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2018 February PASO Magazine

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INDOOR PLAYGROUND at Life Community Church The Come Play attraction at Life Community Church has four dedicated indoor play spaces for bounce houses, basketball, toys and a giant play structure. It’s designed to entertain babies to middle schoolers. I got lost on the way there (typical), but then followed a minivan thinking surely this more put together person was also on the hunt for some indoor play sanity. Copying other parents: first chapter of the official parenthood survival guide, am I right? #noshame. That led us to the parking lot behind the church and then through a nondescript white door, marked space B. Very underground club scene. Once we were in, we paid the nice ladies at the sign-in table, stashed our shoes in a bin and filled out insurance paperwork. Two In Tow & On The Go: A FAMILY ADVENTURE COLUMN By Tonya Strickland Then, we found two bounce houses: one for ages 3 and younger and another for big kids. This room also has foosball and Skee-Ball. A nice row of chairs for parents line the wall. I can’t speak to the comfort level of those chairs, however, because who can actually sit with a 1 and 3-year-old? From there, we ventured into a large gym-type area where kids play with basketballs and foam footballs. I was BFFs with that room because it was an open, boxy space where I could easily see the kiddos from any angle. After that, we hit up the toy room. Any toy you’d ever want is in this room. Noisy toys, light-up toys, wooden toys, dolls. You might even get time to sit down in here. Snack tables are in this room. And so is the restroom, which thoughtfully includes a step stool at the sink and a stocked changing table. Off the toy room is the giant play structure. Part carnival fun house, part McDonalds play place: this thing is magical. Picture a tall series of climbing platforms, nets and tube tunnels with a slide. The tubes circle above the toy room then twist back around to an observation tower. One bummer: I lost sight of my daughter while she was navigating the tunnels, which made me uneasy. So there’s a degree of trust you need to have. If you feel like your kiddo is too young to be alone up there, I would skip it. Definitely not for my 1 year old, for example. Still, Come Play is a lot of fun and we’ll be back! Two In Tow & On The Go: Class reviews, park reviews and local things to do with kids — more at Come Play’s toy room has a wide assortment for kiddos to play with, even a plastic climbing slide. WHERE: 3770 Ruth Way, Space B, Paso Robles. TIMES: Only open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. COSTS: $5 per child or $10 maximum per family; adults free. Cash only. BRING: Insurance cards, socks and snacks. CONTACT:; 805-434-5040. PICCOLO from page 16 area to go wine tasting and usually end up purchasing wine to The 12th Street façade and new guest rooms will feature exposed, take home. Having climate-con- whitewashed brick walls. trolled storage available helps Juliet balconies will overlook maintain the quality of their the street and an inner courtyard. purchase and provides conevation Beyond the three-story elvenience for the guests,” said visible from 12th Street, Keller. a fourth floor will be set farther The transitional traditional back. style will incorporate The space will contain a guest classic structural lines and room, a suite, restrooms and a decor interspersed with modern rooftop bar to occupy the remainder influences. Inside the of the upper floor. guest rooms, brick accents, The 24-room capacity can be plank flooring, stainless steel booked for large groups and bath fixtures, sliding bathroom flexible seating of the bar space barn doors and vin- can also be arranged to provide tage chandeliers above the seating for private events and beds will convey elegance with weddings. Lush rooftop landscaping an organic feel. and a covered trellis The completed expansion to 18 mineral spa rooms. Robles for over 150 years,” said will complete the look. will mark twenty years following Ten Over Studio created the Keller. “We are proud of our his- its last revitalization in 1999, The new hotel addition will building design and Specialty tory and look forward to starting incorporate a ground-level wine when Martin Resorts purchased Construction in San Luis Obispo our next chapter.” tasting room plus storage lockers the property. At that time, a will serve as contractor for the Paso Robles Inn is located at for guests to place their wine well was reopened to release expansion project. 1103 Spring Street in Paso Ro- purchases for safekeeping. its historic hot mineral springs “The Paso Robles Inn has bles. Visit “Most guests are visiting the and make them available been the cornerstone of Paso 20 PASO Magazine, February 2018

Some people think that nothing much happens in a small town, but we who live in San Miguel certainly know better! To keep up, visit By Lynne Schmitz San Miguel Seniors host their annual Super Bowl Party on February 4 starting at 1 p.m. at the Center - 601-12th Street east. Bring finger foods and enjoy the game. Community Bingo is played on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 6 p.m. and a Community Potluck is held on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. A sewing group meets each Thursday. The 18th annual BUZZ Marathon will be held on February 18 to raise money for the athletic programs at Lillian Larsen School. The race is collaboration between the school and Camp Roberts and is run on the military base. It is a Boston Qualifier. This year be aware that rules of access to the base have changed. Directors are Hornet Queen Eileen Rogers (race founder and retired teacher) and Larry Halderman, AD. Course volunteers are needed. All information is online at or call 801-6581. Register at San Miguel Chamber of Commerce hosts several annual events. There are two parades: Sagebrush Days and Peddlers Faire on April 28 and the Christmas Lights and Craft Faire in December. Volunteers are needed. There are two car shows: Cruise Night and Show on Labor Day weekend and the Toys for Tots Show in December. Volunteers are needed. Go to for information on Chamber activities and members. Friends of the Adobes was founded to care for the Rios-Caledonia Adobe and the historic little adobe church on Airport Road. On Memorial Day Sunday they honor pioneers with a memorial service at the church. At the Adobe, Caledonia Days and Antique Car Show will be held on April 14 and the Halloween haunted adobe will be on October 27. For information go to rios-caledonia .org or call 805-467-3357. The museum and gift shop are open on weekends; volunteer docents are welcome. They meet on the first Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. at the Caledonia. San Miguel Lions have been active in the town for decades. Each August they honor pioneer families at the annual Old Timers Picnic in San Miguel Park and are noted for their barbecue expertise. Meetings are the first and third Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Community Center in the park. Native Sons of the Golden West meet at 7 p.m. at the Community Center on the fourth Thursday of each month. Native Daughters of the Golden West meet at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at the Senior Center. All organizations welcome new members. The San Miguel Volunteer Fire Department holds training exercises each Tuesday evening at the Fire House downtown. To volunteer call 805-467-3300 or see the Fire Chief. Be a volunteer in your community! Its fun and it gives a feeling of pride as well as making a better place to live. February 2018, PASO Magazine 21

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