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Domain Name & Web Hosting- Know How They are Related

What is

What is Web Hosting? The place where all your websites reside, is known as web hosting. Like, we can say that if the domain name is the address, the web hosting is actually the house. Any website on internet requires web hosting. When the visitor visits your website, the domain name gets translated into the IP address of the computer of your web hosting company. This system will contain the files of the website and will be sent back to the browser of the user, web hosting companies contain specialization in the storing of the websites. Ultimately, web hosting is the main location of the files of your website and the entire company. What is Domain name? Domain name is the address of your website where the visitors click. This is basically typed by the user in the URL bar of the browser. As said earlier, domain name is the address to your website. Domain names are basically invented to make the process of connecting to the websites on the internet. A domain name consists of words that represent the company name and it

is also easier to remember for the humans. With IP addresses, it is difficult for humans to connect to the websites on the internet. Hence, the fact is the domain name and web hosting are not the same things. They are two different services, but, both these work together to make the functioning of the website possible. A domain name system keeps on updating regularly from the huge address book. For every domain name, there is an address of the web hosting service that store the files of the website. Without domain name, it is impossible for people to find the website, and without the web hosting, you can not create a domain name. Hope the fact has been cleared. For more queries, you can contact any WordPress Developer Sydney and get the in-depth knowledge about these facts. Elsner INC Is A Web Development & Design Company Based In Australia. Comapny info Website: Email: Phon. No. (02) 6100 4040

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