people’s behavior,

their actions, not just towards me, but towards

other people – who they are and how they

behave. Because if people talk about other

people, they’ll talk about you. I think in business

and personal relationships, that’s always been

my greatest lesson. Also, staying grounded, has

been great for me.

When you look over your life, what advice would

you give to a seven-year-old Oprah Winfrey

about surviving as a woman in this world?

At seven, I was so sad. All my real love came

from my teachers. You have no idea the power

of noticing another human being and what it

feels like when somebody knows that they have

been seen, truly seen by you. It is the greatest

offering you can give, and all those years of the

Oprah Show, the greatest lesson I learned was

that after every show, someone would say,

invariably, in one way or another, how was that?

I did an interview with a father who killed

his twin daughters, followed by an interview







The key to fulfillment, success,

happiness, contentment in life is

when you align your personality

with what your soul actually came

to do. I believe everybody has a soul

and has their own personal

spiritual energy... when you are

doing stuff that you think might

make money, you think it may be a

hit, or you think it may bring you

some level of attention or success,

that isn’t what does it... all of the

great, wonderful experiences of my

life that have brought me to this

moment have come from working

from the interior of myself, and so

that’s why I feel so authentic,

because it actually is

The way you make movies is to do stuff you love. For 25

years, I worked on the Oprah Show, and I will tell you there

were nights when I came home and it was hard to even

take off my clothes because I knew I was going to be

getting up four hours later. I felt exhausted, but I never

felt depleted. Do the work that comes straight from the

soul of you, from your background, from stories that

you’ve grown up with, from stories that bring you passion,

from stories that you are not just drawn to tell it, but if you

don’t tell them, they don’t get told.

with politician George Bush, Beyoncé, and so on. They all

say the same thing. How was that? I started to see this

common thread in humanity where everybody wants to

know. Did I do okay? Did you hear me? And did what I

say something mean to you? I would have to say that

recognising that in other people has helped me to become

a person of compassion, a person of understanding, a

person who can interview anybody about anything,

because I know that at the core of you is the same as the

core of me. You just want to be heard.

What wisdom could you pass on to the future generation

of Hollywood that want to make films?

What would you say is the real key to success

in Hollywood?

The key to fulfillment, success, happiness, and contentment

in life, is when you align your personality with what your

soul came here to do. I believe everybody has a soul and

their own personal spiritual energy. When you can use your

personality to serve whatever that thing is, you can’t help

but be successful. Films that come from the interior of

your soul, art that comes from the interior of you, you

cannot miss. It’s only when you are doing stuff that you

think might make money, you think it may be a hit, or you

think it may bring you some level of attention or success,

that isn’t what does it. I would have to say that all the

great, wonderful experiences of my life that have brought

me to this moment, have come from working from the

interior of myself, and that’s why I feel so authentic,

because it is. And when you do that, you’ll win.





Jossette Naiken, Australian-citizen

and Founder of Hire4Baby.com

(a one-stop rental shop for parents)

discusses her career swap from the

corporate world to startup life

The big move

I was raised in Melbourne and Perth and early on in my career,

relocated to London to work for Goldman Sachs and Morgan

Stanley. Eventually the lure of Dubai became too strong, and I

moved here, in 2007, to work for Credit Suisse, followed by

Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I am now married and a

mother of two running my own business, Hire4Baby.com.

Tell us about your company?

Hire4Baby.com supports the UAE’s thriving tourism industry

with a full-service ‘one-stop-shop’ baby and toddler equipment

rental service, offering highest quality products to the travelling

parent. We ease the burden of travelling with children by

providing parents with expertly-researched items from trusted

premium brands, which are delivered and collected straight to

them at the home, hotel or even airport terminal of their

choice. The service is extremely efficient and convenient, and

means families can travel with far less luggage, lightening their

load and leaving time and energy to enjoy their trip. Our clients

can arrive in the UAE with total peace-of-mind that all the

equipment they need will be at their chosen destination,

sanitised and sparkling clean, even before they reach it.

How long has it been operational?

Hire4Baby.com has been active since 2015 and we have spent

our time organically growing the business, with an extremely

precise and specific strategy. We have recently relocated to a

larger warehouse and established an office close to Mall of

the Emirates. The next year will be spent intensifying our

marketing efforts to ramp-up brand awareness. Eventually,

we will seek to enter strategic partnerships to escalate our

offering and scale the business.

Any interesting launches rolling out this year?

Hire4Baby.com has constantly been in a state of evolution since

its inception. Essentially, we want to be the first name that

comes to mind when people think about renting baby and

toddler equipment in this region. In order to become the onestop-shop

in our field, we have collaborated with Malaak to offer

baby-sitting services, and offer hospital-grade breast pumps and

wheelchairs. We are continuously working to manage Hire4Baby.

com’s quick growth, and will be seeking strategic partnerships in

2018 to scale our business even further.

Where do you see the brand in the next five years?

There is tremendous scope for growth for Hire4Baby.com.

We see the business more closely aligned with the region’s

most established airlines and hotel groups, and are taking

steps to form those partnerships. The main pillar of this will

always remain the same, however, and that is to offer

convenience to all parents visiting the UAE, while supporting

the tourism industry. Visit Hire4Baby.com for more information.

What field were you in prior to this?

I began my career as a personal assistant and managed to work

my way up the ladder to become an equities trader at some of the

most prominent international bulge bracket financial institutions

in the world today. The opportunity to work in a corporate

environment permitted me to immerse myself in the culture of a

large corporation, and understand the benefits that guidelines

and organisational structure can bring in business. I feel that the

incorporation of my experience into Hire4Baby.com, since

inception, has been invaluable so far, and will be even more vital

as we scale the business.

How did you realise a niche in

the market?

The actual reason is that, as a parent,

I use this kind of this service all

around the world. You can rent baby

and toddler gear in most major cities.

I’ve done it from Bali to London, and

considering that the UAE is one of the

main contenders as a global tourist hub, it

was only a matter of time before this kind

of service was required here.






In need of inspiration for

Valentine's Day? Take a peak

at our roundup and book a

getaway. Your gift shopping is

covered with our lust-worthy

list too. Turn over for

statement pieces, weekend

ideas and plenty more






Chic picks to keep you vogueish this winter


In the fashion universe, it’s common

knowledge that if you need a

bespoke fine-tailored suit, you go to

the Italians. The craftsmen have a way

of constructing a piece that’s almost

second skin, with techniques and

tricks that have been passed down to

them for generations. Corneliani is

one such brand, a one-stop shop for

the everyday man. This Fall-Winter,

the pieces possess traditional

patterns with functional elements in

everything from leather and elegant

leisurewear, to seamless business

attire and outerwear. Men, it’s time

for a wardrobe update.

Corneliani stores are located in Mall

of the Emirates and Dubai Mall





AIGNER has stood the test of time by focusing

on handmade worksmanship, intricate details and

elegant designs. Their latest collaboration and the

first in the Middle East, is a tie-up with American-

Kuwaiti influencer Ascia Al Farj. The limitededition

piece, the Ascia bag, is based on the

Genoveva - a classic that works from day to night.

With a marble print effect on the smooth grain

leather, metal handle with the signature bolts and

extra pendant with bolts and cabochons, this bag

will without a doubt steal the limelight.

The bag is available for Dhs3,425 at Aigner stores

across the UAE


This time of year, the weather conditions take a serious toll on our

skin. While we’d love to pop in for a facial every two weeks, it just

isn’t possible. Luckily, serums and moisturizers are aplenty on the

market. BIOEFFECT, a scientific skin care line from Iceland, is one

that ticks all boxes. Their newly launched BIOEFFECT EGF + 2A

Daily treatment bottles combat fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation

and pollution, due to barley-grown EGF boasting strong antioxidants

such as ferulic and azelaic acid. The two-part treatment features an

intense anti-aging concentrate with hyaluronic acid, to amplify skin

volume and density, while offering a youthful glow and reducing sun

damage. Step two is an energising urban pollution fighter that protects

against free radical damage caused by environmental pollutants,

helping combat rosacea and dark spots. We tried it and love how

smoothly foundation glides on after allowing the serum to sink into

the skin – about two minutes – to work its magic.

Available exclusively in the Middle East at

Harklinikken in Dubai


Altuzarra’s Pre-Spring Summer 2018

collection exemplifies that French je

ne sais quoi. A trend that will be seen

on the runway, and pop up on streetstyle

photos amongst models and

celebrities. The Izy flat mule is one to

grace by the poolside, while the Izy

mules add oomph to your silhouette,

with its striped one-piece vamp. For a

more daring statement piece, set your eyes

on the classic point-toe mules stiletto heel.

Available at Level Shoes








The stores to visit for

your next shopping haul


Bombay Shirt Company,

the renowned Indian label

for custom shirts has

launched at Central Park

Towers, DIFC. Men can

choose from over 1,000

fabrics ranging from

premium Egyptian cotton to

luxurious linens, denim and

flannels sourced from Italy,

India, Japan, Portugal and

Turkey. Visit bombayshirts.com


Kuwaiti brand K7L, read and

pronounced ‘KHL” – the Arabic

word for traditional eyeliner – has

come onto the beauty scene with

a bang. With lipsticks that last for

24 hours, anti-ageing foundation

packed with anti-oxidants, and

100 per cent vegan and toxin-free

nail polishes, the brand is set to be

one amongst most make-up

aficionados vanity sets. Available at

TRYANO-BeautyNation, Abu Dhabi

and k7l.com


Top handles and cross-body bags

are stealing the spotlight, perhaps

for its versatility? WANDLER’s first

collection of the season features

designs to suit the everyday

women’s closet – from workwear

ensembles to dinner dates. The

bags combine functionality with

premium-quality Italian leather, in

soft hues and contemporary styles.

Each piece is named after loved

ones who have inspired the

designer. We love the quirky

U-shape that instantly transforms

an outfit. At Boutique 1




ACCIAIO - 45m m

(REF. 674)









Keep fit with the latest in wellbeing

trends in the city

Meet Amir Siddiqui, founder of

Symmetry Gym, one of Dubai’s

most exclusive facilities for

personal training. Here, the fitness

expert answers topical questions

to suit our busy lifestyles



What are the defining factors of a workout for

those on a busy schedule?

Everyone is different, but also, same in a way. This

is something the fitness and weight loss industry

simply don't understand, and cannot appreciate. They

are driven purely by profit, while I am, by curiosity. So, I

would first attempt to understand the person from the

physical and psychical perspective, to see if obesity or

any other weaknesses are a problem driven mostly by

these issues. Both feed into each other and affect one

another. An incredibly busy person with lots of travel,

and challenges at work needs a plan that is simple,

clear, and stable for long periods. Diet plays an

important role too and is dictated almost purely, again,

by psychology. Food, on the other hand, is all about

mood. So, it is a rather complex process of search that

needs to produce an answer simple enough that the

client can pull it off. I have my own training

methodology, Fission Fusion, which is my perceptual

lens into client assessment and fitness problem-solving.

The programme is based on over 15 years of research

and experience, and includes a nutrition plan to suit

individual needs.


Bone broth is the latest trend touted to be one of the most

healing foods out there. It usually comprises of grass-fed

organic bones (chicken or beef) simmered with celery,

carrots, ginger, fresh turmeric, thyme, rosemary, apple cider

vinegar, Himalayan pink salt and whole peppercorns, in

mineral water. The superfood is packed with essential

vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with healing compounds

including collagen – to heal your gut lining and reduce

intestinal inflammation – glutamine and glycine (an amino

acid closely associated with the central nervous-and

digestive-system). We put the three-day bone broth detox

from Clean Living to the test, in the hope that we will get rid

of the post festive-season bloat and sluggish metabolism.

Here’s our review:

Day 1: Three packs of chicken broth were delivered, as a

fresh batch of beef broth was being cooked up for dispatch

the following day. It tasted similar to chicken stock, yet a

cleaner, tastier version with robust flavours. By the end of

the day I was slightly hungry, and tucked into an orange for

the closest thing to solid food, and to amp up on Vitamin C

to beat a cold.

Day 2: A full day of flavoursome beef bone broth – prefer this

over chicken. Each 500ml pack is sectioned into two portions

(250ml each). I did visit the lavatory quite a bit. But hey, that’s

good, right? I also noticed doses of energy bursts. The broth was

coupled with herbal tea and water, for hydration.

Day 3: Woke up feeling incredibly lighter with my midsection

less bloated. Got straight into work and submitted a

feature without any distraction or breaks – complete focus.

No hunger pangs kicked in and it felt great to keep the snacks

at bay. I did need a cup of coffee to power through the

afternoon, but was glad to be cleansed from the inside by

the end of it - my body needed it, after months, maybe even

years of overindulging.

The verdict: Overall I felt less bloated with increased energy

levels and focus. The fact that it heals the gut and makes way

for weight-loss (with a proper diet and exercise routine) and

increased metabolism, makes it a superfood far better than

the rest, in my opinion. While I may attempt the three-day

detox once every few months – the 21-day challenge is a bit

too extreme for me – I’ll definitely carry on with the individual

packs as a daily supplement to meals, for overall well-being.

Besides, it’s perfect for the weather, wholesome and nurturing.

Place your order: The three-day detox is available for Dhs399,

inclusive of nine pouches. Visit cleanlivingcompany.ae





Brokers earned Dhs1.77 billion while women

accounted for transactions worth over Dhs27 billion


Alessandro Michele latest project is set inside a

14th-century structure



If you’ve seen the Bitcoin boom and wondered

how you can get a piece of that action, here’s all

the help you need



This enigmatic Chinese company is worth over

$500 billion



Cadre wants to be the Amazon of real estate,

but only for the very wealthy

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Tried-and-tested experiences of the month




The service: Royal Moroccan Bath

The verdict: As a man who doesn’t like being touched,

opting for a Royal Moroccan Bath was a brave, if not the

reckless option, but that’s what happens when you’re not

in the right frame of mind. Considering my spa horror

stems from a trip to Thailand – at a well-known hotel’s spa,

no less – I decided to give these pampering treatments one

more chance. My mistake. Mainly because I thought I would

be pampered like the Royals from Netflix’s The Crown.

Jazz Lounge Spa’s Royal Moroccan Bath is not for the

fainthearted, it’s a 90-minute onslaught. You start off easy

and completely relaxed in a mosaic blue-tiled room where

the eucalyptus scent accentuates every one of your senses.

After being soaped with a black baldi soap, I was asked to lie

down on a marble slab and was covered like a body in the

morgue for 15 minutes. That’s where the niceties stopped.

With the honeymoon phase of the treatment now done, my

therapist – whom could have just as easily been my

tormentor – got the scrubbing mitt out and I could have

sworn he was out to skin me alive. All those feelings of hate

for my therapist went away as quickly as they came once I

saw the grease that peeled off my body.

Need to know:

The Royal

Moroccan Bath

is Dhs420 for

90 mins; contact:

+971 4 345 0036

You’d be forgiven to think that the ordeal comes to an

end, but it didn't. In fact, this is where the pampering begins.

Following an elderflower mask and another packaged fiveminute

steam came another scrub, this time far gentler and

finally, another mask of amber and argan. Needless to say,

the treatment leaves you feeling, quite literally since you’ve

shed your old self, like a new person.


The venue: LUBAN SPA

The service: Rhythm of Love (Roses and Love Caress body

scrub and Luban Herbal Harmony massage).

The verdict: The scent of Frankincense takes me right

back to my childhood home, where my mother burnt it in

an incense pot every Friday to bless the space. Stepping

into Luban gave me instant nostalgia, with the airy, all-white

spa opening all senses. The Spa focuses on treatments using

frankincense from Oman, where it is sourced from, helping

your body and skin heal from within.

The tranquil treatment rooms are located upstairs, taking

you through a stairway lit with candles and flowers, creating

that relaxed-back vibe from the start. The treatment I

chose was a Valentine’s special, one women would love to

receive as a gift – take note, men – or pamper themselves

with before a big night out. Warm sandalwood essential oil

was massaged onto my skin, prepping it for the salt and

dried-rose powder sprinkled on soon after. Skin is

exfoliated vigorously for 60 minutes, sloughing off dried

skin cells on literally every body part – you can avoid any

areas you wish too. This body scrub isn’t for the frail, you

have been warned. But, it’s a great kind of exfoliation. The

type that’s tricky to do by yourself at home, without making

a mess. And one you absolutely need before you hit the

beach or pool to tan, and more importantly, because it’s

winter and if your skin is anything like mine, it’s parched,

patchy and hidden behind pantyhose. A quick

rinse at the in-room shower, and back to the bed

it is, for the hour-long massage.


Need to know:

The two-hour

pacakage is

available for

Dhs600. Contact:

+971 4 346 0000

A blend of traditional healing herbs are wrapped in a

heated linen pouch, tapped and rolled onto the skin

gently to remove tight knots on the back, neck and

shoulder area, while relieving stress with long and short

strokes. The aroma once again revitalises, after which

you go into a light snooze as your body is massaged all

over. I was asked to let the oils soak in for a few hours,

and felt my body was incredibly soft, clean – my skin

appeared a shade lighter – and moisturised. All aching

muscles felt light and flexible enough for me to head to

an acrobats’ class straight after. I drove home and

crawled right into bed. As you would, right?





Striking statement pieces


Cindy Chao – The Art Jewel

Maple Earrings, Four Seasons Collection


When an item is auctioned by Christie’s, the brand unquestionably becomes one whose reputation

precedes itself. Cindy Chao, was founded in 2004 by the Taiwanese artist, and within this short span

of time, has become a sought-after label for its contemporary one-of-a-kind jewellery. An amalgam

of art and design, the brand showcases intricate pieces such as these Maple Earrings from the White

Label Collection. The 18k white gold earrings are paved with 1,130 diamonds (25.16 carats) and 314

yellow diamonds (1.23 carats), revealing the tough quality of the stones with soft gestural movements.







Giorgio Collection Golf Bag


If your partner is a golf-enthusiast, this Giorgio Collection Golf Bag is a no-brainer as an elegant,

functional gift. An interior furniture store may be an odd spot to purchase one, but we all know

how tricky it is to find a stylish, refined bag on the occasion it isn’t stowed away. The bag doubles

as a statement décor piece – give it a corner and its own table, and let it work its magic. You can

choose from beige and black in printed Iguana leather, Nubuck leather, Moresco leather and

stamped crocodile leather styles.






A. Lange & Söhne

Triple Split


This is the world’s first triple rattrapante chronograph. What’s a rattrapante chronograph, you ask? It’s a mechanism of

measuring and comparing the time of two events occurring simultaneously. Its function is one that requires such high

technical know-how that it falls under the purview of a grand complication. A rattrapante mechanism is in the league of

a perpetual calendar or a sonnerie complication. The triple rattrapante calculates the hours, minutes and seconds of

the two events being timed. Lange is the vanguard of German fine watchmaking. A Richemont heavyweight, it can

stand its ground when it comes to sizing up Swiss watchmaking goliaths. Walter Lange can be credited for giving the

brand its core values ever since it was brought back into production in 1994. But it is the new guard under its current

CEO Wilhelm Schmid which is taking the brand in an exciting direction. Just when we thought that the mechanical

watch world was one without any more scope for innovation, Lange has proved us wrong with this Triple Split.

$147,000 (DHS540,000) AT A-LANGE-SOEHNE.COM





Parmigiani Fleurier

Kalparisma Nova Galaxy


Parmigiani Fleurier is a young brand. But don’t equate its youth with inexperience. Michel Parmigiani, its founder, was an expert

watch repairer who specialised in the restoration of clocks and went on to create an eponymous brand in 1996 in Fleurier,

Switzerland. Parmigiani Fleurier quickly earned a reputation as a watch manufacturer which made intricate movements and were

all hand assembled in-house. A decade later it debuted the Bugatti watch, and the first one was presented to Ralph Lauren who

is known for his impressive and expensive car collection (his Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is valued at a cool $40 million). But in

the testosterone-filled world of horology, women’s watches aren’t always top priority. It wasn’t until 2008 that Parmigiani

launched its first mechanical watch collection for women called the Kalparisma. At this year’s SIHH, the brand debuted this

new limited-edition Kalparisma Nova Galaxy timepiece. The case of the rose-gold tonneau-shaped is set with 46 Top

Wesselton diamonds totalling 0.84 carats. It features the excellent PF332 automatic-winding movement which was the first

self-winding movement that Parmigiani manufactured. There are just 50 pieces of this Nova Galaxy, so move fast.





Ulysse Nardin, from the movement of the sea to the perpetual

innovation of Haute Horlogerie. For over 170 years, the

powerful movement of the ocean has inspired Ulysse Nardin

in its singular quest: to push back the limits of mechanical

watchmaking, time and time again.

Marine Regatta


Countdown timer

Silicium technology




ULYSSE NARDIN BOUTIQUES: The Dubai Mall +971 44341421, Mall of the Emirates +971 43950577, Beirut Souks +961 1992092

Abu Dhabi: Al Manara International Jewellery Amman: Time Center Bahrain: Asia Jewellers Cairo: BTC Exclusive Doha: Ali Bin Ali

Jeddah: First Jewelry Kuwait: Morad Yousuf Behbehani Muscat: Le Carat Riyadh: First Jewelry



Vanderhall Motor Works


This pocket-rocket might have one wheel less than it requires to qualify as a

proper sportscar, but it more than makes up for it in sheer performance. The

electric engine generates 180hp(e) equivalent of power which is sent to the

front wheels resulting in the vehicle bolting from 0-60mph in four seconds.

The 30kilowatt lithium battery has a range of 200 miles, though we’re sure

that driving this at the limit will not get you anywhere near that maximum

range. The three-wheeled wonder debuted at the recent CES electronics

show in Las Vegas and bookings are already open, with deliveries expected to

commence in the second quarter of this year.







When Hasselblad debuted a spectacular 200megapixel

camera a few years ago, we were sure it had peaked. But

we’re happy to report that the Gothenburgheadquartered

company which been in the business for

nearly 180 years proved us wrong. This new H6D is a

whopping 400megapixel camera. The MS you see in its

name refers to its Multi-Shot technology. What it does is

takes four 100-megapixel images, shifting the sensor by

one pixel for each shot, and two more images that shift

the sensor by half a pixel. It then stitches together these

images to deliver a 400megapixel (23200 x 17400 pixel)

TIFF file that weighs a titanic 2.4GB.

$48,000 (176,000) AT HASSELBLAD.COM


HD 820

The predecessor to these pair of cans, the Sennheiser

800S, was anti-social because the open-back headphones

would mean that the person next to you could hear a

great deal of what you were hearing. The HD 820 seeks

to remedy that with the German audio specialist now

covering the outer surface with a Gorilla concave glass

case. Beyond vanity, the glass case also means lesser

resonance and reduced ambient noise feeding into your

cranium. Also, the new ear pads are made of a mix of

leather and synthetic fibre and are entirely handcrafted.




You can place this marble-topped projector just 9.6

inches from the wall. Owing to that wooden shelf, it could

very well pass off as a wall unit. In a neat party trick

though, once you’re ready to entertain your guests, switch

it on and the laser will project a 4K image across 120

inches on the wall right next to it with a peak brightness

of 2,500 lumens. The dealmaker though for this projector

is the in-built Glass Sound Speaker that generates

360-degree of audio. There are three midrange speakers,

a subwoofer and glass tweeters built into the front legs.

Entertain, and be entertained.

$30,000 (DHS110,000) AT SONY.COM







The Dubai-headquartered W Motors means business with its new Fenyr SuperSport hypercar

By Varun Godinho

The new Fenyr SuperSport has the smell of blood in its

nostrils. In the ruthlessly savage world of supercar

manufacturing where fledgelings make for a tasty dinner,

there’s just one rule to survive: Hunt or be hunted. W

Motors is a hunter.

Ralph Debbas, W Motor’s dynamic CEO and Chairman,

was in his 20s when he started up the brand six years ago.

He cut his supercar teeth at the Coventry University

School of Art and Design where he studied automotive

design. W Motors became the first Arabian manufacturer

of high-performance luxury sports cars when it debuted at

a glitzy ceremony in Beirut in 2012.

The Lykan HyperSport was its first supercar and it

broke cover the following year. It was a proof of

concept, a statement piece if you will, that showed off

the brand’s capacity to build high-end supercars. There

were just seven of them built and, as you would expect,

they were extravagant. The $3.4 million hypercar had




220 diamonds encrusted on the headlamps. By 2013, W

Motors also made the strategic decision to move its

headquarters from Beirut to Dubai. To weave a compelling

story around the brand, W Motors adopted some neat

millennial marketing ploys. Debbas knew only too well the

visual and cultural impact of breaking into Hollywood (we all

know what Steve McQueen’s 1968 thriller Bullitt did for the

Mustang). In the high-octane Furious 7, part of the megapopular

Fast and Furious franchise, the Lykan got a lead role

and could be seen jumping between skyscrapers. That was

enough to pit the W Motors as a global cultural icon.

Reportedly, ten prototypes were built for the movie, nine of

which were wrecked by the time the director James Wan

was done shooting.

To sustain the marque’s momentum, W Motors required

another car which wasn’t as niche as the Lykan and could carry

forward the narrative it had begun. It teamed up with a few

industry veterans like Magna Steyr from Austria and RUF

Automobile GmbH from Germany. In 2013, they debuted the

concept Fenyr Supersport.

Fast-forward to December 2017, and the breathing sheet

of metal Fenyr SuperSport with rear-opening suicide-style

doors was now ready in its production guise. It features a

3.8-litre flat six-cylinder engine developed along with RUF

that pumps out 800hp of power and 980Nm of torque at

4,000rpm. For a car this powerful, it would be a disservice to

note its 0-100kph speed. Instead, we’ll do one better and let

you know that it can go from 0-200kph in 9.4 seconds. There

are a standard composite-body model and a pricier allcarbon

fibre body. In the latter configuration, you’re looking

at a total weight of just 1,350kgs.

For a car this light and powerful, it takes some nifty engineering

to create enough downforce to allow it to grip the tarmac and

hold a straight line. That innovation came by way of an in-house

developed Triptych Active Spoiler which is deployed at 75mph

and uses an electromechanical system to trigger the spoiler built

across three independent surfaces. The Fenyr SuperSport has a

top speed of 395kph, which makes it a lethal weapon when

shown an open stretch of highway. There are special forged

aluminium wheels designed specifically for W Motors that have

been fitted onto this car. The ceramic discs will do a good job of

shaving off speed just as quickly as the engine generates it.

The interiors are lined with carbon fibre and Alacantra. This

isn’t a supercar that’s stripped away creature comfort to achieve

target weight. In the Fenyr SuperSport you get temperature

control, sat nav, an infotainment system with a separate display

in front of the passenger side, a sound system (though we’re

guessing you’d want to keep the windows down and let in the

soundtrack from the engine itself) and parking sensors with

reverse cameras, among other bits and pieces. The car can be

configured as a left-hand as well as a right-hand drive, good

news if you live in Australia or the United Kingdom.

W Motors also opened their first-ever showroom in the tony

Dubai district of Citywalk in December. The showroom will

rotate artwork from the Swiss Galerie Frank Page and W

Motors also open up a café on the pavement just outside. Given

that Debbas is friends with former head chef at elBulli, Ferran

Adrià – who also attended the launch of the of the showroom

– expect there to be some fine-dining bites on offer.

The medium- to long-term plans for W Motors is to shift

the car’s manufacturing and production facilities from Europe

to the UAE. That will only enhance the brand’s positioning as

the first homegrown supercar manufactured in Arabia.

With a small team hand building this machine, the company

is expected to deliver only 25 units a year. It’ll set you back

$1.4 million for the standard composite body model and

$1.8 million for the full carbon-fibre body. The Lykan

HyperSport was W Motor’s opening salvo. With the Fenyr

SuperSport, it’s going in for the kill.







An experience, brunch and nocturnal hotspots you can’t miss this month

Seafood Delight




I visited this restaurant ages ago, and the one dish that I could

recall firmly ever since, that stood out in terms of flavour, was

the extremely succulent lobster rolls in a dense home-made

potato roll. We devoured these this time around too. Along

with crispy shrimp in a spicy mayonnaise, from the updated

menu, we tucked into miso seabass with shitake mushrooms

that was soft with the fish falling apart beautifully in a lettuce

cup. The hellfire rolls with spicy tuna kimchee, avocado and

spicy mayo was excellent too.

The hotspot, a favourite amongst celebrities in New York

and Los Angeles, has undergone a minor facelift in terms of the

communal dining space and bar area. It’s the sort of dinner spot

you could head to for nibbles coupled with great old-school

tunes and an energetic vibe, before heading out to a party.

That cosy, comfortable ambience flows through the venue

seamlessly, with art work and graffiti speaking volumes.

For mains, a spicy king crab pasta was presented in a large

crab shell. Squid ink pasta isn’t one of my favourites, but this

wasn’t very overpowering and quite balanced out with the

roasted tomato uni cream and shredded meaty crab for

texture. It was paired beautifully with the Miso Sea Bass (a

Josper-roasted Patagonia toothfish on a bed of Cantonese

fried rice and black garlic puree). If we could choose one main ,

it would be this for the marriage of flavours, aroma and

textures. Besides, it’s a substantial option, and the fish was

sublime. We left a gap before desserts to test a few cocktails - I

loved the Miguelito (a sweet, pungent mix with jalapenos).

While a sticky toffee pudding isn’t the light dessert ending we

should’ve opted for, it was unbelievably delectable, and apt for

the low outdoor temperatures we were about to experience.

Need to know: Contact +971 4 357 1555




margherita – and Sassy Lassy (a lassi-Pina Colada hybrid with

cardamom and toasted coconut). If you love a great old

fashioned, you will enjoy this modernszed cocktail, with

jaggery palm and chai bitters instilling sweet and smoky notes.

After all those beverages, it was time to rate the sharingstyle

food menu. First up was the black seabass ceviche in

lime and jalapeno marinade, which tasted great, however

wasn't impressive as it was cubed too small, to the point

where it crumbled easily – we did notify the chef. The cassava

chaat that followed was a hit. Crunchy pieces of the root

were mixed with spices, sweet and sour chutney and crisp

dried tomato lace. The slow-cooked octopus with cauliflower

cream and pimento beet sauce was one of our favourites, as

it was tender and juicy and didn’t even smell like fish. The

sweet chilli glazed lamb chops came in highly commended,

and again, was succulent with a flavour-packed coating that

complemented the purple carrot mash. The most creative

dishes were hands-down the saag paneer lasagna

(compressed cheese in a finger-licking good coconut lime

sauce), and the BC pizza – yes, that stands for butter chicken.

We were quite surprised by the latter, as each slice was crisp

and toasted, topped with creamy goodness in the form of

burrata, and traditional Indian flavours from the butter

chicken. For dessert, we suggest the chocolate delice with

popping candy, chocolate soil and strawberry gel – incredibly

decadent but a perfect halt to a great meal.

Creative Concoctions



The name translates to ‘mischievous fun’ and it’s evident the

staff were, when creating their cocktail menu. My dining partner

and I dined at the venue – upstairs it’s licensed while the ground

floor it isn’t – and were amazed by the stunning emerald tones,

gold elements and lighting fixtures. The concept, international

food with Indian flavours, best described by them as “an

interpretation of Indian cuisine” was made apparent instantly,

so as for us to not expect fare native to the country.

Let’s begin with the intriguing cocktail menu. Categories

such as No-Bull for stronger mixes, Holy Cow – for lighter

and slightly fruity potions – and Monkey Business for unique

blends, caught our eye. The Mahrani cocktail (mango puree,

hibiscus with edible glass and sparkling wine) was my first, a

sweet bubbly mix that mango-lovers will enjoy. This was

followed by Turmeric Tommies (with turmeric syrup, grilled

lime and lava salt) – similar to a smooth, sweetened tangy

Need to know: Contact 800 62784








London’s much-loved Italian eatery has opened its doors at

the Restaurant Village near Four Seasons Jumeirah Resort

and on the night we arrived, it was absolutely packed.

Evidently, those who dined at the London outpost couldn’t

contain their excitement, hotfooting to the Italian restaurant

and bar for their signature dishes and all-time favourites.

Scalini is guaranteed to see an influx of diners over the next

few months or years, and rightly so. The neutral hue décor

coupled with shades of blue, plush couches, and verdant lemon

trees make up the space. Staff are attentive, the menu is

elaborate, and the General Manager – here for the opening from

the London outpost – is charming, revealing stories of the late

founder’s past. We began the dinner with freshly baked bread an

assortment of condiments (olives, tomatoes and a divine olive

oil). For appetizers, cherry tomatoes and a creamy burrata was a

clear winner, with a generous portion – almost the size of an

average lady’s palm – for each. Vitello tonnato, cold slices of veal

smothered in a mayonnaise-like smooth tuna sauce accompanied

the gooey stracciatella and cream, complementing it beautifully.

The food and beverage service was quite quick, and our mains

arrived minutes after. My main course – the lobster spaghetti –

was a signature dish spotted on almost every table. The al dente

spaghetti is served with a ripe crushed tomato sauce, packed

with a punch of flavour from the garlic and herbs. Chunky tender

pieces of lobster topped the pasta, bringing the dish together,

with every morsel being incredibly lip-smacking. My partner’s

Veal Milanese, on the other hand, showcased tender thick pieces

of meat in a moreish lemon-butter sauce. The venue is licensed,

and the staff are quite knowledgeable, recommending great

pairings for each course. To end the meal, I sipped espresso

alongside soft, cloud-like profiteroles doused in chocolate and

filled with cream, while my partner went down the authentic

Italian route, tucking into a light yet decadent tiramisu with

creamed layers between coffee-soaked biscuit.

Nocturnal hotspot





The family-style Friday brunch at Al Bahou is nestled in the

hotel alley, known as the grand hall, and while it isn’t your

typical brunch layout, it’s gorgeous. Quench thirst with a

welcome beverage and be stunned by the 88 atmospheric

lanterns suspended from the high ceiling. This expansive

brunch spot is one maneuver through each station to fill

your plates. There’s something to suit every palate here,

with offerings from cuisines including Arabic, Asian, Indian

and Italian.

My first visit was to the seafood section for the massive

buckets of freshly shucked oysters with a hint of sherry

vinegar, lobster tail, and tender tiger prawns. We love

sushi and the maki rolls with salmon, tuna and crab were

mouthwatering. The roast section offered everything from

chicken to meat with a selection of condiments – the

succulent lamb chops was our favourite, with a side of

gravy and roasted potatoes. Chor Bazaar’s aromatic Indian

selection feature tantalizing curries, so tuck into them with

biryani and spiced tikkas. Arabic dishes are always a staple,

and here the offerings showcase mezze (hummous, baba

gannoush, fattoush and Arabic salads - the usual suspects).

For Asian food, another one of our favourite cuisines, the

station offers seafood dim sum and crisp Peking duck

pancakes from Shanghai Chic, the hotel’s Asian eatery.

Sicilia offers traditional Italian trattoria-style pasta take your

pick from the sauces and protein – and thin-crust

margherita pizzas. There’s always space for dessert, so we

grabbed a plate for crème bruleè, and espresso and walnut

ice cream to complete our meal. Certain elements

complete a brunch experience and live music is one of

those significant factors. Here, the duo are quite

impressive. When a brunch is within walking distance of a

mall, Ibn Batuta in this scenario, there’s no better way to

walk up the calories than with a shopping trip.

Family friendly

Need to know: Contact +9714 349 0068

Need to know: Fridays from 12.30-4pm. Dhs325

per person with soft beverages, and from Dhs425

per person for unlimited house beverages.

Contact +971 4 444 5613



T he e s s e n c e o f A r a b i a

Bab Al Qasr Hotel





Ideal for: Sun, sand- and beach-lovers

Love is

in the air

Whisk your partner away to these luxury resorts and

make this year’s Valentine’s Day even more special

By Nicola Monteath

Maldives is undeniably romantic. The sound of the

waves, strolls on the shore and days of sunbathing

coupled with trips to the spa, does it get better than

that? Actually, it does. Anantara Kihavah Maldives

Villas has the ultimate retreat sorted, with the

Couples Castaway in Paradise available for just one

lucky couple. Guests are transported to an idyllic

haven – a ‘Sandback’ in the middle of the Indian

Ocean – and treated to a romantic BBQ dinner with

acoustic tunes, under the stars. The couple can toast

with a bottle of Cristal rose champagne 2006, and

you don’t even have to bring the flowers – the lady

will receive a special bouquet of roses.

If you can’t make up your mind just yet, and miss

the chance to book this, impress your partner with

an underwater dining experience at Sea. This eatery

boasts the world’s first underwater wine cellar,

serving up a divine four-course menu with wine

pairings, as you gaze at the tropical marine life.




To book:

The Couples Castaway in

Paradise package is available

for Dhs44,870 per couple, while

the dinner at Sea is available

for Dhs3,635 per couple.






Ideal for: Staycation in the city

If a holiday isn’t an option due to

workload, take a trip to this lush

island in Abu Dhabi. The sea-facing

Spa Suite or Ocean Suite gets a

stunning enhancement with rose

petals, a bottle of French bubbles,

caviar, and chocolate-dipped

strawberries. Dinner features a

three-course gourmet meal

accompanied by a bottle of wine,

served in the privacy of your own suite.

Next morning, wake up to breakfast

in-room, before heading off to tan at a

private poolside cabana. What’s a

staycation without a spa treatment?

Couples can enjoy one-hour of bliss in

the private couples’ treatment room,

followed by a dip in the Jacuzzi.

To book:

The Spa Suite is available at Dhs15,730, while the Ocean Suite is Dhs9,980. The additional

package (spa, dinner and bottle of bubbly with chocolates) is Dhs3,000. stregissaadiyatisland.com



Ideal for: Ski enthusiasts

By now you should understand our

love for Courchevel 1850 is unlikely to

wilt. Couples can get their very own

Valentine’s Valet this month, at an

intimate alpine getaway with a chaletinspired

suite. The package includes a

bottle of champagne coupled with

hand-crafted chocolates upon arrival, a

romantic 30-minute horse drawn

carriage ride, and two-hours with a

personal shopper – it is a haven for

luxury boutiques after all.

Back at the suite, your Valentine’s

Valet will draw you a warm bubble

bath to soak into after hours of

shopping and skiing – the resort offers

ski-in, ski-out access. The hunger pangs

are sure to kick in by now, so head over

to the Bellini Bar for an aperitif,

followed by a contemporary Japanese

five-course tasting menu at Le Bizan.

To book:

The Valentine’s Valet package is

available from €6,355 (Dhs28,755)

for a four-night stay in a one

bedroom suite for two.






Ideal for: A lavish engagement

Dublin may not be on top-of-your-list

for a romantic getaway, since it’s all

about that laid-back charm with fun and

frolic. That said, Conrad Dublin have

recently undergone a major

refurbishment inspired and influenced

by the city’s rich literary culture and local

heritage. For an Over-The-Top Valentine’s

Experience, couples are treated to a VIP

pickup service from Dublin airport for a

three-night stay at the Presidential Suite,

inclusive of breakfast and access to the

hotel’s personal concierge for leisure

activities and excursions. Additionally,

the couple can relish an in-suite dinner

hosted by Executive Chef Marcin

Kolnierzak, finishing off with a decadent

array of desserts. The couple can choose

a night to kick-back with a complimentary

bottle of champagne in Waterford flutes

they can take home, serving as a

memento from this trip. For the finale,

the icing on the cake is a scenic

helicopter city tour, after which you can

get down on one knee or propose the

way you like – book the hotel’s

professional photographer to capture

the moment. A special poem, from the

hotel’s in-house poet, awaits you as you

depart – an warm-hearted keepsake

from your 2018 Valentine's.

To book: Dhs23,000 per couple. conraddublin.com

To book:

The Be my Parisian Valentine by

Christian Louboutin is priced from

EUR 1,245 (Dhs5,635) per night,

while the Treat for Two is EUR 600

(Dhs2,715). mandarinoriental.com


Ideal for: Christian Louboutin fans

Women love the allure of those

signature red soles, so a weekend away

for a romantic package in collaboration

with the iconic designer himself, is what

she deserves. Treat your lady to the Be

my Parisian Valentine package inclusive

of daily breakfast for two in-room or at

Camelia restaurant, a one-hour Christian

Louboutin manicure experience, lip and

eye application at Christian Louboutin

Paris Beauté on 8 Galerie Véro-Dodat, a

bottle of Louis Roederer champagne

with a box of chocolates, and three

beauty products including their signature

Rouge Louboutin nail colour. Men can

set off on a shopping spree while the

ladies get spoilt. The pampering session

isn’t just for ladies though. Couples can

enjoy the Treat for Two at The Spa

where they can unwind at their private

suite adorned with candles and flowers,

choose between an 80-minute body or

facial, and enjoy bubbly and dessert

with a hand massage, after a dip in the

vitality pool bath.





The latest in experiences, tours and wellbeing breaks


Minor Hotels have launched a selection of river

cruises offering a contemporary colonial

experience with bespoke itineraries to suit.

Enjoy first-class services, gourmet meals, and

plush cabins as part of the journey. The cruise

floats along the Mekong River from Thailand’s

Golden Triangle to the ancient Laos capital and

now UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang

Prabang. Guided jungle treks, a visit to the Pak

Ou caves, Pak Beng, Ban Baw to meet with

traditional weavers, and mountain biking in

rural Laos are some of the exciting adventures

you can embark on. Other activities include

sunrise yoga, jewellery-making classes, cooking

demonstrations, Buddhist meditation, and giant

catfish fishing. Various cruise options are

available including the private cruise, Gypsy,

with just two-cabins and up to four passengers,

Nomad for a couple’s getaway, and Play – a

floating lounge for private events and

adventures. mekongkingdoms.com


Will you be undergoing a technology detox this year? If you can’t commit

to one at home, escape to Chalet Merlo, The Peak or La Marquise with

Première Neige to make the journey a smooth one. Each of the luxury ski

chalets offer curated experiences, from husky riding to paragliding

through the valleys, and ice diving. The chalet offers books, journals,

board games and plenty more to keep you occupied. If that isn’t enough,

Chalet Merlo boasts a fully-equipped gym, private massage suite, hot tub

and sauna. It’s apt for multi-resort skiing and heli-skiing sessions too.

Chalet Merlo sleeps 12, and is available from £10,000 per week.



A Michelin star raises a restaurant’s credibility almost

instantaneously. Take for instance the street-stall (Hawker Chan)

in Singapore who scored one last year. If Algarve is on your list

this year, head to Gusto by Heinz Beck at Conrad Algarve, which

recently received its first Michelin star. Heinz Beck is no stranger

to the culinary scene, owning two eateries in Dubai as well, and

offers a menu featuring the best of local and international

ingredients with a Mediterranean influence, at Gusto. I guess it’s

time to “do it with Gusto.” conradhotels.com/algarve





Night clubbing under the stars in Dubai. This month,

we review the Faldo course at The Emirates Golf Club

Clubbing with your driver, wedges and putter is

the ideal way to kick off an evening in Dubai. A

night spent out on the links is a disruption of

life's natural order, like eating ice cream for

breakfast. Ideally, we all understand that golf is a game

designed to be played in the sun and the wind and even

the rain, at times. In the dark, however, it is tricky. This

proved to be the ultimate test for a golfer.

The Emirates Golf Club boasts two stunning golf

courses, the Majlis course and the Faldo course which

allows you to tee it up post sunset. The course comes to

life at night when the floodlights are switched on, with

play being extended until midnight. Players are able to tee

off as late as 8pm for 18 holes and 10pm for nine holes.

Although the course has been in operation for just over

21 years, night golfing here started in 2010 and has proved

to be more than successful. Teeing off with the backdrop

of Dubai Marina and the beauty of the Dubai Skyline is

truly majestic. Its central location means that you play

with a scenery of lit-up skyscrapers on some holes, then

enjoy the solitude of a quiet night on others. The 10th

sees you teeing off parallel to the Sheikh Zayed Road and

the metro, while the 15th is a serene amble in near

silence. The quality and attention to detail, in the design of

the course, can be seen as soon as you step onto the first

tee. A par four that presents a tricky start to the round.

We suggest favouring the right-hand side of the fairway to

give a clear view of the raised green.




As with many of the courses in

Dubai, the most impressive hole must

be the finishing hole. A tough par

four that requires a long but

extremely accurate tee shot to avoid

the “wadi” that cuts in on the right. A

fairway wood is the most likely choice

for your second, which you need to

guide carefully between the cluster of

bunkers on the left and the water to

the right. You may think that by

reaching the green that your work is

done, but beware the green has some

very tricky undulations that make par

a truly great finish to a wonderfully designed

and remodeled golf course. Once your round is

complete and you drop your cart and clubs off

to the obliging and efficient staff for club

cleaning, you can make your way to the club

house which houses all the amenities of Pro

Shop, eateries, bars, locker rooms, gymnasium

and everything else you would expect at a true

Championship clubhouse.


Jones the Grocer located on the groundfloor

of the club house brings with it a flair for simple

fare. The newly launched licensed outlet serves

breakfast, light lunches, and a wide selection of

substantial offerings for dinner. The layout is

inviting, comprising leather chairs, solid wood

inlays and that homely, relaxing vibe that’s

come to become synonymous with the brand.

We tucked into a feta, roasted pumpkin and

sun dried tomato salad – fresh, balanced

flavours and absolutely tasty. For mains, the

Wagu burger on brioche bun with skin on fries,

was cooked just the way I wanted it – grilled to

medium rare. The succulent burger patty with

beef bacon, cheese and a Spanish onion was

juicy and a great choice for burger-lovers. We

ended with the earl-grey tea infused truffle

dusted with cocoa, was an absolute delight.

Each morsel was relished, with traces of the tea

and gooey chocolate merging to form an almost

guilt-free dessert. Since the outlet is located

near some of Dubai’s most sought after

communities, it’s worth a trip merely for the

food, breathtaking views, and a shopping trip.

Visit dubaigolf.com/emirates-golf-club







WILEF, a two-day forum dedicated specifically to women, introduces the elements

of entrepreneurship, and leadership in the workforce. At this year’s forum, our

trusty keynote speakers will deliver the latest in business trends, ways to empower

women by identifying entrepreneurship traits, and tips on breaking into an industry

of your choice. Attendees can also network with business owners, entrepreneurs and

corporate officers. Those looking to get hands-on training from the experts can stay

back for Day 2 (limited seats available) to learn the tricks of the trade.







Bab Al Qasr Hotel,

Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi


Wed, Mar 21, 2018, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (GST)

Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 8:30 AM - 12:45 PM (GST)

Please visit eventbrite.com/d/united-arab-emirates--dubai/wilef/

PROMO CODE to use for discount on Eventbrite: EQM2018








The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

is in a league of its own, with views of the

city’s canal on one end, and the Sheikh Zayed

Grand Mosque on the other By Nicola Monteath




Growing up in Abu Dhabi, there

wasn’t much outside the main city,

so we hardly ever wandered down

there. The vicinity in which the

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and The Ritz-

Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal are now

located in, was miles away back then and

seemed like a 30-minute drive. Of course, with

the addition of highways, cluster of hotels, and

landmarks located nearby, this area near Al

Maqta bridge has become quite the spot for a

staycation, spa day, and a memorable dinner.

As we arrived, we learnt that this spacious hotel

– boasting architecture from the Italian

Renaissance – is in fact a resort. A private beach

flanks the grounds, with access right near the

1,600 sq. m. outdoor pool. If you have visited a

Ritz property around the world, you will know

that the grand staircase is one of their main

features. Here, it leads to lush gardens, trickling

fountains, a Venetian Village boasting a plethora

of standalone restaurants and bars, and an

exceptional spa.


The hotel offers an array of guest rooms, suites,

villas and residences, with views of either

the beach, pool or garden. The Club Room




features an expansive living room with natural light

flooding the space, and balconies that look out to most of

the hotel’s backyard. Guests that are particular about

their pillow can choose a type – from ultra-cushy to hard

– as they sink into plush beds with 400 thread count

Egyptian cotton linen. Those touring the city will love a

soak in the tub, with Asprey bath salts, at the end of a

long day.

Access to the Club Lounge was perhaps one of the best

inclusions to the suite. All Club Level guests are offered

access, making it a great spot for a quick bite and tipple,

afternoon tea, and a space to work from, while enjoying

stunning views of the premises – it’s worth a visit at night

when the pool is all lit up.


Tucked away at the Venetian Village, the 21,500 sq. ft. ESPA

showcases a Bedouin-setting with neutral hues that mimic

the desert, flowing seamlessly throughout the 16 treatment

rooms. Separate relaxation areas are available for ladies and

gentlemen, with a sauna, steam room, ice fountain, private

beach and plunge pools to use before or after.

The Inner Calm massage is one to opt for, if you’re

looking for a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment. Oils

are massaged into the skin with short and long palm-and

hand-techniques, after which a warm neck and eye pillow

is placed on, while the aromatherapy massage continues.

It ends with an amazing deep scalp mask and massage that

lets you snooze for a few minutes, before rose quartz

crystals are rubbed through your scalp and forehead, for

an instant calming feeling that lingers.


Plenty of options are available to choose from, to suit any

craving you may have. For a light casual lunch before a

laze-around by the pool, we headed to Al Fresco. The

breezy nautical-style pool and beach restaurant serves an

incredible international menu with a Mexican-twist. Try

the shrimp tacos, sustaining beef burritos, and a bowl with

heaps of nachos, chilli and guacamole, accompanied by a

pink lemonade.

Li Jiang, the hotel’s in-house Southeast Asian eatery, is

where you will want to relish an incredible meal. Begin

with crispy fried garlic prawns and chicken dumplings, and

crunchy tempura soft shell crab with lemon mayonnaise

and spicy green mango salad. For mains, the chef is happy

to customise your fried rice. We had a Singaporean-style

creation to soak up the juices from the tender chilli

prawns and mouthwatering Rendang Wagyu short rib.

The portions are generous, so order as you go along. We

were recommended the fried ice cream – a decadent

crisp tempura coating that encloses a large scoop of

vanilla ice cream, with warm chocolate sauce as the base

- to polish off the meal. This is best enjoyed on the

terrace, where you can take in the views of the Grand

Mosque and listen to tunes by the DJ.


to know:

The one-bedroom Club

Room starts from Dhs1,435 per

night. The hotel’s finest option for

a family, or those looking f

or privacy, is the plunge pool

two-bedroom villa for

Dhs4,835 per night.

Visit ritzcarlton.com






A look into how the real estate market fared last year and what to expect this year

By Meryl D’souza

2017 proved to be a pretty good year for Dubai’s real estate

market. The sector picked up at a time when average prices

across the emirate – and the world – continued to decline.

According to the 2017 Annual Transactions report released

by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), Dubai’s real estate

market saw 69,000 transactions completed during 2017 with

overall transactions valued at a whopping Dhs285 billion

($78 billion).

The figures reported in the DLD report were up by 14 per

cent in number, and six per cent in value compared to Dhs269

billion for 2016. According to the report, Dubai’s real estate

market attracted investors from around the world, including

Gulf nationals, Arabs and foreigners, with a total of 39,480

investors making nearly 53,000 transactions worth more than

Dhs107 billion. UAE nationals made up the single biggest buyer

demographic with investments that amounted to Dhs25.30

billion. Indian investors took second place with investments

worth Dhs15.6 billion. Saudis made with investments in excess

of Dhs7 billion, followed by British and Pakistanis whose

investments amounted to Dhs6 and Dhs5 billion, respectively.




The year was also a breakout one for women investing

in real estate. In 2017, a total of 11,773 women entered

the market. Meanwhile, women accounted for 14,316

transactions worth over Dhs27 billion.

Those investments meant brokers in Dubai had a pretty

good year overall. In its first-quarter report last year, the

DLD noted that the brokers in Dubai made about Dhs820

million in the first six months of 2017. Per the 2017 yearend

report, the DLD claims those same brokers were

paid Dhs1.77 billion for their role in completing sales of

land, buildings and residential units, which included

Dhs840 million from land sales, Dhs133 million from sales

of buildings and commissions amounting to Dhs794

million from sales of units. It’s no wonder then that the

number of active brokers in Dubai went from 5,866 after

the end of the first half of the year to 6,195 as the year

came to a close.

Despite the constant push for reaching (literally) greater

heights, UAE is only ranked fourth in terms of skyscrapers

globally. According to research conducted by the Council

on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Dubai is

home to 95 towers reaching 200 metres or taller by the

end of 2017, with the tallest tower to be completed last

year being the 101-storey hotel and residential

development, Marina 101. Incidentally, the Marina tower

is the second tallest building in Dubai, the third tallest in

the Middle East and the 18th tallest building globally.

Those figures will only continue to go on their way up as

Dubai works towards the grand unveiling of a building

that will be about 100 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa:

the Dubai Creek Tower in 2020.

Of course, that’s not all Dubai has up its proverbial

sleeve. We were at this year’s 2018 Real Estate

Promotional Plan press conference hosted by the DLD

and it’s safe to say that while the real estate market seems

to be slowing down, the powers that be are already

finding workarounds. Mario Volpi, Chief Sales Officer of

Kensington Properties, claims that in 2018, since finding a

value for money remains a priority for buyers, developers

will be tempted to reduce the size of apartments to make

their price tag more affordable. So, brace yourself for

smaller apartments when you’re looking to move. Haider

Ali Khan, CEO of Bayut, believes that the buyers and

renters’ market situation from last year will continue

wherein rental rates will continue to decline and that

could possibly encourage tenants to shift towards

ownership. Save up on those millions. That home in the

Palm is not a pipedream anymore.



Dubai’s only high-end real estate and interior design company,

setting extraordinary records in the marketing, designing and

selling of the most important residential properties.

Office 804-806, Arenco Tower, Dubai Media City | 04 432 79 72 | www.luxhabitat.ae









Besides Cecconi’s in London,

the best is Joe Beef in Montreal.

It’s actually in my home city

which offers incredible food

and an experience. Also on my

list are Hotel Costes in Paris,

Milos in NYC and the original

branch in Montreal.



It sounds silly, but I love oatmeal

and Canadian maple syrup

(homemade on the family farm

– of course!)


A new suit, and a backpack

from Topo Designs - for all of

the travel I have been doing.


We have a farm in the Eastern

Townships south of Montreal.

We go there almost every

weekend to relax, hike and ski

in the winter.




Vice President



I wake up at 6am, usually starting the day

with a 20km bike ride or a run, and then

feed our two dachshunds Mossy & Breeches.

I’ll be home in time for breakfast with

my wife and daughters, before they leave

for school at 8.15am, and in the office

by 8.45am.


I ensure I try to find a balance between

meetings and work-time as much as

possible. Leading global brands requires a

lot of teamwork and it’s easy to get locked

into back-to-back meetings. I enjoy lunch

with colleagues and leave the office by 6pm.

However, when I’m travelling to meet global

partners and visit stores – it is non-stop.


I’ve always worked within the fashion and

footwear industry. My first job out of

university was a brief stint at Nike.


In business, don’t let fear

prevent you from achieving

your full potential. As humans,

it’s natural for us to be fearful,

and it can cause us to remain

static. Take calculated risks and

go for it. You stand more to

gain, than to lose. And in life, I

have a code that is “Get Smart,

get strong, and help others”. If

you approach everything you

do and apply these three things,

you will be a good global citizen

and achieve your utmost.

There is no such thing

as balance today with the

pace of life. Is the

smartphone a blessing or

a curse? To me, investing

in yourself means putting

the phone aside on the

weekend, being in the

moment with family and

making time for fitness, to

stay healthy and balance

out the stress



I biked across North America

twice. Once when I was 18, and

again last year.





Passion for excellence is our trademark. In everything we do, our goal

is to meet and surpass your expectations. Our highly trained staff are

always on hand to ensure your complete satisfaction, both on the ground

and in the air. Our unrivalled facilities located at Dubai World Central

guarantee your utmost discretion, comfort and convenience

every time you fly.

T: +971 (0)4 870 1800 | www.dc-aviation.ae | An Al-Futtaim Joint Venture

Al Maktoum International Airport | DWC | Aviation District | Dubai, UAE



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